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The Medic

"Can you feel the schadenfreude?!"

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a character in “When & Where: Tales Across the Multiverse”, as played by Lloyd999


The Medic

Name: "The Medic". His real name isn't known. Everybody just refers to him as 'Doc'.
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-fifties
Race: Human

Personality: Oh, the Medic's a swell guy. He's an intelligent individual, sometimes affable and ditsy, at other times very curt and professional. Sometimes, when he's annoyed, he'll be rather nasty and condescending toward others, but get on his good side, and you'll see the nice guy, willing to share a laugh and give you a comforting pat on the back. This Medic's always looking out for the safety of his team, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, the Medic's actually quite the mad doctor. He only truly cares for satisfying his own morbid curiosities, and the 'healing' is merely a convenient side effect of his work. To him, pretty much everybody is a test subject and he's able to take a sick joy into experimenting with. You see, he came from the era of thinking that viewed the Hippocratic Oath as a mere 'Hippocratic Suggestion'. Still, as mad as he is, he sure is good at appearing civil.

He's rather fond of replacing people's organs with those of exotic animals, and is always willing to try out his latest experiments in the field. That said, he is quite brilliant, and could be considered a miracle worker, having created a way of doing in seconds what otherwise takes other doctors weeks or months to do, just to name one of the most mundane of his achievements. He's a man guided purely by his own curiosity, and works only to satisfy that curiosity, or to get money to fund his experiments.

Weapons/Abilities:[/color] The Medic has a wide variety of tools he uses for his medical work—keeping in mind that not all of his medical work is based on healing—and cleverly switches between different tools in his set to suit a variety of situations, allowing him to prepare for just about any field situation. Much of these tools are of his own creation, crafted with his own hands as he usually works with little to no funds, typically only using shady sources and his own genius to accomplish his work.

The Medi Gun - Probably the most valued invention of the Medic's by all doctors and physicians alike. With this tool, (the hose of which being modified from a fire hose) the Medic can heal flesh and bone absurdly quickly and bring people to the peak of health in a matter of seconds, and beyond. He merely has to train the weapon on whatever target he pleases and it will bathe its target with a healing beam (of which exhibits strange properties, being able to bend in any direction) that stimulates the regeneration of cells in the human body at superhuman rates. Prolonged exposure will also energize a persons cells to strengthen them against harm, allowing one to even survive a gunshot and remain perfectly healthy, although this energized state (known as Overhealing) with only last for a few seconds after the Medi Gun's beam is taken off the target.

The Medi Gun isn't just limited to healing capabilities, however. Upon being fully charged, the Medic can activate a supercharged feature of the gun, known as an 'Ubercharge', that will render whomever the Medic is healing completely impervious to any sort of external harm, effectively making them invincible (making one an 'Ubermensch', as the Medic would call it). This effect only lasts for a very short period of time however (previously, it would only last 8 seconds, but the Medic has found ways to extend its duration for up to 30 seconds) and the Medic has to wait to recharge this effect (40 seconds at the very minimum, but to get the full effect, one has to wait at least ten minutes) by either warming the gun up again by using it to heal patients or by use of the Ubersaw. One big limitation this used to have was that a patient needed to have gone through a procedure of attaching a large device to their heart, which enabled the heart to withstand the Ubercharge (although most human hearts are too small, and thus, too weak to withstand the process, however, causing the Medic to accidentally destroy the hearts of many of his patients, so he'll usually have to replace the heart with a much larger one, usually animal ones like horses or 'mega baboons') yet with new breakthroughs, the Medic has found a way be able to preform an Ubercharge on patients without having to go through the procedures (although, there is a chance that it might completely rupture the recipients heart and every major blood vessel in their body, but the chances of that are only slight) thus allowing anybody with a beating heart to receive an Ubercharge.

