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What the imagination can do...

What the imagination can do...


They didn't have television, computers or video games in the Medieval Times... so how did they keep themselves entertained? Why, they let their imagination run wild, of course.... And the imagination can lead to some great things....

432 readers have visited What the imagination can do... since Vio-Lance created it.


The Town of Vonel...

All goes well in this quaint little castle town, the one of many that fill the continent. The citizenry is happy, the king is good to the people, and there aren't many problems, other than the occasional drunkard or petty theif. Of course, as we all know, a happy town is a boring town...

Especially for the children.

But as all children do, they let their imagination run wild in this town, and really concider their place. Every child is allowed to run about to their hearts content, and do pretty much whatever they wished as long as it wasn't against the law... Sure some young men and women got jobs, but many played the day away, and came home just in time for dinner. A carefree life, if there was anything. And thus, the entire town would be involved in what would be called "The Game". No, no... nothing sinister. Just a friendly little game that nearly every child in the town could participate in.

The game was thought up by a popular child in town, with many friends. The game was to be called "Heroes". Plain and simple. No complicated name or such. It was a simple game of swords and shields and such, meant for fun and play! And it wasn't long before he had the entire youthful population of the town in on it.

The object of "Heroes" is not complicated. There is no major goal. It's a child's game, of course. Each child has a wooden weapon of their choosing, weither it be carved, a training weapon, or made specially for it. And thus they are a 'Hero'. And the main objective is to fight with other heroes, weither that be one-on-one, or a team of 'mercenary' heroes. They could go anywhere in the town and have wooden sword fights, and play these light-hearted games all day. Sometimes all night as well! However, a general favorite place for these games was in the woods to the East. These fields of trees streched on for miles, and was vastly overhunted. There were very few other creatures in the woods, so there was no true danger. And this became another part of 'Heroes', really. Groups of 'Exploring Parties' would be sent out, and map out the woods... And if they ran across another exploring party, duels would ensue, and the winners would get to continue exploring that particular area. The losers would have to find somewhere else they could explore.

And it wasn't long before they thought they had the forest entirely explored.

Keyword being thought.

At the very eastern edge of the forest, where towering trees met nearly unscalable clifts and mountains, one child found a cave, delving deep into the mountains. Being children, their imagination went wild for what might be inside... gold, jewels, legendary weapons....anything that they could think they wanted.

The same child whom had started the game once again spoke up. Since the cave is unexplored, it's fair game. And everyone wanted the loot for themselves. So, to settle whom would receive whatever 'treasure' was inside, the boy organized a 'tournament'. To be held in the forest, it was a total free for all. No teaming up this time. And the winner, after defeating all opponents would be able to claim the treasure as theirs.

They have the days all planned out ahead.

Day 1: (Day we start on.) Is just an average day. There is nothing special, and the game of 'Heroes' goes on as normal...

Day 2: They day of the tournament. The tourney will be held all day if need be, untill there is one victor.

Day 3: The children will use this day for gathering the supplies they need for the exploration of the cave. Food, water, torches and tools for things they might encounter. And their weapons, of course!

Day 4: It's the big day. That cave won't have an unexplored inch in it! Of course, you can't forget that any rewards out of the cave are the victors of the tournament.

Who knows what lies in that cave...? What will the children discover? The mystery can only be solved by you, your friends and rivals... and your trusty wooden sword!

Rules for the game of Heroes:
1. No stealing your opponent's weapon outside of combat. If they drop it while fighting, you're more than welcome to use it against them, but after the victor is decided, return them their weapon. Do not purposely break their weapon, or you will have to surrender your own!

2. If you beat an opponent, or they surrender, then do not continue to attack them, or you will be penalized too!

3. Being defeated has a few qualifying objects. You are defeated when:
- You are knocked out.
- You are attacked while you are down.
- You surrender.
- You are struck three times while disarmed.
- You are shot in the head with a bow or crossbow.

When you are defeated, you must return to the town, even if just for a second, before rentering the fight.

3. You are penalized when you break a set rule. There aren't many, but being penalized is just like being defeated. You must return to the town. you're penalized when:
- You attack an already defeated opponent.
- You do not go back to town when defeated, or continue to fight when defeated.

4. If you seriously injure a player, it is your responsibilty to make sure they are not in danger. A busted nose is fine, but a broken arm would be too much. You must escort the wounded person back to town where they can get aid.

5. Don't hide behind adults. They aren't in the game. If you are caught hiding behind adults, then you wil be penalized on the second offense. This does include going into shops or houses.

The rules for the tournament are going to be announced the morning of the tournament.

Character slots: 15/16 Remaining


Character Skeleton-------------------------------------- Scroll down for Copy/Paste version

Character Name: A full name

Nickname(s): What other characters know yours as.

Gender: I'd hope you know this! There are two common ones, and I won't stop you from chosing a third but... erm...

Age: How old your character is. The preferred age for this roleplay is younger, 10-16. Noone over 17 will be accepted, as they are concidered adults.

Height: How tall your character is.

Weight: How much your character weighs.

Appearance: The physical appearance of your character. This can be a picture, or a link; whatever you want to use. Drawn is prefered, no real photographs, please. Anime is also accepted. If you don't wish to have a picture, you may write a paragraph describing your character. Include things like hair style and color, skin color, eye color and appearal... and other descriptive details. Longer is generally better, but it needs to be at least a paragraph.

Personality: How your character acts overall. Are they bright and cheerful, or are they that dark, solemn guy whom is always cool?

Likes: List a few.

Dislikes: List a few.

