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Setsuna Ohara

"I feel anxious...Somehow it's too quiet...And you do know what they say about silence, and deep waters."

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a character in “When You Go Past the Threshold”, as played by SkyCladSaya06


Name: Setsuna Ohara
"Pleased to meet you. So, coffee? Or tea?"

Age: 26
"Yes. It would have been six years since then."

Gender: Female
"You can't tell? Oh, you're so funny."

Personality: "You're rather interesting yourself, dear." Setsuna is a generally nice woman with a sweet and mild temperament, rarely losing her calm in most situations though she isn't really exposed to the outside. She is also a pacifist, preferring to just have their operatives concentrate on the virus' trail than engage in conflict with Stardust.

She harbors some trepidation towards the tensions between them and Stardust, possibly as a result of trauma in her past. Despite her demeanor, she is also the type who can be a bit shifty and is known to hold many secrets that she doesn't tell anyone. She takes pride in her intuition though she can feel a bit insecure in the presence of more capable authorities. She can also get rather anxious of things, finding herself backed into a corner in some situations.

Affiliation: F.A.I.T.H - Strategy and Management (Director)
"Surprised? Unfortunately, you haven't quite reached the top of the caste yet."

Appearance: Setsuna is a lady with long, wavy brown hair and iron gray eyes. Her legs were crippled since birth, leaving her bound to a wheelchair. Aside from her legs, she has a bionic right arm as a result of an accident. Disregarding her handicap, she is 5'3" tall and weighs 47 kg. Her usual attire is a white, corporate uniform with a black ribbon, black pants, flats and white stockings.

On the other hand, her SEED appears as a half-mechanical, pale-skinned girl with magenta eyes and white hair in two, long, even twintails. It is dressed in a futuristic-themed, white outfit which is accented further by mechanical parts littered all throughout the body.

History: Setsuna was the daughter of a rather wealthy and well-known family within the city. Her parents worked directly for the World Sphere's Service providers, tasked with improving the stability of the newly established network. One time, she was left unattended during a senatorial press conference which her parents were invited when Stardust suddenly staged a protest. It was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration but, tensions broke out when a person just collapsed on the ground, forcing the two parties to resort to violence. Her wheelchair was pushed away in the encounter, dragging her out into a highway where a truck brushed against her, crushing her right arm. Up until now, no one managed to ever find out who started the attack and provoked Stardust.

She underwent a painful operation to fix her arm which, fortunately, succeeded though her arm had to be replaced with a mechanical one. The hospital offered to fix her legs but she refused. Eventually, when she reached the right age, she had developed her abilities to the extent that she can now help with the family business though her role deals more with strategy and personnel management. It was during this phase in her life when she almost fell in love with a rather, modest yet respectable man though, he disappeared just two years after their meeting. She never saw him again, nor did she find out what happened to him.

After graduating college at age 22, she transferred from her original business to F.A.I.T.H, where she initially worked in Consumer Relations and worked her way up, earning her the position of Director within three years. She learned about the new threat once she was promoted and was tasked in overseeing the operations of their enforcers as well as receiving updates on any development. Secretly though, she wishes to use their resources to find the man that vanished almost eight years ago...

Equipment/Weapons: Setsuna doesn't carry a lot of items since the nature of her job consists of her staying in and overseeing developments. On her SEED, the bulk of the equipment is, according to her: "--mostly for aesthetic purposes."

OHF-SA-P03 "Shirogane" Parts Set - Setsuna's main equipment. It is an armor parts set that equips her SEED with a leg thruster unit and mechanical wings. The leg thrusters enable her to glide on the ground within the virtual world, eliminating the need to walk or run in order to navigate. The wings are capable of flight though, only for 5 minutes and a maximum height of 70 meters above ground. It has a limited operational time; 30 minutes if just the leg thrusters, 10 minutes if the wings are used as well. To prevent overheating, it has a forced shutdown function and various exhaust points are littered all throughout the frame. Maximum cool down time is 1 hour.

OHF -AR06 "Kurogane" Blade Tonfa - A prototype version of the sword used to develop AR07, it is a pair of 30 inch long and 2.5 inch wide, solid blades that gets thinner as it approaches the tip. It is tougher than it's successor but has weaker, overall sundering power and only one side is actually capable of cutting. In contrast to other blades, these are designed to be wielded like tonfas. They are stored on her wings.

OHF-AR12 "Hagane" SEED Chain - As the name implies, it is a chain that is programmed to operate automatically, and primarily used to tie down captured opponents. Aside from that, it's pretty much a normal chain though, it's tip ends in a hard blade and is around 2 feet long.

