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Mary Jane Park

0 · 465 views · located in Seattle, Washington

a character in “When Push Comes To Shove”, as played by ChristyLovesYou



Nick Names
MJ, Mary J, Mary


Sexual Orientation
Straight with the occasional bisexual fling

Tattoo on her ribs. Her tattoo says "Te amo como se aman ciertas cosa oscuras, secretamente, entre la sombra y el alma." Which in English means "I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul."

-Loud music
-The beach
-Expensive things

-Boring people
-Too quiet places
-Sober parties
-Seemingly flawless people/things
-Spending nights alone
-Being left out

X- She is a nymphomaniac.
X- She smokes weed often, which usually leads her to sexual activities.
X- She's had six abortions, and is terrified that she'd make a terrible mother anyway.


Mary Jane is possibly one of the friendliest girls you'll meet. Her childish-like attitude makes her almost cuddly and adorable at times because of her determined optimistic outlook on things. Situations as well as people, she tries to find good in everything, and believes everyone deserves a second chance. She's easily forgiving, and always gives the benefit of the doubt in any conflict. She's very outgoing and confident, and almost always has a bright and cheery smile. She's sweet, kind and caring, and basically greets everyone with open arms unless they've proven they don't deserve it. Her fun loving nature seems to put a bounce in her light steps, and she seems to just glow and radiate happiness when she's feeling lively. She likes to live in the moment, and taking chances and risks wouldn't be surprising of her. She enjoys a thrill or a rush whenever she can, and she's unlikely to say no to anyone. She may be a bit wild, but once you get to know her and you're more comfortable around her then you'll probably love her. At first she may come of as crazy, because she likes to instantly befriend anyone she meets, even if they're a bit more cautious about her. She likes keeping everyone uplifted, and that also means occasionally getting others to do crazy things with her. Every morning she wakes up with basically nothing planned. She lets things happen, and goes about her day a bit randomly. This also comes back to bite her when she "doesn't feel like" showing up for work. Also, while working if she finds something she likes, she'll probably take it. This has lead to many jobs being lost.
When it comes down to it, she'll easily drop her wild act if anyone needed help. She has a soft spot for basically anyone in noticeable physical or emotional pain. She's a good listener when she knows when to shut up, and she'll give her best shot at advice when asked. She doesn't usually share her personal stories about similar situations unless she's asked, but she always lends an open hand to help, and a comfy couch in her living room to sleep on.
When it comes to the people she loves most, that's probably a small amount. Other than her boyfriend basically being her world, she doesn't have many friends since she's moved in with him. After her parents disowned her, she was happy to leave, but now that she lives a bit away, she doesn't see her old friends anymore, who have their own lives to deal with as well. She has in fact, made friends with a few of the neighbors. The Vinyard family is an interesting one, but she enjoys the company of Vanessa, and also occasionally Amy, who reminds her of what she was like at that age. The twin boys she's met and flirted with a few times, and they seem interesting as well, but MJ usually can't have many guy friends without sleeping with them.
Her boyfriend right now she believes is the love of her life. They both seem to be addicted to one thing.. each other. Well that's the way MJ would like to think of it. They're both nymphomaniacs, and basically if they've ever really got into fights, they have sex and make up. Their personalities work well together, but occasionally they don't agree on things. Chris is possibly the more responsible of the two, and usually Mary Jane is acting out or doing something that would upset any boyfriend in their right mind.
Her current lifestyle is much different than it used to be. She's off most of the drugs she used to use, only still smoking weed occasionally. She's one to get very turned on when she smokes, so she only does that around her boyfriend, or before she's going to see him.. Mainly her boyfriend has become more important to her over their time together. Though it seems like their relationship is just sex she knows there's much more. At first it started as a fling, and she never really thought she'd care as much as she did. Basically he was there for her when she needed someone, and when her parents threaten and fought with her about him, she only wanted to defend and keep him over the people who'd neglected her her whole life. For the first time it seemed like someone wanted to care for her the way she wanted to care for them. Ever since then she knew she was falling in love with him. And now? She still gets butterflies looking at him. Past relationships haven't been as successful, because many guys can't entertain her. Mary Jane isn't one to be unfaithful.. But she will end the relationship if she's bored. Luckily her current love always keeps her on her toes.. And keeps her addiction craving more. Possibly dangerous; but oh so tempting.

She was a child of two parents. No, her daddy didn't get drunk and abuse her, or her mother for that matter, and no neither of them were very mean to their children. They just lacked care. They lacked compassion. They were two people just trying to get by, do what they thought they had to and nothing more. They both worked, they both were present at home. They didn't give much affection, and always seemed to be bored with themselves, their lives, and their kids.
Their mother was a beauty queen at 18, she was gorgeous. Her mother, (Mary's grandmother) had entered her in pageants since she was 4. The little girl had grown up fine, but didn't have much of a social life. She was popular, and everyone seemed to envy her beauty, but she was untouchable. No one could really get close to her because she was reserved and closed off.
Her father was an average kid. I guess the reason he never spent time with his own kids was because his parents never spent time with him. The moment he was 18 he moved out. He didn't want them, they focused on their dreams, never his. And because of that, he never could spend too much time on others, so set on figuring out what to do next, he never strayed far from the home though.
When he left, he stopped in a convenient store. That's when he met her mother. I don't know if you'd call it love at first sight, but they got to talking. She said she didn't want to be in the town anymore, but she had nowhere to go. He told her he had nowhere to go, but he was leaving. Somehow it lead to him inviting her to join, and eventually they were married.
They had two daughters, who they neglected as much as their parents had to them. Their mother just wasn't the type to dress them up and put them in contests. But she didn't know how to be affectionate towards them either. So they grew up somewhat alone, but dinner was always on the table.
Mary Jane grew into her name.. Which probably wasn't the best. She began smoking weed when she was 14 and still hasn't really stopped. Though she's lucky she didn't move onto anything else, she often made bad, sex driven decisions. Her smoking is by choice, not addition, but it lead to her sex addiction.. Thankfully she doesn't have an STDs, and she has a boyfriend to keep her at bay with one bed partner.. for now.
Her parents disapproved of her current boyfriend, not like Mary Jane cared what they thought anyway, but after several large fights and many objects thrown and broken, they disowned her and got her a restraining order from her sister, leaving MJ no family but her boyfriend.

Character Quick Facts

Favorite Movie: Whip It
Favorite Color: Peachy pale pink
Favorite Singer/Band: Weezer
Hobbies:Modeling (for more "risque" pictures, though her boyfriend isn't completely okay with it.)

after midnight

So begins...

Mary Jane Park's Story