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When The Sun Sets

When The Sun Sets


1x1 between whenworldsfall and StealthPanther

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First there was darkness....

Where you were the day...

But I shall still have you....

I'll pull you asunder...

...and then there was light.

...I was the night.

...My sweet little spark

,,,Until you are dark.

When the Sun Sets

A Private 1x1 between Whenworldsfall and Stealthpanther.

Link to Forum Introduction and Summary

Shortly after her eighteenth birthday a young girl begins to hear voices at night. They wake her from her sleep but she's convinced she's still dreaming.
The voices warn her that someone is coming for her. After a week or so the voices become more specific and one night they are too real to ignore. She hears a female voice as light a tree whisper in her ear.

"He will come for you. Tomorrow Night he will..."

The voice dries up before it finishes, but she already knows the end. Anxious that perhaps she's not dreaming, she stays awake that night with her dog. Shortly before midnight, the dog begins to whine before dropping to the floor asleep. The girl struggles to stay awake but is suddenly exhausted to the point where she can barely stay conscious. While fighting against the urge to sleep, she see's a shadow in the corner of her room and he speaks to her softly, like a whisper on the wind.

"Few can stay awake in my presence, you are no exception."

She's alarmed and terrified but the urge to sleep is overwhelming. As she closes her eyes the shadow approaches the end of her bed.

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Character Portrait: Samara  DeVries
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A dog's bark dwindled down to a whine, only for the sound to cease entirely after trailing off to leave a bare hint of snoring. A strange voice echoed in her mind, followed by a pair of eyes and a hazy figure that was quickly losing focus...

Samara's eyes slowly fluttered open, adjusting to the light of day. Strange, she couldn't even remember falling asleep. But what a strange dream; hearing whispers and feeling a looming dread. Well, at least it was over now that she was awake.

Slowly sitting up, the young woman stretched, feeling her fatigue fade away with each movement. Samara felt well-rested, and the lingering anxiety from her dream slipped from her mind. She stood and thought to change, but to her astonishment and delight, she was already dressed- in the most beautiful dress she'd ever worn. It was a sleeveless, bright scarlet ballgown with sequin and crystal embroidery along the bodice and dotted across the skirt. Samara twirled in it, feeling the soft fabric move around her, earning a smile.

Her attention was drawn to the smells of sweet pastries and her favorite flowers, eyes following the scent until she spotted a lavish party. Outside in a garden terrace was all sorts of delightful decor and a long table of all her favorite foods- complete with a chocolate fountain at the end! Roses and lilies were arranged in crystal vases, and the garden held perfectly manicured flora. Samara noted with surprise that she was right beside a marble fountain with crystal clear water and smooth benches. Had she really fallen asleep on a bench?! How embarrassing...

The mortification didn't last long, a pile of presents catching her attention. At the center of all the lovely things sat a basket with the most adorable border collie puppy- complete with a velvet ribbon wrapped around it's neck into a darling little bow.

A new puppy too? Samara eagerly scooped up the small bundle of fur, cooing gently to it. Surely Irwin would like another dog to play with.

A party all for her! But for some strange reason, Samara had the nagging feeling she had been here before. Seen this very scene before, even. But that was impossible, she'd remember something as delightful as this.


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Character Portrait: The Sand Man Character Portrait: Samara  DeVries
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Lavish parties, beautiful clothing and dream-like realities. Ciarán had created many situations to inspire awe and wonder in the eyes of those he had brought here before but no one was more important than his guest tonight. He watched her as she slept on the bench. She was so different to how he remembered her, memories really were dull compared to the real thing. Her hair had changed, it was longer and the colour seemed more vivid than before.

The sequins of her dress danced across her pale skin in the light. He watched the light dance and frowned as her lips began to twitch. He hastily faded into darkness before she awoke. He had to ease her back into things, everything had to be perfect!

From the shadows, he watched her for a moment but left before she awoke. He wanted to see her take her first steps back into the world they had built together but he was too impatient. He knew this garden scene was her absolutely favourite, they had sat and watched the sky a thousand times on that bench. The memories made him grin wickedly. He didn't need to stay, he was confident everything would be to her liking.

Everyone took turns walking past the girl in slumber on the bench, each of them smiling delightfully at Samara just as they should. The people of this world had missed her shining presence and were thrilled by the excitement of the master. A small orchestra played softly just inside the tree-line as they all mingled around the gardens. From the side-lines someone anxiously watched the party develop and observed as Samara finally woke up.

