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Carla Medici

"I've been called shallow before, but I think they are just jealous."

0 · 881 views · located in Rose, Italy

a character in “When The Moon Rises”, as played by JokerofSpades




Name: Carlotta Adrianna Medici
Nickname: Carla is her designated 'go-to' name, unless you wanna be sweet on her. If codenames are still in style, she used to go by the Vixen.
Age: 21 and holding. Okay, maybe not, but 36 isn't that far off now is it?
Birth Date: July 9th
Race: Cacciatori: killer of all things odd and unanimously sexy.
Sexuality: Aren't you a curious little thing... Bisexual.

Parties - yes, she is considered past her prime, but that isn't stopping her.
Sports - mostly soccer and javelin, but is very well rounded in all forms of athletics
Pole Dancing - but not the way your thinking, creep. She is very protective of this hobby, as she sees it as an art form and only performs it in front of those that see it in the same way. Or to show off how much muscle work it actually takes.
Clothing in general.
Chemistry and Chemicals

Being thought of as 'loose' or 'useless'
Being stuck up
Crude language
Having no motive
Biology and Physics - she sees them as the useless sciences.

Fear of being used: her life has always been a game of who could use the other first, it was just the nature in which she was brought up. While Carla had always been able to keep up and stay out of harms way, she constantly fears that she will one day fall to another's game and be used.

Fear of sexual abuse: More on this in her history, but it wasn't her that was attacked. That doesn't stop the fear, however - it is a similar fear to the one above.

Fear of thunder: More of a childish fear than anything, but Carla had always been deathly afraid of thunder as a child. The sound still gives her shivers and uneasiness, but not a complete fear.

Get out of the profession/Settle the hell down - odd for a successful Cacciatori to actually want out of the profession, but Carla has started to become sick of the job. She has no problem killing vampires, werewolves and whatever else decides to be not human. No, Carla is just getting tired of the same scene over and over again; she wants to do something different with her life, and feels the yearning to find some guy that can actually handle and stay with her for longer than a night or so, and see what happens from there.

Pursue her love of Chemistry - if, perchance, you catch Carla on a day in which she decides not to leave her house, you may find her doing multiple things. The one thing that some people don't know of, however, is her experimentation with chemistry. She absolutely loves the idea of bringing together different elements and compounds to create something completely different - that she is completely in control of the outcome if she measures and adds correctly. She creates her own poisons and concoctions for her nights out, and uses the vampires and werewolves as test subjects if she can - at least, she used to.

Prudence - For the amount of flirting and teasing Carlotta will do, she actually has only slept with a few people in her lifetime: let's just say that she easily can count the number of people with two hands. Carla actually looks down on those that sleep around a lot, which few people actually know because of how she acts.

Her Dreams - Carla hasn't told any of the Cacciatori that she doesn't overly enjoy her job anymore. Why? Her family runs fairly deep with the Cacciatori faction, and she knows that coming out with some 'crackpot' dream that has started to 'poison' her mind would not go overly well with her family or the faction. So she keeps quiet, plotting from the sidelines ways of getting out cleanly and safely with the least amount of damage.

Personality: To put it simply, Carla is a beautiful actress in the wrong scene for actresses.

On the outside, Carla comes off as a massive tease and flirt. She has no problem interacting with either sex, especially at social gatherings or parties. Her antics have been known to drive many women considered 'proper' or 'feminists' to absolutely hating her guts, as they see her as a slutty, loose girl, desperate for her age and driven only by sex. It certainly doesn't help that Carla also can be highly shallow: instead of caring about 3rd world problems, or discussing serious issues, she can be found surrounded by her friends discussing the latest fashion. Sure, there are days where she will discuss how to solve their political issues or other duties fit for one of her status, but Carlotta would rather shirk those responsibilities and go party.

Doesn't she have as much personality as a cardboard box? That's exactly what she wants. In truth, Carlotta Medici is a manipulative, conniving and mischievous woman with a serious attitude. She holds herself to a high standard, and often looks down on those that sleep around a lot; Carla sees her flirting and teasing as harmless, meaningless and a means to an end. Carla grew up in a vicious world in which backstabbing was the norm, and manipulating was the only way to survive, so she is naturally a product of her upbringing. Information and gossip are hobbies that she knows all to well, and her shallow and naive act is the easiest way for people's tongues to loosen: well, that and cleavage.

