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Stefano Klein

"I really don't fit in well: even my name doesn't match."

0 · 436 views · located in Rose, Italy

a character in “When The Moon Rises”, as played by JokerofSpades




Name: Stefano Gregory Klein
Nickname: Whatever you want to call him, he's already been called it; rude or not. But Stevie or Steven work just fine - but his real name works too.
Age: 18 - October 14
Race: Purebred werewolf, though you wouldn't be able to guess.
Powers: Stefano caries the same standard traits that all werewolves have: the heightened senses, the enhanced speed and strength, the ability to turn into a wolf. Standard stuff, except for a certain trait: see, Stevie's wolven form is a little... big. And by a little, we are talking an 8ft tall, closing in on 900 lbs wolf. Yes, he is even bigger than the Alpha - so why is he so damn big? Who knows - but it has caused him to be a little slower than the rest, in which he makes up for it in raw strength and durability.
Sexuality: Too shy and self-conscious to actually ask anybody out, but he would be a heterosexual.

The wolf pack
Being of use
Obeying orders
Being accepted
Being alone
Not sticking out
Winter animals
Tiny birds/birdwatching

Those that see him as daft
Being put in the spotlight/on the spot
Being different physically
The alpha's kids for being condescending - but you won't ever hear him say that, or even think it. He just keeps his distance, and does what he's told.
Senseless murder
Disobeying orders

Being ousted - Stevie doesn't want to be kicked out of the pack ever - it would mean having to go back to Germany alone. He came to this pack out of necessity, and they let him in. If he ever got kicked out, it would be his own fault, and he would never be able to live with himself if he new that.

The Alpha - Don't get him wrong, Stefano is grateful that the Alpha let him into the pack, but that doesn't stop him from being terrified of the man. His honour bound thought process, the strict policies of order, not to mention his scary children; the only one that seems to be anything normal out of the Alpha's family is his younger brother.

Causing harm to another of his pack - whether it by accident, or because of a mixup, Stefano wouldn't be able to handle it if any injury occured to a pack member that he was around. He already beats himself up enough for failure, but a death would end him.

Break out - not leave; no, nothing so drastic. Stefano just wants to become more independent, more free to think for himself and add to his confidence. He really doesn't like how little he thinks of himself, or of how much he thinks of how others see him - Steve wants to break free of such a life and fly like a bird, soaring through the air without a care in the world, yet still upholds its responsibilities.

Actually make it on the dating scene - the number of people that Stefano has ever been with intimately or sexually is two, and the one only lasted a few weeks before she cheated on him. The other was a fling that he hadn't expected whatsoever, but that's beside the point. Stefano, regardless of the stereotype, is rather shy and finds it difficult talking to women about how he feels. His goal? Ask somebody out on a date, and find a girlfriend that will stick with him longer than a month.

Earn some respect - sure, some people might think that his contributions to the pack have justified his existence, maybe even thought of him as useful, but Stefano doesn't hear it. Instead, he has seen himself as a freeloader, constantly needed to prove that he belongs while at the same time trying not to bother others or get in their way. Stevie just wants that hopefully one day, he will be able to accept a piece of praise given to him instead of shirking it as just luck.

Not actually a mudblood. Stefano is a purebred werewolf, through and through, and yet sees himself and tells every other werewolf he meets that he is only a half breed. Why would anyone subject themselves in such a way? Well, Stefano sees the Alpha and the others as so high above him, that calling himself a purebred would taint the waters with his filth.

Personality: Timid | Reliable | Submissive | Gentle | Innocent | Obedient | Mild-Mannered | Self-Doubting | Borderline Depressed

Stefano, the baby of the pack (if you don't count the Alpha's kids) is probably the most un-werewolf character there is.

Mildmannered and incredibly shy, Stefano doesn't do well with others and often lets anybody with a voice order him around like their manservant. His self-esteem is almost non-existent, which comes off as borderline depressed: he doesn't see himself as anybody worth mentioning or caring about, and he is fine without being a person at the front of the pack. He knows his place is at the bottom of the pack - why else would he be called Omega? - and tries his hardest to make sure that he is always useful. He will follow orders to a fault, putting himself in very dangerous situations just because another person of the pack is in danger or because he was told to. In essence, he is a manipulator's dream lackey, one that won't question orders given to him as he assumes that since the other is above him, their wishes override his own.

However, just because the guy will do whatever you ask of him doesn't make him one dimensional. When not ordered around, Stefano is a genuine and kind soul; kind of like the Gentle Giant if you will, especially when he stands at roughly 6'4. He never feels the need to rush things that aren't job or safety oriented, and enjoys company and being alone equally. When with other people, Stefano will contribute to the conversation as best as he can, but that won't be much considering how timid the man can be. He would rather monologue to a bird than attempt dialogue with a stranger. He is good-hearted, regardless of the situation: he will apologize even if it isn't entirely his fault, or go out of his way to help a stranger even if he doesn't talk to them. This makes him easy prey for those that want to take advantage of his kind and gentle heart, which is the main reason he is also quite depressed: he can tell how easily manipulated he is, and hates himself for it. Yet Stevie has never been able to find a way to break the cycle, as he always reverts to his shell of silence and a nod of the head when the going gets tough.

When it comes to being a wolf, however, Stefano loses this charm. See, every person has to have an outlet to release up any pent up feelings; Stefano's would be as a wolf. When he walks within the skin of a human, he is shy and timid, bottling all of his anger and frustration within until his transformation. It does make him a little destructive, but his core still remains; unwavering loyalty to those above him, and the need to assist those of the pack in any way he can.

Place of Origin: Stefano was born in Munich, Germany. They moved to Switzerland when he was only 10 to live in the Italian section, until he himself moved to Rose city last year to join the Pack.

History: While many things have happened within the young man's life, it can be summed up pretty well.

Stefano, as stated above, was born in the city of Munich in Germany - yet there was not a single drop of German blood within him. Instead, his parents Millina and Vimi Bagnasco were both Italian purebred werewolves - at one time, they ran with the Rose City pack like their ancestors had, loyal and unbreakable. Vimi had been Delta, while Millina had been a Scout. Yet something was different about them, and it became clear as soon as Millina became pregnant; they had no intentions of raising their child as a werewolf. Their reasoning was slightly skew, as they believed that the pack was too harsh towards children, and felt that their child would grow up better around humans and understand the balance of the world better this way. So barely 9 weeks pregnant, Millina and Vimi ran off from the pack, and severed every and all ties with the pack.

