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Fae Oakwood

"If you say so..."

0 · 190 views · located in Scotland, Brothanes Academy

a character in “When Teenagers Collide.”, originally authored by Jynxii, as played by RolePlayGateway


Fae Oakwood
"You're only as tall as your heart will let you be, and you're only as small as the world will make you seem." -NeverShoutNever

Mᴏʀᴇ ᴛʜᴀɴ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀ ɴᴀᴍᴇ.


Racun| Fae is a full blooded Racun. In her True Form her race is instantly given away by her beautiful greyblack ears and fluffy, striped tail.



You'll never find her without...
Around her neck, tucked under her clothing, is a stone cluster of gems. The cluster hangs by a leather cord, and holds the following stones; Selenite, for healing. Obsidian, for the balance of her Root Chakra (the foundation of inner energy). Turquoise, for protection. Amber, for power. Moonstone, for love, and a pink opal, for luck.


Fae is a feminine woman with an incredibly small frame in comparison to most Earth women. When in her True Form she stands at a delicate 5'2", and weighs around 110 pounds. She isn't an incredibly curvacious female, mostly knees and elbows with a soft face. Her eyes are a soft baby blue, and darken to a deep sapphire when she is angry or sad. Her complexion is a pale cream color, which is a stark contrast to the vibrant red of her hair. Her raccoon like ears barely peek through the locks, but her tail is always proudly displayed. Fae customizes all of her outfits to accommodate her tail, while maintaining her sense of fashion. Speaking of fashion, Fae prefers to wear pastel or floral prints, dresses, and high waist shorts with baggy sweaters. She's all about layers and hanging jewelry.

Distinguishing Features
Of course her tail goes without saying, and perhaps the tiny tuffs of her ears that manage to peek through her wild red locks. Aside from the obvious, she has a small tattoo on the inside of her left pinky that reads "Promise".

Bᴇʏᴏɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅɪsɢᴜɪsᴇ.

Personality [bio]

Fae is a soft spoken girl, with an air of mystery about her. She doesn't talk much, but when she does, it's about something she genuinely cares about. She prefers to stand in the background rather than be the star of the show, which she leaves to the humans and vampires. Fae is incredibly dedicated and giving. She's always willing to lend an extra hand and go the extra mile for her friend. She doesn't have a lot of friends, and due to her reclusive nature she is often picked on which has made her even more shy. She's never the type to complain about anything that is bothering her, and she is incredibly good at turning a conversation from herself to someone else. It's not that Fae wouldn't like a little bit of attention, it's just that she doesn't believe she deserves any.

Through the years of jumping from home to home her self esteem has had holes blown into it, leaving her a leaking bottle of confidence. Fae prefers to shower praise and attention on other people, rather than receive it because it makes her uncomfortable. When people compliment her she feels like they are secretly making fun of her. Fae is incredibly kindhearted, despite being bullied by humans when she would visit Earth, but because she tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, she gets hurt easily. Fae is not an aggressive type of person, and she would rather let the world collapse around her than step into a fight for someone. She is very passive, and tries to avoid conflict as much as possible. Fae used to be a terrible liar. She just wasn't born with a very good poker face, but over the years of being at the school and learning about her true race, Fae has become pretty good at twisting the truth to fit her needs. The more she learns about her true nature and racial background, the more interested she is in learning to be coy and mischievous.

Likes Dislikes
Shifting The dark
Knowing things others don't Mushy couples
Painting and sketching Vampires
Climbing Receiving too much attention
Writing and novels Bullies

! Dark bathrooms.
! Balloons.

Rᴇᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴀsᴛ ᴀɴᴅ ᴘʀᴇsᴇɴᴛ.


Fae never knew her parents. She was raised in the foster system and has had parents that were rich, and parents that had her living in a car. When she was seven she left Earth and traveled to Forlone, where she lived as a Kelren. When she was thirteen her adoptive Kelren parents convinced her that it would be best for her to go to Brothane Academy. "To be with your own kind," they told her. She was scared, and skeptical. Even still, she wanted to please her parents, and so she agreed to go. Her teachers scolded her for her instance to stay in her Kelren form. It wasn't until her 10th grade year that she began to stay in her true form. Most people didn't recognize her, since they were not used to seeing her so big (well, big compared to her 'usual' form of only 5 inches tall). As of today, she's her true self. Fae. Just Fae.

