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"Let's all get along"

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a character in “When Gods Unite”, as played by zane saphire


Thirty Seconds To Mars - Conquistador
"It's almost amazing what a little maigc could do"



The Childish God - This is due to his appearance

Little Z - A cutsy name he lets those that he likes call him

The Dangerous one - He gained this name after a small group of gods challenged him and lost in a battle. After the horrible defeat that the small group was given no god has dared to go against him.

Keeper of Knowledge - Title


Appears to be

God of Magic & Wisdom

He prefers having friendships over romances


Ze is most often wearing a beret with a brim and a yellow clover on top of it. He has a small red-colored heart below his right eye. His most distinctive features are his eyes, for they are multi-colored. Despite the fact of his eyes being multi-color, his right pupil has a diamond shape and his left a spade shape on it. He wears a large metal earring on his left ear which is shown to be a die, a blue choker and bracelets in both hands with the same color. He wears a red hoodie with a chartreuse shirt and typical blue shorts, accentuating the fact that his appearance is only that of a boy. He wears no shoes at all but has a pair of gray socks on his feet.


Personality: At most times Ze would be a child, playing around with mortals while helping out with their earthly affairs. He's a friendly god of a sort, answering prayers while pranking his worshippers at the same time; though the pranks are harmless. To those that don't know him Ze appears like any other child, playing around with gods, acting curious around the most simples of things, and even flustering himself over matters pretaining to love and intimacy. That is unfortunatly not the case for Ze he's moreover building friendly relations with other gods, as he knows that nothing can be achieved without allies. His relations with most of the gods would be good if it weren't for the fact that Ze is the one that taught humans the art of magic, much to the displeasure of the rest of the gods, but this has not stopped Ze from acting friendly.

[*] - Magic
[*] - Books
[*] - Games
[*] - Learning
[*] - Friendship
[*] - Games
[*] - Sweets
[*] - Reading

{"} Betrayal
{"} The Lazy Gods
{"} Irresponsibility
{"} Love - It's the one matter that he just can't seem to understand
{"} Ignorance
{"} Book burnings
{"} Wars - Ze would rather have people pursue knowledge rather than war.



Close Combat - Ze is a mage and scholar so it should come to no suprise of how much of a liablity he is when a physical fight breaks out.

Overly Nice - His own niceness can easily be mistaken for naviety which can lead him to being tricked and getting into trouble.

Randomness - Ze prides himself on being composed but randomness and chaos tend to get him confused and flustered. He has trouble reacting and often gets flustered that he isn't able to predict such things.


Pure Magic Mastery

Ze is the God of Magic so him having complete control of the power is no suprise. With just a pharse or a word he can make anything appear just out of the air. Due to the banishment Ze has lost much of his power and is only able to use the basic elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire for his magic.

Vast quantities of Knowledge
Ze also doubles as the God of Wisdom. He has knowledge over every subject that man has currently explored as well as knowledge that even gods don't know about.

Although not a power in any supernatural regards, Ze is capable of charming many beings to his cause. His natural way with words, and cute demanor has swayed many individuals to worshiping this childish god.


So begins...

Ze's Story

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Verivasia's eyes fluttered open, revealing the world around her. With each second that passed, she watched as flakes of white gradually made their way down to the cold, snow-covered terrain. Around her, Savia could hear the bustling of mortals. Cries, laughter, and hushed whispers made their way around the marketplace. "So," She began to murmur, her voice distasteful. "This is where they decided to dump us? Are they planning to freeze us? Hmph. Perhaps... I shouldn't complain. This could be worse. Yuuka, would---"

While looking around, Verisavia quickly realized that she was in fact talking to no one. Oh, she thought. Freezing and separated? Fantastic. Inhaling sharply, she ignored the cold as it pierced her fair skin, bringing about a chill most uncomfortable and stood up. If she'd awaken in the mortal realm, then that surely meant the banishment had been initiated. But the others would have been banished as well, and yet... They were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps because of all the mortals wandering around, shoving, running, and jumping to their heart's content? Savia couldn't go a minute without being pushed around. At this rate, she'd never find anyone. In fact, she wasn't even sure if they were around. It was far too loud and crowded, she'd never be able to navigate, much less spot them... But perhaps something smaller could?

A smile crept on to Verisavia's face as she looked to the sky. Overhead, she'd spotted a small flock of birds. She called out to them with a mere whistle, and only half of the flock bothered paying any mind to her, which was less than satisfying. Frustrated, she whistled again, but this time she made sure to be much louder and more aggressive. The whistle was loud enough to attract attention from a few by-standing mortals, but they quickly went on to their daily business. Though most of the birds ignored her call, a few went out of their way to approach their creator. Savia then went out of her way to stay on the sidelines of the busy market. She felt it might be strange if she was caught talking to birds.

Verisavia held out her arm, and managed a smirk as three birds gingerly landed on it. She tilted her head, as if she were greeting them. She then began to whisper in bird tongue, "ah, hello my lovelies. My sincerest apologies for the sudden request, but would you three mind doing me a quick favor?"

"What's in it for us?" One of the birds asked. The other two started to chirp in agreement, repeating the same question over and over. Rolling her eyes, Verisavia answered with a less-than-satisfactory offer. "What's in it for you? Oh, I'm so terribly sorry I forgot the reward. Maybe you would settle for the chance to continue living? Or is death 'what's in' nowadays?"

Verisavia was bluffing, of course, though they didn't know. The birds quickly shut their mouths, or rather, beaks, only to follow up with, "your request, madam?"