Enter Stefano, with all of his little cuteness. With their new last name, the Klein's assimilated in with the humans of the German world, with Stefano's parents sneaking off to change until he was old enough to understand. When he turned 5, they finally told the confused and scared child that he was a half-werewolf, that he was different. To Stefano, the who thing was terrifying: he changed into a wolf come a full moon, and attacked things. He had always been a passive child due to his parents raising him such, but the idea of being that different really freaked him out. A year later, his family moved for no apparent reason to the Italian side of Switzerland, to which Stefano had to learn his native tongue.

Life for Stefano never got easier; the move solidified that. He always wanted to help other people and be a generally good guy, which worked at first. Until the other kids got sick of him always helping them, and began to shun him and his odd ways (his forced secrecy about his heritage, his timid nature). Stefano didn't understand it at all, but he was slowly beginning to sink into his own mind, and his highly impressionable mind made him believe that they were right; he didn't belong, nor did he fit in. At the young age of 12, already Stefano was showing signs of possible depression. His parents didn't notice it at first, as they had their own problems to deal with by trying to evade the Cacciatori. Somehow, they had been tracked to Switzerland, and some neighbours found their behaviour suspicious; it was hard not to, seeing two adults and their teenaged son leave the house and return when they awoke. It certainly didn't help that they were residing in a remote village on the side of the mountains, and hadn't really been well liked since arriving.

At 17, Stfano's world was already crumbling fast. His grades were absolutely atrocious, his friends were birds and his parents were constantly fidgeting around the house. Thing was, that was a stable environment for him; what wasn't stable was when three people broke into his house in the middle of the night. Even though his parents knew that something was going to happen, their assailants were pretty damn good at sneaking around in the shadows. Knowing that changing in the house would be disastrous, the Klein family broke for the nearest forest at the fastest pace the could muster. Even that wasn't enough, as Millina was shot down halfway.

Vimi and Stefano made it to the forest fairly quickly, and Vimi told him to run, and make his way to the Italian town of Rose. The explanation made no sense to Stefano, as he was told to locate the pack there and beg for forgiveness. When Vimi finished, Stefano was about to make a run for it when the attackers caught up to them and began to surround them. Vimi changed into wolf and began to fight them off, not before yelling at his son to get the fuck out of there. However, the number of attackers was larger than expected, and Vimi was slain before Stefano got a good distance, and the attackers soon caught up with the scared teenager. Things afterwards got a little blurry, but he did remember looking down from a great height. When he came to, Stefano had no idea where he was, why his clothing was shredded, or why he had an arm within his mouth.

So what did the scared, mostly naked child do? Well, stealing the clothing from a dead Cacciatori member - he would learn their name later - Stefano ran to Rose. It took a few days, but Stefano just ran. He had no money that he could access, no parents to guide him, nothing: all he had were a pair of legs. Most of the run was as a human, as he was too afraid to shift into a werewolf unless it was demanded of him by the moonlight. When he made it to the town of Rose and located the pack, Stefano did the only thing he knew - he threw himself before whoever seemed to be the most commanding, spoke his parents original last name, and asked to become a pack member.

Why did Michael accept him? Who knows. Perhaps he saw potential in the kid - Stefano didn't understand, and he still doesn't. All he knows is that he would give his life tenfold to repay the debt.

Theme Song (s): Optional

So begins...

Stefano Klein's Story


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#, as written by Vix

ImageTensions were high as black SUVs surrounded a small home on the outskirts of Rose, Italy. Speedboats came along the waterside of the home, docking and releasing a number of men and women dressed in black and armed with crossbows, rosaries, and holy water. It was like a scene from a movie as they swarmed the house and kicked down the doors, crashing in through the windows. Who were they and why were they there? An average onlooker wouldn't have the slightest idea, figuring that the rather peaceful residents might be drug dealers. Anyone looking at the scene could tell that the residents were either not there or the suits simply didn't find what they were looking for. A rather official looking man emerged from the home, ripping off his tie and throwing it to the ground before dropping to his knees in prayer. The house was completely devoid of life, not a single trace of vampire in the home. Either the leeches knew they were coming or their source was lying. Doctor Lennox was displeased that their trip to such a pitiful excuse for a town had turned out to be a waste of a ten hour drive and three hour preparation with a team of thirty men and women. They would be back on their way to Rome now, leaving in a hurry and without a care as plans were made to torture their prisoner for correct information this time around. As they drove away, golden orbs gave a light shine from the bushes nearby. Anyone looking from the outside would have sworn to Heaven and back that it was a giant black bear that was watching them before taking off.

Location – Rose, Calabria, Italy – Luna Foresta – Casa dei Lupi Luna
Time – 5:28pm
Setting – Rose, Italy is hardly a city compared to the nearby cities of Rome, Milan, Venice, and Naples. It is still a beautiful little town, nonetheless. It's a quiet place and not really much goes on around there, easily overlooked by most people and not exactly a tourist hotspot. It is home to an ancient and proud Pack of Werewolves, though the numbers have dwindled since a major attack on them ten years ago. They are one of the many Packs that are dwindling in numbers, as many Packs across the world rarely have any more than ten or twelve members, most of them under the age of thirty. Their territories grow larger each passing month as the Cacciatori close in and wipe out the surrounding Packs. Living in Rose is also a small Coven of Vampires, finding it easier to dodge the Cacciatori than the Werewolves but still endangered as many of their fellow Immortals. The danger is not as much in Rose as it is in their neighboring big city -Venice- where the Cacciatori rule the world of daylight more so than ever. But every day, the Cacciatori get closer to discovering their whereabouts. After a close scare one week ago, the Vampires have teamed up (and moved in with) the Werewolves, hidden in the large forest outside of Rose.


“Papa! Papa!” Janelle was the first to greet her father as he walked through the door. The burly man had anticipated her jump and caught her midair, swinging around with her. “Janelle, quello che ti ho detto di battere la gente a scuola?” His deep voice was stern as he stopped spinning with the small girl and watched as her green eyes were cast down. “Mantenere al minimo e non dimenticare di farle tenere la bocca chiusa.” He nodded as he set her down on the floor. “Esattamente. Quindi - La prossima volta, meglio tornare a casa per una storia la vittoria meno la chiamata dai vostri insegnanti.” The Italian man planted a kiss atop his daughter's head and ushered her off to finish her lunch before taking off up the stairs to the “Alpha Cave”. His room was the largest bedroom in the house and it was filled with things that you'd think you'd find in a hunter's lair; Trophy heads from various animals, a bear skin rug, fur blankets. The only things he didn't have were guns, having a particular distaste for the weapons.

