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Akane Hisakawa

"Everything and everyone has its secrets."

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a character in “When You Go Past the Threshold”, as played by DeathScythe386


"No...there's just something off about the Sphere. I feel like they're hiding something..."

Name: Akane Hisakawa
"Just Akane, Hisakawa sounds pretty weird."

Age: 18
"Age is just a number, you know!"

Gender: Female
"H-Huh? You couldn't tell? Well, uh, let me just take this cloak off and..."


Personality: "Heh, learning about me, are ya?" At first glance, Akane seems to be your normal, overly-cheerful girl. She’s pretty casual about things, going through life as easily and normally as she can. She is friendly overall, but doesn’t have that many friends and only keeps a few close ones around her.

Considering the above, Akane seems to be reckless and even a bit childish to a degree. When it comes to making decisions, sometimes she goes with a seemingly more “heroic” one than the logical choice and she seems persistent about it, even trying to attempt the most impossible things. Even then, Akane seems to be dead-set on the mission of her side, to discover what really lies behind this World Sphere Government and to eliminate this new virus.

Affiliation: Stardust
"There's something off with the Sphere, I tell you..."

Appearance: "Well, it's not much to see." Akane is a girl with black hair and gray eyes, standing at 5’2”. She dresses casually most of the time- wearing simple things as black hoodies and mostly pants when she’s out in the real world.

As for her SEED, her SEED looks the same as her, but wears a black blouse and a skirt with red trimmings along with a red cloak. She keeps all weaponry- not like she has a lot- hidden under the said red cloak.


History: "Really now? Hm...well, let me tell ya a story."
Akane’s life was fairly normal- she got along with people, was average in school and the like. Even then, when she came back she had a habit of visiting the internet a lot like most people do- and one of the results was her being able to do things she usually can’t with her SEED.

Ever since she heard of the emerging virus, she grew a bit distrustful of the Sphere. Sure, Akane didn’t see the virus up close neither did she talk to anyone who actually got at least a glimpse of it, but even then, something was…off. She grew doubtful, until finally she discovered a group that was also unsure of the Sphere, called Stardust.

Making up her mind to try and discover what the Sphere’s intentions are, she joined Stardust as a “runner” of sorts- the one usually being called around to do things.

Equipment/Weapons (Real world/Cyber-world): Akane, in the real world doesn’t have much. She carries around some handy pepper spray for self-defense purposes, a flashlight and a whistle. All for the sake of self-defense as she claims it is.

As a SEED however, she has at least a few weapons with her…

Scarlet Crescent – The Scarlet Crescent is a multi-purpose, foldable weapon carried around by Akane. It has two modes- a scythe form and a condensed rifle form. Akane usually carries and conceals the Scarlet Crescent underneath her red cloak in its condensed rifle form, but when she gets into serious battle, she converts it into its scythe form. Her scythe’s shaft is around 67 inches in length, and a curved blade measuring around 27 inches. At the end of the shaft, it has a small, hook-like double pronged jagged blade for when she just can’t hit a foe with the main blade. It measures around a foot and a half when folded.

The main blade can slide backwards to reveal the barrel of the condensed rifle form so Akane can still shoot. However, it has massive recoil, but Akane uses this recoil to propel herself- firing a shot to propel herself a short distance, and to propel her further into the air when she jumps before a swing of the scythe. As for the condensed rifle form, she can only fire 30 shots.

Gauntlets – Akane doesn’t usually use these. She only uses them when she doesn’t have the Scarlet Crescent with her- which is a rare occasion, maybe when it’s being repaired or the like- and even then she only uses it to block bullets or the strike of a knife. Again, due to her reckless fighting style she just punches whoever dares to attack her but will flee in the end. She can take the bullets of handguns but cannot handle rapid fire.

Abilities (Real World/Cyber World): In the real world, Akane really isn’t much. She knows a bit of self-defense- which includes just really punching and kicking while screaming and throwing whatever she can see that is easily lifted at the offender.

For her SEED, at least she knows proper fighting and knows how to aim and shoot a gun at least. She isn’t exactly a marksman but she’s, well, learning how to. However she doesn’t have a real fighting style and just really wails on the foe until it’s just not there anymore.


-She is particularly proud of her SEED, liking how it turned out and how she can do feats that the her in the real world can’t do.
-She seems to be good at technology herself, but quickly loses her temper when a piece of technology doesn’t go right when she tries to fix it.
-Her face claim is Ruby Rose from RWBY.

So begins...

Akane Hisakawa's Story


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"Last night, at 8:30 PM, some net users have complained of sighting some rogue programs at the Antioch Cafe and Video sharing center. They weren't extremely malignant but they slowed down the information transmission processes. F.A.I.T.H dispatched some operatives to take care of it but, the some of our netizens aren't too satisfied with the result. Here, we'll interview Alex Robins who witnessed the cleanup operation. So Alex, would you give us our thoughts regarding the--"


Iris shuts off the T.V as she passed by the living room of her condominium unit near the heart of the city. She had just finished taking a shower when she heard the news coming from her television set.
"You just can't trust the media to be impartial nowadays..." Iris sighed as she dries her hair off. A sudden vibration caught her attention and realized it was her phone ringing. She checked it and saw a new message.