Abilities: As one of various Directors within the organization, Setsuna has a certain charisma and intuition when it comes to managing her subordinates. She has some knowledge in strategy along with negotiation and information verification. As for defensive abilities--she has none--except hitting offenders with her (hard and heavy), mechanical arm.

Due to rarely spending time within the virtual network, her synchronization rates are rather low; her SEED plagued with the same problems she has in life. Rather than attempting to learn another discipline, she opted to just concentrate on her task as Director and just compensated for her SEED's shortcomings with equipment. She uses her SEED as a testbed of sorts for F.A.I.T.H's newly developed equipment.

  • She wasn't able to have her legs fixed due to a lack of courage and paranoia into overthinking the repercussions that might come with the surgery.
  • She has some mild technophobia, preferring to use older and outdated equipment that she is accustomed to.
  • Her armor is similar to Gundam Epyon's from Gundam Wing. (Credits to the owners of the borrowed images)
  • Her face claim is Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia from Fate/Apocrypha. On the other hand, her SEED's face claim is White Rock Shooter from Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

So begins...

Setsuna Ohara's Story


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"Last night, at 8:30 PM, some net users have complained of sighting some rogue programs at the Antioch Cafe and Video sharing center. They weren't extremely malignant but they slowed down the information transmission processes. F.A.I.T.H dispatched some operatives to take care of it but, the some of our netizens aren't too satisfied with the result. Here, we'll interview Alex Robins who witnessed the cleanup operation. So Alex, would you give us our thoughts regarding the--"


Iris shuts off the T.V as she passed by the living room of her condominium unit near the heart of the city. She had just finished taking a shower when she heard the news coming from her television set.
"You just can't trust the media to be impartial nowadays..." Iris sighed as she dries her hair off. A sudden vibration caught her attention and realized it was her phone ringing. She checked it and saw a new message.

"Iris, come to the main building ASAP. We'll need to discuss something."

"Oh, great!" Iris complains as she rushes off to her room to get dressed. When she was finished, she locked up her house and rushed downstairs, hoping to catch a cab as soon as possible.

"To F.A.I.T.H Main building please. And please hurry." Iris relayed the instructions to the driver who merely grunted and sped off. As they drove around the city, Iris glanced at the passing view in her window.

"Year 2186, 80 years have passed since "Myriad's Fall". Up until that time, no one had imagined that we would grow this reliant on technology and the cyber network. Now, most transactions are done in the virtual world, opening all sorts of gateways and slowly unifying the world under one banner. I guess that's why a system collapse is very difficult. We not only lose connection with others. We lose a whole world along with it." Such thoughts rushed through Iris' mind as they crossed the bridge, leading to the large building in the center where the World Sphere Government's headquarters was.

"Oh, turn right around this aisle." Iris reminded the driver. When she reached a separate building that is a considerable distance away from the government office, Iris alighted, heading inside F.A.I.T.H's main building.

"Nakajima, what is this about?" Iris immediately questions Nakajima Honda, the researcher who called her over.
"Ah, there you are! Listen, remember when we transferred some data from the Middle Eastern branch? It was scheduled to arrive two days ago at the Antioch Harbor but, as you can see, shipment still not around."
"That's a bit troubling. What does that data load contain?"
"Well, some new equipment for the SEEDs and, the Middle East's findings on this rumored virus."
"And it just disappeared at the virtual harbor. Think it could be Stardust?"
"I don't know. That branch should have bodyguards of their own and yet they were compromised. I need you to head there and try to see if you'll still be able to find something."

At the command, Iris headed into their building's computer room, located on the fourteenth floor. She sat in front of a terminal where a headpiece sat, anticipating some action.
"By the way, isn't my portable set fixed yet?" Iris asks the researcher.
"Huh? W-well, about that---"
"Never mind." Iris simply sighed and logged on to the virtual network.

--Welcome to Sentient Ethereal Entity Diver--
When Iris opened her eyes, she was know in her SEED's body, resuming from the virtual world's Systems Security building.
"Right, this is where I last logged out. Upon logging in, we resume from where we last logged out so, this is technically the safest place to do so." Navigating through various structures that offer entertainment and information, she traversed the road further, heading towards the so-called Harbor, or basically where ordered data gets delivered.

"It's now 10:00 in the evening. The Harbor should be closed by this time. So no bystanders should be around." When she reached the harbor, she showed the guards her clearance and they let her in. She first went to the port where the Middle East cargo was supposed to land, checking in to see the footage from two days ago.
"Nakajima was right. No cargo arrived during the last two days. If that's the case, it's probably been intercepted while it was in transit--"
"Who's there!" Iris jolted away at the sound and immediately drew her AR07. She seemed to have heard the sound coming from the empty container packages. She approached cautiously, waiting to see what she'll find.