The Alpha shed his uniform suit and tossed it into the hamper before donning a simple black tank top that hugged his cut muscles and a pair of loose denim pants, sliding a belt through the loops; he wasn't a fan of the sagging style. He let out a brief sigh of relief, hardly feeling comfortable in a suit even after so many years of being stuck in one. He ran his fingers through his thick, ebony mane as he left his room only to come face to face -sort of- with his son. Little Monster Mike looked up to his father with his innocent, soulful blue eyes as he spoke. “Ho bisogno di un nuovo libro. La Psicosintesi. E ' del dottor Assagioli tesi di dottorato.”, he stated plainly before walking away from his father to join his twin in the dining hall for steak before dinner would be started. He was hoping that his father would take them hunting.

The Alpha gave a curt nod with a lifted brow and parted his lips to warn his son about his hijinks, knowing that Monster and Trouble were planning something for the vampires, but the adorable boy was already running away to plot and chow with his sister. Shaking his head, the older man found his gaze shifting to the left. He walked down the hall some to meet a dead end where the wall was covered with picture frames holding portraits and pictures of all members of the Lupi Luna Pack, past and present. His favorite was that of himself with his mother. Janelle Chloe Carter (nee Molinelli) was one of the eight children of Alberto Molinelli and the last one to die. His mother, his uncles, his aunts, his grandmother, and his grandfather. They had all died at the hands of the Cacciatori but all of them -even himself- were too fool to look past their war with others to think the humans were capable of it. As Michael looked back now, thinking about how some things didn't add up... He knew it had been them.

And they would pay.

He didn't know when or how, but they would. Lately, he felt like giving up and sometimes he felt as though his family were all rolling over in their graves. His own brother and Beta with a vampire fetish, his Delta a halfbreed who seemed (embarrassingly) more Wolf than most of the other purebreds in the Pack, and his Scout a Half-Breed running around with a handicapped human trying to have the best of both worlds. If the pickings weren't so slim and her loyalty not so...wishy-washy, he would have killed the fool of a human by now. But, so long as he was safe (or alive, at least) she remained. Michael tended to brush off the smaller wolf when she moaned and groaned about his children harassing her and her human.

He honestly didn't care and assured her that she was doing it to herself. But, she was just a stupid kid. She wouldn't listen. That was fine. When they both realized how dangerous it was for them to be together, he wouldn't have to kill anyone. For now, he had just banned the boy from his land. While she was an irritating little thing, Juliana still had Wolf in her and her cousin, Grace needed her. Right now, he didn't have time to worry about some stupid girls though. He needed to find his brother. And Scarlet. He definitely needed to find Scarlet.

Heaving a heavy sigh, the Alpha turned away from the wall and made his way downstairs in the massive cabin out the in woods. This home was designed to house an entire Pack. As a child, he could remember when his mother ruled nearly fifty wolves. This home wasn't originally designed to be a home for everyone, but for those who had no other place to go. His grandfather had built this home with his wife and children after migrating to Rose from Rome.

It was originally just a secret summer home hidden in the hills of the forest of Luna for he and his family. Albeit, a large one. But he welcomed his Pack members when they needed a roof over their heads. It was the one place of his that the Cacciatori never found. Those who had gotten close died before coming within two hundred yards of the cabin by the lake. Michael had inherited two hundred acres of the forest from his grandfather who had been buying land for decades. It was great because it was all posted and hardly anyone trespassed. Those who did usually turned up dead anyways.

Michael had been raised in this house with twelve other young Werewolves - There were so many memories here. And now he was welcoming vampires...His grandfather and mother would take turns skinning him alive if they were standing before him right now. But maybe they would understand. This was for the survival of their races. If they knew what he knew, they wouldn't be so angry. He closed his eyes for a few moments and then opened them as he made his way into the large main dining room where his two children were hovering over a plate of raw steak and a piece of paper. They were incorrigible.

“Scarlet!” He threw his head back and called for her, letting loose a howl afterward that reverberated from every corner of the house and echoed outside as he called for his Sentinel.

It didn't take long for Scarlet to appear, an old fashioned camera in one hand while her other hand brushed leaves from her hair. “Hai chiamato?”, she said with an easy smile as she stopped in front of Michael.

Junior and Janelle looked over as Scarlet came around a corner, seemingly occupied with a camera before glancing at Michael. The children's faces lit up with bright smiles, readying themselves to dash away from the large table and embrace her with a hug - Janelle mostly wanted to tell her about the boy that she had beat up earlier at school and sent to the hospital with both legs broken. She was literally one narrowing of the eyes away from getting expelled. It was times like these when Mike wished that they had teachers in the Pack like they used to; younger Werewolves tended to have a lot of trouble getting through school with a perfect record.

Focusing on the task at hand, he gave his children a stern nod so that they returned to their scheming before wrapping Scarlet in a tight hug. “Ho fatto. Ho bisogno di tenere un occhio su alcuni dei vampiri. Non preoccupatevi di pattuglia, dovrò Grazia e Paolo su di essa in tua vece.” Scarlet happily returned Michael's hug, focusing on not thinking too much about his arms around her. “Nessun problema, Capo.” Scar replied with a playful smile as she pulled away.

He gave her a bashful smile as he reached up, towering over her even more as he did, though he was only scratching the back of his head. “E ho bisogno di guardare Ryder intorno a quelle zanne femminili ... e non esitano a dirmi quando esce di linea.” Rather than speaking of “stepping out of line” as people usually did, referring to rude or hostile behavior, he was more concerned with Scarlet checking to see if Ryder would be flirting. His dark brown eyes were pleading with hers as he looked into her blue orbs, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Scarlet placed a gentle hand over his and met his gaze, “Non ti preoccupare, terrò d'occhio la situazione.” She made a promise with a reassuring smile. He was the Alpha of the Pack so following his orders was literally written into her DNA, but with Michael, Scar would have done so anyway.

In the background, Janelle was making kissing noises and little Mike was rolling his eyes, obviously displeased. Mostly because he had a childlike crush on Scarlet, partly because his sister was being immature and he thought it was unbecoming of her. He grabbed her hand and their notebooks, exiting quickly with a glare towards his father. Michael gave a soft laugh and lifted a brow at Scarlet. “Credo che dovrei guardare fuori. So che il tuo ragazzo è pazzo geloso.” A teasing smirk appeared on his face as he let his eyes roam over the female in front of him as he quickly changed the subject to something lighter.

Scarlet couldn’t help but laugh at Michael’s remark. “Io avrei paura anche se piccolo Mike mi ha messo sulla sua lista nera.” She joked, the corners of her mouth lifting up into her own smirk. Scar ran a hand through her hair, turning slightly to watch the children leaving the dining room. “Ma non preoccuparti, io ti difenderò.” She added, her smirk turning into a grin as she gazed back up at the Michael.

