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When All Else Fails

When All Else Fails


Ronnie Cage is an American war hero, having survived a horrific explosion that should have killed him. After receiving an honorable discharge, along with several commendations. However there's a part of the story nobody knows...

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Ronnie Cage was a member of the 75th Airbourne Rangers unit, Srgt. Maj. Ronald Cage as he was known back then. His unit it was deployed to Pakistan on a covert mission to locate a known terrorist cell, thought to have strong Al Quaeda links, the Pakistani government was to have no knowledge of their mission or the fact that they were even there. CIA Intel had narrowed down the location of the group to a small mountain range, surveilance sorties by Predator Drones over the area later confirmed the terrorists suspected location and Cage's unit was sent in.

The mission seemed rather routine, take out any hostiles, apprehend any terrorists that gave themselves up, and seize the WMD's that were thought to have been stored in the mountain cave. However things aren't always what they seem, Cage's unti went in and intially it was rather easy pickings as the element of surprise and the unit's training made it something of a cake walk. However one of the terrorists panicked and in desperation triggered one of the weapons which led to a massive explosion. The blast levelled part of the mountain, and was even visible from the Defense Department's satellites. The mission was a failure, all assets killed in action...or so command thought. A little more than an hour later Central Command started picking up a MayDay call from the mountain region, when Command replied, to say they were stunned to hear Cage's voice calling for extraction would be an understatement. Not only was Cage alive, but he was somehow able to maneuver enough to make it to the rendesvouz point.

Cage spent two months recovering in a NATO hospital in Germany before eventually returning home. By the time he landed on US soil his story was already across the country from coast-to-coast. The Military, desperate for some good press, were propping Cage up as a war hero telling his story...with a few editing points. The real reason of their mission was never released, the Military came up with some story that the unit's chopper crashed, and as they were attempting to get home they came across a terrorist cell and took action to eliminate them.

Once Ronnie was able he began the talk-shor circuit, with talk show hosts falling all over themselves to get him as a guest, Letterman, Leno, Stewart, Katie Couric, and the list went on. All the major news broadcasters would cover his story and for the most part everyone was hailing him as a hero, Ronnie didn't see how he was a hero but he figured the noteriety and the book deal and licensing of his story for use in a block buster movie would lead to a lot better retirement package than anything the Army could offer.

Which brings us to today. Ronnie has been asked to give a guest lecture at Carl University in Chicago to an assembly of students. It's the typical inspiration, "anyone can be a hero", type lecture/speech he's given countless times before. Everything is going as routine as can be when suddenly the entire auditorium is shaken, beams and lighting rigs fall from the ceiling as students scream and scramble for safety. The are more trembles and shakes felts as explosions are heard echoing across the city. Adding to the chaos, armed men dressed in combat camoflauge fatigues are seen storming across the campus yard, attacking whoever the see.

One of the professors, Dr.Jamieson, grabs Ronnie and pulls him along a hallway to a lab where Jamieson barricades the door. However Ronnie wants to get back out onto the campus yard and help. See what he hasn't told anyone is that the explosion in Pakistan left him with unique abilities, powers if you will. Powers that he has been working on mastering and controlling since his hospital stay in Germany.

This is where the story begins.....

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This is a 1X1 roleplay. If you happen to be interested in the story, message me about joining and we'll see what happens.

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Ronnie heard Symone in his head. His demolition training kicked in, "Symone, hang on this is going to be Ground Zero all over again" Ronnie thought in his head.

Ronnie started tensing up as he started glowing red more rapidly than other times. Ronnie knew if two explosions detonate at the same time in close proximity, the energy blast from each explosion riccochets off each other, meaning Ronnie would be shielded front most of the would Symone/Nina, the downside was that that energy would go somewhere....meaning the condo building was about to become a crater in the ground.

" gotta tell me when it's going to snap...if I let go too know" he said in his mind. "Just help me not incinerate"


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"Love, I seriously don't know what the fuck your doing..." Symone said simply.
Nina clutched her head, her nose bleeding from the massive amount of mental power she was letting off.
"Just let me see if I can calm her down." Symone said.

" Nina. You're frustrated. Because you believe you've lost all control. You're wrong. I am that control you seek, you just have to learn to accept it."

"I'm not you."

"No. I am you. I am all that you want. I am your anger, frustration, yearnings. Everything you hide away. You created me to protect your
pysche. Because of your abilities. I was able to take shape but understand everything you are, I am the other half"

"I can't stop it."

"Yes, You can. Let me help."

Nina dropped her eyes.

"Ronnie, Power down. I can get her to stop. How about some words of encouragememt?"


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"Listen Nina, I know the feeling, all of a sudden you can do all sorts of stuff that shouldn't be possible. You're mind is stronger than your ability, if it wasn't you wouldn't be able to control it, just breathe and focus" Ronnie said thinking in his head.

Ronnie slowly released the energy as he felt the tension in the atmosphere start to dissipate. He stood in the living room, unsure of what was going on in the bedroom down the hall, but he could feel the energy Nina was letting off...any burst she'd give off in a meltdown would be wide enough that even with a big head start Ronnie wouldn't have been able to out-run the blast radius. His fist still wasn't ideal, but if she did snap, the only way he was walking out of it would be by riccocheting the blast with his own.

He was glad to feel the tension slowly lower, "Good work girls" he said in his head, waking up in a crater once was more than enough for him.


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Nina slowly began to calm as the rumbling ceased and gravity seemed to slowly return to normal.

"There, you're in control now." Symone said. Her snark and sarcasm gone.

Nina looked up teary eyed.
"You know, You are allowed to-"

"Don't." Nina said sharply. "You would have...We would have...I don't even know him."

"Let me clarify something for the last fucking time. I. Am. You. I'm not anyone else. So If you don't like something. Neither do I. So If I want something. Or in this case, someone. Then that means, without a doubt you want it or them too. The bolder I am the more you want them. I can not make you do or want anything." She said and Nina went to the bathroom. She cleared her face from the blood and sighed. God Her head hurt.
"Why can't you just go away."

"For a genius you really are stupid..."


"You need to accept the fact that I am you. More importantly. you need to accept you, This is a part if who you are."

Nina sat against the wall.

"It's safe, She won't listen to me. You talk to her. She doesn't get that, I am her and that I'll only 'go away' when she fully embraces me. She wants to get rid of her power. Not only that, she doesn't realized that I am her. She hide this part of her away for so long she can't even recognize that it is her."Symone told Ronnie.
"Perhaps she just needs someone other then her own pysche telling her these things."

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