At some point in one of the Medic's careers, during a stalemate between men and robots, the Medic had upgraded his Medi Gun with two new features. One of which allowed him to produce a large clear energy shield in front of him which completely disintegrates any projectile matter (or stupid robots) that touch it, regardless of their momentum, although things with greater mass tend to be more difficult to completely destroy. This ability requires the same sort of charging that an Ubercharge requires, however, but it takes less time. The second ability allows the Medic to bring people back to life using a Reanimator. More explained below.

Do bear in mind that the healing aspect of the Medi Gun is a side effect of what it's actually meant to do to the Medic's targets, whatever that is.

The Syringe Gun - Have a large collection of needles, an enthusiasm to jab them into human flesh, the lack of a gun and a certain amount of genius and you can understand how the inspiration for this weapon came about. A rather simple yet complex compressed air-powered gun that fires needles from a cylinder mounted on top of a strange apparatus. The cylinder holds a very large amount of needles, and the Medic only needs to replace the air canisters to reload it, and the needles fire at a rapid rate, but they don't get show all that far at all. Now, it may not be as lethal or effective as, say, a handgun, but being shot is probably a form of mercy after you've received a fistful of needles buried deep in your face.

The Bonesaw - A rather valued tool of the Medic's, perfect for cutting through both flesh and bone. He values this tool so much that he takes it around with him, even into battle where he can easily preform emergency surgery on his enemies when needed.

The Crusader's Crossbow - Out of experimentation with various designs for the Syringe Gun (such as the Blutsauger or the Overdose) the Medic had come up with an entirely new way to deliver injections to his patients, and his enemies. This crossbow has much more power behind its shots, allowing the Medic to fire single syringes with greater velocity, even allowing syringes filled with drugs to be fired. While he can more effectively harm his enemies at even greater ranges, this crossbow also allows the unintended effect of allowing the Medic to administer healing drugs to his allies. Potentially, he could add other sorts of drugs to his needles if he so pleased, so don't feel so safe when he shoots a needle at you.

The Ubersaw - A strange (and rather dirty) weapon, being a rusty old blade jammed into a bonesaw grip with a needle stuck inside. This tool has a very specialized purpose, to be used with the Medi Gun. Upon, say, violently stabbing a person, the Ubersaw will extract blood from the patient and store it in the cylinder where it can be used to refill the Medi Gun's fuel supply. A full container of fluid will charge the Medi Gun by about twenty-five percent.

The Reanimator - This tool doesn't just allow the Medic to play God—it makes playing God much less time-consuming for him. Basically, when a patient dies and is carrying one of these heavy devices which have their genetic code within them, the Medic can use his Medi Gun on this device to miraculously and completely bring a person back from the dead by reconstructing their body, even if they've been blown to smithereens. Of course, there are still limitations. One still needs to go through the Uber-heart surgery for it to work and the Reanimators themselves are very heavy to carry around, yet they don't work if the victim has died more than 20 feet away from one.

Bio: The Medic had come from a long family line of mad scientists and doctors, and it was traditional for them to get chased out of town at least once every generation too. The Medic, ever since he was young, had been fascinated by the workings of the human body. He would ponder at what made one person strong and another weak and wondered exactly how the human body could be pushed to its limits. Sure, he was a strange kid, taking great pleasure in watching the suffering of other living things, the schadenfreude, but he was a brilliant child nonetheless. He was definitely going to follow in his family's footsteps. He was raised in Rottenburg in Germany at a time when the Hippocratic Oath was more of a Hippocratic suggestion. Perhaps it was a period of great change and perhaps there was a lot of interest physicians had with the human body, trying to figure out what made the perfect human. While other physicians views were way too narrowminded, satisfied with the perfect human being tall and having blue eyes with blonde hair, this doctor was much more interested in experimenting with the human body's tolerance to pain.