"That's more like it. Now, I'd like you to search the perimeter for eight people in particular. If you find them, do make sure to grab their attention by whatever means necessary and lead them back to me. A simple task, is it not?" Verisavia instructed. "Oh! Do not let me forget. Inform your little pals up in the sky of my task and reward. Do make sure they help." Surely enough, the birds flew up to their flock and it didn't take long until all the birds scattered and began to scan the area. Verisavia hoped the others weren't too far away...

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The halls of Wisdom, the epicenter of knowledge was brimming with life. Twelve gods surrounding one god who was sitting upon a large sphere. The little god smirked as he watched his ignorant brethren begin to take action against him and his colleagues. Ze knew that the foolish gods would attack him and his comrades at some point but he wasn't expecting it now. No. He should've expected it. IT was his own fault for not. "You all seem confident," he said as he held his hand, a violet glow surrounding his childlike body,"but don't forget who I am." Large rays of violet shot off into the many gods, knocking them back as he prepared barrier to surround him. He had to act quickly, they were caught off by his sudden attack for now but who knew how long it would take them to reorganize themselves. A defense against the many powers that each god would bring is needed and as he crafted his barrier a familiar presence revealed itself. He turned his up to meet the eyes of his king. The God that had taken the role of being their sovereign was obscured by some type of shroud but a sense of danger told Ze that something terrible was about to happen. He looked around himself and black rodes of dark energy were releasing some kind of dark power. "DAMN!" Pitch, black, darkness surrounded the age old god of Magic and Wisdom, his power restrained by the power of the gods that attacked; giving him no hope to escape from its grasp. It was an ancient form of magic that was made to use for punishing gods that went against the natural order. A surge of dark lighting came from the black sphere electrifying him and knocking him unconscious.

Two multicolored eyes fluttered open, as the child-like god Ze searched his surroundings, absorbing in the information of the place from where he awoke. He was sitting against a crate, some kind of decorated wool was inside that was meant to be shipped off or sold. It was also freezing, with small white flakes of snow falling all around him. He tried getting off the ground but an immense surge of power coursed through him, shaking his body violently as he felt his powers leave. "Agrh." 1... 2... 3... He counted slowly in his head. A golden chain brimming with power was wrapped around his small right arm. He could feel the raw magic of the king of gods restraining his power. He knew what the chain was. The golden chain was an item he had proposed of making eons ago, to reign in a few troublesome gods, but the notion was dismissed. "So you banish me and take my power away." Ze said, his voice venomous with hate, "and give me this thing." He rose his chained right handed and shook it at the sky. With those words said Ze tried to get off of the ground and away from the crate. His legs struggled to keep him up, threatening to give way as he finally began gaining control of his body. It was a challenge but he managed to take a single step before falling.

"Crap, they really did a number on me." Ze looked around the area for any assistance but none of the merchants or travelers seemed to pay him any attention. I'll have to find the others if I want walk, but the question is where are they, and more importantly is how do I contact them.... oh speak of the devil A lone bird flew in sky above him searching for something, he could tell. He knew who was controlling it, Verisavia goddess of nature and a ally of his. Bringing two fingers to his lips, a small high-pitch whistle resounded through out the place, but unlike a ordinary whistle this one was embedded with magic. Howl of the earth - a basic earth magic that brought the attention of any animal that it was directed at. The bird landed on his shoulder, chirping away at him, though he didn't understand the language of animals that well he caught the word 'scary woman' and 'death', and knew that it truly was Verisavia bird. "Go and tell Verisavia that my powers are being restrained and that I am unable to move. Go now." The bird flew off his shoulder but not before chirping some thing that he didn't quite understand. "I hope that bird gets to Verisavia before this cold gets to me." Using his hands to bring himself against the crate, Ze hugged his small kid knees and blew hot air to keep warm. Hopefully they can make it to me. Hopefully.

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Verisavia smiled as she watched her friends gather, pleased that her birds had done the job."How charming. Since we're all here now---" Her sentence was cut short as she spotted of the birds she'd recruited earlier flutter down and chirp on to explain how Ze's movement was bound. Her pleasant smile was replaced by a look of spite, inspired by the Gods who'd banished them in the first place. "Alright then... Perhaps we are not all here. Ze's powers are being restrained... I'm afraid he is unable to move. And I've decided, with this new development, it would probably be best if we were to go out and find Ze. I'm not sure if it's necessary for all of us to go, but that's simply up to everyone else. What kind of person would I be if I decided everything?" She twirled to the bustling of the market and motioned for the bird to show her the way. "If anyone wishes to accompany me, I implore you to come along."

As Verisavia flashed a wave to her allies and twirled to face the busy streets she spotted a group of merchants, weapons drawn and lips curling to form a snarl. Seconds later she heard a male mortal cry out from behind. Turning around, Verisavia spotted a blonde male leaping from a roof and heading straight for Yuuka. Even Verisavia cried out in warning, though by the time a yell managed to escape her lips the boy had already made contact with the Goddess of Ice. "A graceful landing, yes?" Verisavia found herself murmuring.

She listened as Caleb spoke and crossed her arms, a small smirk finding its way onto her face. "Uh... sorry, I didn't mean to run into her, or you all. Just, trying not to get killed, or arrested right now," She looked to the group of rather unhappy merchants and snickered. Verisavia nodded her head in the direction of the merchants while eying the flock of birds from earlier. With another loud whistle she got their attention and they caught her stare. She once again nodded toward the group and smirked in satisfaction as they got the message. Within seconds the flock of birds darted toward the merchants, pecking and jabbing at them. Verisavia watched as the merchants scattered, shooing away the birds and swinging at them over and over again, but to no avail. "I do hope that fixes your problem for now. Now, if you will all excuse me, I am searching for Ze. Join me if you must, I really don't mind," and with that, Verisavia was off.