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Arturo DeGari

Owner of As The Page Turns/Werewolf

0 · 434 views · located in Gennstown, PA (USA)

a character in “When Bitten”, as played by TheSpaceInBetween


The more supernatural side of this quiet town.




|{Full Name}|
Arturo Christobel DeGari
{"Short De, long Gaari"}

Art, Turo
{"I answer to pretty much anything anyway"}

22||Feb 12
{"I'm probably older in dog years but I'm not counting"}

{" I am not that guy from that show"}

{"I've been alone for a long time so I'm pretty much open to any kind of relationship, best friend, lover heck even and enemy wow that sounds so desperate"}


{Reserved | Caring | Private | Jaded l Loyal}

" I suppose if you can find me in a good enough mood I'm a good person to be around. I would push another person out of the way of danger if I feel that it was needed. I enjoy the company of others as well as time to myself. Even though I'm never really alone. I'm loyal to people that need my help or advise I will gladly giving it to them. My other side I would prefer not to talk about, it's not me at all in fact he is the complete opposite of me. It has gotten to the point where I can see him mocking me where ever I go. He is cruel and pure evil wanting nothing to spill blood on every surface he can or cause the most pain to anyone and everyone he can including me. So a few words of advice, if you find me on a good day make the most side if I'm staying away from every body, believe me it is for your own good."

|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
▪ His wolf like habits emerge ever so often. ( sniffing, growling, hissing etc.)
▪ He plays with his hair when he stressed
▪ Taps his legs when his is thinking/ distracted
▪ His eyes become bright yellow when the wolf is breaking the edge of him

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
⚘He can defend himself well enough against enemies⚘
⚘His heightened senses give him advantages in otherwise hopeless situation⚘

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
⚘His temper tends to get the best of him especially if the wolf has been on his back for a while annoying him⚘
⚘His crippling nightmares and flashbacks cause him to stay awake most of the time only sleeping when he absolutely needs it⚘
⚘He argues with the wolf constantly cursing and muttering in Italian⚘

ø The beast taking over forever ø
øLosing control of her powerø

✤He is terrified of getting close to anyone, mainly fearing that he will harm them. Making him isolated and alone.✤
✤He has a fear of enclosed spaces and will attempt everything he can to avoid going into one✤



l{Hair/Eye Colour}l
Deep Brown and spiky/ Ice Blue eyes ( Yellow in wolf form)

6'4"l 190 lbs

Arturo tends to wear smart casual clothes, that give him a modern style. He wears short sleeved shirts that show his muscular arms he prefers to wear jeans than trousers since it's more of a comfort thing.

|{Skin Tone}|
His skin is tanned lightly naturally but it looks like he has spent a good amount of time in the sun.

|{Body Type}|
He is tall and intimidating especially when he is under the influence of the wolf, he is very muscular especially in his top half his chest is like rock and his abs are almost solid.


Specialties | Talents:
Werewolf transformation {Mastery level}: Arturo can turn into a wolf with the blink of an eye, its still a really painful process, but as soon as something upsets the wolf he can rip your throat out in seconds. The wolf also shows himself in Arturo by elongating his nails and teeth into a monster like appearance.

|▲Summer|▲Watching the stars|▲Music|▲Being Alone|▲Italian Food|▲Exercising|▲The smell of Rain|▲Reading|▲Writing|▲Painting|▲Art l

▼The Wolf|▼Pressure|▼Sleeping|▼ Stressful situations|▼Crowds|▼Losing control|▼Talking about his past l

Occupation Co-Owner of the town bookstore " As The Page Turns"
Family/kin/important Friends Arturo's only family now are his adopted father and his wife who are old in years now as they were old when Arturo came to them. He has made a few friends in the town but keeps to himself mostly.
Social Status Single

Wolf AppearanceImage
Eye Colour Yellow
Average Temperament 5/10
Have You Ever Changed On A Wrong Moon? No, why would I do that?


"The sun had not long set and the evening meal was just finishing. Aruto's father Grayson entered, a tall and well built man, had not long returned from fetching wood for the wood burner. The family home did have electricity, but it tended to give their position away to the hunter. At the moment the family home was the only place of true protection from a world of indifference.

