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Moony de la Riviere


0 · 696 views · located in Osaka City

a character in “When Mother Earth Gave Up”, as played by EuEuEuX


Moony de la Riviere

Full name: ~~
Josette de la Riviere

Alias/Nicknames: ~~

Gender: ~~

Birth Date: ~~
June 1

Age: ~~

Take After Which Idol: ~~
Takumi~~ Water

Residence: ~~
House 303

Job/Profession: ~~
Doctor’s Assistant



Height: ~~
5 ft

Weight: ~~
115 lbs

Build: ~~

Eye Color: ~~
Light blue/gray

Hair Color: ~~
Light Blonde

Skin Shade/Color: ~~

Description: ~~
She’s tiny, but full of energy. She barely makes five feet and but weighs healthily at 115 pounds. Moony fills out in all the right places so despite her small size no one takes her for a child. Her hair is light, almost platinum blonde complimenting her ivory hue. Her lips are salmon pink and eyes are a pretty pale hue that varies from pale gray to pale blue. Moony's face is round and almost chubby with rosy cheeks.



Sexuality: ~~

Relationship/Marital status: ~~

Living relatives: ~~
3 Little brothers
1 Mother
1 Father

Intelligence: ~~
Out of a ten, Moony is strangely intelligent for her age and would be 8 or 9. Contrary to the typical first appearances, she enjoys reading and learning about almost every subject. She can seem very ditzy and naïve, but underneath that, there’s a blooming intellect.

Likes: ~~

Dislikes: ~~
Wearing socks

Personality: ~~
She’s bubbly… and sweet and completely adorable. She is also thought of as an airhead; however, she’ll break that impression by making a very out of character comment once in a blue moon. She is also very easily pleased and looks to have a permanent smile on her face. Moony is very spoiled, being the oldest child and only daughter in a rich, influential family. That would normally lead to an arrogant, snobby personality, except she has a very pure, innocent nature inherited from her gentle, patient mother.
Not to seem rude, when someone makes a wrong comment that goes against her knowledge of the fact, Moony will just smile and nod, indulging him or her. She doesn’t feel the need to be right or to prove the other wrong. So she is sometimes taken advantage of and considered a pushover. Moony just hates conflict, that even at her expense, she’ll try to keep the peace.

Personal History/Background: ~~
At first glance, Moony seems like she has the perfect fairytale life. However, there is one marring to her cheery personality. She doesn’t believe in romance. She was young and naïve, sixteen and eager to experience what was called love. Growing up, she was always called beautiful and stunning. She was never short of admirers.
One day, a young man caught her eye. He was tall, handsome, experienced. Everything, her doting parents warned her about. Moony was trapped, she was hopelessly head over heels for this exotic, older boy. He was four years her senior. Once they were dating, she thought it would be happily ever after, from there on out. Boy, was she wrong.
He’d force her to do things even after she voiced her doubt. He liked to hurt the animals, and only stopped after she’d cry and beg him to stop. Stealing had never crossed her mind, why would it? When she already had everything she needed? He’d pressure her to take what didn’t belong to her. Due to her bendable nature, she agreed reluctantly to everything he suggested, until she couldn’t even imagine her previous self. She was utterly lost in her morals, who she even was…. It was a dark time. Then he started to hurt her physically as well as mentally. He’d burn her, cut her, threaten her.
Everyone who loved her were worried and pleaded with her to stop, but she didn’t see reason until she almost died. He had taken her to the beach, and he had just called her beautiful for the first time, and had said “I love you”
He held her underwater and would have kept her there when a couple of strangers noticed what was happening.
Needless to say, it was traumatic and crushing to her spirit. So underneath all that cheer and positivity, Moony has a bitterness, a terror inside her. But the only way she could keep on going was to push that year of her life down, down, down and hide it away, ignoring the fact that the person she had given all of herself to, had tried to kill her.


So begins...

Moony de la Riviere's Story