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Salem Cresten

An odd Fashion designer, who tries just a little too hard to succeed

0 · 172 views · located in The Island

a character in “When the Storm Clouds Passed”, as played by IceFoxJess



Name: Salem Cresten
Age: Twenty four
Gender: Female
Orientation:Straight, even though she likes to mess with peoples heads a bit at times. Men are her type.
Ethnicity: White, American

Height: Five foot, seven inches
Weight: Hundred and nineteen
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Green

Passenger or Crew?: Passenger

Biography: Salem was born on a rainy July the twenty forth at seven forty three PM. She is the eldest child of three, which is a little hard to believe when you compare her to the middle child, her little brother Isaac. It’s no lie to say that he is the mature one of the three, always has been the one to boss around his elder and younger sister. The braine-ac of the family. Then there was little Terra, the meek little girls of the family, always hiding behind her elder siblings.

Her parents are very...Unique in ways they handle parenting, never agreeing on anything in any shape or form when it came to their children. Salem often wonder if they ever do love each other at times. Even with all the screaming and arguing. Though, they seem, when things are bad or go wrong, to still hold that love they had in the beginning. Two completely different people, personalities could love each their own sort of angry way, or at lest that's how she saw it. Her father, Anthony Cresten, is a fashion designer, her inspiration for her career, while her mother, Larra Cresten-Rullen, first chair cello in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. So both always had trouble being home, to really spend time with their children for long. The longest was probably the week they spent on family vacations...That is when they could get off work at the same time.

So it was left to her to take charge...well sort of, they did have a nanny...Oh sweet Raberta, ex Marine, she might have been a little old, but she was as tough as her training gave her. She took it upon herself to teach the Cresten children how to fend for themselves, since their, “Girly man,” of a father wasn’t fit to teach his children how to. Raberta always was a little tough when it came to her father, she was old fashion in the way she thought a man should be. Her father wasn’t the emotionless, distant man who believed you had to be tough no matter what, that type of man was never her father, her mother somewhat but not her father. Though, Raberta was pushing it to the point of being batty when she built an obstacle course in the back yard, and talked their parents into adding a few extra things to the workout room. That was probably whey she joined St Isaacs schools swim team. There was a point of where she was just teaching the kids to fend for themselves, to where it crossed the point of like she was teaching them to be prepared for a war zone. A teenaged girl really couldn’t handle that non stop for too long, or at lest Salem couldn’t, so the swim team became her breather from “Lt “Mincum’s teaching, but asides from that she was quite a nice woman, often there for the children when they needed someone to talk to or cry on.

Her school years were a little tough, a privet, catholic school wasn’t always the best environment for a creative, quirky, “slightly” mischievous, young woman like herself. The nuns didn’t always appreciate how she would talk back when they would brash another student for their misdoings, she’d understand if it was something they’ve done behaviorally wrong, but what people say about teaching nuns were quite true at times. Though she’d admit some were actually pretty nice. They never saw the unpleasant side of her that many of the other teachers did. Though when she joined the swim team and started to focus more on helping her father when ever he would allow it in his studio, making suggestions on his designs, fabrics and even on occasion becoming a model for some of his designs. This made her ecstatic, her father seemed truly proud and happy to be around her. He even came to a few of her swim meets, and when her mother even joined him it made her so happy...But it was around this time she developed anorexia...She couldn’t get fat, if she did she’d be kicked off the team, she’d be a horrible model for her fathers designs...She was sent to a center after about a year. She was released after a year and a half before she was released, she was seventeen at the time of getting out. She finally fell into the fifty percent of being fully cured of her disorder when she was twenty two.

Salem went to Chicago's International Academy of Design & Technology right after high school to study to pursue and manage her own fashion career, she graduated when she was twenty two, going on twenty three after getting her four year degree. She was twenty three when she got the amount of money her father told her she had to get before he’d help her buy a shop on one of the main strips. She only had to get about three thousand, he paying the rest under the pretense that he would be her partner of sorts. He got ten percent of sales, and she would come home every holiday, birthday and show him her designs before she made a new line...For a few days it made her suspicious when he added on the middle bit, but she just soon brushed if off after she was sure he wasn’t dieing or something....Her parents decided it was good to send her on a vacation since she had turn into a workaholic in that short year, hardly really sleeping for long, she eating patterns weren't exactly regular, she ate but it would be at random times, or only two meals a day, she even let her relationships with friends suffer at her dedication to her work, even with her boyfriend of two years broke up because of it, about five months before the cruise. That was when she started to realize her fault, how she had slowly began to turn into her parents. They thought a little R and R would do this young lady some good. Though once the news of the liners accident they might change their mind...

Personality: Salem is what you would call a bit odd. She’s the girl who could be call reckless, a dare devil, something her childhood friends and siblings learnt the hard way when she was younger. She always loved a rush, and the fact it got her parents ever absent attention made it all the better. Salem was the girl the ever stone faced nuns couldn’t help but dislike. She had a stubbornness when she got something her head to do, that it took more then a slap to get out. She said when she though something wasn’t fare, she wouldn’t just sit there and be a “good girl” she had to always cause trouble for them, pulling pranks, booby trapping there desks, asking constantly asking, “stupid” questions about God, Heaven, Angels, and even Hell!

