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Nathan Liu

"Am I the only token Asian here? Cool. Doesn't bother me."

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a character in “What's Your Dirty Lil' Secret?”, as played by R.T.M.X.


Nathan Liu


Recently turned 18


Sexual Orientation:
Asexual, though people keep claiming that he's homosexual.

Loner, rebel, nerd. He doesn't have a set place within the school, as he has some sort of a mix between these three within him. These three cliques "accept" him, though it's only through heavy hesitation that they do.

At first glance you’ll see a young Chinese man of brown eyes and straightened dirty blond hair. A lean, lanky build who is neither gaunt nor corpulent. Then at second glance you’ll see the same thing. He’s a "normal" person.

Muscles are barely outlined and fat, if any, is generally layered thinly. His eyes are muddy brown, occasionally turning hazel when emotionally excited. Stands at 5'6, weighes in at 135lbs. Lightly toned skin, usually seen earing a denim jacket with a black snap-button button-up shirt underneath and black denim jeans. Has a couple piercings on his left ear. He has his personal quirks, and that usually has had some people making assumptions that he's homosexual. Under the jacket, he does have a tattoo of a dragon or serpent on his left upper arm.

A quiet soul who keeps to himself, Nathan is generally laid back with a mix of individual and social demeanor depending on his mood and any perceived conditions. Only rarely does his personality ever seem to stem out, often when at work or conducting his favorite hobbies. Outside of school and work, he likes to read science fiction novels and comic books, play ping pong, or simply drive around on open highways for a couple hours on end.

For grades, he slacks off on the work, often times skipping out on class itself. However he still maintains higher grades than most people, which usually puts him on bad terms with the staff. Truth is he just doesn't like the trivial worksheets that the teachers give him, often stating that they "waste his time".

Liu is relatively difficult to anger, and is known for keeping a cool head in most situations. He does, however, have a sense of self-esteem and respect for those he has befriended. He also has an unusually punctual sense of time, having lived with a digital clock all his life. In fact, he cannot even understand how to read an analog clock at all. During situations where he doesn’t know the answer, a simple grunt or phrase extrudes from his lips.

•When people would stop making assumptions about him
• Technology in general
• Reading
• His pet snake
• The colors Pink and Black
• Cooking
• Mystery
• His Job
• Music and dancing (Primarily Industrial Dance)
• Texting
• Money

•Being in relationships
• Being wrong
• Alcohol
• A
• His family
• Phone Calls
• The fact that he's a technophile
• Populars
• Contacts
• Politics
• School in general
• People in general
• Death, but he accepts it

• Bunnies (They're plotting to take over the earth I tell you!)
• Falling
• Losing his job and car
• Being absolutely homeless
• Not graduating

• Natually intelligent
• Parkour
• Dancing
• Plays both Bass and another instrument
• Having people not pay attention to him
• Technology

Not so Skills:
• Reading an analog clock
• Social skills
• Relationships
• Can't sing. Hence Bassist.
• Lying
• Trust
• Technophile, He can't really help himself when it comes to technology

• He is biologically immortal (unable to age, that is, still able to be hurt through injury and disease). His body doesn't "die" from old age. The proof of this is that his body's telomerase enzyme is naturally "switched on", rebuilding the telomere caps. He keeps this a secret mainly because not only is it extremely rare, it would also throw on so much attention to him that he doesn't want. Last thing he wants is to have the media and corporations in his business.
• He is actually versed in his vocabulary. However, since people automatically assumed and made up their minds that he has a difficult time to speak English, but he have been in the States since he was five. He just talks to those who would have the balls to speak to him first.
• He has never had his first kiss. Quite embarrassed by the fact as well.
• He and his family are members of a Triad, exact name withheld, mainly dealing with drugs and extortion.
• Plays the violin. Reputation would be damaged on his style if it was known, or so he thinks.
• He is a really good dancer. The reason why he keeps this a secret is because it would seriously cramp his style and damage his reputation as a loner.