“Oh? Scarlet proteggere me. Mi sento talmente sicuro.” That actually made him chuckle a bit as he tried to imagine a situation in which the much tinier female Wolf would ever be in a position to defend him. That was mostly his ego talking; He was a pretty big guy. Most people never pegged him as a doctor. They always assumed that he was a mechanic or a construction worker. Or a model. It was flattering.

Scar gave a nonchalant shrug before raising her eyebrows and smirking at the large Alpha. “Va bene allora, mi limiterò a sedersi e guardare come il mio ' fidanzato geloso ' ti insegna a non giudicare in base alle dimensioni.”, she teased, flashing Michael a cheeky smile. Scarlet couldn’t imagine a time when she would be needed to defend the giant standing in front of her, especially not against his nine year old son. That didn’t mean that she wasn’t willing to tease him about it though.

He gave her another hug as he checked his watch and gave a sigh. “Vamps dovrebbe essere sempre presto. Gioia.”


ImageOne week. For one week, she had been shoved into a room that she shared with all the other vampires. She didn't just share the room with them, she was bunking with them. Sure, the beds had curtains in front of them to be pulled shut and the beds were very comfortable and the room was light tight... But how the hell was she supposed to get any privacy sharing a bedroom with seven other vampires? It was outrageous! She didn't even have enough closet space to fit all of her clothes, having to ship quite a few outfits out to her home in Iceland. Now she only had twelve measly outfits. It was barbaric. Okay... Not really. But she did enjoy having her privacy and her choices. For the past few days, she had contemplated simply leaving for a Coven more of her...caliber. But she decided that being this close to the Wolves was a once in a lifetime opportunity that no other Coven would be able to grant her. That, and she enjoyed that none of the other vampires pried for information. Though, the lack of conflict was an absolute bore. She'd have to make some trouble later.

Regardless of whether she felt like leaving or not, here she was. She was the first to rise, her eyes open long before the sun had begun to set. She had been lying with the curtain pushed back some so that she could feel the warmth of the sun stinging the side of her face. Cheveyo's blood was wearing off and the sun was beginning to irritate her flesh but she found it comforting nonetheless. As the sun said its farewell, she pulled the small curtain over the window shut and rolled over, right out of bed. She was the first to shower out of the eight and she took her sweet time doing so. The water was hot enough to burn flesh but it didn't bother her any. She enjoyed the heat, as it reminded her of her childhood when her father would find hot springs for them to bathe in. It was always a nice break from the usual ice and snow.

She opted for a rather “Plain Jane” outfit for the night, as opposed to her usual choice of clothing that didn't quite seem to fit the small village of Rose and most certainly not the surrounding forest of Luna. But her black and white outfit was just plain enough while at the same time satisfying the vampiric necessity to look fabulous. Her hair was dry within seconds after a quick bit of pacing at top speed, leaving her hair as fabulous as she was. But perhaps that was just her ego speaking.

Pshaw! What ego? She was simply...confident.

A fanged smile of bliss on her face, she left the bathroom, her fingers curled around the silver chain that rest around her neck before making her way out of the shared bathroom, through the shared bedroom, and down. She hadn't taken too long earlier that week to map out the entirety of the massive log cabin and she had to admit that she adored the architecture. Many parts of it were newer, more modern. It had been updated to accommodate the inhabitants. But there were still unchanged parts of it that she could simply stare at all day. Like that entrance! Positively perfect!

She'd draw it later, most definitely before anything happened and they had to leave. Or, Odin forbid, the Cacciatori found them and burned down the beautiful home. But her focus right now was on the wine cellar. She had spotted a particular brand that tickled her fancy earlier that week. No, it wasn't a nice 1970 Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits, France (She doubted these Wolves could afford that), but a more recent, twelve year old bottle of Kvöldsól. It was made using krækiberries; she used to eat them as a child and the wine they made was simply amazing when mixed with some nice, organic, O positive blood.

Her fingertips trailed along the bottles until she found the right one, plucking it from the shelf and speed off to the “guest kitchen” which made her wonder why the hell they needed a guest kitchen? Did they not allow guests to dine with them? Should guests feel flattered or offended that there was an entire wing of the home just for them? Sure, the good stuff was located in the Pack's end of the house on the west, but still. She was a bit bothered when she would cross to the west side of the home and receive a few dirty looks. Either way, she was content with the cozy guest kitchen, pouring a glass of the wine and glancing up to see a young Native American man appear with a glass milk bottle filled with red liquid.

“Gott kvöld, elskan. Engin hvutti passar dag?”, he teased as he handed her the glass of blood and watched her mix it with the wine. “Gefðu hvolpinum um tuttugu mínútur eða svo. Hann verður hér.” She took a long sip before leaning back against the counter. “Fara á undan og höfuð út til Rómar til að kíkja á viðskiptavini okkar. Hittumst þar síðar.”

Their exchange was brief, the male disappearing in a flash of blue light and leaving behind a scent that made her skin tingle with warmth, reminding her of a bakery. Jack was the only other vampire she had let meet Cheveyo, but she had never told him what Chev was. As far as the majority of the world was concerned, Faeries were myths. And she was going to keep it that way. Thinking of Jack, she wondered where the young thing was right now. She wanted to go for a run with him and show him some flowers that Cheveyo had shown her centuries ago.

Translations (In order of dialogue)

“Janelle, what have I told you about beating people up at school?”
“Keep it to a minimum and don't forget to make them keep their mouths shut.”
“Exactly. So – Next time, I better come home to a victory story minus the call from your teachers.”
“I need a new book. La Psicosintesi. It's Doctor Assagioli's Doctoral Dissertation.”
“You called?”
“I did. I need you to keep an eye on a few of the vamps. Don't worry about patrol; I'll have Grace and Paolo on it in your stead.”
"No problem, Chief."
“And I need you to watch Ryder around those female fangs...And don't hesitate to tell me when he steps out of line.”
"Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on things."
“I guess I should watch out. I know your boyfriend is crazy jealous.”
"I’d be scared too if Little Mike put me on his blacklist."
"But don’t worry, I’ll defend you.”
“Oh? Scaret protecting me. I feel sooo safe.”
“Alright then, I’ll just sit back and watch as my ‘jealous boyfriend’ teaches you not to judge by size.”
“Vamps should be getting up soon. Joy.”
“Good evening, love. No doggy sitter today?”
“Give the puppy about twenty minutes or so. He'll be here.”
“Go ahead and head out to Rome to check on our clients. I'll meet you there later.”


