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Stella Yveltal

As long as I am breathing, in my eyes, I am just beginning. Criss Jami, Killosophy

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a character in “When Fire falls from the Sky”, as played by deealee



Name: Stella Yveltal

Nickname: EL

Age: 26 years, (4876 human years)

Species: Deinococcus Radiodurandian

Branch: Universal Guardians

Rank: Major 2nd class

Job Title: Chief Engineer

Description: El stands 5ft. 8in. tall and weighs 128lbs. Lean and wiry, El is shockingly strong. Hair is a new feature for her. Thus length and hair color are both optional, of late it's dark brown or black just past her shoulders. She has two tattoos, her family crest that extends across her back from shoulder to shoulder and her Blade Master tat that extends down the right side of her body.

The people Nibiru have had to adapt to survive life on a planet circling a dark star.
  • Her eyes are light grey with flecks of yellow and cat like. Though her vision is limited in daylight she has excellent night vision.
  • Though her skin is smooth to the touch it is actually quit thick.
  • To help off set the lack of 20/20 vision Nibiruians also have an ability like echo location. It is only good for about 5 feet around them, but it can be expanded a little with proper training.


Personality: Blunt and direct, Stella comes across with a no none sense attitude. At least to those who don't know her. She is a fierce friend or furious enemy. She is head strong and being the youngest Chief engineer has made her a stickler for following the rules... at the least the ones she sets. (However when not in charge, El has a pension for only following the rules she personally agrees with.


They weren’t supposed to be. A planet revolving a Dark Star wasn’t supposed to hold life.... Or that was the assumption. However Nibiru, did just that. Their planet was the perfect home, the perfect base from which to watch the rest of the universe unnoticed. They explored for eons, unobserved by larger society…. and meddling, a little, with lesser planets. Until the time of Corruption. Their planet become angry, casting all its inhabitants back in time. Earthquakes and floods swallowed their history, their advances, and their lust to explore, as all fought to simply survive. However, as the heat and radiation subsisted. One whisper persisted, one wholly terrifying though crawled out of the Corruption Age that had nothing to do with the churning planet……. Fear Yveltal, because death can only kill you…

The Yveltal family was the history of Nibiru. They are the only known family to survive the Corruption Age unbroken. They were a middling family at the beginning of the destruction. By the end no others would be able to oppose them.

It was the death of his beloved wife, the destruction of their family home, and the unyielding nature of a planet in change, that drove Kymerier Yveltal mad. Yet some would call his madness genius. Other’s still would call them monsters. One thing is clear, the Yveltal family survived. They slaughter countless families, extinguishing entire family lines, taking food, supplies, and later land, whatever was need for them to live. The fear of them became legendary, death was almost a mercy, at least your family might survive. The Yveltal’s thought death by their hands a mercy, maybe for some it was.. After the Corruption Age, like all great houses, the family all but erased their brutal past, but not entirely, fear could be an excellent motivator and advantages.

Their second advantage were the catacombs that twisted back and forth under the family home. They saved them from the extreme radiation at the end of the Corruption. Now they gave them great wealth through the knowledge stored there. The caverns were literally littered with relic from the past. Things long forgotten, but that held the keys to the planets future. Slowly the family passed on this knowledge as their own. They were now the gate keepers of knowledge. With Stella’s father induction into the family a great scientific mind was given control over cataloging the finds.

Power, wealth, ruthlessness and fear served to keep the Family elevated and reasonably safe. It was into this family Stella was born. The seventh child, rules didn’t seem to apply to her. Which lead to her being called “Favored” by her siblings. “That’s not true,” she would mumble to herself…. To her it wasn’t. Yes, she was favored by their father, Hakkiama, They shared countless common interest. He was easy to talk to, kind, fun and caring. It was him she gained her love of the blade and mechanics. She spent hour deep in the catacombs with her father, discovering the secret of their planet forgotten past.

Her mother wasn’t a bad women, just a complicated one. She used her political skills to manipulate her family, which grated Stella even as a child. Stella and her mother had countless yelling matches, and argued over almost everything. How could you be favored by an opponent? Marindar was notoriously head strong, strong willed and could the true nature of a person easily. Oh, she could appear kind (and she was, when permitted to be. Thought some would say that merciful was a better term) but as leader, it was the aforementioned talents that served her well. Those attributes leading Marindar to become not only the leader of House Yveltal and the high council. It made her one of the most successful and pioneering leaders, Nibiru had ever known. Stella was too young to understand just how much she was like her mother, but her mother was fully aware.

