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Bliss Summers

"Smells like a good time."

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a character in “When There Is Nothing Left..”, as played by blissfullyquixotic


Bliss Summers




Lead guitarist

Bliss is a girl that is read like a book, her emotions always playing out on her face. She is good natured and can always be seen laughing or smiling at something. Being somewhat spontaneous, she often does not plan very well which may sometimes turn out badly. She enjoys making new friends, something that is easy for her. She is a conversationalist and is often seen talking, sometimes about nothing in particular. In fact, people often find in difficult to shut her up and find solace when she is silent, which isn't very often. Her friendly nature and natural disregard about much in her life makes her incredibly easygoing and she pretty much goes with the flow. She has never needed much convincing to do anything in life because of her impromptu nature. She often talks to people even when she knows she is annoying them, and sometimes finds glee in this. She is easy to entertain and often pokes her nose in things she shouldn't because she is a curious person. She follows her name in regards to her personality, she is often blissful and it takes much to break her cool demeanor. Bliss enjoys flirting with people all the time, regardless of if there is a romantic connection or not. She will flirt with just about anyone and can sometimes be misleading. However, she has a big heart and falls in love easily, even when she tries not to. She is incredibly gullible and believes just about anything someone tells her. Bliss is also a big party animal and has a love for the nightlife. Because of this, she can at times be irresponsible and disregard the work she has to do. She does not do well with commitment and dislikes working, even if that means practicing with her bad. She is a loud girl and does not have much of a filter from her brain to her mouth and often blurts things that she shouldn't. Her manners aren't pristine and is sometimes a bit of a slob when it comes to cleaning her room. She has a bold personality and is not afraid of doing wild things and very rarely regrets anything about her life. She can be rash when she is angry but very rarely means the words she says. However, it takes much to get her angry enough to break her friendly demeanor. She has a few bad habits that she has tried to quit many times but she is one who likes to indulge herself so she has yet to break them. She is a social person so being stuck indoors with no one for extended periods of time bothers her. She is a loving person and tries to nurture the ones she cares about, which is sometimes many. Her mind is often busy and sometimes she will get lost in her prattling until someone bothers to stop her. She is an outgoing character that loves the company of people. Image

Likes Puppies; Smoking; Partying; Talking; Indulging herself; Music; Slacking off; Summer; The feeling of sun on the back of her neck; The sound of birds tweeting; Internet; Swimming; Meeting new people; Watching TV; Yellow; Daisies; Roses; The smell of freshly cut grass; Candles; Rings; Reading; Snooping; Live shows; Drinking; Learning useless facts; Perfume; Easygoing people; Keeping her hair short; Makeup Dislikes Rude people; Falling in love; Believing people so easily; Judgmental people; Working; Cleaning up after herself; Fish; Sleeping; Ignorance; Teen romance novels; Fancy dinners; Old movies; Pens that don't work; Feeling Helpless; Watches; Crocs; The smell of white-out; Being woken up; Singing

Making new friends; Playing guitar; Making good impressions; Being friendly; Procrastination; Completing something last minute; Talking; Making situations not as awkward as they actually are Weaknesses Irresponsible; Gullible; Annoying; Dancing; Singing; Commitment; Rationalization; Does not filter her words; Talks too much; Often doesn't take things as seriously as she should

Bliss' secret is that she does not actually have a real family. She was orphaned at a young age and was never adopted, something that she is ashamed of. She has never met her real parents and has no desire to meet them. She was raised at a small orphanage until she turned 16 when they kicked her out. While she grew up she got a part time job to help her pay for the guitar lessons that she so desperately wanted and bought herself a guitar as well. When she wasn't at the Orphanage's school, she was practicing her guitar, to the annoyance of everyone else that lived there. She saved her money up, which helped her once she was kicked out of the orphanage. Once she left she legally changed her name to Bliss Summers from her original Jessica Smith and tried to move on in her life, soon meeting Forever and Young. She has not told anyone her secret and the only people who would know from the orphanage would likely never recognize her due to her name change.

Image Growing up was a little difficult for Bliss because she never got the love and affection she desired in the orphanage. She decidedly did not have much to complain about though, they gave her food, education, a bed and a place to grow up. She was graced with an education three times a week which left many spots in her competency, which she now tries to make up with from learning useless facts and reading. She got a job working at a local theater the second she turned fourteen and saved up the money she made, under the table, to buy her guitar and lessons for it. After that she saved the rest of her money to start off her life after the orphanage, once she turned 16. It was difficult to begin with, leaving her friends and the way of life that she knew but she managed to create a new beginning for herself. The name change was something important to her and a move helped to leave the past behind. She started her new life with a new job, a new apartment that was leased in a crappy part of town due to her age and new friends. She spent her free time writing music and practicing her guitar, which inevitably led her to meeting her band. The breakup was hard on her for a bit but she continued with her life. Now that she has a chance to get together with her old friends, she is more excited than ever to get her life going and to hopefully find a bit of fame.

So begins...

Bliss Summers's Story