Grayson moved to the sitting area of the home were the rest of his family sat, his wife Evalyn, his oldest son Alistair, who was 18 soon to be turning 19, his oldest daughter Daniella, who was 15 and at the age where nothing was fair and his youngest son Arturo who was 7. Kissing Evalyn tenderly on the forehead " All is silent my dear, it seems the woods have held off the hunters for this night." Sitting down next to his wife he put his arm around her holding her close, causing Evalyn to fumble her knitting, but she smiled softly and fell into his warm embrace.

The couples adoration for each other was clear but it was short lived as Alistair came storming down the stairs panic in his voice. "Dad! Hunters are coming I see the torches coming" He went to the window and pointed out to the beams of light merging in the tree line. A burst of glass smashing caught the family by surprise with a bullet tearing through Alistair's shoulder causing him to fall the ground, Grayson acted immediately dragging his eldest son to him checking the wound. Thankfully the bullet had gone through the body entirely and missed the bone by inches. Alistiar pulled himself up looking to his father for any kind of advice, Grayson opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the scream of Daniella who was upstairs. He bolted upstairs to find his daughter fighting with a man wielding a silver knife, Grayson growled deeply and the hunter turned his head to look and that was all he had to do. Daniella took his head twisting it sharply so his neck broke killing him instantly.

" That's my girl c'mon we have to go" Grayson said taking his daughters hand and rushing downstairs to find Evalyn tying Alistiar's arm up to hold it until it healed. Arturo was huddled in the corner holding his kness tightly, trembling with nervousness, he had never come across hunters this determined before. Alistair pushed a table up to the smashed window, turning around he ran over to Arturo picking him up and returning to the family. Arturo huddled up to his mother who held him tightly in her arms.

" Come out you beasts and fight! Why cower away like the dogs you are?" One of the hunters shouted as they banged against the door. " It is not a fair fight and only beast I can see here are you!" Alistiar roared loudly back putting himself in front of Daniella. The door began to give way to a barrage of axes and boots, Grayson looked to Evalyn and nodded. Crouching down to Arturo she spoke tears brimming her eyes " Arturo you need to hide okay? You can hide under the house until the hunters go away Allright?" Arturo nodded " But what about everyone else? You can fit too" he spoke pulling on his mothers sleeves. Evalyn smiled softly " no we can't sweetheart, they would know we hid there and then you'd be hurt too" Evalyn said opening a small hatch underneath where the family was standing and popped Arturo inside, she smiled softly kissing him on the head and added " Remember what we told you about the wolf and when he comes? Even though your changing on the outside, you are still you on the inside, never forget who you are. Understand Sweetheart?" She pushed Arturo down locking the hatch.

The family stood as one as the door broke down, they all changed into their wolf forms and fought as well as they could even with axes and bullets tearing flesh apart from bone. As body by body dropped to the last growl, blood seeped through the floorboards dripping onto Arturo coating him with the blood of his family. The hunters left after a while, he had no idea how long they had stayed celebrating the kills of the century, taking fur, blood, teeth and anything that resembled werewolf culture.

However Arturo stayed under the house for days sobbing uncontrollably to scared to move in case the hunters came back. He couldn't help but listen to the voice at the back of his head, telling him to get revenge on his families killers and revenge of the world for hating his kind. Arturo's viewpoint changed that night, they all had to pay in blood. He finally crawled out, covered in blood and dirt. He may have lost a family but he had gained a new mentor to aspire to, the comforting voice in the back of his head.

He wandered for years in the forest finally finding home within the town, he was taken in by an older werewolf who owned a local bookstore. He became an apprentice of the bookstore learning to appreciate literature as well as getting used to the wolf inside him. As the years went on Arturo grew stronger both in human form and wolf form, he became accepted into the town and eventually took over the bookstore due to his adoptive father becoming to ill to work. He still changes on the moon but knows to stay well away from the town.


So begins...

Arturo DeGari's Story

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John browsed through the books in As The Page Turns. Nothing he saw really interested him. It was all books about rabbits and steel for some reason. He was curious as to why this store seemed to lack books that that came out after the mid-eighties. He wondered if they just hadn't been able to restock since then.