Relationship Status:
Single, just got out of a relationship

Born in Beijing but raised in the States at the age of five. What's ironic is that while his parents raised him to have a better life, they are still part of a Triad as well as being communist. This has usually made his life difficult at times, especially when his "uncles" came to visit. He is the favored child, and the only one of his siblings in the States, his older brother and sister still living in China and Hong Kong, respectively. By trade, his father is a scientist, as well as a deputy within the Triad, and that in itself is another form of salary that his family holds. During almost his entire life, away from school, he has been taught how to play the violin, almost an art of itself when compared to music. He plays Bass guitar, however he's not in a band.

How he earned the nickname of "Ghost", one might ask? He has a natural ability to... what would be the best words to describe it... disappear before people's eyes and reappear in a completely different place. It seems like that because nobody pays attention to him, and he uses that to his advantage to cut class most of the time.

He works as an outsourced Network Technician with one of the companies in Japan, oftentimes doing his job with his phone, a little something that he picked up when he was 14, and he loves the job as it keeps him busy. He was transferred to the school during his sophomore year, but that was 2 years ago. Now, he's a senior and about to graduate.

• He lives by himself in his own one-room apartment. The apartment itself isn't fancy nor is it large, just a moderately bare place to sleep and keep his stuff. He doesn't worry about money, seeing that he technically has three sources of income, though two aren't actually morally right for him to use. He also owns his own vehicle, a silver Campagna T-Rex, which is technically a motorcycle, and resembles one more than that of a car. It was given to him as a present from his father for his 18th birthday.
• He knows four different languages: Mandarin Chinese, English, Japanese, and German
• Nathan does know some martial arts, but has found a way to incorporate what he knows with Industrial Dancing.
• He has a pet boa constrictor named Vasuki.
• Legally changed his first name, for simplicity.
• Some people actually confuse him for a girl. Hmm.
• He has glasses but prefers to wear his contact lenses.
• He doesn't follow a certain religion, but rather parts of all of them.
Quote: "Meh."
Theme Song:PANDEMIC ~ Technikult of Flesh

Average Post Length:
550-650 words, once in a while it might boost up to 1200 if I'm in the mood to write a good description.

So begins...

Nathan Liu's Story


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Finally, I can leave this hellhole of an office, Liu thought to himself as he pushed open the doors of the main office. He had just spent what had seemed the entire day in the Principal's office, being chastised by half of the administration for cutting school for for the past three school days. His outfit, consisting of a snap-button button-up over a red under armour, complete with black jeans, was casual, at least to him, since he didn't care much about what the school's "uniform policy", even with it being lenient as it is. He had his favorite denim jacket over his shoulder, and he was one of the few students who didn't have to worry about a backpack.

They couldn't do much to Liu, not only was he one of the few Asian-Americans within the school, he was able to shut down the school servers or at least slow them down with porn and spam. It was his personal blackmail. Not difficult when the administrator password for the computer network was "Hotdogs", after all. The sad part was he was only American in the sense that he passed the citizenship test with flying colors.

Earlier that day, normally the teachers wouldn't have had reported him for his absences, since he had always aced his tests, no matter if they were pop quizzes or major chapter tests. He never did his homework, but the teachers gave him slack on the subject for keeping A+ grades. But today was different. He had been caught by the principal while skipping school. Second week in, and already been caught cutting class. But Liu didn't care in the least bit.

His smartphone buzzed in his pocket. It had buzzed multiple times in his pocket, but everybody should know it's a bad idea to pull out a phone in front of the principal during school hours. A very bad idea, indeed. With that in mind, he decided to see what was so important...

5 Missed Messages

The first four from his teachers, each warning that the Principal was leaving the school, and not to be caught. The last one was from an unknown number. Liu decided to read the last message later, returning the phone back to his pocket. Today was also his day off, hopefully, seeing that he would have been late to his job if it weren't.

He was brain-dead from listening to the faculty blab on about why school was important to him. Walking to the library, which was only a short walk from the main office. Five, maybe ten minutes at the absolute most. Pulling out and plugging a set of headphones to his phone, Liu made the choice to listen to one of his playlists. Each playlist he made on his phone was named with the same format, Year-Month-Day. This particular one was created during the summer.

