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Faye Valenteen

The Reincarnation Farera, the "Ice" Angel General.

0 · 128 views · located in The Immortal, and mortal planes

a character in “When Heaven and Hell Agreed 3”, as played by IceFoxJess


[SIZE="6"]My Profile~[/SIZE]


Faye Valenteen
Just turned eighteen.

I was:
Farera, the "Ice" Angel General. I was in charge of the Northern front.
My wings were:
As white as snow, my wingspan was four feet and seven and a half inches. They were soft as a doves yet as strong as the ice I would coat them in, in battle. I always had a fondness for them, saying they were my best feature, though they were more so just my favorite.

Faye is a eccentric girl. She’s head strong and determined and once she gets an idea in her head it’s hard to make her change it. She is a caring person, who just has trouble showing it at times. Some say she can be sarcastic, and mean but, she just says what she thinks, though she does try to watch what she says to people she cares about or at lest likes, but sometimes her mouth out runs her mind. Though she is also the kind of girl who loves to have fun, all hard work and no play makes Faye a dull girl. She usually sticks to clean fun, be it hanging with her friends, playing with her little brother, or pulling pranks on people, though she does tend to like to indulge in watching drag races, underground mix martial arts fights, and a little friendly drinking, though she knows to be careful about that, she loved to flirt with danger like every other girl but, she’s not stupid, though she is willing to put herself in harms way for something she believes that needs to be done.

Faye is the kind of girl who once she gets mad she gets even, or lashes out blindly, though if you somehow get caught in the cross fire of her anger, she tries to make it up to you, that is, of course, unless you were the cause. It is easy for her to feel guilt and it’s that strong conscious what drives her to try to make things right if she does wrong to someone who didn’t deserve it, or if it was done to someone she cares for. She hates to let others see her cry, her mom would always take some sick enjoyment in making her do so, so it makes her feel worse if she cries in front of others, scared they would think worse of her or hurt her in some way, like her mother would often do, instead of receiving the warm hug she needs. In all Faye is a eccentric, caring girl, who loves to walk the thin line of good and bad, right and wrong, never seeing the world in black in white just in it’s many shades of gray.

Faye is the oldest of two kids born to Trixie Valenteen, a single woman, who spends most of her time either dealing or doing drugs, whoreing around, or out doing God knows what, as you can tell she’s never been mom of the year material. She’s hardly ever around, it was her grandfather and aunt that pretty much raised her, it was probably the only reason why she didn’t grow to be completely screwed up, a girl with strong morals, the opposite of the woman who gave birth to her. Though sadly when she was fourteen her mom decided to take her away from tem and move farther away from them. Faye pretty much after that hardly spent any time at home, if you could even call it that, she joined the schools gymnastics team, sleep over at Rebecca's as often as she could and even took the mix martial arts class’ that Rebecca suggested, partially from the fact that the few times came home she would usually have some man with her, and the way some would look at poor Faye made her nervous, that was also the reason she installed locks on her bedroom door. If granddad taught her one thing was how to be handy with a screwdriver and a wrench. Though sadly that wasn’t enough to keep her mom from torturing her emotionally and when she could catch Faye, hit her, called her the worthless mistake, the worthless freak of a child, and Faye would take it, what was the use in fighting her? It would just make it worse...

She was thirteen going on fourteen, when her baby brother Jax was born, he may as well had been her kid, because as soon as her mom was out of the hospital she was home even less and it was left to Faye to take care of him. Which she did, made sure their was a good, trust worthy babysitter to take care of him when she was at school, or activities. People on the block knew he wasn’t her kid, and knew the dead beat of the mother, so quite a few actually tries to help her out, showing that even those that people call bad always have that spark of good, showing her nothing was black and white...

