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When All Hell Breaks Loose

When All Hell Breaks Loose


When a great evil is unleashed, a band of loyals are dispatched to save the prince, revive Lucifer & Lilith, and defeat the Dark Daughter. If they dare...

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⊱When All Hell Breaks Loose⊰


❝Born in the light, living in the dark...❞

Lucifer. We all know the name. The Dark Prince... Satan... The Devil... A being of pride and lust, who wants power, power, and even more power. By any means possible.

❝Two souless beings, an eternal love...❞

Lilith. The first human. Rejected by Adam. Torn... Furious... Vengeful... She finds a new master, a new love in the very being who is said to be unable to feel, unable to love. A being like herself.

Lucifer, her little son of a bitch.

❝A daughter, product of dark magic... A daughter who would wreck havoc and rebel against her father. A daughter who would find within her more power than he, and use it to take over, to rule on her own, her father her servant, her mother unnaccounted for...❞

Lilith had been told, after her crimes, her faults in humanity's eyes she would be unable to bear a child, unable to find a lover in this realm. But Lucifer pitied the woman, took her in, seeing himself within her dark, murky soul. And they loved each other. They really did. Well, loved as much as two broken souls could love, anyway. Which was enough.

Lilith began to practice dark magic, the magic of the demons, impure and ancient in form. She longed for a child of her own, to pass her learning down to. Someone like her, someone exceptionally devious, someone to assist in carrying out her plans and those of her lover.

❝But antagonistic behavior is not to be contained or controlled, even by the two most ancient evils of our world...❞

Unknown to her husband, who she knew would disapprove of the risky magic, Lilith cast a spell that painfully drew out a piece of her dark soul and a piece of Lucifer's and melded them together. The spell created a girl with the knowledge of both her parernts, a daughter of demons with power beyond belief and cast both her parents into comas, result of the pain.

But this new girl, she merely smiled and began her plan to take over the world above, uncaring, indifferent.

❝A daughter of light, who had given her life once for another, who had moved on to her eternity in Paradise, called upon to serve once more...❞

She had been close to the royal family of the Kingdom of Elohia, named for the great God Elohim, Lord of all. So had her brother. And the day the rebel tried to kill her little brother and the crown prince... She had sacrificed her life to save them. She would do it again in a heartbeat.

When the Dark Daughter captures the crown prince and starts to reform the Kingdom of Elohia to her liking, with her servant and friend, a Descendant by her side, this Daughter of Light is called upon to return to Earth and save humanity from a fate far worse than anything even Lilith or Lucifer could imagine.

❝A frightened girl, poor, orphaned, broken, called upon to serve...❞
She can see demons and angels, even when they don't want to be seen. A Seer who does not understand her gifts, who thinks herself insane. But when the Daughter of Light comes to her for help, she realizes her powers are greater than she ever realized, ever knew.

❝His sister had died for him... And now she's back...❞

When he saw her again, he couldn't believe his eyes. She had died five years prior, and she still looked exactly the way she did on that fateful day. She pitied his awe, and offered him a chance to do her proud, to save their entire kingdom.

He accepted without question.

❝She came in the darkness of the night and she took him, labeling him as her own...❞

He never saw it coming. In an instant, he has gone from the highest of the high to the lowest of the low. The demon girl and her companion. She abuses him, she has taken his throne. She has killed his parents.

Archangels: Archangels are what most people think of when they hear the term "angels." They stand at eight-feet-tall, and are coldy, brilliant beautiful, with huge, pure white wings. (The only angels with wings.) They are warriors, who fight demons and guard the Heavenly City. They're invisible to humans, unless they decide they want to be seen.

Cherub: Cherubs are the most abundant of the angels. They are unable to leave the Heavenly City and take on the appearance of blonde-haired, blue-eyed children who are always joyous. They take care of the City's residents and keep them content.

Martyr: All martyrs were once humans, living normal lives. They became an angel of this rank when they sacrificed their life for another. Martyrs tend to stay in the Heavenly City and hold prayer sessions for the living, but are occasionally sent to Earth to assist Earthly beings in times of great trouble.

Guardians: Normally invisible angels who protect Earthly charges. They can change appearance to suit the situation and their current needs. They stay on Earth most of the time.

Descendants: Once archangels, Descendants are also called Fallen Angels. They give up their life in the Heavenly City and submit themselves to the Dark City. Their wings turn black over time.

Devils: Devils are shapeshifters who feed on human souls. They can look like anything, but are animalistic in behavior - predictable. Descendants frequently train them to track angels on Earth.

Shadows: Shadows were once humans, but they sold their soul for whatever reason. They have no emotion whatsoever and can possess any living being. A telltale sign is shining red eyes. Shadows are invisible, even for angels and Seers.

