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Felicity Torque

"Smile, it's the best you can do when the world starts launching golf balls at you."

0 · 1,267 views · located in Brewster, Maryland

a character in “When Stars Align”, as played by Wisteria Cresting


"A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing."
~Elizabeth I of England

|Full Name|
Felicity Isabelle Torque

Feli {Common|Neutral}|Fel {Common|Neutral}|Ici Bug {Family Only|Disliked}
|Sexual Orientation|

Head Librarian at Brewster Town Library

|Historical Figure|
Queen Elizabeth I

|Hair Color|
|Eye Color|
113 lbs

In honor of one of her favorite books, Felicity has Beware the Jabberwock printed on her right shoulder blade.
One piercing in each ear
Aside from a various assortment of childhood scars, Felicity's skin is mostly flawless. She tends to heal very quickly.
Felicity is lightly freckles across the entirety of her face.

{Quiet, Temperamental, Hard-Working, Obsessive}
Felicity is more or less your average bookworm. She prefers to drift along, offering advice every once in awhile and helping when she can. However, Felicity is far from laid back. She is actually very detail oriented and more or less a bit of a perfectionist. Most people would find this trait annoying, but she has a habit of getting it done herself rather than asking other people to do it. She is very hard-working and it is not unusual to see her volunteering whenever she's not at work or cleaning her apartment.

However, Felicity's work ethic goes beyond what could be considered healthy. She is obsessive about finishing things to the point that she will often forget to take care of herself. Luckily, she has people, alarms, and her dog to constantly remind her. There is a side to Felicity that many do not see though. She actually has a very short temper and can easily get annoyed. However, she has spent years perfecting the art of not blowing up. When she is frustrated or angry, Felicity will walk away from the situation to cool down. Sometimes, her temper does get the better of her and she manages to sneak in a snark comeback, which tends to knock people down a peg, but Felicity is good at avoiding combat for the most part.
If Felicity did not enjoy reading, I would question why she's a librarian. The young women will often have her nose buried in a book when she's not working or when she's simply sitting around idly. She will read anything, even nonfiction works to entertain herself and she has mastered the art of walking and reading.

As the only sport Felicity enjoys, she will often turn to tennis for exercise. She loves it with a passion and it is one of the only ways she manages to do any physical activity with getting bored or stopping halfway through.

Felicity has been taught to play the piano from a young age and it is quite possibly one of her favorite pastimes. She has even been noted as a prodigy of sorts, able to play by ear or memorize a piece after only playing it twice.
~Biting her Nails~
Most of the time, Felicity is not aware of this habit. She tends to bite her nails when one or both of her hands are not busy with something else.

~Licking her Lips~
A nervous habit, Felicity will lick her lips when she's lying or when she's worried about something.

~Tilting her Head~
If Felicity is confused, she will often tilt her head while she asks a question or when she is reading. It isn't something she really means to do, it just kind of happens.
Dogs|Cats|Animals|Pie|Cake|Ice Cream|Chocolate|Books|Being a Librarian|Movies|Lighter Colors|Tea|Apples|Lip Gloss|Tennis|Pens|Planners|Most Food|Good People|Quiet|Things Being Perfect

Moving Away from a Plan|Rhubarb Pie|Corn Dogs|Loud Places|Milk|Black Coffee|Green Tea|Forgetting Something|Any Mention of Her Parents|Becoming Angry|Messes

Intelligent|Helpful|Planning|Sympathetic|Good With Animals|Cooking|Playing the Piano|Intuitive|Good at Reading People|Good Listener|Tennis

Iron-Deficiency Anemia|Physically Weak|Sensitive to Loud Noises|Taking Care of Herself|Temperament|Easily Startled|Physical Contact

Felicity was born to a typical white fence family with an older sister named Rose and later, a younger brother named Baxter. On the outside, her life seemed perfect. On the inside, it was far from that. More often than not, the Torque adults were gone, doing one thing or another and the children rarely saw them. When they were gone, Rose was in charge. Felicity's older sister was abusive and cruel. She left Baxter alone for the most part, but she would physically and verbally abuse Felicity. To avoid Rose for as long as possible, Felicity would hide in her room with Baxter with the door locked or take him to the library. When their parents came home, Rose would make up lies about Felicity's bruises. They blindly believed her. After Rose moved out, Felicity finally thought she could live happily, but things continued to take a turn for the worse.

