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Leon T. Masters

Lone wolf.

0 · 345 views · located in Gennstown, PA (USA)

a character in “When Bitten”, as played by thesatellites


The more supernatural side of this quiet town.






163 lb.


Dark brown


Medium to light complexion

Lean, evenly muscled, tall

/ / /

He works for the mechanic in town.

Leah Masters (mother, deceased) & Toby Masters (father).


/ / /


A large, brown wolf with lighter patches here and there.



He won't tell.

/ / /

Leon is very reserved and respectful. He is not timid, but is rather soft-spoken and rarely ever raises his voice. He is quiet, but highly intelligent. Leon is compassionate, but stony. Although he is kind, he is abit of a stone-wall.

Nothing too important. He has lived in Gennstown with his father since a young age. His mother died of cancer when he was nine.


So begins...

Leon T. Masters's Story

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Leon pushed his hands into his pockets. He was walking down the quiet Gennstown street. The chill of the early autumn breeze send goosepumps up and down his lean, muscled arms. The old red brick sidewalk was crumbling and cracking, having had no matinence of any recent form to up keep the paths through the small town. A few cars whizzed by every once in a while, but everything was relatively quiet. It was just past noontime, about 1 o'clock. The sun was blotted out by thick, light grey clouds that stretched, unwavering, across the whole sky, turning it a pale silver color, ominous by any means, perhaps to promise rain at some point.

Leo's feet were subconsiously following the street sidewalk, passing block after block in a mindless, yet somehow deliberate way. He knew where he was heading, but did not necessarily think of it as he walked. Soon, as he approached one of the further sides of town, he caught a glimpse of bright yellow police tape just ahead. He knew all too well its purpose.

That was why the town was so silent as of late. Just beyond the yellow tape and steady stream of police cars was a terrible crime that shook the little, otherwise quiet, town to its roots. The brutal murder of Elizabeth Rudwell. It was a mere week after the body had been found, and since word spread through the town, everyone seemed to be in a much more sombre, downcast mood with shifting eyes and jackets pulled tight. Speaking of which, Leo pulled his jacket a bit tigher around his own body, the wind breaker being the only actual barrier between his sensitivity to the cold and the bone-chilling breeze that sent rotting autumn leaves in little tornados through the nearly-vacant streets.

Leo marched out through the cornfield where the blocked off section of yellow police tape remained. Finally he stopped there and started in at the contents of the little ring of restricted tape. On the ground was a huge, disturbing spot of dried blood, at least a yard in width and two yards in height, staining the near-frozen ground. He shuddered slightly. Various other blood pools and spots where located in a close vicinity of the biggest one. As he stared in at the near-abandoned crime-scene, he noticed the imprints of what looked to be a canine paw print. Multiple ones surrounding the blood spots, and then leading off and disappearing into the nearby tree line. He frowned. He'd read about the pawprints in the newspaper. It had mentioned something about the wildlife specialists saying that they were dealing with a very large animal, far larger than anything known to live in Pennsylvania, perhaps a large wolf.


Bianca clamoured down the street, her big, black leather tote hooked around her elbow as her long legs scissored, her long strides reduced to smaller, quicker steps in a sort of a jog. She was late for work. She's left As the Page Turns, the small, local bookstore, to get lunch and ended up going back to her apartment and sticking her head back into her books and notes. Bianca had a profound interest in the recent killing of local promqueen and beauty icon Elizabeth Rudwell. She loved mysteries, and although this one was brutual and sad and personal, it just gave her a bigger drive to get to the bottom of it.

Being the persuasive, persistent, and highly intelligent girl that she was, Bianca never let the officers at the sheriff's department alone, always insisting on copies of their autopsy reports and crime scene analysis files, etc. etc. etc. She had been preforming her own side-line investigation into the homicide of the local high-schooler and friend. She hung around the crime scene on a regular basis, taking pictures of her own and hounding officers for facts and discoveries until she was shoo-ed away by the leading detectives, who had become very accustomed to her appearances and inerest in the case.