She looked confused at first and then delighted. Every step further she took into the world, the more her eyes lit up with awe and delight.

“Do you like the puppy?” A girl with bright blue eyes approached Samara from around the pile of presents as she snuggled the border collie into her chest. She was about as slight as a china doll and dressed in a forget-me-not coloured dress to match her eyes. Her flaxen hair was half tied in a large white bow and the rest hung down to her shoulders in soft ringlets.


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: The Sand Man Character Portrait: Samara  DeVries
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Smiling as the puppy licked her face, Samara hugged the bundle of cuteness and fur to her chest as she noticed the soft music in the air, the tune not familiar to her. It was soft and enchanting, though a part of her thought it seemed rather somber. Deciding she was just being picky, the young woman dismissed the thought as little concern, returning her attention to the animal in her arms. She'd investigate the rest of the presents after snatching up something from the selection of foods, her mouth watering at the thought of an apple tart.

Before her thoughts could run away from her, Samara was approached by a beautiful girl- her appearance striking and earning a soft gasp. She was like a porcelain doll by a master craftsman come to life, though obviously this was a real girl and not a doll. Even so, the resemblance was uncanny, her bright blue eyes and curled hair perfectly put together. A slight pang of envy stirred inside, wishing her appearance could appear as flawless and feminine as the girl before her. Even so, Samara smiled as the puppy was mentioned, nodding happily.

"Oh he's just so adorable! A little sweetheart! I bet Irwin will love him too..." Samara answered, smile faltering for a second. Where was her lapphund anyway? Glancing about anxiously, Samara returned her attention to the girl, biting her lip in worry. Irwin almost always kept by her side- he was well trained and didn't like being alone. "By the way, have you seen Irwin around? It's not like him to wander off..."

Trying to soothe her worry, Samara took a deep breath and hugged the collie closer to her, glancing about for her dog. Suddenly, she realized with no lack of embarrassment that she had no idea what the party was for!

"By the way...what's the occasion for the party?" Samara asked, plastering a smile on her face and trying to not worry so much, vowing to go look for Irwin herself if he didn't show up soon.


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Character Portrait: The Sand Man Character Portrait: Samara  DeVries
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The girl frowned just as Samara faltered. She was thinking and that was good but not when he was so close by. The girl struggled for a suitable reply but the moment of uncertainty seemed to pass as she hugged the puppy tighter and turned her attention to the party.

"By the way...what's the occasion for the party?"

The girl gave Samara a playful frown. "Don't you remember?" she lent closer and shielded her mouth with her hand secretively. "You fell asleep for an awfully long time you know and everyone's been waiting" she added in a whisper, completely skirting past the question.

The citizens gazes were straying from the party to Samara too often and they were staring at her too with a fierceness. The heat of their numerous eyes made her uncomfortable. They couldn't linger here for much longer.

Holding out a hand she wiggled her fingers encouragingly and gave Samara the cutest smile she could manage. "We really o'rt to sit down for dinner, he's waiting after all. Surely you remember that?" she mused.


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Character Portrait: Samara  DeVries
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While she couldn't fathom why the girl would need to whisper, Samara wouldn't deny that sharing something in hushed tones as when discussing something private was fun, and perhaps there was a surprise she'd reveal to her. Leaning down so she could hear the pretty girl's answer, the young woman was puzzled by the response. Sleeping an awfully long time? How long was awfully long? And even so, what did that have to do with the party?

Now that she glanced about, Samara felt the weight of dozens of eyes on her, and they were firm, watchful gazes. She felt a slight shiver, a spark of uncertainty in her heart. Why did she suddenly feel uneasy? And furthermore, she realized with a start that she didn't recognize a single person at the party. If it was one for her, why didn't she see a single friend or relative among the guests? Little alarm bells began to go off in her mind.

Her attention was seized by the doll-like girl once more, her smile adorable and just as perfect as the rest of her. The outstretched hand was inviting, and Samara gingerly took the hand. "Alright, I guess we shouldn't keep him waiting" she replied, unwilling to admit she had no idea who 'he' was. Why was she so confused?

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Samara enters into the beautiful dream world and meets Ciaran (The Sandman) who charms her with the wonders of his land but something is off about this exquisite place she's discovered. It's almost like, she's been here before...

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