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Jun-Pyo Hiro

"Crying won't get you anything or anywhere, so just smile."

0 · 291 views · located in Seattle, Washington

a character in “When Push Comes To Shove”, as played by Michaelis_xXx_Elly


Jun-pyo Hiro


1D||Little Things





Full Name

Jun-Pyo Hiroshi

Nick Names

Minnie ~ Pyo ~ JJ



Sexual Orientation




Jun-pyo has his ears pierced and the upper part of his ears pierced. He also has a small tattoo on his wrist of the date his mother died. That's all he has since he's not a big fan of marking up your body and piercings slightly scare him. Needles are a big no, no to him.


+Learning about new things
+Mythical Tales
+Cupcakes and Pretzels (Yes together, he has weird cravings sometimes)
+Being Creative
+Marvel Comics and DC comics (Big fan of the Avengers)
+Obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and Amnesia (He loves paranormal and RPG games)


-Stuck up girls and guys
-Liars and fakers (He hates fake smiles)
-Lettuce and mayo
-Sitting for a long period of time (Hates collage only because of this fact)


-Standing in front of large groups of people (He's a bit shy)
-People who don't keep their promises


X- As a child, Jun-pyo hated to be around other large groups of people. He would get nervous and actually even throw up at times. He has really bad stage fright but he loves to act. So he usually works behind the scenes with the stage crew. He would just watch from behind the scenes in admiration. Nobody knows how bad his stage fright gets but if he was ever forced on a stage he'd probably faint.

X-The biggest reason why Jun-pyo has so many video games, comics, and so on is because he's actually trying to fill a void. His parents are deceased so he hates coming home to a quiet house. He's nearly constantly playing video games or blasting music when he's home and his friends didn't come over. His friends usually sleepover his house a lot just to make sure he's ok.

X-Jun-pyo actually hates half the girls at his collage. They're stuck up and liars in his eyes and are pretty damn vicious. He actually was picked on by a girl when he was younger so it kinda mentally scared him. Hence part of the reason why he's Bisexual. He's tired of girls and their BS, and has yet to meet a girl who shares all his interests; that doesn't treat him like some geek.



"It’s probably not even possible to out nerd him, he’s owns almost every comic book known to man and he isn’t very good with the ladies. He’s a pretty shy guy who lives alone with no family, he’s got a pretty lonely life, but never the less he keeps a smile on his face."

Jun is a pretty optimistic guy who's helpful and never sees the down side to things. Every person he meets either likes him or doesn't, it's that simple. Drama is something he will fly away from cause just the word makes him cringe. Having negative people around him puts him in a bad mood; which tend to make him think of his parents. You'll barley ever catch the guy in a bad mood though he does have a hidden temper. If you do try to screw with him; he isn't your average nerd. He works out on a regular basis and would throw a guy out the window for hurting a girl. As much as he doesn't trust girls his mother taught him manners. Painting is his own physical release of stress, it helps him get threw each day with a smile. When his parents died he fell into a depression but now he knows that's not what his mother would want for him.


Making Asian jokes around him- and you will find yourself through a wall.


Character Quick Facts

Favorite Movie:

Jackass (His favorite American Movie since forever)

Favorite Color:

A warm orange and a light blue

Favorite Singer/Band:

He Is We and The Script


Cooking ~ Painting ~ Making others laugh ~ All Animals



Jun didn't grow up in America; let's just start off with that. He grew up in North Korea with his mother, father and grandmother- he was an only child. He never did mind growing up with no other children to play with since he usually helped his parents with chores and such. As a child he loved to go up into the mountains and explore, acting like he was some super hero he'd heard of on TV growing up. He'd save branches from falling into lakes, stones from ants, and even helping injured baby birds find their way home. Yea, he was a sweet kid with a nice family that raised him. All was well and at peace during the times of his child hood up to when he turned sixteen. Even in his teen years he got along with his parents, he respected them. Their house was pretty decent, too. It was two floors high with an attic and basement. His room was up in the attic because he wanted it up there- being the adventurer he was. His walls were covered in posters and lyrics to songs written in paint of all colors.

It wasn't until he turned seventeen that he had to leave his sanctuary and head to America. After taking two years of English, unaware of why- his parents had brought tickets to move there. Although he had no friends to leave behind, (other than school friends, they weren't close but he got along with all the kids) he was reluctant to leave his home that he had lived in for seventeen years. His grandmother stayed behind and off they went to the airport. Since he was seventeen he could buy his own ticket so he waited at the seats until his parents got theirs. After waiting for a few minutes he received a call from them. They had said that they were going to miss the plane so he should just board the one they were going to miss and they'd meet him at the new house. Jun was hesitant about the plan but agreed non-the-less since he never really argued with his parents.

Oh how he wished he did.

Later on that night he arrived at their new house the next day, the house was a pretty decent size. He had taken all their home supplies along with him that a taxi helpfully helped him with and the rest of their furniture would arrive the next day. He hurriedly went upstairs to pick a room and take a nap. That's when he was awakened by a crazed call from his grandmother. She yelled at him to turn on the news since she was sobbing so bad she couldn't even speak correctly. The phone in his hand dropped from his grasp as he flipped on the TV.

"It seems flight 213 has crashed on its way to the U.S from Korea. We don't know if there’s any survivors yet bu-"

Kicking the TV over with all the force he had he sobbed for hours upon hours. Since the day of their funeral back in Korea he fell into a depression but decided to go back to the U.S for the sake of his parents memories. His grandmother send his money every month to make sure he has everything he needs. A year after living there he finally got up and decided to stop crying every day and night and to finish collage. He just wanted to make them proud... Halfway into his freshman year of collage he had to fly back to Korea during spring break to attend his grandmother’s funeral. Of course he was overcome with sadness and grief but again he wouldn't allow himself to sink into depression again. His grandmother had left him everything, and by everything he meant everything. He decided with a broken heart to sell her house in Korea and stay in the U.S. Now he has a job part-time at the public library and does jobs here and there at coffee shops around town. He has yet to use the money his grandmother gave him out of respect and the fact he wants to save it until an emergency.

Always with a smile on his face....

After Midnight

So begins...

Jun-Pyo Hiro's Story