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Stefano gazed out at the falling sun from the edge of the forest, a timid sigh escaping him. Normally, at this time of night he would head out into the forest to converse and enjoy the wildlife, but there was no more of that now that the vampires were there. It had been only a week ago, but to him it had felt like an eternity had passed since the vampires had arrived. Stefano did not complain, or even thought of the idea to complain though; it had come down from Michael that this would be a necessary step, and anything that came out of the Alpha's mouth was unquestionable, regardless of any circumstances. However, that didn't stop Stevie's uneasiness around the serene creatures. Being somewhat an outsider of the pack, he had a different view of vampires than a pack-born would; he had no real hesitations to the undead because of their rivalries or because it was unhonorable. Instead, Stefano was just terrified of them and their kind, the fact that they could suck blood and move extraordinarily fast didn't help either.

So instead of being able to be alone and go tuck in the family of bluebirds he had befriended a few weeks ago, he was stuck at the fringes of the forest. While he completely understood the need for groupings - the Cacciatori had some unnerving ability to somehow take down supernatural creatures, which horrified him - Stefano would be lying if he said that he was a fan of his partner, Darcy. She was, to put bluntly, a crazed maniac. She was everything that Stefano could never be in his life: eccentric, bubbly, invasive, loud. In a way, Darcy was a person that Stefano should have around to hopefully break out of his bubble. On the other hand, she was a danger to his privacy and probably one that would embarrass him to no end, especially since she already had a few times.

Another sigh escaped his massive yet timid body before he turned back to the house. It was getting dark, and while he appreciated the darkness as a time of peace and quiet, it was also a dangerous time to wander outside with the threat of Cacciatori attacks higher than ever. So Stefano set his mind back onto the task at hand; carrying the tree he had previously cut down himself. Now, I know what your thinking; a shy, nature loving lumberjack? Where did this paradox come from? In reality, Stefano was on duty to find trees at the end of their life, ones that had either fallen down due to weather or were rotting. It was really the only thing that Stevie could see himself being useful at; his pure, raw strength allowed him to carry trees many times larger than himself with little to no stress, and lumber was always a commodity that could be used.

See, Stefano didn't go to school anymore; after basically failing most of his highschool career, he decided to give up on the idea of graduating, regardless of the views of his other pack members. Instead, most of his days were spent being taught the ways of the werewolf by Michael, trying to become something he was certain he could never truly achieve. When he wasn't under the tutelage, Stevie would make himself useful by being the labourer of the pack, becoming the tool used to lift the awkwardly heavy objects. One of these days, Stevie would go back to high school and get his gr. 12, but until then he would make himself as useful to the pack as he could.

So he hoisted the log back onto his shoulder and continued the short trek to his normal drop stop, which was behind the house near the training area. Stefano himself couldn't shape a log into something beautiful, but he made it available for others that could; anything to be useful would hopefully boost any self-confidence that he could create. After all, Stevie did think of himself as garbage. Finally done for the night, Stefano nearly entered the house before he stopped, turning his massive body around to see a lightening bug flutter around before landing on his shoe. Slowly, he knelt down to admire the tiny insect, envious of its ability to glow; if he could do that, would he be able to think of himself better? Perhaps, but the chances were slim after all. He shooed the bug off of his body and continued inside, a bead of sweat barely escaping his hair and proceeding to make a trail down the left side of his face.

The back entrance was fairly close to the kitchen, which was his destination after all: to be honest, Stefano hadn't eaten much that day. Most of his day had been spent training outside, trying his best to learn to coordinate his attacks and use the brute strength he had been given for something more useful than just throwing wild punches. In real specifics, Stefano's only coordination was stopping large objects and lifting things: most of his mock fights went disastrously, as he would play defensively only against all pack members, regardless of Michael's demands to take the practice spars seriously. So he gingerly opened the fridge, grabbing his gallon jug of water - the stereotypical 'large guy, large appetite' seriously applied to Stevie when it came to his thirst. Grabbing two apples in his left hand, Stefano drained a litre of water and tore through the first apple before leaving the kitchen, finding himself in the dining room and ill-prepared for the number of people in there. He stopped drinking his water instantly, swallowing the last gulp of water out of both necessity and nervousness. No matter how long he would be around these people, Stevie had a feeling that he would feel uneasy in the presence of their power.

Hoping not to interrupt anything, Stefano stayed silent and in the background - like that did any good, for they were bound to notice him. When the did, Stefano gave them a timid and honest greeting. "Guten - Buonasera a tutti." Stefano accidentally stumbled into his native German, quickly correcting himself before it got worse as his face reddened some. Good job, idiot.

Guten - German 'Good'
Buonasera a tutti - Italian, 'Good evening to all.'


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Ryder muttered something rude under his breath, gazing a bit angrily at the vampires. It was his fault his brother was mad at him, and it seemed like there was nothing he could do to change that. What did his brother have to say that Ryder was a disgrace, you can't help the people you fall for, and he knew that because look at his brother. Obviously falling for a half-breed even if he describes his dislike towards half-bred werewolves. He wasn't any better at least not in Ryder's mind. Sighing softly he lifted weight's checking the time now and then. He didn't want to leave his room not any time soon unless it was out playing with his niece or nephew. Finally at 5:30 he literally threw the weight down on to the ground. If his floors were wood it would have made a larger thud than it did.

Ryder glancing around he then threw himself into the shower to take a quick one before leaving his room to look for his brother or better yet his niece and nephew. “Uno di voi ha visto Ryder?” He heard his brother say which made him smile a very tiny smile. He was getting close. Hurrying towards where his brother was he answered with: "Proprio qui! Hai perso me?" Walking towards his brother while slowing his place he looked up to his brother, grinning happily now. "Dove sono Janelle e Jr.?" He questioned his brother as his eyes glanced around their area. While the scent of his family members seem to linger ever so slightly it was kind of hard to know where they went due to the fact that several other scent's were around, including those vampires. Turning away he fled to the fridge, grabbing out a loaf of bread out. By the time Ryder was stick to pieces of bread into the toaster and was grabbing a plate he noticed Dante stalk in, giving him a look as if say 'Don't bother me unless you have a death wish.' Definitely not the friendliest vampire he has ever met. Dante stood there for a moment then let out a soft grumble as he stalked off and away from the kitchen. Raising an eyebrow he didn't even think of saying anything.

"Oh, e Michael, abbiamo intenzione di andare a caccia qualche volta?" Ryder mentioned down the hallways towards his brother's direction, with a shrug. Not that he was trying to be rude or anything but everything was collecting dust and he has been wanting to hunt for a while now. He understood that the craziness of the vampire moving in wasn't making things any easier it was just that they could have found some time to hunt or do some kind of wolf thing. Not to mention he was just aching to do something that took physical activities. "Just wondering," He added quickly, running a hand through his hair. He glanced in the direction of Dante, grabbing the hot toast from the toaster and throwing them on to the plate. 'Damn,' He thought as he blew on his hands that quickly healed. No longer was his hands burning because of the hot toast that had momentarily hit his hands before he had place the toast on its plate. At the time that he was placing butter on to his toast was the time that he heard a piano. He knew that they had a piano in this huge house but the only reason he was so surprised about hearing someone play it was that well no one ever really played it. At least not any more unless you included Janelle or one of the kids playing with the keys of the piano. Making his way towards the dinning room after the butter was on the toast which was on the plate.

