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Hana Yuri Somahisha

"See ya!"

0 · 188 views · located in KakoNanaShi

a character in “When The Night Comes...”, originally authored by misssweetness821, as played by xTomohax


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- Character Name:Hanayuri Somahisha
- Age: 15, but my birthday is coming up!!!
- Sexuality: straight
- Nickname:Hana
- Class: Human

-Height: 5'0
-Weight: 102
-Hair Color: Brown
-Eye Color: Hazel

- History: Hana was born in KakoNanaShi, and has lived in the town her whole life. Growing up, she was never good at any of the ninja arts, failing at every one she tried. Her father was disappointed in her, being a high ranking ninja in the clan himself. Her inability to master the ninja techniques has caused a rift between between them.
Her mother is a simple woman who stays at their home in the village, she attempts to teach Hana the basics of being a housewife, defining Hana's life for her based on her inability to perform. Thus her mother pressuring her into the mundane roll has caused Hana to pull away from her as well.
Her life has been a contrast struggle to find a place for herself.
The rumor that there are vampires in the forest has always intrigued her, and she likes to wander near the woods though she hasn't worked up the courage to enter the woods yet.
One day she saw a boy in the woods, and has been curious about him. Her intrigued her, and she wishes she could follow him, could run into the woods and learn all about him.

- Personality:Hana is curious and thrill seeking, with a taste for rebellion. She spends her time away from her home, running through the town and poking into laces she shouldn't be. She enjoys experiencing new things, often times going out of her way to touch or see things she has never seen before.
She is sweet, and a romantic at heart. Being unaccepted has left her lonely, she longs for an exciting life, for someone to take her away from the small town. She loves to sing and dance, always like no one is watching her.
Her favorite time is summer time, no school and the town is her apple. Her energetic spirit hides her loneliness to others, and she can be sound running around and climbing on things.

-Oddities: Hana is a day dreamer, and spends hours sometimes just living a different life in her head.

-Skills/Talents: Hana is limber and flexible, with acrobatic skills and agility. Though she does not have the weapons skills , she can move as swiftly and gracefully as a ninja.
She also has a beautiful voice, and loves to sing, bellowing out beautiful tunes to music in her head.

    ☺Singing______________________________________❤ Swimming
    ☺ Curious about Vampires____________________________❤ Exploring
    ☺ Sunny Days, Summer Rain__________________________❤ Climbing Trees
    ☺ New Thing_______________________________________❤ Discovering Things
    ☺ Interesting People_________________________________❤ Singing

Dislikes: ____________________Fears/Phobia(s):
    ☹ Her Father ____________________
  • Snakes
    ☹ Being unaccepted by the ninjas_______
  • Drowning
    ☹ Her mother _______________
  • Vampires
    ☹ The small town life _________
  • Her Father
    ☹ Being alone


So begins...

Hana Yuri Somahisha's Story


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Character Portrait: Hana Yuri Somahisha
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"Hana. It's time to get up," a deep throaty voice called through the linen door, the light shining in from the window in just beyond the doors.
"Yes, father..." Hana moaned, stretching as her father stepped away from her door. Her sheet dropped as she stood, revealing a thin nightgown. The air in the room was sticky, and hot. Finally, the last day of school... A broad smile formed across her lips as she walked over to a door and slid it aside, revealing a balcony. The morning sun bathed the room, and the cool refreshing air rushed into the room.
After slipping into her uniform she ran down the stairs, taking two at a time. Stopping by the kitchen she stuffed her books into her bag, and grabbed a bowl of rice off the table, rushing out the door.
"Hanayuri, come eat breakfast with your father and I!"
"Can't mom, running late! she lied as she quickly turned the corner. She ate her rice as she walked down the road, then stowed the bowl in her bag. Looking around eagerly she asked herself,"What can we explore today...?"
Dashing around the corner away from the school, she ran past all the shops and people, some who tried to stop her, but she easily dodged their attempts. I may not be able to fight like my father, but you'll never catch me like that...

Hana was born in the town from a powerful ninja, and a fair woman. Her father dreamed of bearing a hansom son to carry on his name and talents through generations, however he was born a daughter. Never the less he tried to teach her his ways...Hana failed at every ninja art...and could only perform acrobatics. Hardly accepted by her father, or the ninja community in general. She was a failure in her father's eyes, a disappointment, a mistake.

As she passed through the edge of town and down a dirt path, she quickly came upon a field of beautiful purple flowers still wet with dew. Hopping the fence, she tossed her bag to the side and began smelling the flowers, picking a few as she walked. They were sweet, and subtle...the dew making them wet and more beautiful as the breaking morning sun fell on her. She loved this field, especially int the morning. Sweeping her gaze across the field she saw the darkness, where she was warned never to go.
The thick forest loomed just beyond the wide open field, it was mysterious...and dangerous. It intrigued Hana, ever since she caught the glimspe of something moving in the trees...a boy she thought. Though she has never seen him again, she still wonders what lies beyond the shadows and darkness...

Bending down to her knees she began plucking the flowers and threading them together, as she watched the sun rise on the lazy summer day.
Summer can start early this year...