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Erin Kingsley

"If you aren't first, you're last."

0 · 528 views · located in Seattle, Washington

a character in “When Push Comes To Shove”, as played by OurStars


Erin Joselyn Kingsley || Seventeen || Female || Bisexual ||The Outsider - Marina and the Diamonds

Don't get on my bad side

I can work a gun

hop into the backseat baby

I'll show you some fun


T a t t o o s | S c a r s | P i e r c i n g s
As far as piercings go, Erin can only lay claim to four- one in each lobe, and a second on on each ear, in the cartilage. Other than that, no piercings puncture her skin. The ones in the lobe, she's had ever since she was little. The cartilage is newer, though they've been there ever since the young woman was twelve years old. She only wears studs there.

Erin doesn't have any tattoos, though she has considered getting one once or twice. She's never been really motivated to get one, in the end. This is probably partially motivated by her father, who has tattoos that have become disturbingly warped with age and weight gain.

Scars, however, are a different story. Erin has not always been who she is today, the queen of the school and the person everyone wants to be, even as they spread rumors about her behind her back like its a new weight loss method. She has light scars on one of her cheeks, only visible she isn't wearing makeup -which is to say that no one has seen them quite yet- and she used to have some on her wrists, though they have faded away. If bruises lingered, though, it may have been a different story.

L i k e s ?
+Bad Horror Movies
+Diet Mountain Dew
+Earned Things

D i s l i k e s ?
-Alcohol [Though, when at parties, she tends to drink if everyone else is]
-Being called an idiot
-Romantic Comedies
-Dating Poor Boys
-Being Ignored
-People who are nosy
-Second-hand clothing
-Drug Addicts
-The Naive
-The scent of cut grass

S e c r e t s ?
X - She was raised in a trailer park
X- She used to cut herself
X- She is close to being held back

These people are weird in here

And they're giving me the fear

just because you know my name

doesn't mean you know my game

P e r s o n a l i t y
If nothing else, Erin is defensive. She is defensive to the point of becoming incredibly bitchy at the top of the dime, because she is skeptical of everything and never willing to open up. When she was younger, the girl learned that one has to protect themselves, because no one else is going to do it for you- not a chance of that happening. She comes across as the sort of person that people are afraid of because she can shut a person down with a handful of words and a bit of intimidation, and she takes a sort of reluctant pride in this. Of course, she isn't even aware of the reluctant bit of it. After all, independence and prickliness is all that she has ever known, and so far it has worked just fine. Even though some people appear to be close to her, the young woman relies on no one, and expects that no one rely on her. After all, nothing is free, and she knows that just as well as the next person. The young woman will not hesitate to cut a person down if they present a threat to her own security, and loyalty is a temporary term to her. She uses her resources to the best of her abilities and, for someone who is close to failing many of her classes, can have a surprisingly calculating mind. Perhaps she isn't wired for academics, but Erin knows perfectly well how to run a school. She knows how to get information on people and use it against them, because she's been taught by some of the best on the matter.

The knowledge of this, and the successful application of her skills, has given Erin a heavy dose of pride. She is fully aware of what people say about her behind her back, of course, and is far from disillusioned about the unstable nature of her position at the top, but those facts make her no less powerful. The young woman is arrogant, but not stupid. She knows that, despite not giving half a fuck about most of the people she hangs out with, it is best to act cordially and keep those who may threaten her close enough that they could be used as evidence. She can smile the smile, laugh the laugh, and walks the walk better than anyone else in their school- why else would she still be at the level she is, despite not having grown up with the rest of the students? It is one part skill, another part bluffing- which is, in its own right, a skill as well. Her arrogance allows her to make people believe what she says, because she gives no hint of any weakness. This, of course, ties back into her highly defensive, and therefore often bitchy, personality. Her arrogance is a shield that she clutches against herself so tightly that no one ever second guesses its stability. Sure, Erin is fully aware of her own flaws and weaknesses, but she'll be damned if anyone else gets a whiff of them. She isn't one of those girls who foolishly lay themselves out for the world to see- she isn't nearly as honest or stupid. If she gossips, it is about other people, and she rarely tells actual secrets. She may give useless bits of information here and there, but never anything incriminating. It is done with the intent of encouraging others to stay by her side. People, though fickle, can make the best of shields, after all. And Erin is all about shields. Only one person is inside of those shields, but they didn't have to break them to get through. Her younger brother, Kevin, is the only person Erin seems to care about, and she is fiercely protective of him.