John was here to simply blow off some steam. He had spent the last couple of days focusing the majority of his attention on gathering information about the recent death of Elizabeth Ruddwell. Unfortunately, he hadn't been able to break any new ground and it was beginning to get on his nerves. He had only been given minimum access to the crime scene and Elizabeth's parent's refused an interview. Even the reporter for the town's half-rate newspaper The Gennstown Owl was getting more information than John was. John knew he had to get more dirt on this case or else he may be out of a job. John was no stranger to playing by your own rules to get the information you need. John slowly pushed thoughts of news and truth to the back of his mind. Right now, he needed to relax.

John continued browsing through books when a girl slightly younger than himself walked into the store. John ignored her for the most part. She seemed to be working in the store. She began peeking down the aisles looking for someone named Arturo. John continued to browse for a while before something caught his eye. The book was about myths and legends of the area. It was buried behind three books about the importance of the proper diet for a rabbit, but it was there. John happily grabbed it and brought it to the counter. Neither the young girl nor her boss were at the register. There a bell on the counter. John ringed it and patiently waited for service.

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Arturo picked up the last of the boxes filled with books that had been delivered to the store, putting the boxes on the floor he rested on the boxes as he looked over the new stock list. It was always good to have new books, but the older books had much more character even if they had no interest in this modern world.

He shook hand with the driver placing a ten dollar bill in his pocket, " Thank you very much, see you soon" he flashed a smile and checked his watch. Bianca should have been back from her lunch now, that girl was always trying to investigate something or learn new facts from books. Arturo couldn't help but smile, she was a lovely girl and a hard worker even if business was slow some days she was great to talk too.

His sensitive hearing picked up the high pitched ring of the store's bell, so either a new customer had entered or Bianca had returned. Looking around he picked up the large boxes with ease setting them down at the back of the store, where new books were stored and antique books were kept since they had value.

Brushing down his shirt he entered the store, sniffing he picked up Bianca's scent as well a customer who had been looking around for about ten minutes while Arturo was sorting out the delivery.

"Bianca, dove sei stato? Ti ho dato un'ora per il pranzo. non sei stato dal sito di nuovo vero? Consegna sul retro, vuoi organizzare i nuovi libri per me mentre io vedo a questo signore?"
(Bianca, where have you been? I gave you an hour for lunch. you haven't been by the site again have you? Delivery out back, would you organise the new books for me while I see to this gentleman?)

He smiled at the man " Good Afternoon Sir, How are you?. Anything else I can help you with today?" He looked down at the book that he had selected, his face ever so slightly confused where did he find that boo? it must have been in the wrong section. Picking up the book he checked the price and added " That will be $3 please." He smiled again.

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John smiled with surprise and delight. A book this size in Alansburg would cost at least 40 dollars. I guess it must've been preowed. He thought to himself. John reached into the back of his pocket and pulled out his wallet. As he began to supply the man with the money, John started talking to the him. "Sir, may I ask you about something slightly controversial?"

"Ya see my name is John. I'm a journalist from Alansburg and I'm currently investigating the recent death of Elizabeth Rudwell. I was just wondering if you knew her or know anything about her recent passing." John said upon the man's response. The man talked to John for a short amount of time about the recent tragedy. John thanked the man, then grabbed his business card and handed it to the man. "And, hey, if you know anyone who would be willing to help me out anymore than you have give me a buzz."

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Arturo listened to the man as he explained what he was doing around the town, yet another investigator to the town why don't they just leave the poor girl alone. Arturo wouldn't get involved with the werewolf responsible if he found out, unless he or she was going to harm the people he cared about. Although anybody could be next and if it was a Vargulf then no one was really safe, Vargulfs could not be controlled or reasoned with.

When he was asked about the young girls passing. Arturo shrugged lightly " I'm afraid I only hear what people tell me, most people are saying that it is a wolf, there are a few in the area because of the woods surrounding the town. But wolves are pack animals, most won't attack humans unless they step on the packs territory or if they are provoked. So a lone wolf attack in certainly strange. I did hear a rumour of a really wealthy scientist who injected a wolf with a powerful steriod and the wolf got out killing the scientist and escaping out into the woods and ended up mating with other wolves and made a powerful mix. But of course it's just a rumour, but we all have to start somewhere. Good luck with investigating sir and have a good day" Arturo smiled " perhaps you will find an answer in your book, you never know" he handed the book back to the man.

