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Una Tayma

"You look weird. hehehe."

0 · 286 views · located in Scotland, Brothanes Academy

a character in “When Teenagers Collide.”, as played by Tarnished_Gold



[Name: Una Tayma.

Appearance: Blonde hair that falls down to her back, soft porcelain skin. Wears very little clothing, high shoes(though standing at five foot seven, it is short to Elves. Shoe makes Una six foot.)

Race(explain what makes them that race): Her pointing ears, and magical powers.

Age: fourteen

Gender: Female

Bio: Una is not like most Elves, most are calm and respectable, Una is wild, fun loving, out spoken and almost a shame to the rest of her kind. Making her the perfect subject to go into a whole new world. There is no one to blame for her behavior and her shortness, "it is just a birth defect" they claim. Leaving Una to fight for perfection.

History: Una was born early by a few months, and with her birth came death. Causing some to say Faries cursed her, and making it understandable for her short height. She was always a part of the clan but not always felt welcome.

Year: Tenth (Elves are smarter than humans.)

What do they always carry:A book that contains secrets, and a bracelet her mother wore.

So begins...

Una Tayma's Story

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Goyte sat in class daydreaming not understanding the lesson completely, and having his eyes fixed on the door.
"I guess she never find the class." He smirked as he thought of her being all alone looking around crying, the thought of a unicorn cry made Goyte rethink, and he had decided to go after all, just to make sure, when the door open.
She stood there so clumsy and afraid, nothing like a unicorn. And she was so beautiful, he wanted to touch her, but just put his head down avoiding making eye contact. He did watch her get scolded, and as she looked so fragile it, feelings of protection set in, but he fought them and just watched with sorrow.
As Goyte watched Fiona out of the coner of his eye all class period, he found his feelings of hate towards her go out the window.

In a classroom across the school was other classroom troubles.
Alec had been late to class having his teacher hold him, and talk about something, so when he sat at his desk most of the commotion had died down, though it was weird seeing all the different types of creatures. His dumb look stayed on his face even while looking at the teacher as he spoke of something, it was hard to catch on with all the ruckus that had just happened. But Alec couldn't help but want to follow the fly that had left, but being the non-advantageous type just stayed in his desk, looking bored. His thoughts returned to other girls in the class, some had fairly large breast, which made class enjoyable, so his eyes often went down to woman's "second" pair of eyes, having making complete eye contact several times.
When class ended, Alec went to talk to the teacher, to explain his lateness, but before he could reach him, he was gone.

Elia watched Annette get smacked in the face, and then ran away. Elia had thought she was crying which was the reason she ran off, and though he just stood there for a moment taking all in what had just happened, he soon find himself running, running after all. But before he knew it was completely out of sight.

Una sat in class trying to stay still for a moment when it became too hard. Her large high heels tapped on the floor keeping noise was one of her few talents. Some classmates became annoyed and spoke up, but Una was too lost in her drumming of pencil at the same beat of her foot. Music was always relaxing when nerves were up.
Sadly the rest of the peers and teacher did not agree. The teacher was an older man, with wrinkles on his wrinkles, causing Una to hold her tongue while she watched each wrinkle become one as the man spoke. His voice was drone and high(for a man of his age), it was more distracting than her tapping, thought Una, but as she was requested, she left to wonder the halls.
Upon walking the halls she heard a noise, a slow, steady, noise that was music.
It was the first time hearing a piano and the first time Una cried at a beautiful noise. She ran every way until she found herself in the room with the other girl playing, it was magical, and perfect. All fear of being in a whole new realm left as the music played.

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#, as written by RjWaltz
Ace walked stealthily through the halls, weaving through students in order to get outside. He slipped a cigarette out of his pack and slid it behind one ear, for safe keeping. Despite the noise of the other students, he could still hear the faint music of the piano from before. Ace found himself outside, and took a deep breath of the fresh air. Quickly, he ducked behind a tree, hiding himself from view from any teachers who may or may not come looking for him. He placed the cigarette in his mouth and cracked open his metal lighter, firing a blue flame out of it. The cigarette tip glowed red as he inhaled.

Finally, he thought, exhaling a puff of smoke. A few students walked by, causing him to hide a bit further. The last thing he needed were troubled teens asking to bum smokes off of him. Although he felt sure no one could see him, he couldn't shake the feeling that he was followed. Quickly, he finished his cigarette, and tossed the butt into a trash can as he walked back inside. Apparently, the bell was about to ring, since there seemed to be a wave of students in the halls. With an exasperated sigh, Ace began wading through the students, trying to get back to his classroom.
"Oh, come on, make room, would ya?" He called out, but to no avail. He only hoped his next group of students wouldn't burn the place down by the time he finally got back to class.

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Liam was in art, outside, and was suppose to be sketching. But he was just sitting there a moment watching all the kids mess around. There was a group of guys - jocks, to be exact - that were just talking and being all loud. And there was a group of guys - preppy girls like cheerleaders - who were also talking. It bored Liam, this world. It was so plain. Liam stood and walked around, looking at everyone's s sketches. They were good, and all Liam had was a sketch of a hand reaching up towards...what? Liam didn't even know, but it described how he felt somehow.

Liam saw a Kelren fly down from a tree. He couldn't see anyone in the tree because of the leave, so he walked closer. Looking through the leaves and branches, Liam saw a girl. A pretty girl. Like every teenage guy when they see a pretty girl at sight, Liam thought he might actually be in love. That's when impressing this girl became his soul purpose. He stared at her a minute, turning the bill of his cap to the back so it wouldn't be in the way. Just then, he jumped up and grabbed the a branch. He pulled himself up on the branch and straddled it. Liam was now sitting on the branch in front of the girl.