Either of you seen Ryder?
Right here! Did you miss me?
Where are Janelle and Jr.?
Oh, and Michael, are we going to go hunting sometime?


Dante laid in bed all day, staring up at the ceiling secretly hating his life. After a while he just got up finally, taking a while as he applied his makeup, foundation only to hide the wrinkles that he had on his face. After applying his makeup he threw on a suit, trying to look nice. You should always look good and have a good appearance so that people can find out attractive and interesting instead of ugly and disgusting or old. He fled from his room once he find himself some what suitable. Fleeing his way past the mutts in the dinning room then into the kitchen where Ryder was he shot him a look, standing there a moment before fleeing away to look around more in this huge house. If he was going to live here he at least needed to know where everything was and what all they had here. "Lupi stupidi," He muttered under his breath, stalking away from the kitchen and around the huge home. Stopping at a door that he carefully opened, poking his head in only to notice the piano. There it was a magnificent, large piano. A rare smile spread across his face as he flicked the light on and went into the room, taking a seat in front of the piano. Glancing around he began to wonder if Astrid was around. He found her dancing funny at times, mostly because she was cursed to dance when ever she heard music but also because well he had his reasons. His finger tapping a key on the piano then his fingers moving smoothly to one key to another. Playing an instrumental of a song that he used to play many, many years ago when he was a professional singer.

His memories going back to times before. His wife tapped him on his shoulder, grinning happily as she swayed to his music. It was the 1800's and he was playing the piano for his wife, his son, and friends. He hesitated a note, messing it up. A laugh escaped his lips. "Whoops," he muttered as he began to play again. Everyone danced to his music with their significant others. A human blood bag or two lingering close by as they watched them sing and dance. This was one of the last memories of his wife aside from when 1803 came around and his wife and child were brutally murdered before his eyes. Momentarily he stopped playing after the memory of his wife and son came back to him. He ran a hand through his hair, glancing over his shoulder before playing another song, his music echoing a little. A little warily he watched as the key pressed down, causing the noise in this room. Momentarily he hummed softly to himself, his face returning to its normal expression while he hummed and played the piano. When he changed keys to the song he began to softly sing with the piano, his deep voice making his voice a little louder than he had hoped. Playing and singing were the only things that he had to hold on to his past. The thing that makes him happy and that can make other's happy too. Not to mention it helped him forget about what was going on.

Stupid wolves.


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Luca smiles down at Janelle when she hugs him, patting her back because he can't crouch down to hug her, with his legs already trapped. Somewhat well-liked by the Molinelli children, he doesn't know quite as much of their less gentle side, except for what he has observed without being directly involved. "Really? I can? That's awesome," he thanks Janelle for the offer. He probably would have picked her up and spun her around, but the girl already had skipped off with her twin, with whom she always seemed to be hand in hand. Those two really are attached at the hip- making them a double threat, as far as getting on their bad side goes. After the two walk off, or rather speak briefly to Leanna before running off to some part or another of the expansive manor. Luca can remember how struck he had been with its size when he had first been introduced to the pack. Compared to the small apartment he had grown up in, it had seemed as large as a shopping center.

More people begin to enter the dining hall- Luca suspects that the hunt will be beginning relatively soon, and thus decides to go and quickly get a drink. He'll probably take a very, very small bit of mango juice, so that Janelle doesn't think he ignored her offer, but he doesn't want to take all of the girl's drink. He smiles at Stefano when the somewhat awkward omega, sharing his rank at not having a specific position or anything along those lines, enters and greets them- first in german, before quickly correcting himself. The young man blushes almost immediately, and Luca, not always the most socially graceful himself, feels sympathy for him. "Good evening,"
he responds lightly, before turning to head back towards the refrigerator- where Stefano actually seems to have come from. Knowing him, he probably just drank an entire gallon of water or something. Stefano has an appetite to match his strength, Luca has noticed before.

His movement is frozen for a second as Ryder enters the area- followed briefly by Dante, perhaps the vampire who puts Luca the most on edge, though he does his best to try and hide it. It embarrasses him, the fact that he still has these remnants of his childhood fear of vampires.

Releasing breath he hadn't realized had been held, Luca finally gets the chance to walk over to the fridge, he pours a very small amount of mango juice, drinks it in one sip, and then pours a glass of water, which he drinks fairly quickly. They are definitely going to be going hunting, especially given how long it has been since they last did, so the question is exactly how soon. Probably very soon- after all, many of the pack members have already gathered. He awaits an answer to Ryder's question, supposing that it will be paired with an 'in a few minutes' or something along those lines.


The previous night had been a rather long one, the least of Mariette's worries having been any attempts on her part to at least somewhat relieve the tension between her coven and Molinelli's pack. She knows that many of her members don't agree with this alliance, however temporary, and thus relies on the hope that they will remain loyal to keep them in line. It's not as though she was jumping at the chance of working together with a bunch of dogs, but there is no way in hell that she'll allow her coven, her younger sister, to be at risk against the cacciatori just because she couldn't manage to play nice with the wolves for a little while. So she'd moved her coven into this little attic of a space, apparently the best that could be spared of this expansive property, and worked to forge ties.

She had actually been back at the old coven mansion last night, looking to see if the Cacciatori, or the vampires, had left something behind. It was more of a caution than anything else- like the vampires, the Cacciatori were good, and she couldn't find even a fingerprint to hint at civilian identities or places to look out for. Still, she had spent hours scouring the place on the off chance that something would come up. Mariette has never been anything less than thorough, especially not in such situations as this. She had gotten home after the break of dawn, unfortunately, but had gotten back soon enough to avoid any damage. Her resistance is relatively high, though obviously not perfect, thanks perhaps due to her status.

It is perhaps for these reasons that she rises a bit after most of the other coven members, finding the attic nearly empty by the time that she has risen. It is of no matter- they can handle themselves well enough, after all. Mariette took a brief shower -she did not enjoy the relaxing properties of a shower, taking them only for the sake of cleanliness. After it's done, she quickly moves on to dressing, and then checks to see whether Genevieve has risen before heading downstairs. Several of the vampires are down in the guest kitchen, and the distant sound of piano all but assures her that Dante is awake and in a music room.