Looking over to Bianca as she called him over to the book she had begun to unpack, walking over to her he looked at the book set.

"sì, è l'ordine giusto, perché non dare un'occhiata a quelli?, ottenere la vostra mente di cercare di assassini e mascalzoni, sì?"
(Yeah, it's the right order, why don't you take a look at those? Get your mind of looking for the assasins and the murders, yeah?)

He chuckled softly and looked through the books, picking up the list he looked at the rest of the boxes taking off the tape he found another set of fantasy books. People were certainly strange when it came to books choices, there was a few factual books too.

" People don't really read romances or adventures any more do they? It's all girly vampires and super buff werewolves." Arturo laughed softly and sat down flicking through one of the books.

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Bianca followed him back, knealing down as well to unpack the books, sorting by genre. She smiled a brilliant white smile when he mentioned girly vampires and super buff werewolves. "Hey, I like me some super buff werewolves, I'm not gonna lie," she said, flipping through yet another edition of The Twilight Saga. She set the book down with the other copies in their individual pile. "But I do like mysteries more than anything, I'd say," she glanced at Arturo. "Just like the mystery here. Elizabeth's mystery." She brushed some long, dirty blonde hair away from her face, shifting into a seated position with her legs crossed Indian-style before her.

"I heard you talking to that reporter guy. Do you believe any of those rumors that people are saying?" She tilted her head, her eyes following a fly the buzzed past her face. "I didn't even know that wolves lived around here." She got busy sorting through the books once more until they were all in their proper piles and categories.



Leo's sensitive hearing picked up the sound of Eleanor's footsteps long before she was even in sight. He didn't even have to turn his head, having already sensed her moving towards the police tape a few yards away from him. A little bit of distance, but not too far. He glanced over anyway, at the nagging of something peculiar at his nose. He did not recognize this auburn-haired girl, she was unfamiliar to him. Perhaps she was new in Gennstown, or a visiting reporter -- as many were now-a-days since Elizabeth's murder.

But that was not what caught Leo's attention. It was the way that Eleanor smelled, even from a distance. She smelled like pine trees and fresh snow, the exact way that he himself smelled. It was the distinct smell of a werewolf in their human body. He was alarmed for a second, his normally sleepy brown eyes widening slightly with surprise. He'd only ever known of one other werewolf in Gennstown. He wondered momentarily if those big, ominous wolf prints in the dirt could possibly belong to the paws of that girl's wolf. There wasn't a way to tell. Not now.

Leon backed up a few steps away from the tape, his eyes shifting away from Eleanor and back to the street as he made his way across the lonely, downcast cornfield and back to the tattered brick sidewalk. The sky was covered in a constant, endless expanse of grey clouds that threatened rain but had yet to deliver it.

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Arturo smiled at Bianca as she commented on liking super buff werewolves, Arturo couldn't help but chuckle. His head tilted to the side as she asked if he believe the rumours around the murder of the young girl. Bianca then commented about not knowing about the wolves in the area either.

Arturo stood up and walked to the back of the store putting on a pair of gloves and pulling out an old and aging book. Returning back to Bianca he opened up the book to a page covered in forest and a few wooden huts. " Now.." He began gesturing to the surrounding area " this book has a record of the land development from 1830 to 1980, this is in 1870 as you can see the forest was here long before we were. So this is the wolves territory" he flicked through the page and showed another picture with a little more of a town " this was when the steel refinery company came, as you can see there are more buildings and the start of a surrounding that would prevent the wolves from returning. And if we look at the town now, no wildlife except for in the forest. The wolves know to stay away. They probably wouldn't want to cause harm to the pack unless it is self defence." He closed the book and but it back in the special case from where he got it.

" I belive that things happen for a reason, I don't know if that girl was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We can only hope it doesn't happen again. Perhaps this was just the balance of predator and prey." He added as he took of the gloves. " as for the stories, I would rather hear the truth than a stretched out lie. "