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As the day slowly changed, Iris was just about to call it a day when another vibration brought her attention to her phone again.
"Again? What is it this time?"
"You've been getting quite some unusual traffic on your line. Check it out ASAP."
"Urgh, Nakajima..." Iris sighed and placed the phone back into her pocket. She was wondering who could've possibly sent her a message that was so urgent, if it wasn't HQ. She checked around and her eyes fixed on a black-haired teen on the park.
"Excuse me? Do you have a portable terminal? Mind if I borrow it for a while?" Iris asks rather directly, not minding how absurd the request sounds.

Back at F.A.I.T.H HQ though, Nakajima was hard-pressed in analyzing the data they have on the intruder at the harbor. It seemed he was the one who attacked and stole their cargo. He heard the door open, and a familiar figure walked in the room. In a way.
"Well? What have you found out?"
"A-ah! Ms. Ohara! W-well, our cargo was intercepted in transit by Stardust and well, this guy came and stole it again."
"Isn't it possible for us to trace the virus without the data from the Middle East?"
"The Middle East data contained possible patterns that determines it's behavior. Without it--"
"I understand. In that case, send somebody to deal with this uninvited third-party."
"I already asked Iris but--she's not replying yet."


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Seeing that the other person had no intention of replying to her, Iris looked at other places where she might be able to find some way to connect. She spotted a small net cafe near the park's vicinity and decided to head on there.
"All right, these notifications are getting annoying, so--"

--Welcome to Sentient Ethereal Entity Diver--

Iris resumes from in front of Systems Security again. She realized that a kid had sent a data pack to her location, probably due to a rough estimation of her standard practices.
"I think I'll need to scout for other places to safely log-out after this."

"Nice try but it's hard to catch an information broker like me. I'll sell you some evidence if you meet me in a place of my choosing. Alone and unarmed in five minutes. I'll give you the location in four giving you nine minutes to lay a trap."

With the way the message was worded, she could only assume that it was the same person she encountered the night before. There was some sliver of information within along with a note calling it a gift of trust but, Iris didn't want to take her chances immediately yet.

"For starters, I'll send the other files back to HQ. They'll know what to do with it--" Iris thought to herself as she sent the data and details she received from this third party. As it transmitted over her own private connection to Nakajima, she waited for further instructions.

Back at the HQ, Nakajima and Ohara received the data, a few minutes after transmission.
"What do you think, Ohara-san?"
"This could be a trap. The whole thing about sending Iris unarmed bothers me. I suggest that she finds a way to smuggle her weapons in the location before she meets with this third-party."
"And, what of the data?"
"This would be a rough job but from now on, any form of electronic data and information we gather on the virus shall be sent here in hard copies."
"Y-you mean, we'll be printing them as physical copies?"
"I've always been wary of this kind of technology and with this, and the recent hackings, my fears have only been aggravated. It is much harder to breach into this building's structurally security than its network one so our safest bet is to store data physically. I'll oversee the management myself."
"One last thing...We managed to detect an unusual access in our records bank. Seems someone was peeping in on Iris."
"Maybe it's time to consider moving our employees' personal records to Level 7 as well..."

"So, try to find a way to smuggle my weapons when I head into the location...But first, I'll need to analyze the place..." Upon receiving her instructions, Iris headed forward, grabbing the messenger kid and taking him with her. As they arrived, she inspected the place. Openings. Far too many openings to her liking. Plus, everything seemed so--mundane. As if they had been arranged to seem that way on purpose.
"Oi kid! You tell the one who sent you to answer some questions. As someone calling me out to establish some sort of trust, he sure is keen on barricading himself in that building. Tell him that I'll only disarm myself if he meets me out here in the street. I'll let you have two online games to do that." Iris orders the kid around, sending one of the games over as downpayment. She took out her main sword and stuck it on the ground as she sat cross-legged on the ground, her back leaning on the blade, not minding some onlookers throwing awkward glances at her.


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"I guess you don't want to know about the traitors in F.A.I.T.H which is really too bad. They'll be taking over the real world ports according to my spy."

Iris managed to catch wind of the guy's statement before she left. The situation he presented wasn't particularly new to Iris' ears. She'd already dealt with a bunch of them quite a bunch of times now. "Though it is a little depressing to think that some people you've been accustomed to working with will suddenly turn their back on you. Still, like usual, I'll cross that bridge when I get there."

