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When & Where: Tales Across the Multiverse

Onboard the WABAC

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a part of When & Where: Tales Across the Multiverse, by Shakespur.

The pristine ship belonging to Sherman Peabody. Navigation to the center of the ship, Dormitories to the left, Mess Hall to the right, Cargo area down the southern hallway, Medical Bay up the northern hallway.

Shakespur holds sovereignty over Onboard the WABAC, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Onboard the WABAC

The pristine ship belonging to Sherman Peabody. Navigation to the center of the ship, Dormitories to the left, Mess Hall to the right, Cargo area down the southern hallway, Medical Bay up the northern hallway.


Onboard the WABAC is a part of The Whens and Wheres.

5 Characters Here

Debra Morgan [2] Police lieutenant (Miami Metro Homicide Division)
The Medic [2] "Can you feel the schadenfreude?!"
Goodnight [2] "I sense we are bonding..."
Seria [2] "We just have to keep moving forward! So quit mopping around you morons!"
NPCs [2] Any and all major NPCs to be encountered.

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5 Characters Present

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Sherman Peabody, Goodnight Robicheaux

Onboard the WABAC, Roughly Noon, Timeline Unknown

“Woah-oh, we're halfway there...” Sherman sang to himself as he paced the hallways of the WABAC, idly tapping away at his portable digital screen. He'd logged so much in such little time, thinking back on how he'd already gathered four of the Eight he'd been told to find.

“WABAC, power grid update.”

“-Mr. Peabody, currently I am running at 85% peak efficiency and on 50% normal power. Reserves are still at 100%. A quick stop would be ideal to recharge for the time being.-”

“A recharge already? Sounds like you're looking for an excuse to take a break.” Sherman chuckled.

“-Absolutely not, Mr. Peabody. Given that our crew is half of what it should be, we're currently trying to accommodate the needs of the others the best we can. Changes have been made to make things feel more like home. Also, it should probably be noted that the changes to the Medical Bay have been utilizing 70% more energy than originally anticipated...-”

Sherman smirked and adjusted his glasses. “I'll have a word with the Medic about it. Until then, a brief break sounds like it could do everyone some good. Maybe we can find a better form of energy to use in the meantime?”

“-As you wish, Mr. Peabody. Shall I alert the crew?-”

“No, just keep us on course and find the nearest Dimension to pull over in. I'll go speak with the crew.”

A few lights blipped along the silvered hallways of the ship and within moments, the WABAC was already setting a course for a nearby dimension.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sherman continued through the ship, passing by the Mess Hall on his way towards the dormitories. He took pause in his step when he saw that Goodnight was already enjoying a glass of something by himself.

“Mr. Robicheaux?” Sherman addressed, always trying his best to be polite.

“Mr. Peabody?” He quipped back with a grin, sipping his drink idly. “You know, I can't say I've been fond of the name 'Sherman'. Nothing against you of course, boy.” The sharpshooter smirked.

“If it had anything to do with what happened in 1864, I can assure you that definitely wasn't me.”

“Never said it was, Sherman.” He took another drink, downing the amber liquid before pouring another. “William T. had a lot of stones to do what he did. Just like you've got a lot of stones doing what you're doing now.”

Goody shared a look with the young man, sliding the nearby stool from the bar towards Sherman. “The second time I've been asked to undertake such a venture and this time... this time it seems like the odds are stacked even more heavily against us.”

“They're not good people, Mr. Robicheaux.”

“They never are.”

A long silence was shared between them, the redheaded young man standing awkwardly to the side as he drummed his fingertips along the side of his pants.

“I've got the WABAC setting us down for awhile. We can get out, stretch our legs...”

Goody laughed.

“Well that sounds marvelous! Some fresh air and sunshine could do us all some good. You just let ol' Goodnight know when we arrive so I can prepare myself proper.” He winked at Sherman and raised his glass, taking yet another drink.

“Will do. Thanks, Mr. Robicheaux.” Sherman smiled, feeling genuinely relieved that he'd brought the man along. He'd had some reservations at first, though it was mostly because Goodnight had been riding his horse in the direction opposite that of where he had intended to be... where he was told to be.

“You're mighty welcome, Mr. Peabody.”

Sherman exited the Mess Hall, continuing onward through the ship to do a quick check on his other crewmates: Debra, Seria, and the Medic.

