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When Will it End?: The University Years

When Will it End?: The University Years


Your into your first year of University and you hope to enjoy it but when it's full of groups, wars, relationships and more. Are you up for the battle?

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Welcome, To Clifford University! Your a freshman and wondering what's gonna happen! But first let's take a look at where you'll be staying!

Here's a plan of a two bedroom room in our university. University Suites has two and four-bedroom style apartments.
Each apartment in University Suites has:

Two bathrooms
W kitchenette/living room area (each kitchenette contains a sink, but the living room area is not furnished).
Two-Bedroom Suite
Each bedroom in the two-bedroom apartment is furnished with:

One dresser
Two beds
Two chairs
Two desks
Two wardrobes

Bedroom size: 15' x 14'
Window size: 5' x 3'
Number of windows per bedroom: one
Living room size: 14' x 10


3 Roommates
Small refrigerator
Cable, wireless and wired internet for each student
Phone per 2 students
1 restroom per 2 students
Common areas
“Smart building” with classroom and computer lab
Mail, vending, laundry facilities with the building, computer lab available

A Four Bedroom Apartment

Bedroom size: 12' x 9'
Window size: 5' x 3'
Number of windows per bedroom: one
Living room size: 11' x 11'

You can customize your rooms to your liking as well. Okay, Moving on! Here's a list of Courses we provide here at Clifford University:

ABC Diploma Foundation Studies (Art, Design and Media)
Access to HE
Access to HE Art, Design and Photography
Accountancy and Financial Management - BA (Hons)
Accountancy Studies - BA (Hons)
Accounting - BA (Hons)
Accounting and Business - BA (Hons)
Accounting with Finance - BA (Hons)
Acute Clinical Healthcare - BSc (Hons)
American Studies - BA (Hons)
American Studies and History - BA (Hons)
Animation - BA (Hons)
Applied Biomedical Science - BSc (Hons)
Applied Economics - BA (Hons)
Applied Languages - BA (Hons)
Applied Physics - BSc (Hons)
Architecture - BA (Hons)
BA/BSc Partnership Degree Programme
Biochemistry and Genome Science - BSc (Hons)
Biology - BSc (Hons)
Biomedical Science - BSc (Hons)
Business Administration - BA (Hons)
Business and Management - FdA
Business Economics - BSc (Econ) (Hons)
Business Economics with Business Law - BA (Hons)
Business Enterprise Development - BA (Hons)
Business Enterprise Systems - BA (Hons)
Business Information Systems - BSc (Hons)
Business Information Systems DL - BSc (Hons)
Business Information Technology - BSc (Hons)
Business Studies - BA (Hons)
Business with Business Communication - BA (Hons)
Childhood and Youth Studies - BA (Hons)
Civil Engineering - BEng (Hons)
Civil Engineering - MEng
Combined Modern Languages - BA (Hons)
Communication and English Studies - BA (Hons)
Communication Systems - BEng (Hons)
Communication Systems - MEng
Computer Aided Product Design - BSc (Hons)
Computer Animation - BSc (Hons)
Computer Engineering - BEng (Hons)
Computer Engineering - MEng
Computer Games Enterprise - BSc (Hons)
Computer Games Technology - BSc (Hons)
Computer Network Management and Design - BSc (Hons)
Computer Science - BSc (Hons)
Computing - BSc (Hons)
Computing and Digital Sound - BSc (Hons)
Computing and Information Systems DL - BSc (Hons)
Computing and Society - BSc (Hons)
Computing and the Digital Image - BSc (Hons)
Construction Engineering Management - BEng (Hons)
Contemporary Fine Art - BA (Hons)
Counter Fraud and Criminal Justice Studies - BSc (Hons)
Creative and Media Writing - BA (Hons)
Creative Technologies and Enterprise - FdSc
Crime and Criminology - BSc (Hons)
Criminology and Criminal Justice - BSc (Hons)
Criminology and Forensic Studies - BSc (Hons)
Criminology with Psychology - BSc (Hons)
Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy - BSc (Hons)
Dental Nursing - CertHE
Digital Forensics - BSc (Hons)
Digital Media - BSc (Hons)
Drama and Performance - BA (Hons)
Early Childhood Studies - BA (Hons)
Early Years Care and Education - FdA
Economics - BSc (Econ) (Hons)
Economics Finance and Banking - BSc (Econ) (Hons)
Education Administration - FdA
Education and Training Studies - BA (Hons)
Electronic Engineering - BEng (Hons)
Electronic Engineering - MEng
Electronic Systems Engineering DL - BEng (Hons)
Engineering and Technology - BEng (Hons)
Engineering Geology and Geotechnics - BEng (Hons)
English and American Studies - BA (Hons)
English and Creative Writing - BA (Hons)
English and Drama - BA (Hons)
English and Film Studies - BA (Hons)
English and History - BA (Hons)
English and Media Studies - BA (Hons)
English Language - BA (Hons)
English Language and Literature - BA (Hons)
English Literature - BA (Hons)
English with Psychology - BA (Hons)
Entertainment Technology - BSc (Hons)
Environmental Geography - BA (Hons)
Environmental Geography - BSc (Hons)
Environmental Science - BSc (Hons)
European Business UK to France - BA (Hons)
European Business UK to Germany - BA (Hons)
European Business UK to Spain - BA (Hons)
European Studies - BA (Hons)
European Studies and International Relations - BA (Hons)
Fashion and Textile Design with Enterprise - BA (Hons)
Film and Television Studies - BA (Hons)
Film Studies - BA (Hons)
Film Studies and Creative Writing - BA (Hons)
Finance - BSc (Hons)
Finance and Business - BA (Hons)
Finance with Business Communication - BA (Hons)
Forensic Biology - BSc (Hons)
Forensic Psychology - BSc (Hons)
French Studies - BA (Hons)
Geography - BA (Hons)
Geography - BSc (Hons)
Geography with Geographical Information Science - BSc (Hons)
Geological Hazards - BSc (Hons)
Geology - BSc (Hons)
German Studies - BA (Hons)
Government - FdA
Graphic Design - BA (Hons)
Healthcare Science - BSc (Hons)
History - BA (Hons)
History and Politics - BA (Hons)
HND Business
Hospitality Management - BA (Hons)
Hospitality Management with Tourism - BA (Hons)
Human Geography - BA (Hons)
Human Physiology - BSc (Hons)
Human Resource Management - BA (Hons)
Human Resource Management with Psychology - BA (Hons)
Illustration - BA (Hons)
Interior Design - BA (Hons)
International Business Communication - BA (Hons)
International Business Studies - BA (Hons)
International Development Studies - BA (Hons)
International Development Studies and Languages - BA (Hons)
International Finance and Trade - BA (Hons)
International Relations - BA (Hons)
International Relations and History - BA (Hons)
International Relations and Languages - BA (Hons)
International Relations and Politics - BA (Hons)
International Trade and Business Communication - BA (Hons)
International Trade Logistics and Business Communication - BA (Hons)
Internet Engineering - BEng (Hons)
Internet Technology - BSc (Hons)
Investigation and Evidence - FdA
Journalism - BA (Hons)
Journalism and English Language - BA (Hons)
Journalism and English Literature - BA (Hons)
Journalism and Media Studies - BA (Hons)
Journalism with English Language - BA (Hons)
Journalism with English Literature - BA (Hons)
Journalism with Media Studies - BA (Hons)
Languages and European Studies - BA (Hons)
Languages and Law - BA (Hons)
Law - LLB
Law and Criminology - LLB
Law and European Studies - LLB
Law and International Relations - LLB
Law with Business - LLB
Law with Business Communication - BA (Hons)
Law with Criminology - LLB
Law with European Studies - LLB
Law with International Relations - LLB
Leadership and Management - FdA
Leadership Business and Management - BA (Hons)
Learning Support - FdA
Local Government - FdA
Logistics and Business Communication - BA (Hons)
Logistics and Transportation - BSc (Hons)
Marine Biology - BSc (Hons)
Marine Environmental Science - BSc (Hons)
Marketing (Digital Media) - BA (Hons)
Marketing - BA (Hons)
Marketing with Business Communication - BA (Hons)
Marketing with Psychology - BA (Hons)
Mathematics - BSc (Hons)
Mathematics for Finance Management - BSc (Hons)
Mathematics with Statistics - BSc (Hons)
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering - BEng (Hons)
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering - BSc
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering DL - BEng (Hons)
Mechanical Engineering - BEng (Hons)
Mechanical Engineering - MEng
Mechanical Engineering Maschinenbau - BEng (Hons)
Media Studies - BA (Hons)
Media Studies and Entertainment Technology - BA (Hons)
Music and Sound Technology - BSc (Hons)
Network Applications and Services - BSc (Hons)
Network Design and Simulation - BEng (Hons)
Network Management and Administration - BSc (Hons)
Operating Department Practice RODP - DipHE
Palaeobiology and Evolution - BSc (Hons)
Palaeontology - BSc (Hons)
Paramedic Science - FdSc
Petroleum Engineering - BEng (Hons)
Pharmacology - BSc (Hons)
Pharmacy - MPharm (Hons)
Photography - BA (Hons)
Physical Geography - BSc (Hons)
Police Studies - FdA
Politics - BA (Hons)
Politics and Sociology - BA (Hons)
Post Compulsory Education - CertEd
Post Qualifying Child Care Social Work - BSc (Hons)
Post Qualifying Child Care Social Work Graduate Diploma
Product Design and Innovation - BSc (Hons)
Property Development - BSc (Hons)
Property Development with Quantity Surveying - BSc (Hons)
Psychology - BSc (Hons)
Public Administration - BA (Hons)
Radiography (Diagnostic) - BSc (Hons)
Radiography (Diagnostic) Extended - BSc (Hons)
Radiography (Therapeutic) - BSc (Hons)
Radiography (Therapeutic) Extended - BSc (Hons)
Risk and Security Management - BSc (Hons)
Science and Dental Therapy - Foundation Award in
Social Work - BSc (Hons)
Sociology - BSc (Hons)
Sociology and Criminology - BSc (Hons)
Sociology and Media Studies - BA (Hons)
Sociology with Psychology - BSc (Hons)
Software Engineering - BSc (Hons)
Spanish and Latin American Studies - BA (Hons)
Spanish Studies - BA (Hons)
Speech Language and Communication Science - FdSc
Sport and Exercise Science - BSc (Hons)
Sports Business Management - BSc (Hons)
Sports Development - BSc (Hons)
Television and Broadcasting - BSc (Hons)
Television and Film Production - BA (Hons)
TESOL - BA (Hons)
TESOL and Languages - BA (Hons)
Web and Game Technology - BSc (Hons)
Web Technologies - BSc (Hons)

So lots to choose from! You can choose up to 5! Please join! And have a great semester!

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