"Good morning," she greets them, her words Italian though a bit of a French accent, still present after many years, clings to her greeting. She makes a direct line to the cabinet, to find a teabag. It has never tasted as good as it did back when she was human, as her tastes have shifted since then, but she, somewhat a creature of habit in this manner, continues to drink tea every morning. Sometimes she mixes it with blood, as some people mix honey with tea. She does this now, after first preparing the tea to be piping hot- she drinks it before it cools, liking the burn down her throat.


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#, as written by Cloud

As the sun set, the house seemed to wake up. Of course, the vampires were literally waking up, but also members of the pack began to reappear having finished with whatever they had been up to for the day. Standing in the dining room beside Michael, Scar couldn't help but feel content, despite the upcoming appearance of the vampires. Undoubtedly she wouldn't feel quite as happy when the blood suckers were amongst them, at least they had their own wing of the house.
“Vamps dovrebbe essere sempre presto. Gioia.” Michael said. His Italian was perfect, unlike Scar's heavily accented Italian. While Scar's Spanish and English were both fluent, her Italian always had a particular accent that marked it as not her native language.

Scarlet's attention was drawn to the door as Luca entered, greeting the small group with an easy smile and a polite "Good afternoon" , before questioning whether the fridge contained any apple juice. Scarlet gave him a friendly smile and returned his greeting, although she was saved from answering by Janelle's prompt reply. Scarlet felt the corners of her eyes crinkle as she watched the two children skip off. Despite what the teachers at their school obviously thought, the two wolf children were rather sweet at heart, as evidenced by Janelle's offer of sharing her mango juice with Luca.

It wasn't long before more of the pack were making themselves known. Stefano entered, uttering a greeting in first German before correcting himself and continuing in Italian. Scarlet gave Stefano a friendly nod, "Evening." She replied in Italian. She could also hear Leanna in the kitchen. The one member of the pack that was noticeably absent was Ryder, Michael's younger brother and the Pack's beta. Michael seemed to notice his missing brother at the same time and asked if anyone had seen Ryder, his voice gruffer than it had been when speaking with Scarlet. An answering call floated down towards the group, identifying Ryder as being near.

At that moment Dante, one of the new vampire residents, stalked into the room. The atmosphere tensed immediately, Scar felt herself unconsciously holding her breath and slowly let it go as she watched Dante leave the are. The tension was broken when Ryder asked whether the pack would be hunting, a question that Scar was interested in hearing answered. "I'd like to go for a run." Scar added, stretching her arms above her head and flashing the small group, and Michael in particular, a smile. "It's been a while since we've gone hunting together as a Pack." It would also be nice to get back to doing something normal. The arrival of the vampires, while a necessity, had thrown of the Pack's routine. Scar could tell that it had taken a toll on Michael, not to mention the little rascals Janelle and Jr.


As the sun set the vampires stirred, the fresh promise of the coming night drawing them all from their sleep. It wasn't long before Jack and Astrid were joined by more vampires in the kitchen, each coming to relieve their thirst. The first was Zakhar, dressed as always in garb that never failed to remind Jack of a pirate. Another accessory he never seemed to be without was a book. Although Zakhar gave both Jack and Astrid a polite, interested greeting, his nose was still stuck within his book's pages. Jack knew that if he were to begin a conversation with Zakhar he would put down the book, but until then the older vampire would try and squeeze as many words as he could out of it. However it was neither Astrid nor Jack who started a conversation with Zakhar, but Darcy who came into the guest kitchen not long after and complained of the confinement in the wolves' house. Jack silently agreed, but chose to keep his silence as he continued sipping on his drink.

From the benches Astrid spoke up, albeit slightly delayed, “You are too kind, Jack. You aren't looking quite so bad yourself.” Jack turned his head to find himself the recipient of one of Astrid's charming and seductive smiles. He found himself mirroring her smile and tilting his head in silent thanks. There was a reason he and Astrid got along so well, not least because they both found the other relatively attractive. Jack also found her take on life particularly refreshing and loved to hear about her many stories. She was far older than the rest of the coven knew and had experienced things that Jack could only dream of. At the tender age of 114 years old, he was still very much a child in the eyes of some vampires.

“There are some flowers I want to take you to see. I can guarantee that you've never seen any like them and you likely never will. Let me know when you're ready to leave and I'll call for our slobbering shadows.” Astrid's words, as intended, caught his immediate attention. Anyone that knew Jack well knew that he was able to manipulate plants, so it wasn't hard to guess that he had a fondness for flowers and trees. However Astrid was one of the few who knew just how much he loved plants. His personal garden, only half of which he had been able to bring with him to the werewolves' house, was something he tended with far more care than he would show another human or vampire. So naturally, upon hearing that Astrid had found a flower that he hadn't seen before, he was all ears.

As she came to join him on the couches, sitting opposite him, Jack downed the last of his glass of blood and placed it on the side table. He was momentarily delayed from replying by the entrance of Mariette. The coven leader greeted those gathered before moving forward and mixing herself a drink. "Bonjour." He replied in greeting before turning his full attention back to Astrid.
"A new flower, eh?" He said, switching to English. "If it truly is then call the dogs, this shouldn't be delayed."


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Juliana was fast asleep until she felt movement on the other side of the large bed. She groaned as she got up to her love stretching his arms above his hand as he let out a loud yawn. He looked down at his girlfriend before smiling and bending down to kiss her forehead. "Hey beautiful." He said as he signed the words as well. While Danny's English wasn't the best, he wasn't born deaf meaning he knew a few words that he saw as important. The half-breed smiled before getting up herself and laying her head on his bare shoulder. Danny chucked a bit before looking down, admiring his love's bare body. "You know you're not wearing any clothing, right?" The girl looked down before pulling the blanket up to her chest. "You couldn't have told me that before?" She told him while signing back to him. The man just shrugged.

"How was I suppose to know you wouldn't remember something like that. I thought you wouldn't forget last night at all." Juliana just rolled her eyes before grabbing the robe set on the floor next to her. As she slid it on, she stepped out of the bed with a smirk on her face. Danny just watched her motions all with a smirk on his face. "I have to go. So, I'm taking a shower."

"Why? Can't we just spend the day together," He asked before getting out of the bed with nothing but his boxers on. "Just the two of us? No wolves, no Michael, no supernatural shit of any kind?" He asked before wrapping his arms around his girl's slim waist. "As much as I would love that. I can't. We're due for a hunt and it's almost six in the evening, and we all have to be there. Besides, I don't know how much Michael would be okay with that. With me skipping out." The boy just rolled his eyes at his girlfriend's answer. "Michael this, Michael that. I know he's your...leader or whatever the hell you call it but, he treats you and I like we're shit, has refused to let me come anywhere near that house, and has made it clear that he doesn't want us together.