TAG: PetraDelphiki, Specmarine, Lloyd999

5 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Goodnight Character Portrait: The Medic Character Portrait: Debra Morgan Character Portrait: NPCs Character Portrait: Seria
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Onboard the WABAC, Roughly Noon, Timeline Unknown

"How did I get myself in this mess? I already have enough work keeping tabs on that moronic summoner, but now here I am helping some random stranger! How did Karl even convince me to come along...he seemed much more willing to go but instead he sends me instead insisting he can watch over the summoner. I am more worried that he is more likely to screw up! Knowing that stupid summoner he is going to screw up! Those victories of his was always a fluke!" A woman argued with herself in pure irritation.

The woman, Seria a summoner from Grand Gaia was busy lamenting her decision to go with these people. Not only did she looked irritated, but she seemed more angry at her friends who insisted she should go. Although after a few seconds she calmed down a bit, whats done is done. Honestly, it was good to get away from that summoner, less headaches she would have to endure from his always lost in the clouds attitude and overconfident nature.

With the peace and quiet, Seria took the time to fix her appearance. She loosened the band around her black hair keeping it in a ponytail and let it flow freely behind her. She then produced a comb and began to comb her hair. While she did this she looked over her armor and checked on it for damage. She was currently wearing more simple clothing, a white cloth shirt and a pair of black shorts. It was always good to check on your armor to make sure it was in peak condition, if it was fixed then it would not shatter during battle

There were a few cracks in her red plate armor, however nothing that a bit of work wont fix. Or more correctly a bit of magic would easily repair it in a matter of seconds. However she was not that big in a hurry to fix it, she had plenty of free time on her hands and left it as it was and resumed to groom herself for a bit. Who knew how long she had to travel with this bunch, hopefully they were not problematic. However with peace came her wandering mind, and soon she remembered how exactly she was dragged into this mess...

Grand Gaia, Morning, Meeting With Sherman

"Karl! Are you serious right now! We have to head back even though we came out this far! There is a demon up ahead and we can't go back now!" Seria pointed at a young blue haired man who simply smiled while scratching his head. "Sorry Seria, we have been specifically ordered by the Summoners Of Old to head back. A massive energy inflow has been detected, and its too dangerous for us to continue our pursuit." Karl replied as calmly as he could to soothe his hot headed friend.

Of course, Seria was not calmed by her friends calm demeanor. "Well lets deal with the demon first then return! We are nearly there and are completely capable of taking it out, its the final demon on our list! We can't simply abandon---" Her sentence was cut off however as a strange mechanical ship had suddenly appeared from right above them. "I think that's where the energy inflow was coming from, it looks like that massive ship traveled from some sort of gate. This might be troublesome...we don't know if they are hostile or not..." Karl spoke as he gripped his spear as he watched the ship land.

As the two looked at the ship, a figure of a young man walked off the ship seemingly coming in peace. Seria was completely on guard however Karl seemed more relaxed. "Hold on, let me see what he wants. He looks like a friendly person." Karl chuckled a bit while Seria looked at him rather irritated. "Looks friendly...are you kidding me Karl! For all we know he could be a disciple of a God coming to kill us! Or some strange freak looking to kill us!" Seria yelled at karl who just simply shrugged and walked over to the man.

Seria watched from afar, not hearing their conversation. Minutes soon ticked by and eventually Karl walked back to her before speaking. "Well...turns out the man is looking for help to find the people who murdered his dad." Karl spoke a little sad and although Seria looked a little sad at first returned to her usual cold attitude. "Well he has to look elsewhere, Karl you know we have our own mission to fulfill. We can't randomly go out of our way to help him, we have our duty as summoners to destroy the demons, monsters and even the Gods that come threaten our world. Who knows how long we may be gone, once we are done here we have to help your dumb friend find the four fallen Gods! That summoner really annoys me!" Seria argued and Karl began to reason with her. "I know, we have our mission however its also our mission to help those that need it. Besides we are already halfway done with our goal right? My friend already killed two of the Gods, I am sure I can keep him company until you returns, besides...It took us a very long time to find the two fallen Gods...I am sure by the time you return we might have not found our target." Karl laughed a bit and Seria raised an eye. "You are talking like you chose me to go along...Sure its our job to help people like him however I don't trust you or that summoner! You know his wins were flukes! We were there to support him! Its not like he did it himself!"

"But he did deliver the finishing blow, and faced them alone each of those times..."

"Yeah! Thanks to our efforts to support him to get him to that point! And why me exactly!? You are more suited for this!

"Well...You are pretty powerful and strong, you are also caring when the going gets tough."

"C-Caring! You idiot I am not that c-caring! W-Whatever! Fine I will go with that guy to avenge his father! That way I don't have to listen to you or that summoner or that green haired baboon!" Seria crossed her arms and with that she accepted the offer to join up to avenge a fallen father.