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Kaito Yuudai

"Hey, look, I understand. We can't all be as awesome as me."

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a character in “When There Is Nothing Left..”, as played by Homesick Angel



"One part good looks, one part fun, two parts talent-- all parts me."
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| Name | Image
Kaito Yuudai

| Role |
Violinist & Bassist

| Age |

| Height |

| Build |

| Appearance |

It's not that hard to understand what Kaito's about. Just give him a good hard look and you'll see. He's pretty taller than your average male, standing just a hair shy of an even six feet. His hair is and has always been dark brown (except for that time it wasn't, blonde is not a good look for him) as are his eyes. His hair is feathered in a near literal sense. It looks like it's just one good wind gust away from taking flight to never be seen again. And that would be bad. Kaito likes his hair and takes great strides to ensure it's always as fluffy as it looks. He likes nothing more than somebody petting his hair and commenting on how soft it is. His eyes have a habit of dancing around his head, always looking at this or that and generally doing laps in his eye sockets. Just a single clue as to the boundless energy the man has stored.

The other would be his wild swinging stride. He walks with an exaggerated gait, and if he's walking and his arms aren't swinging wildly by his side, then something's obviously amiss. Kaito's a thin character, something he works to achieve. And it shows. The man is built and in possession of the much coveted 'six-pack abs' and he wouldn't hesitate for a moment to show you. He's proud of his body, like he chiseled out of rock himself. Otherwise it'd be easy to miss. There isn't much else to give it away. His shoulders aren't very broad and he tends to wreath himself in clothes, as sad as that is. However, is arms do have a banded shape to them, and is one of the only readily visible examples of his build.

His face has a round quality to it, with perhaps the only jarring edge being his chin, but even that isn't so sharp as to open a can. That may sound incredibly dull, but Kaito makes up for it by being incredibly expressive. It's easy to tell what he's thinking by simply looking at his face-- though he won't hesitate to tell you either. He's also been known to give dirty looks to people behind their backs, but shhh, they don't know that. For clothing, Kaito dresses as Kaito does, that is in whatever the hell he feels like. Some days may be tees and sweats, others he might be dressed to the nines in a suit and tie. He loves ties and vests, but will only wear them if it's a "Tie and Vest" kind of day.

| Distinguishing Features |
There's a few. A treble clef is sitting on his right shoulder. There's also a chain wrapping around his upper left arm. Otherwise, there's his expressive face and his always moving eyes. The on thing he does try to hide though, is a patch of discolored skin standing below his elbow that curiously looks like a skin graft.


| Personality |

Oh Kaito, where do we even start? Well, he's an energetic type for beginners. He's the larger than life figure who talks way too loud and way too much about nothing in particular. There's not a hesitant bone in the man's body, and only ever slows down in order to fill his lungs with breath. There's a swagger about him and the self-confidence to back it up. He's damn near awesome and the worst thing is that he knows it too. Though how much all of this is really Kaito and how much is just an act to play up his weaknesses is unclear, even to himself. He's got a fiery soul and an uncommon determination when it gets down to brass tacks. That being said, Kaito is a physical person, who tends to use his hands when he's talking and not averse to touching other people to get a point across.

There's also a flamboyant streak to the man. He's always trying to be the center of attention, and always trying to catch the attentions of others. This means he's vain sometimes, and perhaps takes a lot more care in his appearance than your typical average male. He wants to send a message and than message is simply "Damn I'm awesome." He's a character rather than a person, and he's knows it too. Make of it what you will, Kaito will, and always will be, Kaito, damn your opinion. He's going to be himself no matter what. This gives him a hard-headed mule-like quality. It's a chore to get him to change his mind.

That being said, he has in possession a big heart. He cares for people and wants everyone to have as much fun as he's having. This also makes him very susceptible to guilt-trips. A guilt-trip is a sure-fire way to get him to change his mind and to get him to do what you want him to. Kaito also has a nasty habit of doing things the hard way, despite easier solutions being present. Sometimes this is due to him wanting a "challenge" or some such nonsense. Sometimes, it's just because he simply didn't think of the easier solution. Let's just say that Kaito isn't the brightest bulb in the pack, the sharpest knife in the drawer-- but he is the most colorful crayon in the box, thank you very much.

Basically, he's the last man you'd expect playing a dainty instrument like the violin. It seems to require the finesse that Kaito simply does not. A bassist, totally in the realm of reality (of which he is as well), but not a violin. Against all odds though, he's made the instrument his own. He can work miracles with his bow and make the strings sing on command. Don't tell anyone else, but Kaito secretly dreams of playing first violin in a real respectable orchestra-- at least just once in his life. It's telling of his sensitive side, and reveals that yes, even the silly guy with the fluffy hair has a softer side. He takes criticisms hard and tends to be one of the only things that can push him into a shell. And he loves, and he loves hard. Like everything else he does, when he loves he's in it one-hundred percent, for better or for worse. He hates letting go, and will try to hold on with everything he's got. He knows this, makes strides to ensure his big heart doesn't get broken. It makes him a hard man to love back.