She has her flaws, of course, being arrogant, defensive, not the most loyal of friends, and not the best at academics, but the young woman is not all bad. People may see her that way, and she hardly discourages it, but things are not always exactly as they seem. She has reasons for being who she is, after all: a product of a broken marriage and a neglected childhood. When necessary, she can be an incredibly hardworking person. She didn't get to the top by waiting for it to be given to her on a silver platter, after all. And there is one person whom even the great Erin Kingsley is frightened of, and yet strangely desperate to please. Erin seems to be on a constant quest to try and make her mother proud, though any attempt to point this out will be immediately deflected with a snide remark by the young woman herself. In fact, one could say that most of what she does points, even if unintentionally, towards trying to earn recognition from her mother. She was never pretty enough, never smart enough, and never popular enough for Mrs. Kingsley-Lions, but continues to try and reach that destination. It is the heaviest weight on her shoulders, and the reason that she seems capable of shrugging off the bitterness of peers and serving revenge with a cold discipline. Not that she is completely impervious to what others say about her, of course. Of course some of the rumors and insults bother her- but she will never let anyone know that it does. That would be a sign of weakness, and would only let the others win. She knows that she hasn't been a victim since she was young, and somewhat comforts herself with that. But she is not a robot. Erin Kingsley, contrary to popular belief, does have real, human emotions. Of course things bother her. She just isn't going to go crying to her friends about it. She doesn't get bad, not visibly. Erin Kingsley gets even.

Calculating || Academically Challenged || Arrogant || Defensive || Cruel || Hardworking || Mommy-Issues || Vindictive || Competitive || Human

People are connecting

Don't know what to say

I'm good at protecting

what they want to take


Spilt the milk at breakfast

hit me double hard

And I grinned at you softly

because I'm a fucking wildcard

F a v o r i t e - M o v i e ?
Birdemic-- Birdemic, rated by basically every critic that has ever reviewed it as the worst movie ever made. It was generously given a 20% by Rotten Tomatoes, and that was likely only due to the humor aspect of it. The movie has effects that could be beaten by a seventh grader taking their first video editing course, and acting that makes elementary school plays look like Broadway productions. And, though she will never admit it, Erin absolutely adores the movie. It is so terrible that it makes even she, the Queen Bitch, burst into sidesplitting laughter. If she is ever in a bad mood, it is the go-to movie in order to cheer her up, though of course no one knows that except for she and her younger brother, Kevin. She can't even properly defend loving the movie, except for the fact that it basically parodies itself, and is the most unintentionally hysterical piece of cinema since the Labyrinth came out, starring David Bowie's bulge.

F a v o r i t e - C o l o r ?
Gold-- Honestly, it would be difficult for Erin to pick a favorite color. Not because she is the type who simply can't decide and responds with the infuriatingly cheerful answer of 'the entire rainbow', but because she has never really given it much thought. For someone who loves clothing, she doesn't really care much about color outside of it and her sketches. She doesn't use one color any more than she does another, and that is perfectly fine. Gold, though, is the color of her bedroom walls, so she usually gives that answer if the rather trivial question is asked.

F a v o r i t e - A r t i s t ?
Marina and the Diamonds -- Marina and the Diamonds is a Welsh artist, who's name is Marina Diamandis, that Erin likes quite a lot. Normally, she listens to songs but doesn't really focus on the artists much. Despite that, she is really quite fond of Marina and the Diamonds, and has all of her albums on her ipod.

H o b b i e s ?
+Midnight Drives

After Midnight

So begins...

Erin Kingsley's Story