Even at a young age Marindar, marveled at how her youngest would stand in rebellion of her wishes. Though she often had to cull the her openly, she inwardly applauded her. Stella’s defiant spirit hearkened to her mother. Marindar know her children excelled but a true leader had not been born to her until her youngest. She know Stella was exactly what Nibiru and House Yveltal needed, if they were to survive. Times were changing, the old motto no longer carried as much weight. Soon they would be challenged. Not to mention their exploits and planet had been noticed. There years of hiding in the shadow were over and Stella was the future. Marindar was sure of it. Unfortunately for Stella one of kin, was highly aware of the shift in Marindar. They saw the adoration she held for her youngest and they didn’t like it.

With the death of her father, all the happiness was sucked from Stella’s world. Six mouth she was lost. She barely spoke to anyone, and when she did it wasn’t above a whisper. Outside of blade work, pouring over data from the accident had become her obsession. She did nothing else except cry and sleep. It was her fault. She had done the calculation, she had readied the Hopper, and it was supposed to be her piloting it that day. Her father insisted on being the first. Another trait they shared. The new propulsion system would change the way they explored the universe. As her father started the Hopper, she heard the earsplitting creak, and saw the flash of light, her eyes lock with her father. He know, as her legs sprang to motion. The quick shake her father’s head, slowed her forward momentum, right before the explosion. Stella was a heaping mess on the ground, bloody and crying. All she could say was “He know.”

When it got to Stella that her mother was going to assign her older brother to the catacombs, she plead with her mother to allow her to take over the cataloging. She know the work, she had deciphered the mysteries of so many items. It would give her way of staying close to her father. The firm “NO”, her mother gave her shocked her. “Why?” she yelled at her mother’s retreating form. “You killed your father, why should I reward that?” Stella’s spirit shook, she know it was her fault. She just never believe her mother would blame her too. The no, had a purpose. Marindar needed to give her older son a duty. She know of his plans. She knew of his mistakes. The accidents that killed her beloved was meant for Stella. He wanted the Bloody Blade of House Yveltal and unless she protected her youngest until the passing of the Blade. He would surly try again.

Stella still snuck into the secret passage yet to be mapped of the catacombs and worked. She had been strictly forbid to continue researching but she didn’t care. It was her link to her father and no one was going to change that. She was anger with her mother, her brother was useless and at reverse engineering. In the years since their father’s death he had failed to uncover any significant findings. Which was a testament to his considering the truly remarkable stuff was right there in plain sight. At least the gadgets she didn’t steal away. They need her. But her mother was unyielding. She was forbidden. Still the guilt, was eating away at her. Even the verbal sparring matches with her mother had all but ceased. She was alone in a house full of people. But it was of no consequence, only one thought drove her now, why did the system malfunction? She was determine to find out what went wrong. She didn’t understand. It didn’t make any sense. As the years rolled pass she came to one solid conclusion. It was no accident someone had murdered her father. No one was going to listen to her. No one was going to believe her finds, she was powerless. Even in a family as affluent as hers. No one on Nibiru would defy her mother if she hated Stella as it appeared, no one was going to help her. How as Stella going to clear her name?

Set to shadow........ it was a rite of passage. All the children of House Yveltal, spent 5 years, shadowing the house leader. It was meant to help determine who was fit to carry the Bloody Blade. Even though the relationship between mother and daughter was stained, she still had to commit to her time. The time of unknowing was over. The universe now know of Nibiru and the people of the Dark Star. Though it was unknown just how old their race was, chronicles of sighting from other worlds, were starting to date them as ancients. One body completely capture Stella’s attention, the Universal Guardians. The problem was not one high born child had been submitted as prospects. However as the list of recruits lay in the high counselors chamber, a shadow would move independent of its master.

Everyone was there, those chosen to undergo training and ultimate selected by the Universal Guardian Commanders themselves. The list was read into public record, to commemorate this day. The last name on the list was read “and as a tribute and to bring great honor to Nibiru, and the Yveltal family, Stella Yveltal has also been committed as a trainee. For the first time ever her mother’s mask slipped. Her confusion present on her face and in her features. She quickly hide all behind her false smile. With Marindar’s name and seal set she had to go along or admit that one in her house surpassed her in conning, effectively showing weakness to all. Slight smile that played on Stella face was slipped as she looked into her mother’s eyes. She had won the day, but for some strange reason, she had a feeling she was exactly where her mother wanted her to be...



Stella's Tattoos:

Blade Master

House Tattoo:


Father's Long Knives


So begins...

Stella Yveltal's Story