After losing his medical licence during a rather controversial skeleton stealing incident, the Medic would go on to continue his studies on the human body, unhindered by ethics or being told what not to do. It was during this time that the Medic would invent the Medi Gun, but he would have never completed it if it weren't for one incident. On a stormy night, a person whose identity the Medic could not quite discern had requested for him to work on the 'Ubermensch' project, a secret German super soldier project being worked on during WWII that had been set back by many years because of a mysterious disappearance of all documents, test result, test subjects and substances used for the project. This mysterious figure had given him a few documents about this project and a bar of what appeared to be gold, but was actually an extremely rare substance known as Australium, a metal found only in Australia that has contributed to the nations many decades of technological advancements simply by making people smarter (not to mention grow mustaches and chest hair in the shape of Australia and develop a craving for beer) among its many other miraculous uses. With the documents and the material, along with an accident involving the mixing of many various chemicals with blood, the Medic had finally been able to complete a project he had merely dreamed of, the power to create gods.

It was actually rather soon after that that the Medic had been sought out and hired by Redmond Mann, owner of Reliable Excavation Demolition, as part of a team of mercenaries meant to take land forcefully from his brother, Blutarch Mann, owner of Builder's League United, whom was doing the same thing. The two brothers had been fighting over land left for them by their father's will for a very long time. Hoping he could win by outliving Redmond, Blutarch had ordered one of his more brilliant mercenaries to develop an immortality machine for him, yet a mysterious women named Emily convinced him to do the same for Redmond using Australium. Thus, the two brothers have been locked in a conflict for over a hundred years.

The Medic was on this team, the 'RED' team with 8 other mercenaries, all varying in skills, nationalities, strengths and so on. The Medic had always filled in a special role, possibly the most important one, that being to keep everybody alive. Also, his Ubercharges were famous for breaking stalemates, even if they lasted only 8 seconds. Although, one thing that did come to a surprise is that the 'BLU' team also had their own Medic whom had nearly the exact same tools that the Medic had invented, including the Medi Gun, as well as the Ubercharge. This other Medic also happened to be of the same nationality and even had a resemblance to him. Nonetheless, battles were fierce and although stalemates were usually easily broken by superior force, the two teams always seemed to be evenly matched, regaining what they've lost and losing what they've gained constantly over and over, while the administrator of TF Industries (a mysterious company that manages the entire conflict) is constantly making the playing field as even as possible (although, neither teams know this, believing they work under the administrator and that she is on their side).

The conflict would come to a grinding halt, however, when both the brothers are suddenly murdered by their long lost brother, Gray Mann. Gray Mann then proceeds to attempt to take over Mann Co., a leading cooperation of which sells everything from weapons to hats to the mercenaries, for the sake of claiming its secret Australium reserve. The CEO Saxton Hale decides (due to his current occupied state, fighting a Yeti that is) to hire the very same mercenaries that fought each other to protect his facilities from Gray Mann's endless army of robots (whom are powered by money) and allows them access to their experimental technology (not without paying for it, of course) to upgrade their weapons. It wouldn't be until later, when the Medic's quiet little hometown of Rottenburg was attacked, for the Medic to make use of his new upgrades.

Although, again, just as suddenly, Gray Mann, deciding that rather than become locked in an endless stalemate like his brothers were, he win the company from Hale himself. Upon using clever tactics to beat Hale out of his own company using his own policies, he would find all the Australium gone. Of course, the surrender of Mann Co. meant that the mercenaries are out of jobs, at least for now.

The Medic never truly imagined his morbid curiosities would take him into all new places, universes even, some of which may provide him the perfect opportunities to test his new experiments. Saving the multiverse is just an unintended side effect of satisfying these curiosities.

Where and When are you from: Rottenburg, Germany, 1971, TF Universe.

Supplementary Video Material: Meet the Medic | The Sound of Medicine

So begins...

The Medic's Story

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Sherman Peabody, Goodnight Robicheaux

Onboard the WABAC, Roughly Noon, Timeline Unknown

“Woah-oh, we're halfway there...” Sherman sang to himself as he paced the hallways of the WABAC, idly tapping away at his portable digital screen. He'd logged so much in such little time, thinking back on how he'd already gathered four of the Eight he'd been told to find.