Among the Cacciatori, she mostly removes her act to reveal her fairly hot-headed and conniving attitude, but still keeps an air of shallowness around to keep many of the Cacciatori from approaching her. Most of this is because, again from her upbringing, she believes that she cannot trust anybody. Everybody is for themselves, to raise themselves up. Which also makes her more adamant towards the supernatural than most of her brethren; she really just doesn't care about their crusade to the same degree. Sure, she will kill them, but some of the targets are pretty sexy, and that makes her slightly sad when she has to stab them through the heart.

Just think of Carla as the Daisy (Great Gatsby) of the present, only more violent and with a bit more flesh underneath. And not married.

Flirtatious | A 'Tease' | Conniving | Mischievous | Elegant | 'Shallow' | Manipulative | Dedicated | Hot-Headed

Place of Origin: Roma, Italia.

So after hearing about this vicious world that Carla had been born into, where was she born? The slums, a gang? Nope - the world of the Italian celebrities.

Born to Italian superstars Carlo and Maria Medici (who, by the way, have no real connection to the Medici's of the Renaissance, but they like to think they do), Carlotta was born on July 9th, second to her twin sister Adrianna. Together, the twin girls grew up with the vicious life of celebrity get togethers, parties and classy meals. How, you ask, is that vicious? Well, for these two girls, it certainly seemed that way. They were being chased by paparazzi every day of the year, had to partake in gossip games while appearing elegant and collected, and were always told to think of as PR stunts. Yes, the only reason they were alive was because Carlo and Maria wanted to boost their own career, and that was made quite clear to the young girls before they even hit grade 1. Their parents rarely cared much for them, unless they were in the spotlight or in an interview. They used the excuse that they were too busy with their jobs.

Too busy indeed, for both of them were Cacciatori members as well as film stars. You would think that such an important part of their lives would have come to light, but Carlo and Maria were excellent in their escapes from the media, stating they were out of fooling around. Nevertheless, Carlotta never caught on very well with the whole scene of popularity: instead, she would doodle with her sister and their private tutors, more shy than a mouse. Adrianna, on the other hand, caught the spotlight instantly, making headlines being the newest child sensation. She would come home and share of her adventures, and Carlotta would listen intently. Well, at first it was intently: soon, however, it turned into feigned concern. See, Carlotta had gotten sick of the popularity that her sister had gained, sick of constantly hearing. They began fighting already as kids before they hit eleven, with Carla always outbursting at how she was sick of her sister's gloating and Adrianna running off crying. At 13 years of age, the twins were already worlds apart, and Carla realized how lonely her world had become. It was at 13 when it dawned on her: she had to pretend to care, and the world would pretend back until they believed her.

So began her shallow personality: it started small, and kept that way for the most part, but it got Carlotta out there more. The two sisters became twin stars throughout the Italian media, and by 17 the two sisters were starting to reconcile their differences. Even though Carla was pretending to be shallow, she understood her sister and her wanton desire to become famous and loved by others to replace the love of her parents.

It only lasted a year, until Adrianna was 18 when she was raped. The details were never fully explained to Carla; from what she could gather, Adrianna was trying to escape the paparazzi by ditching her guards, and instead ran into two 'fans' of her show. From then on, Adrianna was never the same: she would cry herself to sleep, eat periodically, and would stay in her room for days on end. Carla, horrified by the events, soon realized that their world was turning on them as many people, her father (who had now left their mother a few years back), said that Adrianna wasn't raped; it was a PR stunt. A few months after her rape, Adrianna was found in her room, her wrists slit.

Carla didn't know how to handle it all; it was too much. So instead of dealing with her problem, she dealt with it in a sideways manner: killing other people. Yep, since she and her sister Adrianna had been 6, they had been within the Cacciatori. Something about how children of the Cacciatori had to be able to protect themselves. While it was cool at first to be part of a secret organization, both Adrianna and Carla drifted away. Adrianna thought of it sick and stupid, and officially dropped the organization at 14; Carla didn't really leave, but drifted off by 15. With her sister dead, Carla returned to see if she could let off steam. To put it easily, it really didn't.