Bianca threw open the door of the little book store, the bell overhead jingling to announce her arrival, although in case that was not enough, "I'm back," she announced, making her way behind the front counter to set her stuff behind it. She slipped her black, quilted faux-leather jacket off of her slender shoulders and onto the spinny chair she usually sat upon when she worked front desk. It was a small opperation, with Bianca, Arturo DeGari (the co-owner) and the formal owner who rarely really made appearances. So it was mostly a two-man staff, not that Bianca minded. She liked to peace and quiet and enjoyed the company of the books and her mysterious boss, Mr. Arturo DeGari.

She peeked into one of the aisles, then into another. "Arturo?" She called softly, so not to disturb a person browsing and reading the merchandise.

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#, as written by Marzo
Eleanor had quickly realized that being a werewolf really, really sucked.

She thought her heightened senses would be a perk. But all they did was stress her out. The smell of food was so strong it made her feel nauseous; cars that were a hundred yards away sounded like they were barreling down on her. She must have jumped out of the way of non-existent danger three times on the way to the cornfield.

When she noticed the yellow tape blocking the scene, a ball of dread formed in the pit of her stomach. Why was she even coming here again?

The idea was that it would make her feel better. She’d see it, find some proof that there was no way she had been able to do it, and feel much better about the whole thing.

Or trigger some sort of flashback to her murdering that girl. Either way she’d get closure.

“Here we are.” She whispered. Her hair had fallen out of the messy pony tail she had put it in, and wisps of copper colored hair fell into her face. Eleanor only squinted.

Of course she was aware of the other man looking at everything; she tried to keep her distance from him, going to the other end of the tape. Hopefully he’d get the hint that she didn’t want to talk. That was why she’d snuck out instead of going to see it with her sister, who had gotten up bright and early to start the research for her book based off the whole thing. How a werewolf murder could make her excited rather than horrified, Eleanor couldn’t fathom. Michelle was just strange.

When she saw the pool of blood, all she could do was take a sharp intake of breath. She could still smell it like it was fresh. It made Eleanor want to throw up. In fact, a lot of stuff since she became a werewolf made her want to throw up; she hoped the sensory overload would get better in time.

She took a good look at the footprint. As she expected, huge. Yep, it was a werewolf alright.

If she thought this would somehow make her feel better, it didn’t. There was still a girl murdered by a werewolf right after she, a werewolf, moved to town. And staring at the massacre that took place in this cornfield didn’t give her any of the physical clues she was hoping for. But yet…

Something about this seemed off. Eleanor didn’t know what; her mind tried to conjure up a word to describe it. The closest she could get was rabid. Could a werewolf be rabid?

Oh, god. Do people even get rabies vaccines? And if not, how the hell was she going to explain that request to her doctor?

She didn’t realize that small droplets were forming at the corners of her eyes; she finally wiped them away with her hand, drying it on the thighs of her holey blue jeans. True, she didn’t know Elizabeth Rudwell, never even met her, but she’d seen her face and her life story splashed across so many newspapers that her death was starting to affect Eleanor in a personal way. Whether it was her, or somebody else who did it, she was going to find a way to make this right.

Eleanor took one more look at the scene, sighed, and turned around to go back. There was nothing else she could gain from being here.

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Bianca followed him back, knealing down as well to unpack the books, sorting by genre. She smiled a brilliant white smile when he mentioned girly vampires and super buff werewolves. "Hey, I like me some super buff werewolves, I'm not gonna lie," she said, flipping through yet another edition of The Twilight Saga. She set the book down with the other copies in their individual pile. "But I do like mysteries more than anything, I'd say," she glanced at Arturo. "Just like the mystery here. Elizabeth's mystery." She brushed some long, dirty blonde hair away from her face, shifting into a seated position with her legs crossed Indian-style before her.

"I heard you talking to that reporter guy. Do you believe any of those rumors that people are saying?" She tilted her head, her eyes following a fly the buzzed past her face. "I didn't even know that wolves lived around here." She got busy sorting through the books once more until they were all in their proper piles and categories.



