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Chyr Crike

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a character in “When You Go Past the Threshold”, as played by Lyx


Name: Chyr Crike
Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality: Chyr is a determined sort who isn’t afraid of a challenge. He is good at focusing on and analyzing a problem, but he can be single minded. When confronted with an issue he works best when focusing on the single issue. He is a bit awkward with working in a team. It isn’t that he doesn’t like people, but rather that he has a trouble determining how they tick. He is good at recognizing patterns, but when it comes to humans sometimes their interactions follow certain patterns and sometimes they do not. When he is focused on something he forgets the people he is working with sometimes. In general he is very focused on the moment and how he can affect the moment. He still has goals and aspirations, of course, but he doesn’t usually plan out the path to get to them. He is the kind of person to leap for opportunities that present themselves. If he happens to land on uneven ground and stumbles he gets up and brushes off the dust.

Even though he can come off as odd or anti-social, he enjoys company. Just because he struggles with interpreting the emotions of others and not knowing what to say in some situations (in which he would rather say nothing at all) doesn’t mean he is asocial. If someone takes the time and patience to get past his quirks they will find that they have gained an extremely loyal friend. Because he has a hard time making friends he values friendship all the more.

Affiliation: F.A.I.T.H. Programmer/Researcher

Appearance: Chyr is five foot ten inches in height and weighs one hundred and thirty five pounds. He has messy black hair that he often doesn’t bother to brush. His face is plain except for his eyes, which are a dark shade of blue. He typically wears a mix of casual and formal clothing; it is usual for him to wear a dress top but sweatpants or jeans. Because he doesn’t go outside much for extended periods of time he is pale. His SEED looks similar to him in real life with a few differences. It has pointed, elfin ears and sharp pointed teeth as well. His SEED has a prehensile tail. The other main difference is that when he gets excited or feels a strong emotion his SEED’s hair glows bright blue.


History: Chyr was born to a lower class family. His parents had to work long hours to support Chyr and his older brother, Tamuel. Because of this, Chyr and Tamuel ran wild in their younger days, often skipping their classes at the run down school in the slums. They would go to the richer parts of the city and ogle the vehicles and gadgets that abounded. This was how they lived until their parents died in a work accident when Chyr was eight and Tamuel was thirteen.

Suddenly without parents to feed and shelter them the brothers were forced to live in the streets. They begged and scrounged for food, sometimes even resorting to stealing. Then Tallina found them. They were going through some trash, trying to find if they could fix anything and sell it when the tall, pink haired woman asked them what they were doing. They explained they were trying to fix broken electronics with the scant tools they had. Tallina asked if they wanted to know how to fix things for real, adding that if they did there was food and a place to live included. Unable to believe her kindness, they agreed.

It was simple things at first that Tallina and her group, the Byters, had Chyr and Tamuel do. Clean the insides of an old computer. Write a program chip that would make a toy dog bark and run in circles. But slowly as they became more experienced they were shouldered with harder tasks. Then, after a year the brothers had been with the Byters, Tallina gave them SEEDs and access to the technology that they had missed out on for years. They had fun with it and enjoyed the missions that they were given in it. The Byters taught them how to manipulate the virtual world through computer code and create things that people were willing to pay lots of money for. They learned to hack games and give clients rare items, for example. But one thing that they learned that they became rather good at, Tamuel especially, was the creation of Artificial Intelligences. People could buy the illegal AIs from the Byters and have them spy on other people other people’s information without any risk to themselves. Tamuel soon became the Byter’s top AI producer.

One day Tamuel went to advertise the Byters’ services in person to a particular powerful client, a ganglord. He didn’t return. Tallina refused to send anyone to try to retrieve Tamuel, saying she didn’t want to lose another one of the Byters. This ganglord was just too powerful. Enraged by her reluctance to help his brother, Chyr left the Byters. He did odd jobs for a while before he saw a recruitment post for the F.A.I.T.H.. The government, he reasoned, could help him find his brother. So he joined and was placed with the research division.

Real Life:
Wristpad: Chyr has a datapad the size of a large wristwatch that he can access files and take notes on.
Pocketknife: Simply a Swiss Army Knife with screwdrivers, knife blades, a can opener, and a tiny pair of scissors.

Cyber World:
Katana: A twenty five inch long katana. It is made out of heavier material for sturdiness and durability.
Lono: A program that Tamuel wrote for Chyr that manifests itself in one of three forms. In its scout form it is a sparrow, in its attack form it is a wolf, and in its companion form it is a white cat with two tails. It is an AI that is programmed to be loyal to Chyr. It is coded to appear just as any normal animal. So far Chyr has kept the fact that Lono is an AI a secret from the government in fear that they would want to destroy his strongest link to Tamuel.

