Avalon Rose

A Ladan.

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a character in “When They Returned”, as played by mummydove


Physical description:
Avalon has a childlike round face with high cheekbones. She has large blueish gray eyes which are accompanied by thick long lashes. Next to her left eye is a small beauty mark. Her nose is small and straight. Avalon lips are pale pink. Her smooth ivory skin is not covered with any tattoos. Avalon stands at a height of five feet. She weights a bit below average. Though she still has a womanly figure. Avalon also has a slender muscular built. Her straight silky hair brushes her shoulders. The color of her hair is a pale blond. It is often mistaken for white which lead people to think she dyed it. On her ears she has the average lobe piercings. Including she has an industrial ear piercing on each ear.

Avalon is an adventurous person who is filled with curiosity. Generally she is a sweet person who tends to care too much. She is one who always tries to find the good in people; she is a bit naive. Though she does not trust easily. Some have said Avalon has too much courage for her own good. She is one who tends to go into things blindly without thinking. Avalon is pretty much a truthful person. She tries to lie only when necessary.

Another flaw about Avalon is that she is somewhat prideful. Avalon is one to be known as a stubborn person. She doesn't like to receive help from others at all. Although, she is one who likes to help others. Her anger rarely shows as she likes to stay in control of herself. Including, Avalon is one to hide her pain or emotions that hurt. Lastly, Avalon is a loyal trustworthy person who knows how to keep a secret.

Equipment & Abilities:
Avalon is one who travels frequently. So she is usually seen carrying a black leather knapsack. Inside the knapsack is: a emergency kit, canteen, lip balm, clothes, hammock, blanket, soap, sometimes food, pocket knife, wallet, pencils, and a large journal. She is known to have a "green thumb". Also, Avalon is quite athletic and a bit sly. Including, she has a knack for drawing.

Historical Background:
Avalon was born to two overprotective wealthy parents. They kept her in a very sheltered environment. Her family lived just outside the city. She was taken and picked up from school everyday. Avalon did not like this life style. She would sneak out at night to explore the city. She always made sure to leave when she knew her parents finished doing their regular nighttime check ups.

Once Avalon was an adult, she began to travel. She would always come back home to worried parents. Though she eventually got sick of just traveling to other cities and towns. After a year or so, she decided she would travel the Old Road and explore all of the forests.

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