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When Teenagers Collide.

Scotland, Brothanes Academy


a part of When Teenagers Collide., by Tarnished_Gold.


Tarnished_Gold holds sovereignty over Scotland, Brothanes Academy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Scotland, Brothanes Academy is a part of When Teenagers Collide..

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Fiona Hiyachi [30] "The Earth has music for those who listen..."
Annettia Strattonia [27] "With love and hatred battling within me, I'm afraid I may destroy myself completely."
Ace "Chopsticks" Diamond [24] "Uniquely quaified, huh? Well, I've been called worse."
Goyte Aime [23] "This is a new chance, a new begining."
Elia Desi [21] "Is school almost over?"
Avry Thomson [12] "I wonder if they got anything worth taking..."
Àstrid Rue [12] "I don't understand."
Koko Nova [11] "So you're like a real human?"
Duine Beag [9] "I wonder what they do."
Sky Hanley [8] "I hate this place."

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Character Portrait: Liam WelFiar Character Portrait: Fae Oakwood
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#, as written by Jynxii
Fae Oakwood

Fae glanced up from sketching her adopted homeland as a male voice interrupted her thoughts. "Hey, girlie. How's it goin'?" Oh, lord… is he for real? Her blue hues looked down from her perch in the tree at him, noticing the goofy grin on his face. “Does that line normally work where you come from, or are you just really that unoriginal?” She stared at him with a bored expression on her face, a twinge of annoyance in her voice. Obviously this was the type of guy who took art classes to impress girls, and no because he actually cared about art.

Then her eyes trailed down his torso to the sketch in his hand. A delicately drawn hand, stretching outwards towards… something. Her heart twisted, and her brows merged together. Maybe he wasn’t just some dumb boy, after all. She shifted on the limb to dangle her legs off the side as she leaned down with an outstretched hand. “Let me see that,” she said, genuinely interested and completely forgetting her snarky attitude before. She couldn’t see the hand very well from her angle in the tree, but if he would let her hold the sketch, she would be able to take a better look at it.

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Character Portrait: Avry Thomson Character Portrait: Liam WelFiar Character Portrait: Angel Olivia Lovejoy Character Portrait: Fae Oakwood
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Avry was nearly toward the door to yet another hallway at the large school when the girl she had helped came up. Avry had a small smileon her face and a slightly raised eyebrow as she watched the girl try to get out whatever she had so say. Once she said it, Avry's smile grew a little larger. "Hey, it was no problem. I just did what was the right thing to do." Avry said as she continued walking.

Meanwhile, Liam smiled at the girl. Then when she said something about his greeting, his heart went down a little. That's just how he greeted people, he didn't know it was a line or anything. No one had ever called it an unoriginal line on Earthin. When the girl asked to see his drawing, Liam handed it to her with hardly any emotion on his face as he waited for her to say something about the picture like it was unrealistic, or not properly shaded, or how unoriginal it was. Frankly, Liam didn't really care anymore.

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Character Portrait: Avry Thomson Character Portrait: Angel Olivia Lovejoy
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Angel followed her slowly at first but then a little quicker. She wanted to know more about her. As she followed behind her she felt like a dog, which she very much disliked, but she sent that aside and spoke. "Um my name is Angel, if it isn't a burden may I ask where your going" Wow she though to herself she sounded like a complete idiot, but she didn't know how else to talk to her, or get her attention.

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Character Portrait: Avry Thomson Character Portrait: Angel Olivia Lovejoy
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"Well, Angel," Avry said, stopping a minute and stepping back to where she was next to Angel. Avry out an arm around Angel's shoulders and walked with her. "I'm going to fine the dorm rooms before it's lights out and the guards come out." Avry said with a smile, making her eyes a littler wider. "And, I'm Avry by the way. I think Angel's a nice name. You're a human, right?" Avry said, rambling on slightly. She just didn't want the girl, Angel, to feel awkward, not that her having an arm around Angel would help, but she liked being handy with people for whatever reason.