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So begins...

Fae Oakwood's Story

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#, as written by Jynxii
Fae Oakwood

Fae sat in her favorite oak tree as the rest of her art class sat in the lush lawn at the back of the school grounds. They were sent outside to help with inspiration for their sketches, but Fae was still having a bit of trouble being inspired. Her mind kept drifting back to the events over the past few days. She had had a room to herself for so long, having been at the school for so much longer than most of the other students, but recently she had been stuck with a roommate. Annoyance was written across her face quite plainly as the lanky beanpole named Una was introduced to her. Fae could remember clearly the first time she laid eyes on the girl. "She's fourteen," the office had told her. Fourteen? Were they serious? According to the girl's brief description, Fae's new roommate would be an elf. Joy.

When the two finally met, any hopes Fae had of being able to ignore the nuisance that was taking up the better half of what used to be her own room, melted away as soon as the girl opened her mouth. As if her scantly clad appearance wasn't repulsive enough, the female liked to where hooker heels to make herself look even taller than she already was. Fae didn't know a lot about elves, aside from the fact that they were supposed to be tall, elegant creatures. Why had she gotten the one elf that wouldn't shut up? Always doing this, that, or the other. Coming and going constantly. Even if Fae wanted to like her, the girl seemed bent on making it impossible, without even trying. Just being herself made Fae's stomach turn.

Perhaps she just didn't like having to share her room, and so every little thing the child did managed to piss her off. After all, Fae was a bit of a recluse, and having her personal space invaded by a hippie haired albino. What had her in such a bad mood, anyway? The Racun paused her thoughts, noticing that she had snapped her pencil in half. She stared at the pencil in a childlike wonder. The two broken ends of the artistic tool mocked her. "You okay?" The voice came from a tiny creature that had flew up into the tree to look at her. The sight of a Kerlen made her instantly feel better. Safer. Not alone. "I'm fine." Mia, Fae's tiny fair friend, watched her large companion closely for a moment before shrugging and flying back down to her mini sketch pad. Taking a breath to level her thoughts, Fae retrieved another pencil from her satchel.

What to draw...Fae's eyes slowly drifted back down to the tiny Kerlen as she worked hard on her sketch of an elephant. A small smile toyed with Fae's lips as she thought of where she considers 'home' to be. The images of the tall trees, the lush leaves, and the elaborate homes of the Kerlen exploded with vibrant detail in her mind's eye. Home... A small smile tugged at her lips as she began to sketch her adoptive parent's home, nestled high in the branches of a great oak tree. The imagine in her mind slowly began to consume the white of the sketch pad, as her memory combed over the fine details of her home.

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Goyte sat in class daydreaming not understanding the lesson completely, and having his eyes fixed on the door.
"I guess she never find the class." He smirked as he thought of her being all alone looking around crying, the thought of a unicorn cry made Goyte rethink, and he had decided to go after all, just to make sure, when the door open.
She stood there so clumsy and afraid, nothing like a unicorn. And she was so beautiful, he wanted to touch her, but just put his head down avoiding making eye contact. He did watch her get scolded, and as she looked so fragile it, feelings of protection set in, but he fought them and just watched with sorrow.
As Goyte watched Fiona out of the coner of his eye all class period, he found his feelings of hate towards her go out the window.

In a classroom across the school was other classroom troubles.
Alec had been late to class having his teacher hold him, and talk about something, so when he sat at his desk most of the commotion had died down, though it was weird seeing all the different types of creatures. His dumb look stayed on his face even while looking at the teacher as he spoke of something, it was hard to catch on with all the ruckus that had just happened. But Alec couldn't help but want to follow the fly that had left, but being the non-advantageous type just stayed in his desk, looking bored. His thoughts returned to other girls in the class, some had fairly large breast, which made class enjoyable, so his eyes often went down to woman's "second" pair of eyes, having making complete eye contact several times.
When class ended, Alec went to talk to the teacher, to explain his lateness, but before he could reach him, he was gone.

Elia watched Annette get smacked in the face, and then ran away. Elia had thought she was crying which was the reason she ran off, and though he just stood there for a moment taking all in what had just happened, he soon find himself running, running after all. But before he knew it was completely out of sight.