Weaponry: Weaponry at this point in the roleplay is all pretty much wooden. Arrows are tipped with hunks of leather or simply have no head. And you have three 'slots' to put weapons. A one handed weapon would take up one slot, while a two handed weapon takes up two. As an example....

Weapon 1: Wooden Hatchet
Weapon 2: Wooden Longsword
Weapon 3: Wooden Dagger

Each one of those weapons are one handed to weild. You can indeed dual wield if you wish. And you can have any three one handed weapons you want. You could have 3 longswords, if you so chose.

Weapon 1: Wooden Claymore
Weapon 2: ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Weapon 3: Wooden Hatchet

Since a Claymore is two handed, it takes up two slots.

Note: Spears, bows/crossbows, slings, slingshots, and staves are all concidered two handed weapons. A throwing weapon takes up one slot, but can only be used once untill recovered. Slings and slingshots don't kill in headshots, but have unlimited ammo, as you can use practically anything you find as ammo. Shields can also be used, which take up one hand as well.

Other Equipment: Most children lack real armor.. so what do you have instead? This can be food you carry, or a blanket for camping... or even medicine for people who get really hurt.

History: Let's face it. Most characters are still teenagers.... They're not going to have some terrible, dark past where their mother got murdered, and their father left them to starve. It is in a peaceful town, after all. I'm not saying your character's childhood has to be all cherry blossoms and sunshine, but try not to make the child some depressed little prick. This doesn't even have to be a paragraph, really. Just some minor details... what their parrents do, and how long they've been playing the game. Maybe how they got started, maybe. You know, general details.


Character Name:








Weapons -
Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:

Other Equipment:



OOC Rules:
1. No Godmodding. Auto-dodging and shit ain't gonna fly here.
2. Mary Sues are... deeply discouraged, and will be goaded and hastled. But if you still wanna shat one out, that's fine.
3. There are no master swordsmen by the teen years. Just a common fact. Just like nobody is superhumanly fast or strong.
4. Let's keep character killing down. Kids with wooden swords aren't that lethal.
5. You're more than welcome to add your own tales to the storyline, but I don't want to branch off in some winding sidestory because your character is an attention hog.
6. There will be a lot of PvP in this roleplay, that will be baised on players, meaning it is up to the player to be fair in what hits they take and dodge. Please, don't be a cheapass.
7. Keep IC flames away from the OOC board. That's just how it's gonna roll.
8. If you have any questions about character creation or the story, feel free to leave a message in the OOC, or PM me directly. I'll be happy to answer them.

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Character Portrait: Milly Ouleay


Character Portrait: Milly Ouleay
Milly Ouleay

A brighthearted, and spunky tomboy, well known around the entire town.


Character Portrait: Milly Ouleay
Milly Ouleay

A brighthearted, and spunky tomboy, well known around the entire town.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Milly Ouleay
Milly Ouleay

A brighthearted, and spunky tomboy, well known around the entire town.

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Most recent OOC posts in What the imagination can do...

Re: [OOC] What the imagination can do...

What a terrible, depressing shame. Yet another one of my ideas smothered to death before it could even get a breath of life.

Re: [OOC] What the imagination can do...

For all around looks I prefer the third, but it's a bit to..English-pirate.
Which may fuck with space-time continuum.
The second would fit best, probably could pass her off as 16-ish, despite looking older.

Edit: A bit muscular for my tastes, but possible.

Re: [OOC] What the imagination can do...

I had the very same problem. There has to be a balance of all different attributes to have a good picture. It can't be too fantasy out there, but at the same time, it has to stand out and look different than the thousands of cookie-cutter characters that are out there. I'm okay with the picture I chose, frankly because of me being unable to find any other I liked that had similear clothing and body form and whatnot....

I'm rambling. If you have my oppinion, I like the second one the best....But once again, my oppinion is little more than hot air.

Re: [OOC] What the imagination can do...

Oh, trust me I have no intentions of making a dangerous sociopath killer.

(Except Vio, he can choose not to accept her.)

Only problem is, I can't settle on a picture. :/


Re: [OOC] What the imagination can do...

Well, I tend to try and make good roleplays out of my thoughts of, "Hey, this hasn't been done yet, and seems like fun!"

And... err... I wouldn't doubt that you WOULD, Hazy... buut.... remember that we are dealing with young men and women in the medieval times. Unless your parents were absolutely stone bonkers, I hardly doubt you'd have the... erm... what's the word I'm looking for...MALICIOUSNESS to do something like that... but very, very ,very, VERY few characters would concider that. In nearly any other roleplay I'd make, I'd say go for it, but let's hold off on that for right now, eh?

Re: [OOC] What the imagination can do...

Oh snap, Vio made another RP?
I may have to join.

Edit: I object to your claim of teenagers with wooden swords not being lethal.
If a 16 year old chick jumped on another teen, brought her down, bashed her in the face repeatedly, then forced her mouth open and jammed said chunk of wood down it....
And don't think I wouldn't.

Re: [OOC] What the imagination can do...

Well, personally, too many cooks can never be that bad in my oppinion. I just love food, though.

I might be fat.

Anyway, hope you decide to join in. And as stated above, if you have any questions, let me know! Unfortunately I won't be on for the next few hours, but if you submit a character, I'll be glad to approve them. Thanks!

Re: [OOC] What the imagination can do...

The idea is intriguing, and unlike anything I've done so far. I should like to participate (if this RP garners interest.) My only fear here is that this RP might end up a victim of the whole "Too many cooks" thing.

[OOC] What the imagination can do...

"What the imagination can do..."

I'll be happy to answer any questions about the roleplay in general here. Or just have open discussions. Hope to hear from those interested.