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Andrew Rederson

An agent for the FBI who went too far in the Ali case and was pulled from it. Taking it in kind by quitting the agency, Andrew now answers only to himself. He is now at the crossroads of his ideals, with Hataf on one side and his Nation on the other.

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a character in “When the Lion Wakes”, as played by Hunter_Killer


The (Ideal) Questions

Full name of Character: Andrew Christopher Rederson
Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name: Some silly compromise between his parents. His mother wanted to name him Christopher and his father wanted to name him Andrew. Kind of makes sense to make one the middle name I guess. Most times he keeps it as a C. on his papers or says he doesn't have a middle name.
Nickname: Andy, Anderson, Neo, Chipper
Reason for nickname: Andy was the nickname he held through his school years, friends found it funny or something like that. Hell he can't remember. Anderson and Neo were a small craze his real "friends" went through with those Matrix movies or whatever. Though it was real cute to take his first name and last name to make the name. Chipper was his old nickname in work. Yea... really described his attitude, the repetitive arguments and all.
Race: Human
Occupation/class: Former RBI Agent, until those pricks tried to pull him from the Ali case. Now he works alone.
Social class: Not rich or poor, maybe middle class, but who the hell can tell in the good old US of A. Am I right?

Physical Appearance:

Age: 38
How old they appear: Some people say he looks younger than he is when he smiles but he can hardly remember when in hell that was.
Eye Color: A smooth blue with a touch of green, just to mix it up and screw with people that ask.
Glasses or contacts? Contacts, if he wore glasses his glare might just be able to sizzle you like an ant.
Hair color length and style: Light brown hair with a mixture of golden blond, cut short, and lightly covering his ears with a slight curl to it. Most people call it a swimmer or water polo player's hair cut but who knows eh? It is his style for all they care.
Weight and height: 6' 2" and a fare 215 lbs all muscle.
Type of body (build): Not overly bulky, like some drug induced wall of meat football player as he calls them. He is trim and balanced, for something along the lines of swimming or some sport most people never watch.
Skin tone and type (i.e., harry, slimy, scaly, oily, fair, burns easily): Tans easily yet doesn't really burn.
Shape of face: Narrowed towards the chin with thin cheek bones and a moderate forehead, he could be anyone for all we know...
Distinguishing marks (dimples, moles, scars, birthmarks, etc.): A crooked nose that bends slightly to his right, a parting gift from one Hataf member he found. He also has a collection of... memorabilia.... along his back and chest, most are cigarette burns and minor cuts, from other cases.
Predominant feature: His nose is the only thing that really signals out who he is... if you ignore the frown that seems to be set in stone on his face and the look like he wants to strangle you if you give him the wrong look. The usual face of someone who quite... you know how it is.
Is he healthy? In more shape than those other goons in the Agency. At least he knows the meaning of the word exercise.
If not, why not? Or why are they healthy? Not that hard to figure out really. Stops at the pool and gym three to four times a week and usually does a run on Fridays, but he isn't a tool or an exercise freak. No not at all.
Do they look healthy? Why/why not? It really doesn't show since he isn't one to show off, but if he chases you down, you better hope you can keep on running cause he won't stop to take a breather for you.


Char’s favorite color: He kind of has this thing for white, don't ask why he really can't say.
Least favorite, why? Right now blue and red come to mind, they just really piss him off, don't ask alright.
Music? He has this interest in rock music, none of that metal and screaming crap the kids are into, he enjoys the ones that don't make your ears bleed.
Least favorite music, why? Metal, Screamo, Rap and everything else that just makes a dying cat sound beautiful. Crazy kids and their want to go deaf at 21.
Food: Enjoys a medium rare steak with mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans. A good old fashioned meal even he can cook.
Literature: He has a thing for the Mystery books and the ones involving detectives and strange cases.
Expressions: Other than frowning or looking like he wants to bash your skull in? Boy there is a tough one.
Expletives (curse): Oh he takes them all as they come, why waste a perfectly good word cause it is considered bad?
Mode of transport: At the moment he drives a 1969 Pontiac Firebird, painted dark blue and redone to fit him. It was his dream car as a kid and it took him forever to find one. Don't mess with his car.
Hobbies: Frequent visits to the gun range to practice firing his weapon. Most are targets with the name Ali written over them.
How do they spend a rainy day? Usually out drinking or racing down the streets in his firebird, but now-a-days it is spent in alley ways hunting down the Hataf.



Are they a daredevil or cautious? Once cautious and making sure nothing is wrong to an almost 180 in personality, He can sometimes be reckless or careful, depending on what emotions are at play.
Do they act the same alone as when with someone? It is almost like the partner isn't even there and has no effect on his actions
Habits: He has developed a strange habit when he is at home to constantly checking his cell phone... waiting for his daughter to call him and tell him to pick her up from school.
Drinks: Every couple of nights he will stop down at some local bar to have a few beers.
How much: He'll tell you it was two but the bartender can tell you it was closer to four or five.
Greatest Strength: When he is sober, It would have to be his mind which is good at deciphering problems and forming a plan or strategy
Greatest Weakness: His drinking.
Soft spot: His one true soft spot was taken from him during a Hataf bombing.
Biggest Vulnerability: Those unstable nights where he has to go grab a few drinks to help him forget. Those are the nights it is easiest to approach him or draw him into something he might normally refuse.