Real World:
Electronics Savvy: After ten years of working with the Byters on technological projects Chyr is pretty good with the maintenance and programming of electronic gadgets.
Cooking: Part of cooking is recognizing the ways and patterns of how ingredients blend together, and Chyr has a good memory for patterns, so thus he has acquired a fair knowledge of cooking.

Cyber World:
Telepathy: Chyr has modified his SEED so he can communicate telepathically with Lono.
Sword Fighting: Chyr is a fair hand at sword fighting. His style is more defensive than offensive. He would rather wait for the enemy to make a mistake and take advantage of that than risk making that same mistake.
Breathing Underwater: Chyr can breathe underwater in the Cyber World. He has to be fully emerged in the water for ten seconds before this ability activates and it deactivates after he has been out of the water for ten seconds.

Chyr’s favorite food is sushi.
Chyr has a higher tolerance for the cold than the heat.
Chyr’s face claim is Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist.

So begins...

Chyr Crike's Story


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"Last night, at 8:30 PM, some net users have complained of sighting some rogue programs at the Antioch Cafe and Video sharing center. They weren't extremely malignant but they slowed down the information transmission processes. F.A.I.T.H dispatched some operatives to take care of it but, the some of our netizens aren't too satisfied with the result. Here, we'll interview Alex Robins who witnessed the cleanup operation. So Alex, would you give us our thoughts regarding the--"


Iris shuts off the T.V as she passed by the living room of her condominium unit near the heart of the city. She had just finished taking a shower when she heard the news coming from her television set.
"You just can't trust the media to be impartial nowadays..." Iris sighed as she dries her hair off. A sudden vibration caught her attention and realized it was her phone ringing. She checked it and saw a new message.

"Iris, come to the main building ASAP. We'll need to discuss something."

"Oh, great!" Iris complains as she rushes off to her room to get dressed. When she was finished, she locked up her house and rushed downstairs, hoping to catch a cab as soon as possible.

"To F.A.I.T.H Main building please. And please hurry." Iris relayed the instructions to the driver who merely grunted and sped off. As they drove around the city, Iris glanced at the passing view in her window.

"Year 2186, 80 years have passed since "Myriad's Fall". Up until that time, no one had imagined that we would grow this reliant on technology and the cyber network. Now, most transactions are done in the virtual world, opening all sorts of gateways and slowly unifying the world under one banner. I guess that's why a system collapse is very difficult. We not only lose connection with others. We lose a whole world along with it." Such thoughts rushed through Iris' mind as they crossed the bridge, leading to the large building in the center where the World Sphere Government's headquarters was.

"Oh, turn right around this aisle." Iris reminded the driver. When she reached a separate building that is a considerable distance away from the government office, Iris alighted, heading inside F.A.I.T.H's main building.

"Nakajima, what is this about?" Iris immediately questions Nakajima Honda, the researcher who called her over.
"Ah, there you are! Listen, remember when we transferred some data from the Middle Eastern branch? It was scheduled to arrive two days ago at the Antioch Harbor but, as you can see, shipment still not around."
"That's a bit troubling. What does that data load contain?"
"Well, some new equipment for the SEEDs and, the Middle East's findings on this rumored virus."
"And it just disappeared at the virtual harbor. Think it could be Stardust?"
"I don't know. That branch should have bodyguards of their own and yet they were compromised. I need you to head there and try to see if you'll still be able to find something."

At the command, Iris headed into their building's computer room, located on the fourteenth floor. She sat in front of a terminal where a headpiece sat, anticipating some action.
"By the way, isn't my portable set fixed yet?" Iris asks the researcher.
"Huh? W-well, about that---"
"Never mind." Iris simply sighed and logged on to the virtual network.

--Welcome to Sentient Ethereal Entity Diver--
When Iris opened her eyes, she was know in her SEED's body, resuming from the virtual world's Systems Security building.
"Right, this is where I last logged out. Upon logging in, we resume from where we last logged out so, this is technically the safest place to do so." Navigating through various structures that offer entertainment and information, she traversed the road further, heading towards the so-called Harbor, or basically where ordered data gets delivered.

"It's now 10:00 in the evening. The Harbor should be closed by this time. So no bystanders should be around." When she reached the harbor, she showed the guards her clearance and they let her in. She first went to the port where the Middle East cargo was supposed to land, checking in to see the footage from two days ago.
"Nakajima was right. No cargo arrived during the last two days. If that's the case, it's probably been intercepted while it was in transit--"
"Who's there!" Iris jolted away at the sound and immediately drew her AR07. She seemed to have heard the sound coming from the empty container packages. She approached cautiously, waiting to see what she'll find.