Maximum The Hormone - Koi No Mega Lover

Walking into the library, earplugs in his ears and the volume lowered, but loud enough to drain out the majority of sounds, he pushed the door open, making as little noise as possible. Looking for an unoccupied table away from everybody else, he had walked past a table with two seemingly attractive girls sitting. Through the corner of his eye, he couldn't observe what they were doing exactly, though he didn't put much idea into ether. The librarian looked in his general direction, and as if on cue, Liu flipped her the middle finger as he went on his way to his table. The librarian went on with her business, generally because she knew that was usually how the newly turned adult greeted the staff. With Liu reaching his destination, he tossed his jacket onto the table as he grabbed the chair and sat down, the jacket now sprawled out across the table.

His plan was to take a short nap, perhaps a hour or so, before heading home. But before he would do that, he would have to figure out who this contact number was from. Reading it, he let out a quick sigh before pressing the reply button.

MESSAGE: Who are you, and what you want?

Leaning back and waiting for the reply back, he placed the phone in his shirt pocket, before lowering his chin and taking his much deserved nap.


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A responded to Adrianna's text as soon as she arrived home.

From: Adrianna
He's my best friends boyfriend have you no heart?

To: Adrianna
Oh, I have a heart. It's just been out of use for some time. xxx - A

She walked through the hallway as the next message came through.

From: Nathan
Who are you, and what you want?

To: Nathan
I want...hmm, I suppose I would like you to tell someone about your whole 'violin' secret. You choose who. ;) Or I could tell the world any number of things - That you've never had your first kiss, or you and your family are part of a Triad. Oh, and the person you tell has to attend the school. Tell one person about your violin secret, or everyone about one of your more...drastic secrets. xxx - A


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(Grumpy-Converse, I don't know if you noticed, but Ariel texted A asking what her task was so if she could get it soon that'd be great!! :))

Ariel's eyes flickered up from her worksheet when she saw the girl across the table set a notebook down in front of her. She glanced up at the girl who smiled at her, and she gave a small smile back before reading the piece of paper.
You seem a bit ill at ease, is something wrong? She looked up, not really sure how to actually respond, should she write as well? She wasn't sure if the girl sitting across from her had written it because they were supposed to be quiet in the library , or maybe because she couldn't talk, which could also be paired with not hearing. But when she looked up at her, the girl pointed to her ears and gave a thumbs up, and Ariel took that as an indication that she could hear alright, but assumed she couldn't speak. Ariel nodded her understanding, then remembered the question.
"Ummm..." now she was a bit uncertain as to whether she should just say everything was fine or if she should tell her about this whole A situation. Was there some sort of unspoken code that people weren't allowed to talk about A in person, or else? Ariel mentally told herself that she was being ridiculous, I mean, after all, she didn't even know for sure if this whole scheme was actually legitimate. Therefore, she decided it wasn't worth mentioning.
"No, I guess-" she trailed off when she caught sight of the librarian giving her the death stare. She looked back to Asajj and spoke quieter, "Everything's fine, thanks though." she smiled once again, then looked over at the librarian, seeing that he was still watching them out the corner of her eye. Ariel rolled her eyes slightly and picked up her pen, writing on the notepad, "I'm Ariel by the way, and your name is..?" she slid the notebook back to her, then looked down at her Latin homework, but being so easily distracted, tore away her gaze once again as someone else entered the library. It was a boy who she was certain that she hadn't seen yet in the first couple weeks of school, and she wondered if today was his first day. He walked past them, with headphones in, and before Ariel looked away, she was almost certain she saw him flip off the librarian for no reason. She raised an eyebrow slightly and then glanced up at the girl at her table before she went to check her phone to see if A had responded to her question. Nothing yet. Ariel sighed and put her phone back down, wondering how long it usually took for A to get back to people with their tasks. But mainly she wondered just how bad hers would be, and if it would be worth protecting her secrets.