I: Can fight. My friend Rebecca got me into a mixed martial arts class quite a few years back. She’s a good five years older then me and has been like my big sister as long as I can remember, she thought it would be a good outlet for me. Also they taught me how to use some old weapons, I personally favored the staffs.{Bo staff and such.}

To Faye, sometimes, her music is what helps her keep what sanity she has; if she isn’t listening to it she would be playing her guitar .One of her neighbors taught her how to play as his mom helped her with Jax, her guitar is an old thing but it does it’s job, she often uses it when she sings Jax’s to sleep. Her favorite types of music would have to be metal, alternative, rock, a little pop, and she’s recently been listening to a few Visual Kai bands, her friend Keiki got her into it when they were hanging out behind the school after having skipped third period to get in a quick smoke. Keiki and Rebecca are the ones who also got her into going to drag races, underground fights, and into drinking but, they watch her like a hawk when to, them they might take it as far as she being their damaged bear cub who’s always in need of a momma bear near by, and that was always Rebecca, Keiki was just the crazy person who would find a random blunt object who would stand by Faye when a guy would talk to her when she was buzzed. Oh, and lets not forget that Faye has a real sweet tooth. Some say she acts like such a little kid when she gets chocolate, but it’s Faye, and nothing can change that.

How The Angel died...:
The cold, biting wind of winter blew softly, playing gently with long, snow white hair, trying to offer the figure who sat under the leafless tree, some sort of silent comfort, her back lent against the rough bark as the snow white wing almost blended in the first winter snow that blanketed the ground below. There she sat, the embodiment of the purest essence of water, those once bright, dark green eyes, now dull, lifeless even, that mischievous mirth and warmth gone. “How could you kill them? What of his children, they are left with no one.” “Did you feel anything at all? Or did you just turned a blind eye to his begging for his life?” “I‘m surprised I thought you were such a kind girl, even to your enemies, but it seems I was dreadfully wrong.” I had no choice...I was only doing as I was told. Their was no other way... “No...There is always another way....I just refused to see it.” Came the sweet, words of the dear broken soul, that voice that was once as sweet and spirited as ringing chimes, now weak, almost as if the effort of speaking fatigued her, pained her.

Her slim hand slowly traveled to the fold of her silver robe the fur trim of her cuffs brushing lightly against the edge as her fingers carefully fiddled with the cold object within. “I...I could have just captured them. I could have spared them their lives...I really was no better then them.” She muttered as she slowly pulled the object from her long coat, the blade of the dagger softly gleaming in the moons elusive light. The blade a striking silver, as the hilt a stark black, the only thing seeming to break the darkness was a gold crest set in the hilt, a cross made of diamonds set in the center. Those glassy, lifeless eyes stared down in the blade in her hand, her free one slowly tracing the gently shimmering cross, the light unknown, as unknown tears began to trickle down those soft cheeks. She closing her eyes as they dropped on to her hand, the liquid warm to her chilled skin.

"I...I’m sorry lord...I’m so sorry. I’m not worthy of your forgiveness, but please, I-I no longer have the strength to continueShe whimpered, as she lifted up the sleeve of her robe, the fur brushing gently against her skin. With one, last soft sob she lifted the blade up to the crook of her arm, a sharp hiss leaving her from the pain that chorused through every nerve as she pulled the blade down her arm, slicing the delicate skin and veins easily. It's blade so cold, her blood giving it warmth. As she pulled that blade from her skin, that warm, crimson liquid dripping off the silver blade, the once pure snow, now tainted with the blood of the broken angel. “P-please watch over them...I-I’m so sorry...I’m sorry...” She muttered as she lowered her arms back to the ground as she slowly released that awful dagger, her veins soon throbbing as it tried to move the escaping blood through her starving veins. The few winter birds songs reaching her ears as the soft crunch of snow soon fallowed. As her vision began to darken, the sight of those snow rabbits and the songs of the doves where the only thing that seemed to reach her tortured soul, but just as she slowly closed her eyes, awaiting that peaceful embrace of eternal sleep, she could hear a voice calling her name, it sounded so far even though it was so near, the snow crunching by heavy footsteps. “I-I’m...S-so..s-sorry..I-I’m...” And those last desperate apologizes where the last things to leave those soft lips as that last flicker of life left that poor, broken thing....The Angel broken by the forbiden king


So begins...

Faye Valenteen's Story