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Fecicite Madoc

"I can feel this world dying all around me."

0 · 279 views · located in Scotland, Brothanes Academy

a character in “When Teenagers Collide.”, as played by Tarnished_Gold



Name: Fecicite Madoc

Appearance: Black hair that covers his face and falls down around the back of his head. Blue eyes that are a mystery, as black unicorns are mostly black even in human form. He is a small boy.

Race(explain what makes them that race):Unicorn. being a unicorn...



Bio: Fecicite grew up in paradise, he was strong, elegant, and fit in. Life was peaceful and wonderful, it was what humans called Heaven. Though Unicorns laughed at the idea of after death because Unicorns didn't die. How could they? But then it was tested, humans, vile beast came to the enchanted garden and destroied lives as if it was a game to them, fire and blood filled Whorsheron. After death and despair happened, there was news of a place for a select few. And as it would turn out, Fecicite was one of them.

History: Unicorns are fear harboring races. Nothing frightens them except death, and death was never suppose to happen to a Unicorn. But Unicorns do feel death, they sense when things are dying, and being in the Earth they feel all the creatures dying around them, even the planet.

Year: Tenth

What do they always carry: A small enchanted flower given by his so called mother.

So begins...

Fecicite Madoc's Story

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The school was filled with green grass, just like home, but bricked, pavement, human construction killed the forest that once laid under Brothane. As each second passed the world cried out, dying underneath itself. Strong feelings bloomed inside the stomach of the strong boy. It became painful and tears flung to his blue eyes, a cold shiver over came the weak body.
Vomit spilled out of his lips falling on the ground, other students gasped and ran, or stayed and took pictures on their camera phones. To Fecicite, they looked to be shooting him with lights. Unicorns did not throw up, Fecicite believed he was dying.
This world was nothing like Whorshone. No forest, mostly grassy plans, no river of purity, just a fountain, and even the sky felt polluted.
As he stopped, he kept looking down, wonder if changing back to his true form would help, but as he thought about a pair of dark skinned hands touched him. "You are going to be all right." She helped him away from sickly smell, and brought him to the side where no other peers were. Some students tried to continue snapping photo's but Koko just yelled for them to get away.
As they sat on the ground, Fecicite, watched closey as she opened a small book, and flipped the pages.
"Ah!" She said as holding her wand up, she began chanting spells, having the small Chrystel glow brightly.
"Thank- Thank you." Fecicite was not use to other magic being used on him, so he was not sure how he to react.
"No mention it." Her words just came out, there was no emotion behind them. Her hair was short, and her skin was nothing like Unicorns, making Fecicite touch her, his fingers outlined her jaw.
"HEY!" Koko screamed slapping the unicorn.

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What's it called? That thing that people feel when they think something is going to happen? You know, that feeling that just makes you feel on the edge? Like something is going to happen? Well, that's how Avry felt as she walked around with her pencil in her back pocket and her arms wrapped around her notebook that she was holding to her chest. Her tail was behind her twitching up a storm and her beanie was over her head covering the raccoon ears she loathed. Some would tell her she could just shift slightly to hide the things, but Avry felt like that was too...what's the word? Fake. She felt like it wouldn't be true to herself at all and she hated feeling like that.

As Avry walked around the creatures that are students attending this school, she saw a group of kids surrounding some guy that was vomiting. She shook her head at the sight, but watched from the distance to see what would happen. Not much did happen, just a dark skinned girl walked up and helped the boy. And just as quickly as the group was made, they disbanded and went their separate ways.

As if by clockwork, an other group of kids were surrounding yet an other guy. The guy was obviously pissed off for what ever reason and was yelling something. Avry laughed as she thought to herself "He's probably saying stuff like 'Don't make me angry! You wont like me when I'm angry!'" The boy then started to turn. His back arched with a blood gurgling scream from himself as his head grew fur all over it. As this happened, his shirt began to rip as his muscular structure grew greatly. His pants ripped and a tail popped through the back. The book-bag the boy was holding broke and fell to the ground. Before anyone knew it, there was a werewolf in their presence.

The now werewolf growled and howled. He destroyed stuff and ripped peoples bags as he tried reaching for there necks. Eventually, he turned back revealing the same boy from before with a more confused look on his face than before. He walked back over to his bag and put on new pants and a new shirt. Avry walked over to the boy and said, with an admiring smile "Hi, I'm Avry."

Meanwhile, a mysterious girl grabbed a Kelren by the wings and gave her a little...flying advice. Though Duine didn't like the idea of someone holding her wings, she took the pointers the girl had given her. Little out a soft "Okay", she was let go and listened to the rest of what the girl was saying. Then, when she finally introduced herself as Annettia, the other unicorn girl said her name was Fiona. Then, though it was quietly, Duine said "Duine Beag" and continued to hover. Then watched a werewolf with interest.

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Goyte's legs moved with the small girl, they ran off together to her next class. It felt like the world became only a work of art, all colors blended together, time was nothing more than a past thought, her small hand in his was the moment. Beauty shinned throughout his eyes, nothing made sense but that was completely okay.
They stopped a few yards from the class room she needed to be, when Goyte stopped, and pulled the girls hand, moving her whole body to be pressed against him, it was a hug.
Goyte hated this. It did not feel natural, human clothes were uncomfortable and were meaningless. They did not protect anything or give strength. They also kept two people feeling each other, which was a important to the Jurehaks.
He let go and left Fiona once again, trying to hurry to his next class. The idea of speaking to her again was too much to bare.

Una just stood watching with much enjoyment but as the girl ran off, it was almost disappointing, she needed to know what that thing was. And before Una could understand what was all happening, another voice came and called her a name.
"What an Elronde" Thought Una as the other girl took off.
It must have meant "freak", or "cursed one", it was painful hearing a word that had no way of knowing the meaning.
"I'm six foot!" Una screamed after the girl, thinking she was talking about her height being so small for an elf, as so many others had done before. Though it was her shoes that made her the height, but to Una it should count.
"I'm six foot." She repeated to herself, trying to keep the tears back. "I'm six foot."
As she pushed through the pain she found herself on the piano, her fingers typed on the keys. She kept at touching each one becoming more involved with it, when she began to play a song, it was not a real song, not one from the human world, but one that would have made her father proud.
"I'm six foot, I'm an elf, I'm not a mistake." She whispered into a melody.

Fecicite was in his true form after his class ended. He was tired of trying to be in human form all day, it was exhausting and some what painful. He was laying in grass when something caught his attention, lighting, something he had only seen once, it was when humans came to his world and destroyed lives for game, but this time was different, this time it was followed by music. His long black legs galloped across the courtyard where he came into connect with a girl. She sat on the ground playing the violin.
There in the yard stood a black unicorn looking in the eyes of a race of people who killed his kind and all that he could do was stare.