So Carla changed herself; her middle name was now her sisters name, her personality became more condescending and shallow to hide herself, and she became a fully functional member of the Cacciatori, dropping out of the celebrity world pretty easily. Sure, they still followed her some days to see if any new gossip would appear, but she would simply wink and blow a kiss to the camera man. She became a product of her world, and she didn't even care.

Theme Song (s): Stupid Girls - Pink

Anything else: Nada.

So begins...

Carla Medici's Story


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#, as written by Vix

ImageTensions were high as black SUVs surrounded a small home on the outskirts of Rose, Italy. Speedboats came along the waterside of the home, docking and releasing a number of men and women dressed in black and armed with crossbows, rosaries, and holy water. It was like a scene from a movie as they swarmed the house and kicked down the doors, crashing in through the windows. Who were they and why were they there? An average onlooker wouldn't have the slightest idea, figuring that the rather peaceful residents might be drug dealers. Anyone looking at the scene could tell that the residents were either not there or the suits simply didn't find what they were looking for. A rather official looking man emerged from the home, ripping off his tie and throwing it to the ground before dropping to his knees in prayer. The house was completely devoid of life, not a single trace of vampire in the home. Either the leeches knew they were coming or their source was lying. Doctor Lennox was displeased that their trip to such a pitiful excuse for a town had turned out to be a waste of a ten hour drive and three hour preparation with a team of thirty men and women. They would be back on their way to Rome now, leaving in a hurry and without a care as plans were made to torture their prisoner for correct information this time around. As they drove away, golden orbs gave a light shine from the bushes nearby. Anyone looking from the outside would have sworn to Heaven and back that it was a giant black bear that was watching them before taking off.

Location – Rose, Calabria, Italy – Luna Foresta – Casa dei Lupi Luna
Time – 5:28pm
Setting – Rose, Italy is hardly a city compared to the nearby cities of Rome, Milan, Venice, and Naples. It is still a beautiful little town, nonetheless. It's a quiet place and not really much goes on around there, easily overlooked by most people and not exactly a tourist hotspot. It is home to an ancient and proud Pack of Werewolves, though the numbers have dwindled since a major attack on them ten years ago. They are one of the many Packs that are dwindling in numbers, as many Packs across the world rarely have any more than ten or twelve members, most of them under the age of thirty. Their territories grow larger each passing month as the Cacciatori close in and wipe out the surrounding Packs. Living in Rose is also a small Coven of Vampires, finding it easier to dodge the Cacciatori than the Werewolves but still endangered as many of their fellow Immortals. The danger is not as much in Rose as it is in their neighboring big city -Venice- where the Cacciatori rule the world of daylight more so than ever. But every day, the Cacciatori get closer to discovering their whereabouts. After a close scare one week ago, the Vampires have teamed up (and moved in with) the Werewolves, hidden in the large forest outside of Rose.


“Papa! Papa!” Janelle was the first to greet her father as he walked through the door. The burly man had anticipated her jump and caught her midair, swinging around with her. “Janelle, quello che ti ho detto di battere la gente a scuola?” His deep voice was stern as he stopped spinning with the small girl and watched as her green eyes were cast down. “Mantenere al minimo e non dimenticare di farle tenere la bocca chiusa.” He nodded as he set her down on the floor. “Esattamente. Quindi - La prossima volta, meglio tornare a casa per una storia la vittoria meno la chiamata dai vostri insegnanti.” The Italian man planted a kiss atop his daughter's head and ushered her off to finish her lunch before taking off up the stairs to the “Alpha Cave”. His room was the largest bedroom in the house and it was filled with things that you'd think you'd find in a hunter's lair; Trophy heads from various animals, a bear skin rug, fur blankets. The only things he didn't have were guns, having a particular distaste for the weapons.

The Alpha shed his uniform suit and tossed it into the hamper before donning a simple black tank top that hugged his cut muscles and a pair of loose denim pants, sliding a belt through the loops; he wasn't a fan of the sagging style. He let out a brief sigh of relief, hardly feeling comfortable in a suit even after so many years of being stuck in one. He ran his fingers through his thick, ebony mane as he left his room only to come face to face -sort of- with his son. Little Monster Mike looked up to his father with his innocent, soulful blue eyes as he spoke. “Ho bisogno di un nuovo libro. La Psicosintesi. E ' del dottor Assagioli tesi di dottorato.”, he stated plainly before walking away from his father to join his twin in the dining hall for steak before dinner would be started. He was hoping that his father would take them hunting.