Una sat in class trying to stay still for a moment when it became too hard. Her large high heels tapped on the floor keeping noise was one of her few talents. Some classmates became annoyed and spoke up, but Una was too lost in her drumming of pencil at the same beat of her foot. Music was always relaxing when nerves were up.
Sadly the rest of the peers and teacher did not agree. The teacher was an older man, with wrinkles on his wrinkles, causing Una to hold her tongue while she watched each wrinkle become one as the man spoke. His voice was drone and high(for a man of his age), it was more distracting than her tapping, thought Una, but as she was requested, she left to wonder the halls.
Upon walking the halls she heard a noise, a slow, steady, noise that was music.
It was the first time hearing a piano and the first time Una cried at a beautiful noise. She ran every way until she found herself in the room with the other girl playing, it was magical, and perfect. All fear of being in a whole new realm left as the music played.

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Liam was in art, outside, and was suppose to be sketching. But he was just sitting there a moment watching all the kids mess around. There was a group of guys - jocks, to be exact - that were just talking and being all loud. And there was a group of guys - preppy girls like cheerleaders - who were also talking. It bored Liam, this world. It was so plain. Liam stood and walked around, looking at everyone's s sketches. They were good, and all Liam had was a sketch of a hand reaching up towards...what? Liam didn't even know, but it described how he felt somehow.

Liam saw a Kelren fly down from a tree. He couldn't see anyone in the tree because of the leave, so he walked closer. Looking through the leaves and branches, Liam saw a girl. A pretty girl. Like every teenage guy when they see a pretty girl at sight, Liam thought he might actually be in love. That's when impressing this girl became his soul purpose. He stared at her a minute, turning the bill of his cap to the back so it wouldn't be in the way. Just then, he jumped up and grabbed the a branch. He pulled himself up on the branch and straddled it. Liam was now sitting on the branch in front of the girl.

He gave the girl a small smile - a smile he calls the Flirting Smile - and said "Hey, girlie. How's it goin'?"

Meanwhile, Avry jump off the piano as she saw a young girl walk in the room. Avry landed on the floor as a spider. As she ran across the floor, she shifted into a mouse. When she came up on the girl - that Avry could now tell was an elf - she jumped up and turned into a Kelren - or more like a smaller version of herself with wings - and sat on the elfin girls shoulder. "She's good, isn't she?" Avry whispered into the elfins ear. Than continued to listen.

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#, as written by Jynxii
Fae Oakwood

Fae glanced up from sketching her adopted homeland as a male voice interrupted her thoughts. "Hey, girlie. How's it goin'?" Oh, lord… is he for real? Her blue hues looked down from her perch in the tree at him, noticing the goofy grin on his face. “Does that line normally work where you come from, or are you just really that unoriginal?” She stared at him with a bored expression on her face, a twinge of annoyance in her voice. Obviously this was the type of guy who took art classes to impress girls, and no because he actually cared about art.

Then her eyes trailed down his torso to the sketch in his hand. A delicately drawn hand, stretching outwards towards… something. Her heart twisted, and her brows merged together. Maybe he wasn’t just some dumb boy, after all. She shifted on the limb to dangle her legs off the side as she leaned down with an outstretched hand. “Let me see that,” she said, genuinely interested and completely forgetting her snarky attitude before. She couldn’t see the hand very well from her angle in the tree, but if he would let her hold the sketch, she would be able to take a better look at it.

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Avry was nearly toward the door to yet another hallway at the large school when the girl she had helped came up. Avry had a small smileon her face and a slightly raised eyebrow as she watched the girl try to get out whatever she had so say. Once she said it, Avry's smile grew a little larger. "Hey, it was no problem. I just did what was the right thing to do." Avry said as she continued walking.

Meanwhile, Liam smiled at the girl. Then when she said something about his greeting, his heart went down a little. That's just how he greeted people, he didn't know it was a line or anything. No one had ever called it an unoriginal line on Earthin. When the girl asked to see his drawing, Liam handed it to her with hardly any emotion on his face as he waited for her to say something about the picture like it was unrealistic, or not properly shaded, or how unoriginal it was. Frankly, Liam didn't really care anymore.