Nephil: The Nephil are brutal giants who find pleasure in paining others. They are intelligent, learning beings that stand at about twelve feet. They are not demons, persay, but they have a pact with them.

⊱Gifted Mortals⊰
Seers: Seers are of pure Mortal blood, but they have the ability to see angels and demons even when they don't want to be seen. Sadly, however, many Seers believe themselves insane. Others are adopted children of Halflings or Darklings, trained to be able to see such beings.

Oracles: Oracles are Mortals who have voluntarily connected their soul with that of a specific Archangel or Descendant. This earns them powers of the higher beings and an extended life.

Halflings & Darklings: Halflings are born of an Archangel or Guardian and a Mortal, and Darklings are born to a Descendant and a Mortal. Both have extended lives, but are unable to procreate. Very rare.

Daughter of Light | Female | 19-21 (Death/Appearance Age) | RESERVED by Gentlemiss
Raised in the Palace as an orphan since age five, when her mother passed aay giving birth to her [Brother], [Daughter of Light]'s life was going perfectly. She and her brother were well cared for by the good graces of the King and Queen, and she was being educated to be a priestess, an honorable position. Not only that, she had a great relationship with the [Crown Prince], even though they never technically were dating at any given point. They might have eventually; she'd never know. For five years back, she caught wind of a plot to usurp the King and Queen. When she told [Crown Prince] and [Her Brother], she was unwittingly puting the pair in danger. When the rebel spy was revealed, he threatenedd the pair of young men, and [Daughter of Light] feared for the lives of her friend and her brother, the former of which had already suffered leg wounds. She challenged the spy, keeping him engaged in battle long enough for [Her Brother] to fetch the Palace guards. By the time he returned, it was too late. She was dead. The spy was promptly charged with murder and treason, sentenced to a life in the dungeon. [Daughter of Light] became, like most of the dead, a citizen of the Heavenly City, with an angel status. A martyr. She was chosen to defeat [Dark Daughter] because of her life's trials.

Crown Prince | Male | 23-25 | RESERVED by DemonDante
The first child born to the King and Queen of Elohia, he's next in line for the throne. He was close to [Daughter of Light] in her life, perhaps a little romantically. He was torn apart by her death, angry at himself for not being able to do anything about it, having been injured in the scuffle before she had arrives. Since then, he has made a full recovery, angry at himself for allowing a girl to die for him. He has become friends with [Her Brother] in the years to come. When [Dark Daughter] killed his parents and took over the Elohian Palace, she imprisoned him in his chambers, guarding him closely.

Dark Daughter | Female | 21-24 (Appearance Age) | RESERVED by Makenna Young
Born of Dark magic, she has no morale or humanity in the slightest. She lives for the pain and suffering of others, and even that of her parents amuses her. She has ideas to, ah, "improve" the Kingdom of Elohia. So in the night, she hides her parents away and enters the Palace, killing all those in her way with the help f a loyal [Descendant]. She spares [Crown Prince], for her own reasons. Reasons that she is not yet ready to reveal...

Descendant | Male | 25-27 (Appearance Age) | OPEN
A former Archangel, he gave up his seat in the Heavenly City for the Dark City, wanting nothing more than power. He was elated when his wings darkened, making him a full-fledged Fallen Angel. He served Lucifer without question, following even the most twisted of orders mercilessly. When [Dark Daughter] was "born", he realized that Lucifer was no longer the biggest bully in the playground and submitted himself to her.

Seer | Female | 16-18 | RESERVED by Cassiel
Born into poverty, she never had anything. It was just her and a mother who didn't want her. All the same, she raises [Seer] until she is twelve, than sends the girl out on her own, abandoning her, never to get in touch again. The girl has tried to stay strong through the rough years, but things were starting to get weird. She began seeing winged, seemingly invisible people. She thought herself insane until [Daughter of Light] approached her and told her the truth. She was chosen to assist in the mission due to her talents and her troublesome past alike.

Daughter of Light's Brother | Male | 17-19 | RESERVED by Makenna Young
He had always looked up to [His Sister], thought she was the most amazing, kindest girl in the world. She had wisdom beyond her years, and he loved and respected her for it. She baffled him in her ways. When she sacrifices herself for him, he was distraught, and blamed himself. He should've gotten the guards quicker, he had thought guiltily. In the years after, he grew close to [Crown Prince]. He wasn't at the Palace on the night of the attack of [Dark Daughter]. Then... [His Sister] was back, smiling, asking him for help to save the Kingdom. He readily, if not fearfully, agreed.