The Alpha gave a curt nod with a lifted brow and parted his lips to warn his son about his hijinks, knowing that Monster and Trouble were planning something for the vampires, but the adorable boy was already running away to plot and chow with his sister. Shaking his head, the older man found his gaze shifting to the left. He walked down the hall some to meet a dead end where the wall was covered with picture frames holding portraits and pictures of all members of the Lupi Luna Pack, past and present. His favorite was that of himself with his mother. Janelle Chloe Carter (nee Molinelli) was one of the eight children of Alberto Molinelli and the last one to die. His mother, his uncles, his aunts, his grandmother, and his grandfather. They had all died at the hands of the Cacciatori but all of them -even himself- were too fool to look past their war with others to think the humans were capable of it. As Michael looked back now, thinking about how some things didn't add up... He knew it had been them.

And they would pay.

He didn't know when or how, but they would. Lately, he felt like giving up and sometimes he felt as though his family were all rolling over in their graves. His own brother and Beta with a vampire fetish, his Delta a halfbreed who seemed (embarrassingly) more Wolf than most of the other purebreds in the Pack, and his Scout a Half-Breed running around with a handicapped human trying to have the best of both worlds. If the pickings weren't so slim and her loyalty not so...wishy-washy, he would have killed the fool of a human by now. But, so long as he was safe (or alive, at least) she remained. Michael tended to brush off the smaller wolf when she moaned and groaned about his children harassing her and her human.

He honestly didn't care and assured her that she was doing it to herself. But, she was just a stupid kid. She wouldn't listen. That was fine. When they both realized how dangerous it was for them to be together, he wouldn't have to kill anyone. For now, he had just banned the boy from his land. While she was an irritating little thing, Juliana still had Wolf in her and her cousin, Grace needed her. Right now, he didn't have time to worry about some stupid girls though. He needed to find his brother. And Scarlet. He definitely needed to find Scarlet.

Heaving a heavy sigh, the Alpha turned away from the wall and made his way downstairs in the massive cabin out the in woods. This home was designed to house an entire Pack. As a child, he could remember when his mother ruled nearly fifty wolves. This home wasn't originally designed to be a home for everyone, but for those who had no other place to go. His grandfather had built this home with his wife and children after migrating to Rose from Rome.

It was originally just a secret summer home hidden in the hills of the forest of Luna for he and his family. Albeit, a large one. But he welcomed his Pack members when they needed a roof over their heads. It was the one place of his that the Cacciatori never found. Those who had gotten close died before coming within two hundred yards of the cabin by the lake. Michael had inherited two hundred acres of the forest from his grandfather who had been buying land for decades. It was great because it was all posted and hardly anyone trespassed. Those who did usually turned up dead anyways.

Michael had been raised in this house with twelve other young Werewolves - There were so many memories here. And now he was welcoming vampires...His grandfather and mother would take turns skinning him alive if they were standing before him right now. But maybe they would understand. This was for the survival of their races. If they knew what he knew, they wouldn't be so angry. He closed his eyes for a few moments and then opened them as he made his way into the large main dining room where his two children were hovering over a plate of raw steak and a piece of paper. They were incorrigible.

“Scarlet!” He threw his head back and called for her, letting loose a howl afterward that reverberated from every corner of the house and echoed outside as he called for his Sentinel.

It didn't take long for Scarlet to appear, an old fashioned camera in one hand while her other hand brushed leaves from her hair. “Hai chiamato?”, she said with an easy smile as she stopped in front of Michael.

Junior and Janelle looked over as Scarlet came around a corner, seemingly occupied with a camera before glancing at Michael. The children's faces lit up with bright smiles, readying themselves to dash away from the large table and embrace her with a hug - Janelle mostly wanted to tell her about the boy that she had beat up earlier at school and sent to the hospital with both legs broken. She was literally one narrowing of the eyes away from getting expelled. It was times like these when Mike wished that they had teachers in the Pack like they used to; younger Werewolves tended to have a lot of trouble getting through school with a perfect record.