Leo's sensitive hearing picked up the sound of Eleanor's footsteps long before she was even in sight. He didn't even have to turn his head, having already sensed her moving towards the police tape a few yards away from him. A little bit of distance, but not too far. He glanced over anyway, at the nagging of something peculiar at his nose. He did not recognize this auburn-haired girl, she was unfamiliar to him. Perhaps she was new in Gennstown, or a visiting reporter -- as many were now-a-days since Elizabeth's murder.

But that was not what caught Leo's attention. It was the way that Eleanor smelled, even from a distance. She smelled like pine trees and fresh snow, the exact way that he himself smelled. It was the distinct smell of a werewolf in their human body. He was alarmed for a second, his normally sleepy brown eyes widening slightly with surprise. He'd only ever known of one other werewolf in Gennstown. He wondered momentarily if those big, ominous wolf prints in the dirt could possibly belong to the paws of that girl's wolf. There wasn't a way to tell. Not now.

Leon backed up a few steps away from the tape, his eyes shifting away from Eleanor and back to the street as he made his way across the lonely, downcast cornfield and back to the tattered brick sidewalk. The sky was covered in a constant, endless expanse of grey clouds that threatened rain but had yet to deliver it.

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#, as written by Marzo
Eleanor paused for a few moments before continuing her walk, not wanting to look like she was following the guy.

She reached a crosswalk, feeling her cellphone vibrate in the pocket of her denim jacket. She reached in, saw that it was her sister, and flipped it open. "Michelle?"

"Eleanor! Where the hell have you been? I have been waiting in The Bistro for an hour."

Eleanor flinched. She had completely forgotten. "Sorry sis. I...I got lost." She lied.

"Seriously? Lost?" The werewolf could almost see her sister rolling her eyes on the other end of the line. "You can see it from your apartment."

"Well, I went for a walk. Should I have called to ask if it was okay?"

"Sis, if you want me to keep lying to mom and dad and tell them you're living with me, I need to be able to check up on you. I can't have you running off to god knows where--"

"Yes, because it's easy to gets drugs in this town, right?" Her voice, dripping with sarcastic bitterness, caught the brunette on the other end of the phone off guard. When she spoke again her tone was considerably more gentle.

"I don't mean that Elle. But, you know, it's not like we don't have killer wolves running around--speaking of which," Michelle added, "I visited the Rudwells this morning after I saw the crime scene. Wanted to get an interview before they got tired of all the reporters."

"Seriously?" Eleanor's mouth hung open in shock. "Isn't that kind of extremely inconsiderate?"

"Probably. They slammed the door on me. But I can still use it for the book."

"Michelle, you are such a horrible--AUGH!" She heard it; the sound of a car going toward her. She screeched, practically jumping five feet in the air, dropping the phone. When she regained her composure, and realized the car was still very far away, she cursed. Damn werewolf instincts; this was the fifth time that happened. A car could be a hundred yards away and still sound like it was right next to her ear.

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Victoria had no idea what was going on, she was a werewolf, unable to tell her parents the truth, she left home with a bag full of clothes, and some cash she had stolen, she hit the road with her skateboard and her street smarts, not even leaving a note. As she wandered down the streets, her headphones in, blasting some country music as she rode, she wondered if her parents would even notice her missing. As she neared a cross walk, she could hear someone screaming, taking out her ear phones and getting off her board, she smiled at the girl and wondered why she seemed so uptight. "Are you okay?" she asked, smelling a familiar scent, "You're not a werewolf, are you?" she asked, in a more quiet tone, her eyes searching the girls face for something.

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Victoria waited for her response, her pocket knife in her pocket, just incase this girl was a threat. "Well that's a shame, I was looking for some answers on wolves" she said with a pout, and pulled down her hair, to cover the bite mark on her shoulder. "Maybe you should be more careful" she teased, picking up her skateboard, looking at the cars, wondering if she'd ever find another werewolf.

Just then her cell phone rang, she pulled it out of her pocket, and saw her mothers name, she then pressed the ignore button, and waited for the incoming text, which happened within seconds. Don't ever come back here was the text message. "Well I just lost my place to stay, oh well" she said with a shrug, "Name's Victoria, and you are?" she asked, extending her hand, giving a friendly smile.