The father, Orion, lost his job, leaving the four crammed into a small apartment. He began drinking and Felicity soon found out that he had the same temper as Rose. Her mother admitted that they were only gone because she didn't want him near her children if he got angry. However, the family was now unable to afford vacations and Felicity witnessed her mother getting abused by her father. It was only a matter of time before she disappeared into the night.

Felicity still protected Baxter to the best of her abilities, letting him take his anger out on her if she had to. It was a miserable existence and the only way she could escape it was through the written word and by avoiding the house as much as possible by joining the tennis team and taking piano lessons from the Head Librarian. In her senior year of high school, Felicity met Andrew Peller. Kind and gentle, Andrew was much different from most of the other people in her life. She began spending nights at his house with Baxter. After hearing her story, he demanded that she call the police, but Felicity rejected that proposal. She and Baxter spent several years with Andrew and his family and she slowly fell in love with him.

Needless to say, when Orion found them, he was not happy. He dragged Felicity out of the house by her hair while Andrew's parents frantically called the police. Andrew tried to defend her, but Orion brutally attacked him. The police managed to detain the drunken man and he was hauled off to prison. Andrew, on the other hand, had sustained serious injuries and died the next morning with Felicity holding his hand. Broken hearted and more than a little defeated, Felicity decided it was best that she leave. The Pellers still treated her like family and offered to let her stay, but the weight of Andrew's death weighed heavily on her.
While Baxter stayed with them, Felicity traveled around. Eventually, she settled down in Brewster and got a job at the local library. It didn't pay amazingly, but she quickly worked up to Head Librarian and the rest is, as they say, history

Face Claim:
Karen Gillan

So begins...

Felicity Torque's Story

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Monday - 7:30 A.M
The projected temperature for Brewster on this early fall day is 68 degrees, and it is overcast.

"Great." Cateline murmured under her breath, looking out the front window of the bakery. Cateline hated when it rained. She never had nearly as many customers as she had on a sunny day opposed to when it rained. People in this small town were like bumps on a log when it was raining, and that thought puzzled Cateline.

Cateline put fresh croissants in the oven. The bakery didn't officially open until 8, but Cateline always had her breakfast items ready at in the morning. Then, every 30 minutes after that, Cateline would put a new batch of baked goods in the oven.

When Cateline heard the thud of a newspaper hit against the window of the bakery, she immediately went out to get it. The only thing that kept her sane in the mornings was calming down with the morning newspaper. Cateline read about how the new diner, 365, opened in the heart of town, the community project Liberty High School was planning, and, her favorite section- Book reviews by the librarian, Felicity. Cateline mentally took note of a couple of the books Felicity recommended in the newspaper, and then Cateline put the paper down, glad to hear the alarm go off on the oven. Cateline went over to the oven and took out the croissants, being careful to place them in the display case with careful precision. In Cateline's mind, the only thing more important than the taste of the food was it's presentation. Cateline put every last one of the croissants in a precise arrangement, and closed the door on the showcase. Cateline had moved around to glance at her display when the bell on the bakery's front door began to sound, signifying the entrance of a customer.

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Felicity woke up in her reading chair with her book missing. A small moment of panic settled over her before she saw it on the ground. With a sigh of relief, she picked it up and placed it on her nightstand. As she pushed herself to her feet, she let out a yawn before trudging to the bathroom. She dressed quickly, made some toast, packed a lunch, grabbed her bag, and headed to the library. The air outside was brisk and cold, but it wasn't anything she couldn't handle.

As usual, Felicity was the only librarian there. Two more were employed there, but they usually only came by later in the day and on the weekends; the library wasn't very busy on weekdays. She dropped her bag behind the desk and checked in the books slowly and methodically. It was barely approaching nine by the time she had finished putting the books away, tidied up the entire library, messaged everyone with overdue books, and booted up all of the computers. She sighed, settling down into her chair.