"Iris, come to the main building ASAP. We'll need to discuss something."

"Oh, great!" Iris complains as she rushes off to her room to get dressed. When she was finished, she locked up her house and rushed downstairs, hoping to catch a cab as soon as possible.

"To F.A.I.T.H Main building please. And please hurry." Iris relayed the instructions to the driver who merely grunted and sped off. As they drove around the city, Iris glanced at the passing view in her window.

"Year 2186, 80 years have passed since "Myriad's Fall". Up until that time, no one had imagined that we would grow this reliant on technology and the cyber network. Now, most transactions are done in the virtual world, opening all sorts of gateways and slowly unifying the world under one banner. I guess that's why a system collapse is very difficult. We not only lose connection with others. We lose a whole world along with it." Such thoughts rushed through Iris' mind as they crossed the bridge, leading to the large building in the center where the World Sphere Government's headquarters was.

"Oh, turn right around this aisle." Iris reminded the driver. When she reached a separate building that is a considerable distance away from the government office, Iris alighted, heading inside F.A.I.T.H's main building.

"Nakajima, what is this about?" Iris immediately questions Nakajima Honda, the researcher who called her over.
"Ah, there you are! Listen, remember when we transferred some data from the Middle Eastern branch? It was scheduled to arrive two days ago at the Antioch Harbor but, as you can see, shipment still not around."
"That's a bit troubling. What does that data load contain?"
"Well, some new equipment for the SEEDs and, the Middle East's findings on this rumored virus."
"And it just disappeared at the virtual harbor. Think it could be Stardust?"
"I don't know. That branch should have bodyguards of their own and yet they were compromised. I need you to head there and try to see if you'll still be able to find something."

At the command, Iris headed into their building's computer room, located on the fourteenth floor. She sat in front of a terminal where a headpiece sat, anticipating some action.
"By the way, isn't my portable set fixed yet?" Iris asks the researcher.
"Huh? W-well, about that---"
"Never mind." Iris simply sighed and logged on to the virtual network.

--Welcome to Sentient Ethereal Entity Diver--
When Iris opened her eyes, she was know in her SEED's body, resuming from the virtual world's Systems Security building.
"Right, this is where I last logged out. Upon logging in, we resume from where we last logged out so, this is technically the safest place to do so." Navigating through various structures that offer entertainment and information, she traversed the road further, heading towards the so-called Harbor, or basically where ordered data gets delivered.

"It's now 10:00 in the evening. The Harbor should be closed by this time. So no bystanders should be around." When she reached the harbor, she showed the guards her clearance and they let her in. She first went to the port where the Middle East cargo was supposed to land, checking in to see the footage from two days ago.
"Nakajima was right. No cargo arrived during the last two days. If that's the case, it's probably been intercepted while it was in transit--"
"Who's there!" Iris jolted away at the sound and immediately drew her AR07. She seemed to have heard the sound coming from the empty container packages. She approached cautiously, waiting to see what she'll find.


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"Akane." "Ugh..." "Akane.." "Don't want to--" "Hisakawa. Up."
The black-haired girl rose from her position and glared at the man sitting from across her. The man simply stared at her with his blank, pale eyes while her own showed the fire of annoyance. "What is it, Victor?" She grumbled, narrowing her eyes at the man. He blinked and sighed. "I just got a of our runners was sort of...well, disconnected. You know, the man we sent to intercept the cargo being sent to F.A.I.T.H." Akane raised an eyebrow and started to stretch a bit from her position. Man her back hurt.

"And what do you want me to do?" "He managed to get a snapshot of the man who got him before he was disconnected. I want you to try and recover the stolen information by finding this man." Victor raised the picture to Akane as she took it, looking it over. She stood up. "That all?" "That's the mission basics. Although, you must show caution. You never know when F.A.I.T.H members may be lurking, and the said runner was disconnected before he could see if a F.A.I.T.H member saw it." Akane nodded, and started off. 'Good luck..."

--Later on, the girl found herself wandering around a park, sighing. She had logged off the cyber world for the moment. Chances were, that SEED who stole the info already did too, but she wasn't sure herself. Sighing again, she murmured quietly to herself. "Haha, poor me, getting hard missions..."


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As the day slowly changed, Iris was just about to call it a day when another vibration brought her attention to her phone again.
"Again? What is it this time?"
"You've been getting quite some unusual traffic on your line. Check it out ASAP."
"Urgh, Nakajima..." Iris sighed and placed the phone back into her pocket. She was wondering who could've possibly sent her a message that was so urgent, if it wasn't HQ. She checked around and her eyes fixed on a black-haired teen on the park.
"Excuse me? Do you have a portable terminal? Mind if I borrow it for a while?" Iris asks rather directly, not minding how absurd the request sounds.

