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Akiana Shizoki.

"You'll pay for what you've done.."

0 · 223 views · located in Post WWIII, 2345

a character in “When the World Dies”, as played by Neru



"At least..I believe that's my age."
"Do I honestly look like a man to you?"
Class B.
"I may not be nearly as strong as Tezuka but I'm still leathal."
"I'm for the side that's right..They destroyed our lives and they must pay."
"Use your eyes and take a closer look!"
Akiana is tall with a very lithe build. She stands at exactly 5'6 inches, and has natural grayish white hair. Her eyes used to be a bright blue, when she was human, but since she was 'turned' they now have a red tinge to them, making them look an almost violet color. Though when angery, hungery, or on a mission, her eyes turn to a dark blood red color. Akiana wears a crusifix around her neck, something she's just always done. She is usually found wearing a red leather trench coat, and dark leather pants to match. She never goes anywhere without her black gloves and skull belt.

"So what? I'm a little taller than an average girl."
"It's all muscle!"
Akiana is skilled in using and assortmant of weapons, though she sticks mostly to her large sword, and two twin pistols. Both pistols are holstered at her thighs, while her sword is kept in a sheath at her hip.
"Ahh my babies."
Akiana has all the skills and abilities of a Class A vampire, as well as some newly hightened properties. She has gained regenerative abilities, meaning she's able to bascially heal herself due to her mutation into being vampire. She's also skilled in swordsmanship, as well as fist to fist close combat.
"Gifts they call them.."

Angery. That's one way to describe Akiana's personality. Cold, indifferent, and lethal are some other ways. Akiana keeps herself closely gaurded, having acheived the goal of being nearly emotionless at a young age. She had a true hatered for the scientists that created her, but to others she dosen't know, or does not see as a threat she's calm and relaxed. Though she does walk around constantly on the guard, waiting for the next person to try and attack her.
"I'm not cold!"
Akiana dosen't remember much of her life before she was 8 years old. It was then she was taken by the scientists to begin her 'new' life. Akiana went through excrusiating tests and experiments. Most of the tests nearly killed the fragile young girl, but over the years her body began to adapt, or as the scientists put it, mutate to keep her alive. The one memory that sticks out clearly in Akiana's mind, is the time she opened her blood red tinged eyes, and gazed up at the sceientists.

Everything around her was so vibrant, so..Clear. It was almost like she was seeing things for the firrst time. And then the rest of her senses began to settled in. She could smell everything around her, and identify it. The scientists were excited that she'd survived the testing, and her body bonded with the mutations and virus they placed inside her. When Akiana was 12 years old, 4 years after the testing had begun, a second round of mutation set in, pushing her up from a Class A vampire to a class B.

She was stronger, faster, and far more deadly then she had been as a Class A. Her eyes darkened from a blue, tinged with red, to an almost violet color that tended to slip into a blood red when her emotions took hold of her. By her 13th birthday, Akiana's mutation had begun to stop, leaving her a Class B Vampire. This was around the time she began her training. Akiana trained day and night, becoming very skilled in the art of assasins, as well as close combat. By the time she was 17, Akiana was a leader of her own small unit, but she was begining to question things. Begining to wonder things that she'd never thought of.

It was on the night of her final deployment that she'd really changed her mind-set. They were on a 'cleaning' mission, one that was to be done quickly and efficently. If the city did not bend to their will, they were to take them out. On this particular night, Akiana was confronted by a woman, only several years older then herself. She questioned why Akiana served for people that...Turned her into a monster. Akiana could not give a reason, nor even a straight answer, so instead she simply replied. "I don't know..It's what I was told to do." The womans anger that had been directed towards Akiana soon turned to pity before she replied to her. "You don't even understand what they've done to you.." After she said this, the woman fled into the night.

Akiana let her go, not intersted in chasing her. Once she returned to their base, she confronted one of the scientsts, and it was then her life turned upside down. Akiana did much research for the next two years, but upon finding out about Tezuka's escape, she too vanished into the night, vowing to get revenge on the people that destroyed her life.
"Not exactly a fairy tale story now is it.

Akiana enjoys walking in the rain, it's one of the only times she'll ever let her gaurd down and simply..exsist. She's not sure why she loves the rain so much, but she does. Especially if there's a thunder storm.

So begins...

Akiana Shizoki.'s Story