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Christopher Hill

"I'm just trying to move on."

0 · 189 views · located in Seattle, Washington

a character in “When Push Comes To Shove”, as played by OurStars


Christopher Eric Hill || "Chris" ||Twenty-Four || Male || Heterosexual ||[Will Put Theme Song Here]


T a t t o o s | S c a r s | P i e r c i n g s
Chris doesn't actually have very many tattoos, though many people might assume it of the man. He does have two, however, though they aren't particularly flashy or anything of that sort. In fact, one may describe them as slightly plain, should they look at them. The first one is on the inner part of his right bicep, and in small, black letters simply says 'All Kinds.' The second tattoo is on the back of his left shoulder, and is not a word. Instead, that particular tattoo is a pair of very small black wings- as would belong to an infant angel or something like that. People may consider it a slightly feminine tattoo, but he is rather fond of it, for sentimental reasons. It serves as a reminder, anyway.

As far as scars go, Chris can count a few. He has two bullet wound scars on his back, though they are growing less noticeable, and they are both located just above his right hip- from the same shooting, in fact. He also has what looks like a knife wound on the left side of his body, tracing from the halfway point to just below his arm. There are also a few stray scars on the back as well, from knives and other injuries, but most of the injuries of his past have faded away with time.

Chris has no piercings.

L i k e s ?
+His Girlfriend
+Marathon Nights
+Crowded Clubs
+His Job
+Corny Jokes
+Making people laugh
+Morning Jogs
+Scifi Shows
+Spontaneous Romantic Gestures
+The Piano

D i s l i k e s ?
-His Past
-Hurting Those He Loves
-The Vinyards (Somtimes)
-Seeing people cry
-Wet Snow
-Being Alone
-Mary Jane's 'Modeling'

S e c r e t s ?
X - He used to be part of a large organized crime syndicate
X- He has tried to take his own life before
X- Mary Jane (The Girl, not the Drug) is his weakness


P e r s o n a l i t y
Chris is not the type of person to have a black and white personality, but nor does he have a clear cut distinction between the way that he appears on the surface, and his true nature. Despite this, it must be noted that there are differences between the two surfaces, though they do share many qualities and preferences. His sense of humor, for example, actually exists on both sides of the coin, like the ridged etching on the rim of a coin, touching both the heads and tails. Although he may occasionally be darker than what is expected of him, he does genuinely have a somewhat corny sense of humor, the sort of person who loves stupid jokes and intentionally cheesy pick up lines. He loves the horrible pieces of comedic tragedy that one finds in those joke books that are on sale for 99 cents at one's local gas station, and puns seem to give him endless delight. His sense of humor is the sort that one would expect from a naive person, and indeed it does help to further the goofiness that those not fully aware of his situation perceive in the man. People view him as the sort of guy who would make an excellent, if perhaps slightly careless at times, father, or the sort who is that uncle that every kid likes. He seems to be the guy who can laugh most things off because he has never faced something so heavy that it weighs down on his throat so thickly that no laughter can escape it. Perhaps the first two are true, he has no experience to deny or affirm them, but the final of those three beliefs is inaccurate. It is simply that, eventually, things can slide off of a person like rain off of a tarp. He plays the optimist because it is a lot easier to get along with, and because he hopes, despite his own disbelief, that hoping something will be true hard enough will make it just a little bit less fake. He is optimistic to hide slight paranoia, and because smiling makes it a bit easier to forget about his past. For him, being serious would be the difficulty: optimism is an easily worn facade, but pessimism a heavy truth.

Other than having a goofy sense of humor and an optimism used to shield himself against his own pessimism, Chris appears to not actually have a great amount of ambition. He once was the type who constantly tried to advance his own position, but the repercussions of behaving in such a way in such a dangerous field of business have somewhat shaken that out of the man. He is content with where he is, anyway, happy with both his girlfriend and his job, though the latter is nothing too impressive. It is a life that is far more peaceful than his past one, yet still exciting enough for him to not grow bored, thanks to his girlfriend and his somewhat hectic neighbors. The content that he appears to have is no act, and it is something he rather cherishes, for he had been constantly ravenous for something more in his younger days, only to find that he had been hungering only for the concept of more itself, not for some actually attainable goal. He is happy where he is, only because he has been able to squash the ambition and greediness that had once appeared to be somewhat indomitable. It had been one of his greatest flaws, after all, and though it has not vanished completely, he has been able to restrain it for the time being. This restraint has allowed him to become a better person, the type who is willing to lend a helping hand to others, even if it poses no gain for him, and at the very least attempt to comfort those who are uneasy. He is still subtly careful with such behaviors, for his paranoia cannot be completely smothered, but for the most part will do his best to aid those who are in need. He has not always been the best of guys, and so now he does what he thinks a good guy is supposed to do.

Of course, it helps that he is typically a very loyal person, who is willing to do anything to protect those who are closest to him, even if it means putting himself in harm's way. He'd much rather be hurt himself than live with the guilt of not having been able to shield someone he cares about from danger. After all, he is already living with the guilt of his dead family, and any more of such guilt would likely weigh him down to the extent that his feet would feel like lead dragging against the ground. After the incident, he has adopted the tendency to blame himself for things gone wrong, though he will joke such behavior away in order to not concern others with his own business. Though he appears cheerful and goofy, Chris is actually a very secretive person, and does not even disclose all of his personal secrets to Mary Jane, despite being devoted to her. He wants to put his past behind him, and thinks that leaving everyone in the dark about it will help him to do that. Of course, he forgets something very integral in doing so: what one doesn't know is often what hurts them the most.

Kind || Paranoid || Optimistic || Pessimistic || Loyal || Guilt-ridden || Cautious || Goofy || Dorky || Protective || Content || Secretive




F a v o r i t e - M o v i e ?
Actually, Chris isn't the sort of person who really watches a lot of movies, or rather doesn't find himself particularly partial to one single piece of cinema. Instead, he watches TV shows, particularly SciFis such as Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and the like. As far as scifi TV shows go, however, his favorite is most certainly Doctor Who. It would be difficult for the man to describe the plot of the British show, instead resorting to assuring the listener that it contains all of the emotions but also funny bits as well. He has been watching it since the modern season started, his first doctor being 9, though 11 is his favorite as of yet. He is something of a big fanboy, as well, and has several posters, books, shirts, etc.

F a v o r i t e - C o l o r ?
Chris's favorite color, without a doubt, is green. However, not a bright green, nor a deep forest green, but a slightly faded army-green. There really isn't a good deal to be said on the subject, to be honest. There is no deeper meaning to be analyzed beneath his love of this color: he just likes the way it looks, and it matches his favorite hat.

F a v o r i t e - A r t i s t ?
Beethoven -- Although he is a lover of parties and club music, Chris does have a special part in his heart for orchestral music, regardless of time period. His favorite composer, cliche though it might be, would most certainly have to be Beethoven. Part of it is actually due to the fact that the man continued to do great things despite deafness. Chris has always liked the sort of stories in which there is something to be overcome, and Beethoven is a combination of his love for orchestral music and that fondness for people who are beating the odds.

H o b b i e s ?
+ Making Home Movies
+ Composing Music
+ Partying
+ Sex, of course, if that counts
+ Watching Marathons of his favorite shows
+ Bicycle rides
+ Playing the Piano

After Midnight

So begins...

Christopher Hill's Story