Salem is the type of girl who prefers to laugh, and smile then sit down and cry, which is why she hides her tears more often then not with a smile, anger, or no emotions at all, even when she was confronted about her eating disorder. She never openly shed a tear as she screamed at them, as she just blankly stared at the wall, though sadly her last method of defiance finally failed her as she just smiled, and laughed her disorder like a joke, but all the while those salty, bitter tears fan down her face as her siblings and even her father looked at her with such pity. This self denial of sadness and fear was one of her destroying traits, because once it all crashed down, she crashes. It was one of the things that she was constantly concealed on, with the reasons and her eating disorder, claming the her repression of sadness and fear was an emotional crutch, as well as a shell to protect herself from her parents neglect of her as well as a harmful habit. Her only answers to the guy was. “You have mother issues don’t you?” They partly concealed her out of it but they soon gave mostly in, focusing more of there time on concealing her anorexia triggers and reasons, realizing that was more likely to take.

Though underneath that coarse, mischievous exterior lies a kind hearted, warm girl who’s cold parent left her hurt and a little emotionally screwed up. . She might be one to get annoyed very easily, but her anger is quite a change of pace from her annoyance. When anger finally sit’s in she won’t let it go until she either gets even or finally vents. She sometimes blind to who she lash’s out at but once she realizes she just had snapped on an innocent bystander she will do what it takes to make it up to them. That never failing sense of guilt and remorse kicking in. On top of everything she is a loyal, caring girl, who just needs to feel safe before she can be truly her, that once you have her trust she can be one of the oddest, of caring friends that you’ll ever have watching your back.

Fear(s):[b] Salem is scared of being stuck in tight dark places on her own. {If it’s with someone she gets very jittery but not near brake down. Also she has a fear of spiders and ant‘s.

[b]Soft spots for?

+ Heights.(She has always enjoyed climbing tree’s and such)
+ Thrills/Adrenalin rush
+ Sewing and design
+ Soft fuzzy things
+ Most animals
+ The night sky
+ A good book or Manga{A guilty pleaser from when I was younger.}
+ Sweets
+ Swimming.

Pet peeve's?
- Being judged because of her job.{Just because I’m a fashion designer doesn't necessarily mean I’m the prissy little bitch.}
- People who constantly whine for no good reason. {If your in pain, I get it, If you are in a horrible situation I understand, but moaning and complain’ over and over...For the love of God!}
-Snobs! And Bitchs who believe that there looks, sex, and money can control people and get them anything they want.{I had to put up with those type of girls more then enough in St. Isaacs. They were one of my “targets” in the day. Also those were the models I have and had to reframe from punching them in the face after having to listen to them for a few hours.}
- People getting on her for working too hard.
- Overly bitter things
- Anything hitting her face.

Occupation: An up and coming Fashion designer. She owns her own Boutique in Chicago, she started the bases for her line while she was in collage

What washed ashore with them and Wearing:
Salem washed ashore wearing one of her sleepwear, not of her own personal design sadly, but they are a pair of Hollister, maroon, wine, white and gray short, sleep shorts, with a pair of white with little black bows panties, an Abercrombie maroon, with white lace tank top. The wreck had caught her in her sleep, she woke up because of the siren, quickly throwing on her brown UGG boots, even though her half awake mind had yet to fully process the danger going on before she ran to get her hoodie that she had out of her case, now this is from her own personal design. It was white, with maroon and gray braided ribbon lacing it in the back like a corset, it started on the shoulder blades before ending at the bottom tied in a delicate bow, before the same type of braided ribbon was cris-crossed laced, like in the back, starting from an inch or two from below her elbows ending at the cuffs the it tied in a knot there before about six inches of the ribbon dangles with little white heart, with a maroon X through the centers dangle from the ends. The zipper is a double zipper wit it being able to be zipped closed up or down, with the same hearts at the ends except the bottom on is a maroon heart with a white X. It is a slim, body hugging design with some breathing and movement room. It has a pocket in the front on each side, with a smaller one that is a zipper closed not a snap fold like the other two in the front. Then she also had two on the inside thin fleece closed with zippers.

What are inside the pockets: in the small front zipper, a small pocket knife that Isaac made her take, going on his little lecture that she should always carry something like a pocket knife, a motto he picked up from there nanny. Right front zipper, her cell phone, that was hopelessly soaked by the sea water when the ship went under. Front left, a red bandana with black poke-a-dots. Her inside left, her mini sowing kit with four spools of thread, one mini scissors, six pins, and four needles in a sleeve. Though also in this pocket is a folded up picture that appeared to be drawn by a five year old, a gift from her baby sister, along with a little teddy bear that her sister had put in her suitcase when she wasn’t looking. It was her sisters favorite bear. Then in her inside right are a pack of slightly crushed, filtered cigarettes, and a match book, that stayed pretty dry since they were put in the half use, plastic film cover cigarette pack.

Extra?: Salem has her ears pierced twice and her navel once. She was too lazy to take out her navel ring before she went to bed so she was still wearing it when they washed ashore.

So begins...

Salem Cresten's Story