Most at ease when: He is rarely at ease though he does seem to settle a bit when he is drunk. Just don't mention family or his daughter.
Most ill at ease when: Almost always. His frown may make him seem like a rough guy but is nothing to what he is like on the inside, always ready to shift the blame to somewhere else
Priorities: His priorities are fairly strait though they seem impossible. The first is to find Hataf and the second is to make those responsible for his pain to pay.
Philosophies: He used to have a philosophy on keeping a happy family but one could say it went up in flames.
How they feel about themselves: There isn't a night that he doesn't sit in his bed staring up at the ceiling and wondering... blaming himself for his daughter's death.
If granted one wish what would it be, why? To see his daughter one more time and tell him he loved her. That morning he had a fight with his daughter because she tried to fake her report card to cover for a bad grade. That night he was waiting in the morgue to help identify her body.


Introvert or extrovert? Why? Extremely Introverted, thanks to that one day in his life he shut everyone out.
Drives and motives: His drive is the death of his daughter, his motive is to make the people that killed her pay.
Talents: When he is sober, or as he was in his past, he was able to take apart a scenario under pressure and form a plan that would stay rock solid until the end.
Extremely skilled at: Tracking a suspect or target
Extremely unskilled at: Keeping his cool
Good characteristics: Some might say he has a good heart or he means for better but even he can't tell those lies to himself any more.
Character flaws: His drinking problem, fixation on the Hataf group, introverted life style and a sense of over generalizing the blame for his daughter’s death that might come around on another target.
Mannerisms: Usually involves him opening and closing his hands when his is angry or constantly rubbing his brow when stressed.
Biggest regret: Not being able to save his daughter.
Minor regrets: Divorcing his wife, Not being nicer to his daughter
Biggest accomplishment: In his mind, it was quitting the agency to go off on his own without all that damn paper work
Minor accomplishments: A few notable cases completed as a field agent, though none he can really recall now.


One word they would use to describe themselves: Tired.
One paragraph of how they would describe themselves: A long struggle of long hours for the FBI and for what? To get a divorce and loose his only daughter to the Hataf and when he takes the initiative gets pulled from the case. A long string of failures from quitting his job to freelance work looking for Hataf combined with drinking. A real winner... Yea right.
What do they consider their best physical characteristic and why: His poker face, since it makes it hard for all but the most experienced of people to know when he is lying.
The worst one? Why? His frown, as it tends to discourage social contact.
Are they realistic assessments? No one would argue about that, if you were asking that.
How they think others preserve them: He honestly could care less but he is certain he has heard a bartender or two comment that he looks like a man who might have lost everything.

Interaction with other people:

How do they relate to others: He gets off as an angry guy who is more likely to beat you with your own words, rather than talk and get to know you.
How are they perceived by strangers: A man to ignore and avoid if at all possible.
Friends: None.
Wife/husband/lover: His wife Crystal divorced him after what happened to their daughter, since she was really the only thing keeping them together.
What do people like most about this char: Hard to find anything they like but most comment that he does seem to have a goal that doesn't let him slip into depression... If only they knew what that goal was.
What do they dislike most about them: His bad vibe and out there personality that makes him almost impossible to get close or talk to.



Type of childhood: Being an only child wasn't as bad as some make it out to be, and he got to enjoy time with his parents when they weren't at work.
First Memory: It would have to be Christmas morning, when he was seven years old, and his parents bought him a puppy, a chocolate lab Benny.
Most important child hood event that still effects him/her: The day his father walked out on his mother and she raised him by herself.
Why? It was what convinced him to remain married to his wife, to make his daughter's life be as "normal" as possible.
Religion: Christian by name but has hasn't seen a priest or any sight of a church for a long time, with the exception of his daughter's funeral.
Finances: Once it was a nice payment for being a senior field agent now it is whatever he can earn with free lance work, though a pizza is more like a fancy meal to him.


Mother: Samantha Rederson
Relationship with her: She raised Andrew by herself when his father walked out on them. She was always there for him.
Father: Brentt Rederson
Relationship with him: A man who only had a few childhood memories with Andrew. Some involved camping or a fun sport but this Navy Captain had other things in mind when he left his family.
Other extended family: There might have been a cousin at one time or another but Andrew has fallen out of touch with his family. He doesn't really want to see any of them in their happy lives either.
Close? Why or why not: A close as the sun is to Earth.

The Story Behind the Man

Andrew Rederson, age 37, is a senior field agent tasked with discovering a suspected Hataf Sleeper Cell. After hours, if not days, of searching and tracking down names, a big lead comes from an anonymous tip. The whole idea and area stank of a trap or something else, but at this point Andrew would take anything he could get his hands on. Arriving to the scene early the next day, it was discovered that the possible Hataf Cell cleaned house and closed shop. What he did find, after half an hour sweeping the location, were some tossed plans for some sort of hit and residue for a weapon of some kind. That was when the bomb went off...

Rushing to the scene it didn't take long for something to sink in. The location of the bombing, a bus stop near a usually crowded set of restaurants and shops, was on the direct path home his daughter, age 15, took home from school. Immediately calling some of her friends and asking the school if his daughter left or had remained, the fear of such a possibility became a heavier presence in his mind until it happened. He found her bag, a gift he got last Christmas. A bag she had been asking for, for almost a year now. With it came the remains that looked almost nothing like a daughter. Grief struck him.

After the funeral Andrew pushed to continue on the Hataf case and started to become more "erratic and wild in the work place". It wasn't long until he was deemed "unfit" and pulled from the case. Andrew responded with his resignation to continue his work on his own, and it has been that way ever since. Now he can only focus on making the ones that killed his daughter "pay for the sins and hurt they cast upon his life." It was a pledge he made, with the fires of vengeance burning in his eyes.

So begins...

Andrew Rederson's Story