“WABAC, power grid update.”

“-Mr. Peabody, currently I am running at 85% peak efficiency and on 50% normal power. Reserves are still at 100%. A quick stop would be ideal to recharge for the time being.-”

“A recharge already? Sounds like you're looking for an excuse to take a break.” Sherman chuckled.

“-Absolutely not, Mr. Peabody. Given that our crew is half of what it should be, we're currently trying to accommodate the needs of the others the best we can. Changes have been made to make things feel more like home. Also, it should probably be noted that the changes to the Medical Bay have been utilizing 70% more energy than originally anticipated...-”

Sherman smirked and adjusted his glasses. “I'll have a word with the Medic about it. Until then, a brief break sounds like it could do everyone some good. Maybe we can find a better form of energy to use in the meantime?”

“-As you wish, Mr. Peabody. Shall I alert the crew?-”

“No, just keep us on course and find the nearest Dimension to pull over in. I'll go speak with the crew.”

A few lights blipped along the silvered hallways of the ship and within moments, the WABAC was already setting a course for a nearby dimension.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sherman continued through the ship, passing by the Mess Hall on his way towards the dormitories. He took pause in his step when he saw that Goodnight was already enjoying a glass of something by himself.

“Mr. Robicheaux?” Sherman addressed, always trying his best to be polite.

“Mr. Peabody?” He quipped back with a grin, sipping his drink idly. “You know, I can't say I've been fond of the name 'Sherman'. Nothing against you of course, boy.” The sharpshooter smirked.

“If it had anything to do with what happened in 1864, I can assure you that definitely wasn't me.”

“Never said it was, Sherman.” He took another drink, downing the amber liquid before pouring another. “William T. had a lot of stones to do what he did. Just like you've got a lot of stones doing what you're doing now.”

Goody shared a look with the young man, sliding the nearby stool from the bar towards Sherman. “The second time I've been asked to undertake such a venture and this time... this time it seems like the odds are stacked even more heavily against us.”

“They're not good people, Mr. Robicheaux.”

“They never are.”

A long silence was shared between them, the redheaded young man standing awkwardly to the side as he drummed his fingertips along the side of his pants.

“I've got the WABAC setting us down for awhile. We can get out, stretch our legs...”

Goody laughed.

“Well that sounds marvelous! Some fresh air and sunshine could do us all some good. You just let ol' Goodnight know when we arrive so I can prepare myself proper.” He winked at Sherman and raised his glass, taking yet another drink.

“Will do. Thanks, Mr. Robicheaux.” Sherman smiled, feeling genuinely relieved that he'd brought the man along. He'd had some reservations at first, though it was mostly because Goodnight had been riding his horse in the direction opposite that of where he had intended to be... where he was told to be.

“You're mighty welcome, Mr. Peabody.”

Sherman exited the Mess Hall, continuing onward through the ship to do a quick check on his other crewmates: Debra, Seria, and the Medic.

TAG: PetraDelphiki, Specmarine, Lloyd999

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Onboard the WABAC, Roughly Noon, Timeline Unknown

"How did I get myself in this mess? I already have enough work keeping tabs on that moronic summoner, but now here I am helping some random stranger! How did Karl even convince me to come along...he seemed much more willing to go but instead he sends me instead insisting he can watch over the summoner. I am more worried that he is more likely to screw up! Knowing that stupid summoner he is going to screw up! Those victories of his was always a fluke!" A woman argued with herself in pure irritation.

The woman, Seria a summoner from Grand Gaia was busy lamenting her decision to go with these people. Not only did she looked irritated, but she seemed more angry at her friends who insisted she should go. Although after a few seconds she calmed down a bit, whats done is done. Honestly, it was good to get away from that summoner, less headaches she would have to endure from his always lost in the clouds attitude and overconfident nature.

