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Season of Giving 2020

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Rainy Thandiwe

A simple farm girl from South Africa, who's in for a BIG culture shock as she suddenly gets the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the richest and most powerful people Beverly Hills has to offer.

0 · 212 views · located in Beverly Hills,California

a character in “What Would You Do As a Billionaire?”, as played by I'm a Radical Dame!



Name: Rainy Thandiwe

Nickname: N/A

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Role: Female Exchange Student.

Love Interest: None at the moment, but willing to change.


Height = 5'8
Weight = 122lbs
Eyes = Hazelish-Brown.
Hair = Curly, and a few inches past her shoulders.
Piercings = Two cartilage piercings, and three lobe piercings.

Personality: Rainy is a nice girl who grew up on a farm with her family, and has likely spent more time with animals and crops, than people her own age....making her a little shy around other teens.
Being rather smart though, she's far from a push over......but is definitely willing to give everyone a shot, even those who others would dismiss as "unworthy".

She hates fighting, and will usually just walk away if someone trys to start a fight or vocal-disagreement with her in public....since in her mind it's better to walk away letting the other person think they've won vs. actually coming to blows over something insignificant in life.

Basically, to Rainy there is something amazing about everything in nature, and there is something interesting in every person on earth.........and she's overly eager to explore all those amazingly interesting differences.


- Nature.(Especially the woods, open grasslands, and natural bodies of water.)
- International Music
- Instruments
- Languages
- Dancing
- Singing
- Photography
- Art
- Sunflowers


- Jerks
- Snobs
- Loud-Mouths
- Thugs
- Racist
- Boredom
- Arguments
- Proper/Snooty Attire

Hometown: South Africa

Family/Bio: Rainy grew up on a South African farm her entire life. He parents weren't poor, but they also weren't wealthy, and frequently lived paycheck-to-paycheck. But Rainy often credits her, her older brother Tener, and her younger brother Yanos, well rounded personalities and appreciation of the little things in life, to their financial/family struggles growing up.

At age seven it become quite clear Rainy had a gift for anything musical.....making her what most would call, a prodigy. Her voice was flawless, and her ability play a variety of instruments almost seemed pre-programmed in her brain at birth. However, her skills remained nothing but a hobby until she was offered the chance to study abroad in America, at a prestigious Performing Arts HS in LA, California.....which is where she was chosen to participate in the "Billionaire for three months" program, where a rich kid would be sent to her parents in S. Africa to work on the farm, and she'd take their place in the High Society realm of Beverly Hills.

So begins...

Rainy Thandiwe's Story

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As the car was let into the gated community, her eyes went wide.
"What in the world do they all need with such huge mansions!?" Rainy asked the Driver, her British-like accent heavily lacing her words.The middle-aged man behind the wheel laughed. "Don't ask me sweet heart, i live in a two bedroom apartment downtown....which is probably the size of these peoples closets!"

The two laughed, and would converse a bit longer about random things, before the car finally pulled up to the end of a luxurious mansions driveway.

"Wow, there must be at least four families inside of there!" Rainy said, as she opened the Lincoln Towncars door.
"More like just one."
"No way, that's so crazy!"

"Yes way, hun." the driver said sarcastically, before pulling out her one suitcase, and large handmade African beachbag - stuffed with only a couple other pairs of shoes, and random things.

"Thanks! I appreciate your help!"
"No problem, do you want me to carry that suitcase up to the door for you??"
"Oh no, it's pretty light! You have a beautiful day sir!!"
"Well okay then. You too hun!"

Rainy would wave at the car as the man pulled off, and only after the car rounded a corner, would she sling her bag over her right shoulder, and grab her suitcase with her left hand.

To say she was stunned by the size of the house would of been an understatement. In her country, the materials used to build this one house, could of been used to build twenty! But she tried to shake off the odd feeling of not belonging, as her a strand of her thick curly hair broke loose from it's messy ribbon-wrapped bun.

Seeing as how she was walking rather slow, it took her nearly two minutes to reach the front door.
Rainy would make sure her beige and pink caftan was covering her pink swimsuit properly, and then wipe her three and half inch wedge-sandals on the outdoor mat, before knocking on the door.
"Lekker wees, lekker wees!" she whispered to herself.......which was Afrikaans for; "Please be nice, please be nice!"

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Character Portrait: Rainy Thandiwe
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Rainy smiled widely at the peppy young girl who burst out the door to hug her legs....before talked a mile minute, for nearly two minutes.

"Um yes, that would be fun.....i love horses and ponies. How about you show me to my room though first?" said Rainy, before looking over towards the young girls father and holding out her hand.
"Thank you for letting me stay with your family, i appreciate the opportunity." she said kindly.

After he shook her hand, she'd follow the pair inside, and up to her room.

Her bedroom back in South Africa could of probably fit inside the room she stood in, times she was quite shocked, to say the least.
But she didn't have time to really take much of it in, for as soon as she dropped her bags, the young girl pulled her over towards a window and pointed outside. "There! See them!??" the little girl said. Rainy went to look at the horses, but before she could get a good look, she was being pulled back out of the room and down the stairs.

Her father yelled something at her, but Annabelle didn't really pay it any mind as she pulled Rainy out the back doors and towards the stables in the back yard.

Rainy loved when Annabelle asked for her help in pulling out the ponies, she quickly agreed.