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Isabel Jade Karlson

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a character in “When it's Not Just a Dream...”, as played by IceFoxJess




Isabel Jade Karlson

Bel, was born as the third child of four children. Though unlike her three brothers she was born a good month earlier then she was meant to be, so as result of her premature birth she was born with a heart defect. Unfortunately, she survived , and was soon taken home. She can remember from a young age how her parents use to hardly acknowledge her presences, if so it was usually soon fallowed by a insult, or just a simple slap across the little girls face. Her brothers however were treated much differently, always treated like they were wanted, like they weren’t just a worthless, costly, defect. Bel knew that her parents wished every single day that she would have just died in that hospital, she accepted it. Though her childhood had it’s bright patches, be it in the form of her three caring brothers. Drake and Alex, the twins, they were older then her by five years, but acted more as parents to her then her own. Then the youngest Harly, he, even from a small age, could often be seen hugging his big sister, hoping the jester would somehow dry his sisters tears. Then finally, her monthly visits to her grand parents in Willow Brooks. Her grandparents always seemed to welcome the girl with bright, loving smiles and warm hugs. Her grandparents even took as much time as they could off work so they could spend time with their grandchildren.

This was this young girls life day in and day out. Though as she got bigger the insults seemed to get cruller as did the beatings, and her parents even then started to remind her just really how unwanted and useless she was. Finally when the poor, small thing was just barely twelve, her latest beating went just a little too far, putting her in the Boston general ICU. By this point in life she has repressed that memory of her life, but now thanks to that day she often shakes, and almost cries every time theirs a storm, along with those inerasable scars that can be found on the palm of her left hand, and the two between the lower part of her shoulder blades. It was obvious that her signs of abuse couldn’t be hidden from the world any longer, and before her parents even had a clue, her brothers had ran off to the police, confirming the hospitals suspicions. It was probably the best day of her life when her brothers ran in to that white hospital room, telling her that the police had just arrested mama and papa. Though she started t fear that the state would tear them apart, but luckily, it seems dear old dad had called his rich father, her loving grandparents, to bail him and his wife out of jail. It sees no sooner had Granddad gotten what had happened out of his reluctant son, he and his wife was out the door on their way to Boston, but not to bail out that basterd of a son of his, no it was to get immediate guardianship of his four precious grandchildren.

After that Bel and her brothers were moved into her grand parents mansion in Willow brooks. Life seemed to had take a 180 degree turn for the better. Her grand parents took care of her twice, if not three times better then Hailey and Frank did, they even spoilled her, buying her what ever she wanted, which even to this day she always responds with something along the lines of, “You really didn’t have to waste your money on me like this!” They even threw her and her brothers into the social society of the “higher class”, which at times got pretty annoying fr her and her brothers, but they sucked it up. Why refuse the people who’s done so much, such a little request?

Though even in this new happy environment, Bel still acted out, pranking others, being put in detention, and even encountered a few run in’s with the cops. She also picked up something’s that they wished she hadn’t, you see she picked up smoking, and drank a little. It wasn’t much when it came to drinking, she didn’t favor the taste in the lest, though fortunately for her grandparents she kept her hands off drugs, she though about it a few times, even conceder taking a hit off a joint her friend Terry offered her to take, but no she had to stay clean. She would be kicked off the gymnastics team. Yes in her freshmen year in Willow high she joined the gymnastics teams out of her brothers constant nagging that she needed to get more involved in school, though now she‘s grateful for their pestering, she loves it, she even at this time has made it to being caption of the team. She also, little to anyone's knowledge, volunteers at the local children's home but unless you catch her their she most likely won’t admit to it. Though some are starting to worry about her sleeping habitts. She just loves to sleep any chance she gets, ever since she started dreaming of a world call Erithra when she was twelve years old, if only they knew what world she often visited...They would understand.
Bel is the kind of girl who would jump out of a second story window and land on a mattress and pillows on the ground on a dare. She's not the type to back down from a challenge, no matter how stupid it is, she see's it as everyday could be her last so why waste it? Bel stands by the people she cares about no matter what, you could have killed the Pope while in Italy, and she still wouldn't leave your side, might even yell something along the lines of "I helped!" as to try to lessen the mobs anger on you. Now to call her happy go lucky might be pushing it. She has a sarcastic, if not a little bit of a tough side to her. Something she had to develop earlier in her childhood. It’ll be no lie to say she has a really atitued on her.

