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Arianna Fae Palmer

"I should fill my pockets with glitter so whenever someone says something stupid or rude I'll just reach into my pocket and release the glitter above their head and watch it shower over like a Baptism of Stupid."

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a character in “When Push Comes To Shove”, as played by ChaosxChild13


Arianna Fae Palmer
Rihanna - Shaun Reynolds||Stay
"Funny you're the broken one when I was the one who needed saving."


Full Name
Arianna Fae Palmer

Nick Names


Sexual Orientation
Closest bisexual

She has a feather on her arm, reminding herself once a writer, always a writer.
She also has a quote on her back in the middle of her back that says, "Art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable."

"If you were to take a leap off the Grand Canyon, would you leap forward, knowing the minute you hit those rocks below you're gone, or kick back and enjoy the ride?"

"Easy, I'd kick back, look up and enjoy my free fall into oblivion."

To be honest, this conversation made me change my way of thinking. It was between my best friend and I, summer break we watched the sun set over the canyons and as we looked down, our voices dropping into the void of Mother Nature's great creation, he asked me a simple question... One that made me think. It defined who I truly am, an introvert. Someone who enjoys just being alone, and understanding the world from a third person perspective...

Well, uh, a bit about my hobbies first, then we'll get deeper into that.... oh so wonderful mind-set, psychological stuff. I'm really into art, literature, psychology and my studies. I'm normally alone, and alone I like to stay. I'm not much into conversations with people, they're all much to unintelligent for my own good... I take a huge interest in journalism, I actually wanted to go work in the city of Chicago, but I haven't really gotten to that point yet. I am a strange person in today's world, I've been called multiple things, a Wallflower, Nerd, Obscure. dull. Teachers have always seemed to like me at school though, they've considered me polite, modest, and a mini adult.

I guess another thing about me is that, well, sometimes I don't have a filter. Things are said that shouldn't be, and it gets terribly awful sometimes. See, the thing is, I just care to be invisible, I would rather just listen to everyone else than spew everything out onto my friends -- And when I say friend, it's more just simply just someone that I happen to talk to... I don't consider many people my friends... The very few "friends" I really have are back in my home town, but I rarely talk to them, considering I really don't have any desire to buy a computer. I rarely even use my phone...

Even though I'm seemingly quiet, and I've been told it comes off as disinterested in a lot of what's going on with others most of the time, there's a lot of things going on my head that I would only say in my dreams.

Being alone. People watching, a good book. Writing, drawing and journalism. I also enjoy taking strolls through the outer grounds of campus near the forest, and hanging out in my room, or the library. Food, wine, poetry. My two betta fish: Twitch and Floyd. Learning new things, school is really important to me to be fully honest with you. Herbal teas, meditation and believing six impossible things before breakfast. My tattoo that I have on my rib cage - it's of a blue/purple-ish coy fish swimming up my side. it's about the size of my hand.

+ Drawing
+ Writing
+ Reading
+ Women
+ Finding solitude in a book
+Those who say the least, but their words are the most powerful

Lack of intelligence. Someone who bashes on others without knowing the story. {Politics. Most of the people at my school. Two-Faced people. Those who are narrow minded [A reason I can't stand politics], When people chew with their mouth gaping open. Those who have no personal boundaries set.
- Talking without a purpose
- Those who are ignorant
- The thought of being completely invisible

X- I really hate when people try to over-analyze me
X- I'm afraid of being alone forever

Character Quick Facts

Favorite Movie:
Into the Wild

Favorite Color:
Purple <3

Favorite Singer/Band:
Belle & Sebastian


I grew up in a town called Tullahoma, Tennessee. It's pretty small place to live..

I grew up a scrawny girl, mangy, tangled hair, which was normally messily pulled into two braids. I had this crazy gap tooth smile when I was younger. For the most part, it was just me, my mom living in a two bedroom ranch house. I would go take our dog, Mazy -- the three year old golden retriever I had rescued as a pup -- in the back yard a lot in the summer and go take her on a walk to visit my Uncles house -- which was only a block away from my house. I found enjoyment in splashing through mud puddles, reading good books at the local book store in town, getting a free soda from the guy down at the 7/11.

As for school? Well, for the most part throughout Elementary school was simple. I was a book worm, a nerd, getting picked on sort of became a hobby and I would practically collect insults, daily. I was -- according to a lot of the kids, a "Freak" because I literally didn't have any friends because I simply just didn't care to acquire any. I was more interested in how Santa got around the world rather then WHEN he'd get to my house... I was far more interested on how things worked, not why, and I enjoyed learning too much -- still do.

Although High School got bigger, it wasn't by much. My goal was to be completely invisible...I would wish on eyelashes, on stars that maybe one day all the teasing would stop... It got worse from sixth grade, girls got meaner, and yet by ninth grade, I got, well, to say the least, better looking. Yet I still maintained that "wallflower" like attitude.


After Midnight-

So begins...

Arianna Fae Palmer's Story