She picked up her book, flipping through it until she found what page she was on. Then, she settled back to wait the day out.

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As soon as the little blonde spat on Callum, he was seconds away from beating on him until he felt someone's arm pushing at his chest. "Jesus, Callum!" It was Liam. Coming to the rescue as usual. Callum never mind him interrupting whenever he was close to trouble. He was used to it because without Liam always on his case about "doing the right thing", he wouldn't be alive. Although, Callum was more than surprised that someone actually had the tendency to put up with a good-for-nothing wretch like himself as his old man often called him on days when he came home in the grasp of a police officer late at midnight. 'Out partying with some friends, officers were just being superficial,' Callum often told him, yet nothing he could say was believable. After having two parents that were both fuck-ups, one of which was deadbeat, the other a typical drug-addict, you most likely have a kid that's ten times worse. Callum Jiovanni Hall was no smiles and sunshine, no, instead he was this rugged guy who's just waiting to fuck up someone's day, and present pure pleasure as he did so. However, in reality he was a guy just wanted happiness in his life. Whether or not Yvette was just that, no one quite knew.

"He didn't know, okay? That's my fault. He didn't mean anything by it so back off", Liam told him. At that, Callum rolled his eyes, but said nothing. This time Liam leaned in close, so that whatever he had to say was only to be heard by Callum. "If you can't handle Yvette being noticed, then don't bring her here. In fact, you pull a stunt like that again, don't bring yourself here either."

Callum just stared at him. It was clear Liam hadn't meant what he said about never coming to the cafe. He was his brother. Metaphorically, that is. And he knew that like everyone else. Despite the bizarre shit Callum puts Liam through, these two were inseparable. Partially because he lived with Felicity which makes it easier for Callum to see how she was doing, see if she ever said anything about his most recent visit to the library. So, it was hard to believe that Liam would actually insist Callum stopped showing up to the cafe if all he was going to bring with him was chaos. However, Callum knew better than to get on his friend's bad side, so he gave an nonchalant, but irritable"Whatever," Then, walked away towards the counter. Not long as he took two steps when Mary came rushing in a simple, "Thanks for not waking me up!" before she gave Yvette a brownie. He ignored her.

Behind the counter he spotted Arthur, face bent down into his journal as usual. "Who does that blonde head think he is?" He babbled on to Arthur, whether or not he was listening. "Queen Latifah?" He began preparing another pot of coffee when he heard very carefully when the door to Friendly Rivals swung open, but he hadn't looked up."Besides, it ain't over yet. When I get my hands on him I'm going to kick his-?"

"Callum!" His head snapped up to see Cateline storming over in his direction. "Well, If it isn't the she-wolf," he smiled halfheartedly. "How's therapy keeping ya? Y'know, you shouldn't yell so much. You'll give yourself a nosebleed."

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"What? You've lived and showered with soldiers. No one ever saw you naked?" It only suddenly occurred to him just how bohemian his childhood must have been. His dad was buttoned up. He was probably born with a suit and tie but Liam recalled walking in on his mother prancing around naked, usually covered in paint, when she taught classes at home. It never phased him. Naked hippies and artists were just background. When his father died, Liam had even posed nude for a few art classes to get by. The pay was pathetic otherwise he'd have kept at it. "There's pants somewhere around here. Felicity usually does the laundry. At least I think she does," he said.

Without thought, he took one of the many notebooks scattered and started scribbling down an idea. Maybe his mistake had been trying to invent a story when there were so many right here. "Just be careful with Yvette," he said suddenly. He had a feeling nagging at him that he couldn't shake off. "She's a little sheltered," Liam knew what he was getting them into. It wasn't difficult to see where it would go. So if it all blew up in his face, he had no exit strategy. Maybe it would have been better to leave the strategy to Lucas and Liam could go back scribbling on napkins. But as he looked at the door, waiting for it to open, waiting for something new, he didn't want to go back. Instead, he announced to himself as well as to Lucas, "If they don't hurry up, I'm going back to the damn cafe and..." and what... throw Mary over his shoulder and drag her off? He almost laughed at the idea. "And drag them out of there. No one ruins my unscheduled day off,"