He gave the girl a small smile - a smile he calls the Flirting Smile - and said "Hey, girlie. How's it goin'?"

Meanwhile, Avry jump off the piano as she saw a young girl walk in the room. Avry landed on the floor as a spider. As she ran across the floor, she shifted into a mouse. When she came up on the girl - that Avry could now tell was an elf - she jumped up and turned into a Kelren - or more like a smaller version of herself with wings - and sat on the elfin girls shoulder. "She's good, isn't she?" Avry whispered into the elfins ear. Than continued to listen.

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So immersed into the music was she, that Annette did not seem to realize that her eyes had fallen closed. To the outsider, she was the perfect picture of serenity. On the inside, it was a mirror of her appearance, for the music had calmed her enough to soothe her inner turmoil.

It was quite some time before she found that she was able to stop. The music slowed, her left foot pressing down on the center pedal in order to quiet it, and her right foot on the far right pedal to hold the notes out and cause them to echo slightly. A bit of a ritardando here, a decrescendo there ...

The second song faded completely.

Annette sat on the slightly cushioned bench for a moment longer, her fingers lingering on the keys, before finally allowing her eyes to open. It was then that she noticed the spider and the girl that had entered the music room sometime throughout the two songs that she had played.

She was quiet, too surprised that the listeners were there to say anything. After a moment, she pushed herself to her feet. "Hello," she said softly, her purple eyes moving over to meet first the spider's, and then the Elf's. "Annette. My name is Annette. It is a pleasure to meet you both. However, I believe that it would be best if I retreated to the nurse's office, and have her look at my face. Although my healing abilities are strong, I have yet to attain the knowledge of how to heal myself," she stated simply. "So, I shall bid you both ado, and ... See you later?" she offered with an uncertain smile. With that, she turned on her heal and exited the room, her bag close to her body.

It wasn't hard to find the infirmary, and the nurse quickly took care of her nose and split lip. She was told that she was developing a black eye, her nose was broken, and her lip would require stitches.

Humans could be so terribly clumsy at times.

After the nurse stitched her lip and bandaged her nose, she was allowed to leave and, now bandaged up and her calm self once more, she wandered out of the infirmary. Without a definite place in mind as to where she was planning to head to, she wandered, as she always had.

It was when she reached an area seemingly abandoned by students. It was still in school grounds, but there wasn't a soul in sight. Now was as good a time as any to practice.

She took in a small breath, let it out slowly, and closed her yes. In an attempt to help her mind empty itself, she focused on one area that she knew well.


After placing her bag on the ground and removing her spell-book, she flipped it open to the weather spell she had been focusing on in the past few months.

"Matris Terra , EGO voco thee exhibeo exibeo levitas ..."

She repeated this phrase, and after several repetitions, lightning shattered through the sky, yet no rain fell. It occurred several times, and with one, final parting flash, she stopped, as did the lightning.

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Avry smiled as she sat on the shoulder of the elf girl and listened to the music. She seemed to have blanked out, but came back to earth when the music stopped and she heard the girl speak. Annette Avry mused with a smiled. Just as she was about to fly out and shift to herself again, Annette left with a hurry. Making it clear that she was probably embarrassed and felt awkward that she was being watched.

With a nod, Avry flew off the elf girls shoulder and shifted back into her "true" form in front of the girl. "Well, that was entertaining, wasn't it, Elronde?" Avry said to the elf-girl, calling her the name of an elf from the Lord of the Rings movies. She then gave the girl a awkward smile and nodded then patted the girl on the check. "See-ya' later, Elronde" Avry added before going behind the girl and out the door to wander down the hallway.

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Goyte's legs moved with the small girl, they ran off together to her next class. It felt like the world became only a work of art, all colors blended together, time was nothing more than a past thought, her small hand in his was the moment. Beauty shinned throughout his eyes, nothing made sense but that was completely okay.
They stopped a few yards from the class room she needed to be, when Goyte stopped, and pulled the girls hand, moving her whole body to be pressed against him, it was a hug.
Goyte hated this. It did not feel natural, human clothes were uncomfortable and were meaningless. They did not protect anything or give strength. They also kept two people feeling each other, which was a important to the Jurehaks.
He let go and left Fiona once again, trying to hurry to his next class. The idea of speaking to her again was too much to bare.

Una just stood watching with much enjoyment but as the girl ran off, it was almost disappointing, she needed to know what that thing was. And before Una could understand what was all happening, another voice came and called her a name.
"What an Elronde" Thought Una as the other girl took off.
It must have meant "freak", or "cursed one", it was painful hearing a word that had no way of knowing the meaning.
"I'm six foot!" Una screamed after the girl, thinking she was talking about her height being so small for an elf, as so many others had done before. Though it was her shoes that made her the height, but to Una it should count.
"I'm six foot." She repeated to herself, trying to keep the tears back. "I'm six foot."
As she pushed through the pain she found herself on the piano, her fingers typed on the keys. She kept at touching each one becoming more involved with it, when she began to play a song, it was not a real song, not one from the human world, but one that would have made her father proud.
"I'm six foot, I'm an elf, I'm not a mistake." She whispered into a melody.

Fecicite was in his true form after his class ended. He was tired of trying to be in human form all day, it was exhausting and some what painful. He was laying in grass when something caught his attention, lighting, something he had only seen once, it was when humans came to his world and destroyed lives for game, but this time was different, this time it was followed by music. His long black legs galloped across the courtyard where he came into connect with a girl. She sat on the ground playing the violin.
There in the yard stood a black unicorn looking in the eyes of a race of people who killed his kind and all that he could do was stare.