Back at F.A.I.T.H HQ though, Nakajima was hard-pressed in analyzing the data they have on the intruder at the harbor. It seemed he was the one who attacked and stole their cargo. He heard the door open, and a familiar figure walked in the room. In a way.
"Well? What have you found out?"
"A-ah! Ms. Ohara! W-well, our cargo was intercepted in transit by Stardust and well, this guy came and stole it again."
"Isn't it possible for us to trace the virus without the data from the Middle East?"
"The Middle East data contained possible patterns that determines it's behavior. Without it--"
"I understand. In that case, send somebody to deal with this uninvited third-party."
"I already asked Iris but--she's not replying yet."


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Seeing that the other person had no intention of replying to her, Iris looked at other places where she might be able to find some way to connect. She spotted a small net cafe near the park's vicinity and decided to head on there.
"All right, these notifications are getting annoying, so--"

--Welcome to Sentient Ethereal Entity Diver--

Iris resumes from in front of Systems Security again. She realized that a kid had sent a data pack to her location, probably due to a rough estimation of her standard practices.
"I think I'll need to scout for other places to safely log-out after this."

"Nice try but it's hard to catch an information broker like me. I'll sell you some evidence if you meet me in a place of my choosing. Alone and unarmed in five minutes. I'll give you the location in four giving you nine minutes to lay a trap."

With the way the message was worded, she could only assume that it was the same person she encountered the night before. There was some sliver of information within along with a note calling it a gift of trust but, Iris didn't want to take her chances immediately yet.

"For starters, I'll send the other files back to HQ. They'll know what to do with it--" Iris thought to herself as she sent the data and details she received from this third party. As it transmitted over her own private connection to Nakajima, she waited for further instructions.

Back at the HQ, Nakajima and Ohara received the data, a few minutes after transmission.
"What do you think, Ohara-san?"
"This could be a trap. The whole thing about sending Iris unarmed bothers me. I suggest that she finds a way to smuggle her weapons in the location before she meets with this third-party."
"And, what of the data?"
"This would be a rough job but from now on, any form of electronic data and information we gather on the virus shall be sent here in hard copies."
"Y-you mean, we'll be printing them as physical copies?"
"I've always been wary of this kind of technology and with this, and the recent hackings, my fears have only been aggravated. It is much harder to breach into this building's structurally security than its network one so our safest bet is to store data physically. I'll oversee the management myself."
"One last thing...We managed to detect an unusual access in our records bank. Seems someone was peeping in on Iris."
"Maybe it's time to consider moving our employees' personal records to Level 7 as well..."

"So, try to find a way to smuggle my weapons when I head into the location...But first, I'll need to analyze the place..." Upon receiving her instructions, Iris headed forward, grabbing the messenger kid and taking him with her. As they arrived, she inspected the place. Openings. Far too many openings to her liking. Plus, everything seemed so--mundane. As if they had been arranged to seem that way on purpose.
"Oi kid! You tell the one who sent you to answer some questions. As someone calling me out to establish some sort of trust, he sure is keen on barricading himself in that building. Tell him that I'll only disarm myself if he meets me out here in the street. I'll let you have two online games to do that." Iris orders the kid around, sending one of the games over as downpayment. She took out her main sword and stuck it on the ground as she sat cross-legged on the ground, her back leaning on the blade, not minding some onlookers throwing awkward glances at her.


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"So you couldn't find him?"
Akane shook her head at the man sitting across from her again and groaned. Victor leaned back in his seat and sighed, rubbing the back of his neck in thought. "Oi, if you're so great, why don't you go find him yourself?" Akane retorted, narrowing her eyes at the division leader. Victor wasn't very keen on coming around in the network very often- he preferred real life, to be honest. He didn't have high synchronization rates either, and- like this conversation he was having with his runner, Akane- he only usually came here to get in touch with the members of his division of Stardust. Just then, Victor's pale eyes glanced to the time and started to stand up. "Well, Akane, we can try again some other time to find that man. And maybe that little remark of yours will affect it at some point." As he spoke, he started to turn away as Akane called out. "You seem in a rush. Going somewhere?" Victor paused for a bit before speaking again. "...Just a meeting with someone."

Logging off the network, Victor's eyes came back into focus in the real world just as a servant knocked at his door.
"Gerfried-sama, it's just time for the meeting."
Victor sighed as he started to get up, nodding at the butler. "I'll be there in a bit. Just wait for me."
The man had a board meeting with some representatives of different organizations of sorts, and he heard that someone from F.A.I.T.H was going to be there. As he checked some of his items, Victor quietly thought to himself.
"I can't miss this chance..."
With that thought in mind, he leaned back in the car seat, looking out from the window.