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Vanessa Vinyard

"Mess with me i'll kick your ass, mess with them i'll slit your throat."

0 · 573 views · located in Seattle, Washington

a character in “When Push Comes To Shove”, as played by mylastbreath



Full Name
Vanessa Penelope Vinyard

Nick Names
Nessy, Nessa, Ness, and Sis


Sexual Orientation

On her forearm, she has five black birds representing each one of her siblings.

On the left side of her collar bone,a small anchor with the words “I refuse to sink”, this has personal meaning to her.

She has normal ear piercings as well as and industrial piercing on her right ear.

+ Sex
+ Weed
+ Alcohol
+ Dancing
+ Liam (Sometimes)
+ Bad Boys
+ Parties/Clubs
+ Her Siblings
+ Hot Showers
+ Time to herself
+ Spending time with her family

- Never Having Money
- Good Guys
- Lying
- Feeling Useless
- Her Father
- Falling in Love
- Admitting She’s Wrong
- Liam (Sometimes)
- When her Family is Threatened

X-She found out when she was eighteen that she will never be able to have her own kids, she tries her best not to think about it but when she see couples with babies, it cause her to become depressed knowing she'll never be able to have her own child.

X- When they aren't able to scrap up the funds for rent or bills, to take the stress off of her siblings she will often sleep with men for money and tell her siblings she simply worked overtime.

X- Her father had told her and her siblings that their mother died, but their father was in denial that their mother wasn't actually dead, but she just up and left them. Vanessa is the only one who knows their mother is actually still alive and she found about a year ago when her mother called the house looking for them, she said that the Vinyards no longer lived their.

Vanessa is a rough girl, with a tough skin. She never had much of a childhood due to her having to take on the responsibility of her five younger siblings. At the age of fourteen she was getting them dress and ready for school, cooking them meals, and taking care of her 1 year old sister. Therefore having to mature a lot faster than a normal teenager. She never had anyone around to teach her how to cook or clean or take care of children, she had to learn everything on her own. Eventually she ended up dropping out of school and leaving all of her dreams behind.

She’s never been a good girl, Venessa was always a bad girl with an habit of dating guys who were only going to break her heart. Though she didn’t expect much everyone had always left her, including her parents. She’s always been very protective of her siblings and would kill for them. On the few occasions her father has come home drunk and raised a hand to her siblings she’s punched him herself. She’s not scared of fighting in fact most the time she’s the one who starts the confrontation. She’s a hard work and will do whatever she has to in order to keep food on the table and the water running.

But deep down Venessa is tired and worn. She wants to be appreciated and she fears that when her siblings don’t need her to care for them anymore, she’ll have no one and she’ll be worth nothing. She can be quite immature at times and on the occasion she gets to let her hair down and step away from her responsibilities, she loves to party and have a good time. She’s a sweet girl, but she doesn’t normally let her venerable side show through in fear that she would break down and everything would come crashing down on top of her, she knows showing her venerable side would only prove she’s not as strong as everyone thinks she is. She's always smiling or laughing despite her families issues, unless of course you piss her off then you better start running. She doesn't like accepting help from anyone and would much rather so things herself then get help, she hates feeling like she owes someone and she feels that if someone where to start helping her she'd become dependent and then they would eventually let her down.

When it comes to guys Vanessa is the type to sleep with them, let them hang around for a bit just because she feels bad, then eventually she kicks them to the curb, her relationships don’t usually last for more than a couple weeks and this is mostly due to her commitment issues. But when it comes to Liam, she kind of likes having him around, but she doesn’t exactly trust him, she’s knows he’s hiding things from her, but she tries not to think about it so much. She hates the fact that he treats her like a princess and sometimes because of this she can lash out at him, it’s not that she doesn’t appreciate what he does, but she convinced herself a long time ago that no one would ever help her and she couldn’t rely on anyone but herself. Though she gets the feeling Liam is perfect for her and that’s more than likely the reason she hasn’t run from him, although even If she wanted to he’d still be around.

Although she will never admit it she's in love with Boy 2! She loves that he's always coming to her rescue but she hates it all the same. He's perfect for her and maybe that's why she's so afraid of him.

Character Quick Facts
Favorite Movie:
Alpha Dog
Favorite Color:
The Combination of Turquoise & Purple
Favorite Singer/Band:
*Caring For her siblings
*Taking care of their father
*Spending time with her family

After Midnight

So begins...

Vanessa Vinyard's Story