In the end, Kaito loves nothing more than a song and dance. He plays his music too loud, talks far too much, acts way too sillier, and burns twice as bright. He's a lover and a fighter, who loves too hard and fights too much. He's a fiddler and a violinist on occasion, a bassist when he needs to be, dances when he's either and above all he's an artist and musician. Kaito is Kaito, for all the good and bad that means.

| Quirks |
Did I mention? He dances. And he's not too bad at it either. When he's got an instrument in his hands he likes to move as he plays. It's even better when someone else joins in and dances with him. Even when he's got nothing in his hands and he's doing nothing more than sitting he can be seen drumming his hands on his lap playing along to the song playing in his head. When especially bored he'll sing entire lyrics to songs until someone yells at him to hush. Which, of course, causes him to sing even louder.


| Likes | | Dislikes |
~ Attention Sad people -
~ Fun Boring People -
~ His Violin Sleeping -
~ His Bass Clouds -
~ Dancing Spiders -

| Secret |
This is a rough one. He doesn't like to keep secrets but he does manage to harbor one. Kaito is an alcoholic. And not one of those playful "oh ho ho I just drink a lot of beer and party" alcoholics either. What this means is that he keeps a flask on his person at all times and takes drinks when no one's looking. He tries to play it off by trying to look like one of those people who just drinks a lot. He tries to seem like the kind of guy who simply enjoys his drink, not that he needs it. At one point it was bad enough that he couldn't sleep unless he was totally and thoroughly sloshed. He'd since went to rehab and managed to stay dry... For all of a month, when the band broke up. While it's not as bad as it once was, he's slowly slipping down that slope again.


| History |

Twenty-five years ago, the world was gifted with the blessing that is Kaito Yuudai-- at least that's what his ego would tell you. The fact of the matter is that Kaito was born to a sleepy little family in a sleepy little town that makes him snore every time he even thinks about it. Don't get him wrong, he loves his family and loves his hometown, it just was never exciting enough for him. He was born to a pair of simple folk, his father a Japanese business man and his mother a stay-at-home wife. It was a small family, but they never went without what they needed, and Kaito never wanted for love.

Kaito's early life wasn't anything spectacularly, unless you count spectacularly average. He was born, he was raised, and he went to school. Well, he could've done better in school. He never was the sharpest knife in the drawer and his marks reflected it. He didn't do terrible, he never got held back, and he never failed a class (though he did get close a couple of times) but he could have always done better by mom and dad. However, the one class he never had a problem with was music. He picked up the violin when he was young, and hasn't put it down since. He'd tell that was damn near a prodigy, but you shouldn't believe a word he says. He didn't even know what that word meant at that age. He had to get good at the violin the old fashioned way, through hard work and practice.

In fact, during this time Kaito learned how to play different classical stringed instruments decently enough to be passable. It's a sight to see him saw on a cello. Music was his escape from the average and ordinary, and when he realized this immersed himself in it completely. From classical to modern, he enjoyed music of all kinds and from all walks. From Bach to Slayer, from baroque to classic rock, Kaito showed an interest in sound of all kind. It's what led him to picking up the bass when he was older-- though he knows how to pick at a guitar too, if only for fun. But as much as he wanted it to be, his history isn't purely based off of music. Only a single facet of his life.

Despite all the warm fuzzies his happy family vibe gives off, they had their share of demons as well. In this case, alcohol. Kaito never knew his grandfather because of the drink. He doesn't know the specifics of his death, because it's a topic he doesn't like to approach. But like father, like son, and Kaito's father followed right along with his own father, taking up the drink sometime in Kaito's teen years. It was about the time Kaito's father got fired, or downsized as they put it that he took up drinking as a hobby. Kaito vividly remembers seeing his father stumble through the door of their home and lurch toward the bedroom to sleep it off. Fortunately, he never was a mean drunk-- actually he was the opposite. He was a loving drunk. More often than not, Kaito was wrapped up in a beer-soaked hug before being sent off to bed.

Even when the man found a new job, the alcoholism stayed. It never bothered anyone, so they simply ignored it. As far as Kaito knows, his father still drinks unless the man kicked the habit when he wasn't watching. He might not have been the best example, but the man loved his son. Inevitably, this rubbed off on young Kaito as well. In his late teens, Kaito had acquired a reputation for being quite the party animal, and before he was even able to legally drink, he'd already acquired a respectable alcohol tolerance. He loved to have fun, and booze was a quick way to find it. He was simply a man who enjoyed to party those days, and not the alcoholic he is today. He always drank with friends then...

It wasn't all bad. It was during this phase he found Forever and Young and became a musician. Funny story, actually. He had a habit of taking his Violin with him as he went barhopping. A lot of people will pay for your drinks if you can regale them with a song. One of those certain people happened to have connections with the band, and next thing he knew, bam, he was an artist. He had fun playing in the band, and took their breakup pretty hard. Nearing the end of the band's run, his alcoholism was getting pretty bad, but there at the end checked himself into rehab to get clean. A little too late however, as the band split a few months later. He took it pretty hard afterward, a couple of weeks there where he couldn't even be found sober.

He'd since managed to rein himself in and actually become presentable enough to run a music class a few times a week, and actually managed to play some small time orchestra gigs. He still drinks, but he doesn't let it affect his jobs. He's gotten better about hiding the fact and tries to live his life as a functional addict. Of course, the moment the band was brought back together, he dropped everything and came running. Secretly he's worried that his alcoholism may flare up again, but the risk is worth the reward in his eyes.



So begins...

Kaito Yuudai's Story