⊱Character Sheet⊰
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[center][b]Name:[/b] (full; first only for Descendant & Dark Daughter)
[b]Age:[/b] (see charrie notes)
[b]Pic:[/b] (anime or real; credit FCs if you use)
[b]Background:[/b] (refer to charrie notes & add on)
[b]Other:[/b] (optional)


• Reserve charrie in OOC, as it's first come, first serve.
• Reservations last 48 hours.
• Double if at all possible, as one of each gender, preferrably.
• Real life or anime pictures are okay.
• No Mary-Gary Sues. Ever. Be creative with your charrie, think outside the box.
• Feel free to embelish CS to your liking. :)

• Please post two to three times a week, and inform us when you're going to be away for a while.
• The minimum word count is 200.
• Double-check spelling & grammar.
• Use third person, please. I don't care what tense.
• No god-modding, power-playing, or auto-hitting.

• Be courteous of one another.
• Ask questions when you're unsure about something.
• Tell me if you have issues with someone, preferably via PM.
• Use ((brackets)) when speaking OOC in IC thread.

• I am not rating this on age. Just make sure you're mature enough & aren't uncomfortable.
• There will be blood. cx
• Swearing is a part of life.
• There will be mildly suggestive themes.
• If you get uncomfortable, shoot me a PM. :)

Failure to Follow Rules
• I work on a three-strike rule. Don't worry, though; dedication can deduct points, too. :)
• You will recieve warnings prior to earning strikes.
• Not everything will earn you a strike, though. :)

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Character Portrait: Favian Eoin Ambrose
Character Portrait: Valentina


Character Portrait: Valentina

"Out with the old and in with the new. I am the new. It is my turn to rule."

Character Portrait: Favian Eoin Ambrose
Favian Eoin Ambrose

"Do not assume you know things that you plainly do not. Such is the way of cowards and fools."


Character Portrait: Favian Eoin Ambrose
Favian Eoin Ambrose

"Do not assume you know things that you plainly do not. Such is the way of cowards and fools."

Character Portrait: Valentina

"Out with the old and in with the new. I am the new. It is my turn to rule."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Valentina

"Out with the old and in with the new. I am the new. It is my turn to rule."

Character Portrait: Favian Eoin Ambrose
Favian Eoin Ambrose

"Do not assume you know things that you plainly do not. Such is the way of cowards and fools."

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Re: When All Hell Breaks Loose

If the descendant hasn't been taken yet, I'd like a a shot at it. I'll check in and see..otherwise, contact me and let me know.


Re: When All Hell Breaks Loose


Also, does anyone mind if I go for that Descendant role?

Re: When All Hell Breaks Loose

Okay, so technically she's nine years older than her brother. Okie dokes C:

Re: When All Hell Breaks Loose

The age I had you put on is her death/appearance age. So she would've died at 21 and still appears that age.

Re: When All Hell Breaks Loose

How does Rowan and Ellyn sound?

And I have a sort of confusing question here, if Castiel is twenty one now, does that mean she died at twenty-one, or at sixteen(since that is five years ago?). Because if she died at twenty one, that makes her nine years older than her brother(I just need to know this so I don't muck up her background). But if she died at sixteen, still looks sixteen when she returns, but is actually twenty one, that means she's only four years older.

I'm sorry, that's really confusing. I guess I just need to know if she's four or nine years older than Favian, xP.


If she died at sixteen, then she should come back looking sixteen. Technically, mentally, she would be twenty one.

If she died at twenty one, then she should come back looking twenty one. Technically, mentally, she would be twenty six.

Re: When All Hell Breaks Loose

Okay guys, so we have one more slot , then.
If any of you wish to double and take the Descendant, feel free, and contact any friends who you think might be interested in it. :-)

And Gentlemiss, I'm not filling out the name of Favian and Castiel's parents until you do.
It's up to you what there names are.

Re: When All Hell Breaks Loose

And, Gentlemiss, it's up to you. I'll just follow suit with her brother. :)

Re: When All Hell Breaks Loose

I'd like to reserve the spot for the Seer.

Re: When All Hell Breaks Loose

Last name for the Daughter?

Re: When All Hell Breaks Loose

Can I steal the Daughter of Light please?

When All Hell Breaks Loose

When All Hell Breaks Loose

Daughter of Light | Female | 19-21 (Death/Appearance Age) | RESERVED by Gentlemiss

Crown Prince | Male | 23-25 | RESERVED by DemonDante

Dark Daughter | Female | 21-24 (Appearance Age) | RESERVED by Makenna Young

Descendant | Male | 25-27 (Appearance Age) | OPEN

Seer | Female | 16-18 | RESERVED by Cassiel

Daughter of Light's Brother | Male | 17-19 | RESERVED by Makenna Young

Just ask for your slot! :)