Along with that it is no big shocker she’s a “little” mischievous. She rarely ever means true physical harm by her mischievous actions, and if by some fluke she dos really hurt someone, she feels horrible. She’s an ecentric, quite querky girl. Though under everything she is actually a pretty caring, sweet girl, who behind her act, is still that scared little girl who needs someone to run to, someone who makes her feel like she's safe, and that they want her to be just her.

My dreams of Erithra, it’s such a fun place.
Music; Preferably rock, metal, and a little classical.
Pranks, pulling pranks, and occasionally being the prank-ie; Be it on someone she likes or someone she doesn't.
Reading a good book or Manga.
Books on mythical creatures
My grandparents and brothers.
People I trust playing with my hair.
Snow and playing in snow.
Soft, fuzzy things.
Horror movies and comedy movies.
Her way’s of wakening people up

-People who are Jack ass’s for no reason.{She finds cockiness cute to a point, but theirs a thin line from being confident, to being a jackass.}
-Child or animal Abuse
-Teachers wakening her up.
-Her parents.
-Bitter foods.
-Thunder and lightning.
-People seeing her cry.
- People who think they can have and get what ever they want through sex or money.
- Being told what to think or feel.
- Being treated like she doesn't exist.
- Disappointing her grandparents
- Disappointing her Brothers.
A few of her most notable flaws would have to be that she tends to try to take care of things on her own, even if she is in need of help, another would be is she often tries to hide when she’s sad, or scared. A few of her fears would have to be thunder and lightning, it often brings back things she’d rather forget, and ever since she was little it has scared her. Along with the possibility, let alone the thought of seeing her parents again, they truly bring back every feeling of hopelessness, fear and she truly doubts she’ll live to see the next day if they ever got their hands on her again...

She has yet to meet the one who sends her heart a flutter.
{Any takers on the little odd ball?}



Name: Jade
Age: Twenty one
Race: Half Fae

Height:Five foot six inchs
Eye Color:Light gray blue
Hair Color: Snow white
Skin Tone: Pale tan

Apparently, from what she has been told. She was found by the guild master, Dares, when she was around nine in that world. Covered in blood that was not her own. He has become some what of a surrogate father to her. Despite his nature at times might say other wise. Jade was apparently taught and took cared of by him, she really has no memory of it but she just smiles and goes with it. She has be come relatively well know in the dark underbelly of society, and rumored of among the common people, and the higher class...Well the selfish, and wicked have found her as a nuisance. Not many has seen her face in her work. Her work as a rouge, some say is just a thief in the guises of a mercenary, but her true intentions aren’t always so black and white...

Magic:Wind, which she uses more often then not in escapes, she has a good amount of mastery, she is still working on it. Light magic, it’s a a rocky one their, it is kind of un predictable, as well as risky when she goes beyond the healing magic part of it. She is currently studying fire magic.
Summons/Summon item(s): Ritsu, a five tailed wolf as large as a horse in stature, with the elemental connection of shadows. A black diamond ring, covered in silver ruins signify their pack.

+Slipping out of tight places/Getting out of tight spots
+Picking locks.
+Fighting up close and personal, even if she rather not fight, completly pointless fights.
+Running and thinking quickly on her feet

Jade is a creative young woman, when she has time to sit down, she likes to draw, and also she is skilled at playing the ocarina.

So begins...

Isabel Jade Karlson's Story