Focusing on the task at hand, he gave his children a stern nod so that they returned to their scheming before wrapping Scarlet in a tight hug. “Ho fatto. Ho bisogno di tenere un occhio su alcuni dei vampiri. Non preoccupatevi di pattuglia, dovrò Grazia e Paolo su di essa in tua vece.” Scarlet happily returned Michael's hug, focusing on not thinking too much about his arms around her. “Nessun problema, Capo.” Scar replied with a playful smile as she pulled away.

He gave her a bashful smile as he reached up, towering over her even more as he did, though he was only scratching the back of his head. “E ho bisogno di guardare Ryder intorno a quelle zanne femminili ... e non esitano a dirmi quando esce di linea.” Rather than speaking of “stepping out of line” as people usually did, referring to rude or hostile behavior, he was more concerned with Scarlet checking to see if Ryder would be flirting. His dark brown eyes were pleading with hers as he looked into her blue orbs, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Scarlet placed a gentle hand over his and met his gaze, “Non ti preoccupare, terrò d'occhio la situazione.” She made a promise with a reassuring smile. He was the Alpha of the Pack so following his orders was literally written into her DNA, but with Michael, Scar would have done so anyway.

In the background, Janelle was making kissing noises and little Mike was rolling his eyes, obviously displeased. Mostly because he had a childlike crush on Scarlet, partly because his sister was being immature and he thought it was unbecoming of her. He grabbed her hand and their notebooks, exiting quickly with a glare towards his father. Michael gave a soft laugh and lifted a brow at Scarlet. “Credo che dovrei guardare fuori. So che il tuo ragazzo è pazzo geloso.” A teasing smirk appeared on his face as he let his eyes roam over the female in front of him as he quickly changed the subject to something lighter.

Scarlet couldn’t help but laugh at Michael’s remark. “Io avrei paura anche se piccolo Mike mi ha messo sulla sua lista nera.” She joked, the corners of her mouth lifting up into her own smirk. Scar ran a hand through her hair, turning slightly to watch the children leaving the dining room. “Ma non preoccuparti, io ti difenderò.” She added, her smirk turning into a grin as she gazed back up at the Michael.

“Oh? Scarlet proteggere me. Mi sento talmente sicuro.” That actually made him chuckle a bit as he tried to imagine a situation in which the much tinier female Wolf would ever be in a position to defend him. That was mostly his ego talking; He was a pretty big guy. Most people never pegged him as a doctor. They always assumed that he was a mechanic or a construction worker. Or a model. It was flattering.

Scar gave a nonchalant shrug before raising her eyebrows and smirking at the large Alpha. “Va bene allora, mi limiterò a sedersi e guardare come il mio ' fidanzato geloso ' ti insegna a non giudicare in base alle dimensioni.”, she teased, flashing Michael a cheeky smile. Scarlet couldn’t imagine a time when she would be needed to defend the giant standing in front of her, especially not against his nine year old son. That didn’t mean that she wasn’t willing to tease him about it though.

He gave her another hug as he checked his watch and gave a sigh. “Vamps dovrebbe essere sempre presto. Gioia.”


ImageOne week. For one week, she had been shoved into a room that she shared with all the other vampires. She didn't just share the room with them, she was bunking with them. Sure, the beds had curtains in front of them to be pulled shut and the beds were very comfortable and the room was light tight... But how the hell was she supposed to get any privacy sharing a bedroom with seven other vampires? It was outrageous! She didn't even have enough closet space to fit all of her clothes, having to ship quite a few outfits out to her home in Iceland. Now she only had twelve measly outfits. It was barbaric. Okay... Not really. But she did enjoy having her privacy and her choices. For the past few days, she had contemplated simply leaving for a Coven more of her...caliber. But she decided that being this close to the Wolves was a once in a lifetime opportunity that no other Coven would be able to grant her. That, and she enjoyed that none of the other vampires pried for information. Though, the lack of conflict was an absolute bore. She'd have to make some trouble later.

Regardless of whether she felt like leaving or not, here she was. She was the first to rise, her eyes open long before the sun had begun to set. She had been lying with the curtain pushed back some so that she could feel the warmth of the sun stinging the side of her face. Cheveyo's blood was wearing off and the sun was beginning to irritate her flesh but she found it comforting nonetheless. As the sun said its farewell, she pulled the small curtain over the window shut and rolled over, right out of bed. She was the first to shower out of the eight and she took her sweet time doing so. The water was hot enough to burn flesh but it didn't bother her any. She enjoyed the heat, as it reminded her of her childhood when her father would find hot springs for them to bathe in. It was always a nice break from the usual ice and snow.