With the peace and quiet, Seria took the time to fix her appearance. She loosened the band around her black hair keeping it in a ponytail and let it flow freely behind her. She then produced a comb and began to comb her hair. While she did this she looked over her armor and checked on it for damage. She was currently wearing more simple clothing, a white cloth shirt and a pair of black shorts. It was always good to check on your armor to make sure it was in peak condition, if it was fixed then it would not shatter during battle

There were a few cracks in her red plate armor, however nothing that a bit of work wont fix. Or more correctly a bit of magic would easily repair it in a matter of seconds. However she was not that big in a hurry to fix it, she had plenty of free time on her hands and left it as it was and resumed to groom herself for a bit. Who knew how long she had to travel with this bunch, hopefully they were not problematic. However with peace came her wandering mind, and soon she remembered how exactly she was dragged into this mess...

Grand Gaia, Morning, Meeting With Sherman

"Karl! Are you serious right now! We have to head back even though we came out this far! There is a demon up ahead and we can't go back now!" Seria pointed at a young blue haired man who simply smiled while scratching his head. "Sorry Seria, we have been specifically ordered by the Summoners Of Old to head back. A massive energy inflow has been detected, and its too dangerous for us to continue our pursuit." Karl replied as calmly as he could to soothe his hot headed friend.

Of course, Seria was not calmed by her friends calm demeanor. "Well lets deal with the demon first then return! We are nearly there and are completely capable of taking it out, its the final demon on our list! We can't simply abandon---" Her sentence was cut off however as a strange mechanical ship had suddenly appeared from right above them. "I think that's where the energy inflow was coming from, it looks like that massive ship traveled from some sort of gate. This might be troublesome...we don't know if they are hostile or not..." Karl spoke as he gripped his spear as he watched the ship land.

As the two looked at the ship, a figure of a young man walked off the ship seemingly coming in peace. Seria was completely on guard however Karl seemed more relaxed. "Hold on, let me see what he wants. He looks like a friendly person." Karl chuckled a bit while Seria looked at him rather irritated. "Looks friendly...are you kidding me Karl! For all we know he could be a disciple of a God coming to kill us! Or some strange freak looking to kill us!" Seria yelled at karl who just simply shrugged and walked over to the man.

Seria watched from afar, not hearing their conversation. Minutes soon ticked by and eventually Karl walked back to her before speaking. "Well...turns out the man is looking for help to find the people who murdered his dad." Karl spoke a little sad and although Seria looked a little sad at first returned to her usual cold attitude. "Well he has to look elsewhere, Karl you know we have our own mission to fulfill. We can't randomly go out of our way to help him, we have our duty as summoners to destroy the demons, monsters and even the Gods that come threaten our world. Who knows how long we may be gone, once we are done here we have to help your dumb friend find the four fallen Gods! That summoner really annoys me!" Seria argued and Karl began to reason with her. "I know, we have our mission however its also our mission to help those that need it. Besides we are already halfway done with our goal right? My friend already killed two of the Gods, I am sure I can keep him company until you returns, besides...It took us a very long time to find the two fallen Gods...I am sure by the time you return we might have not found our target." Karl laughed a bit and Seria raised an eye. "You are talking like you chose me to go along...Sure its our job to help people like him however I don't trust you or that summoner! You know his wins were flukes! We were there to support him! Its not like he did it himself!"

"But he did deliver the finishing blow, and faced them alone each of those times..."

"Yeah! Thanks to our efforts to support him to get him to that point! And why me exactly!? You are more suited for this!

"Well...You are pretty powerful and strong, you are also caring when the going gets tough."

"C-Caring! You idiot I am not that c-caring! W-Whatever! Fine I will go with that guy to avenge his father! That way I don't have to listen to you or that summoner or that green haired baboon!" Seria crossed her arms and with that she accepted the offer to join up to avenge a fallen father.