son of satan

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a character in “When Hell Freezes Over”, as played by justasinner


Easily 6 foot tall.
With light glowing red eyes, and dark brown hair.
Takes on the appearance of an average human being, but when he is in his demon mode, he spouts a tail, his skin turns red, his fangs appear.
Pyrosis, has always been expected to live up to thr expectations of satan.
Maybe he could live up to it. But is it what he asked for?
Maybe he wants something different for him self. The way he was raised and train he became a silent, yet eager. Keeps to himself, and has hardly let anyone in. That is until, he met her. The moment his glowing red eyes laid on her, he was bounded.
But what does the princess of ice, want to do with a demon of flame.


So begins...

pyrosis's Story