She opted for a rather “Plain Jane” outfit for the night, as opposed to her usual choice of clothing that didn't quite seem to fit the small village of Rose and most certainly not the surrounding forest of Luna. But her black and white outfit was just plain enough while at the same time satisfying the vampiric necessity to look fabulous. Her hair was dry within seconds after a quick bit of pacing at top speed, leaving her hair as fabulous as she was. But perhaps that was just her ego speaking.

Pshaw! What ego? She was simply...confident.

A fanged smile of bliss on her face, she left the bathroom, her fingers curled around the silver chain that rest around her neck before making her way out of the shared bathroom, through the shared bedroom, and down. She hadn't taken too long earlier that week to map out the entirety of the massive log cabin and she had to admit that she adored the architecture. Many parts of it were newer, more modern. It had been updated to accommodate the inhabitants. But there were still unchanged parts of it that she could simply stare at all day. Like that entrance! Positively perfect!

She'd draw it later, most definitely before anything happened and they had to leave. Or, Odin forbid, the Cacciatori found them and burned down the beautiful home. But her focus right now was on the wine cellar. She had spotted a particular brand that tickled her fancy earlier that week. No, it wasn't a nice 1970 Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits, France (She doubted these Wolves could afford that), but a more recent, twelve year old bottle of Kvöldsól. It was made using krækiberries; she used to eat them as a child and the wine they made was simply amazing when mixed with some nice, organic, O positive blood.

Her fingertips trailed along the bottles until she found the right one, plucking it from the shelf and speed off to the “guest kitchen” which made her wonder why the hell they needed a guest kitchen? Did they not allow guests to dine with them? Should guests feel flattered or offended that there was an entire wing of the home just for them? Sure, the good stuff was located in the Pack's end of the house on the west, but still. She was a bit bothered when she would cross to the west side of the home and receive a few dirty looks. Either way, she was content with the cozy guest kitchen, pouring a glass of the wine and glancing up to see a young Native American man appear with a glass milk bottle filled with red liquid.

“Gott kvöld, elskan. Engin hvutti passar dag?”, he teased as he handed her the glass of blood and watched her mix it with the wine. “Gefðu hvolpinum um tuttugu mínútur eða svo. Hann verður hér.” She took a long sip before leaning back against the counter. “Fara á undan og höfuð út til Rómar til að kíkja á viðskiptavini okkar. Hittumst þar síðar.”

Their exchange was brief, the male disappearing in a flash of blue light and leaving behind a scent that made her skin tingle with warmth, reminding her of a bakery. Jack was the only other vampire she had let meet Cheveyo, but she had never told him what Chev was. As far as the majority of the world was concerned, Faeries were myths. And she was going to keep it that way. Thinking of Jack, she wondered where the young thing was right now. She wanted to go for a run with him and show him some flowers that Cheveyo had shown her centuries ago.

Translations (In order of dialogue)

“Janelle, what have I told you about beating people up at school?”
“Keep it to a minimum and don't forget to make them keep their mouths shut.”
“Exactly. So – Next time, I better come home to a victory story minus the call from your teachers.”
“I need a new book. La Psicosintesi. It's Doctor Assagioli's Doctoral Dissertation.”
“You called?”
“I did. I need you to keep an eye on a few of the vamps. Don't worry about patrol; I'll have Grace and Paolo on it in your stead.”
"No problem, Chief."
“And I need you to watch Ryder around those female fangs...And don't hesitate to tell me when he steps out of line.”
"Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on things."
“I guess I should watch out. I know your boyfriend is crazy jealous.”
"I’d be scared too if Little Mike put me on his blacklist."
"But don’t worry, I’ll defend you.”
“Oh? Scaret protecting me. I feel sooo safe.”
“Alright then, I’ll just sit back and watch as my ‘jealous boyfriend’ teaches you not to judge by size.”
“Vamps should be getting up soon. Joy.”
“Good evening, love. No doggy sitter today?”
“Give the puppy about twenty minutes or so. He'll be here.”
“Go ahead and head out to Rome to check on our clients. I'll meet you there later.”