"Don't you think I know that..--"

"Then why don't you just leave. You know, we could run away and find a pack that actually cares about you." Danny wasn't a fan of the Alpha. In all honesty he probably hated him just as much as Michael hated him. He only met the man when Jules first joined the pack but, that was enough for the two to pass judgment on one another. "It's not that simple, Danny. There's a lot of stuff going of that you wouldn't understand. Right now, I need to stay here. Whether or not I want to. The second this passes over, I promise that we can go somewhere, anywhere. Okay?"

"You promise?"

"I promise." She signed to him before looking him in the eyes. Danny was a bit skeptical if she really meant what she was saying but, the couple has been together long enough for him to take her word. The Italian man sighed before letting go of her and sitting down on the edge of the bed. "Ok, I trust you. But, if you can get away later today, let me know." Juliana nodded before giving him a passionate kiss on the lips but before he got too into it, she pulled away with a smirk on her tan face. "Okay, I'll call you." She told him in sarcasm. "Oh, you're so fucking funny."

"I know, that's why I said it." With that, Danny pulled her in for one more kiss before letting her go and watching her enter the bathroom. When she closed the door, she shook her head before turning on the shower. She hated when Danny put her into situations like this. As much as she disliked the way the Alpha treated Danny, Michael wasn't that bad to her. He still protected her whenever he needed to. And she would feel like a traitor if she did leave the pack. Something her parents never would approve of her being.

After about twenty minutes, Juliana had her damp hair in a ponytail and a towel wrapped tightly around her body as she stepped out of the steamy bathroom and into the cold bedroom. She walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of jeans and a shirt that she kept over her house. She slipped on the clothes before walking out the door to the kitchen to see Danny sitting on the counter with a mug in his hands. He looked towards her with a smile. "I made coffee. Want some before you leave?" She moved over to him a kissed his cheek before signing to him. "Love some but, no. I really have to get going before the pack gets worried about their poor little mutt." Danny rolled his eyes before wrapping his arms around his girl one more time before leaning in to kiss her goodbye. The Cuban girl smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck, every time one of them tried to pull away the other one would just pulled them back in.

It wasn't until Juliana got a post from her cousin, that the pair actually pulled away from one another. Reading it, she silently cursed in her mind. "That's my cue to get going. I love you and I'll sneak away if I can."

"Love you too, Juliet." She grabbed her bag before running out the door, down the steps of his house. She heard someone snapping and looked up to see her boyfriend on the balcony. "You forgot your medication." He told her before dropping it into her hands. She slipped it into her bag before blowing him a kiss. "Thanks, baby. Love you."

"Love you back." The girl got on her motorcycle before waving to her boyfriend who waved back before walking inside to get ready for the day. It didn't take the girl too long to get back to her pack's house. She put her bike back where it belong before rushing inside. She smiled towards her cousin and raised an eyebrow while to older cousin came to meet her at the door asking with a very upfront question. "Well? What happened? Did you finally..--" Juliana cut her off before motioning her to lower her voice a bit. "I'll tell you later. Now, shut up." Ever since she told her cousin about what was happening to her, Grace took it upon herself to try and learn sign language.And for a beginner she was doing quite well. "Oh, I knew it! I knew you guys would! So, how was it?"

"Gracie, I'm not talking about this with you right now. I'll tell you later, got it?" Grace groaned softly before answering with a curt, "Fine." She walked into the kitchen with her cousin be her side before leaving the side of the younger cousin to get some juice from the refrigerator. "Good afternoon everyone."


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Leanna Jo Harper

“Sounds lonely.” Leanna replied softly as Janelle and Jr. wandered away, wishing not for the first time that the twins had other pups their age to socialize with. Human children, while perhaps not inferior in all the senses Jr. claimed, were most definitely not ideal playmates for were-pups who could literally turn their human peers into mincemeat if they truly tried. Lonely and unchallenging Leanna thought regretfully before making her way to the kitchen and saying her good mornings before grabbing a glass of water. She didn’t like taking food from the pack home, and it was rare for her to do so unless she’d brought a load of groceries and cooked a meal for everyone first.

Leanna’s ears perked up when Michael mentioned Ryder. She hadn’t seen him since that morning, but knowing him like she did, Leanna had a pretty good guess. She never had to answer however, as Ryder showed up moments after Michael asked after him, smelling like shower gel and dampness. On him, it wasn’t unpleasant. At the entrance of Dante however, Leanna stiffened considerably, instinctively inching closer to the omegas as her eyes following every movement of the unpleasant vampire who sent Ryder a mean look before stalking away. Leanna’s hearing was very good, and the muttered insult added to the flash of protective anger that passed through her, making her bristle before she shoved it down. Imagining everyone else, especially Luca and Stephano, had been put of edge by the brief encounter as well, Leanna projected out a sense of calm and ease as a small comfort to her pack mates.

Ryder’s suggestion of a hunt seemed to cut the tension, at least from her perspective, and Leanna agreed. If only to go out running as a wolf again. It had been a few days since she’d had the chance to indulge that pastime, and her inner wolf was crying out for the freedom of the forest. “The opportunity to stretch our legs would be nice.” Leanna chimed in quietly, so as not to seem demanding.


“Cheating…” Darcy groaned as Jack and Astrid took off without the puppies, part of her wanting to join them for the excuse to get out of the stupid house. She wasn’t close enough to Jack or Astrid to go crashing their plant party though, and Astrid was definitely not the person to piss off, so Darcy resisted the urge. Instead, she decided to go exploring around the house, and zipped back to her bunk to retrieve her candy stash. Feeling in the mood for something she could chew viciously, Darcy pulled out her pack of strawberry twizzlers and began her trek about the enormous house. It really was a nice pad they had set up here. 'How the furry half lives...' she thought, mildly amused by her own joke as she began poking around the hallways for something interesting. She hadn’t been walking for too long before she ran across two pint sized puppies whom she recognized vaguely as the alpha puppy’s kids. Had Darcy been prone to wiser behavior, she might have simply backed off and gone down another hallway to avoid the two altogether. Darcy however, was Darcy, and she was nothing if not nonchalantly reckless, and continued her snooping.

“Munchkins.” Darcy offered in greeting with a lazy two finger salute with a twizzler hanging from between her teeth, looking particularly non-threatening. Vaguely she held out the pack of twizzlers in offering, not caring particularly whether they took one or not. “You guy aren’t one of those freak kids who aren’t allowed to have sugar right? Cause that’d just be depressing.” Darcy drawled lazily in Italian.