Back at F.A.I.T.H HQ, the receptionist noticed a suspicious looking man enter the premises. She got some gut feeling regarding this man but kept it to herself in the meantime.

"I'm here to sell some details. Torture won't work."

The receptionist told him to wait by the assigned waiting area as she rings up the higher-ups, seeing that there are around 100+ people who has business with some of F.A.I.T.H's many services. The boy placed Iris' personal profile on the table, probably taken from F.A.I.T.H's database--which was actually open for public viewing.

"Ms. Ohara? There's a man here who claims to have some information to sell. He also has a copy of Iris' profile."

"Tell him I'm unavailable right now and ask him to come back another day."

"But, what about Iris?" Nakajima asks. "Since he does have Iris' profile, he may be plotting something to her."

"That profile doesn't contain most of Iris' confidential data like her address since we do not input those kinds of things virtually. Besides, if worst comes to worst, I doubt Iris would go down that easily. In any case though, send a bunch of security to Iris' house."

The receptionist tells Anthony that nobody is unable to process his request right now and informs him to just come back another day. As Setsuna remained at the upper floors of the building, her mind concentrated on the issue at hand.

"I do not have the time for other sidetracks. We must concentrate in neutralizing this virus threat before a tragedy occurs again."


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"You don't seem to understand. This file contains some things your public file doesn't. Like her real address and her number in real life oh and a photo."

The receptionist rung up Setsuna again to inform her of some of the detail this man was peddling. Setsuna merely sighed. There was nothing else that she needs to find out about Iris. Iris had already given them most of her information to F.A.I.T.H, with only a few being made public. Regarding the contacts, initially, she would've gave in and started to want to take it for herself, so she can fire everyone who is a traitor, they really weren't at a liberty to do so.

"Ohara-san, what do you propose to do with these "contacts" this guy is presenting?" Nakajima asks.
"We do not have that luxury right now. As much as possible, I do not want to decrease the manpower we have in finding the virus trail. We'll deal with these traitors afterwards. Plus, I do not trust this guy, seeing that he has no qualms about giving away his contacts at the drop of a hat."
"In any case, we do not have time. Ahh, that's right. Call Iris over here. There are some matters we need to discuss."
"...and that's basically what she said." Nakajima informs Iris.
"So the bastard's gotten himself inside the building. If you guys don't mind, I think I'll take that guy on myself."
"Wait, Iris!!!--"

Arriving at the F.A.I.T.H building, Iris immediately headed in, checking to see if the guy was still there. To call her out for a prank call was one thing, but to peddle her personal information to her very bosses was another. Why would he need to sell it anyway? F.A.I.T.H basically has everything about her. As she was about to charge at him, Nakajima grabs her arm and drags her to the elevator. He pushed the button, sending the cab on its way.
"What are you doing Nakajima?!"
"They didn't call you here so that you could try to lop the guy's head off! There are some matters that Ohara-san wants to discuss with you."

In the meantime, Setsuna has returned to her main quarters to take a break from everything, even if it was just for a while. The virus, Stardust, the missing data--now this man.
"Can't they give us a bit of a breather?" Setsuna sighed as she remembered that she was still expected to attend a board meeting with some members of various independent organizations. She moved her wheelchair, getting inside the elevator as she pressed the button to go lower.


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"So you couldn't find him?"
Akane shook her head at the man sitting across from her again and groaned. Victor leaned back in his seat and sighed, rubbing the back of his neck in thought. "Oi, if you're so great, why don't you go find him yourself?" Akane retorted, narrowing her eyes at the division leader. Victor wasn't very keen on coming around in the network very often- he preferred real life, to be honest. He didn't have high synchronization rates either, and- like this conversation he was having with his runner, Akane- he only usually came here to get in touch with the members of his division of Stardust. Just then, Victor's pale eyes glanced to the time and started to stand up. "Well, Akane, we can try again some other time to find that man. And maybe that little remark of yours will affect it at some point." As he spoke, he started to turn away as Akane called out. "You seem in a rush. Going somewhere?" Victor paused for a bit before speaking again. "...Just a meeting with someone."

Logging off the network, Victor's eyes came back into focus in the real world just as a servant knocked at his door.
"Gerfried-sama, it's just time for the meeting."
Victor sighed as he started to get up, nodding at the butler. "I'll be there in a bit. Just wait for me."
The man had a board meeting with some representatives of different organizations of sorts, and he heard that someone from F.A.I.T.H was going to be there. As he checked some of his items, Victor quietly thought to himself.
"I can't miss this chance..."
With that thought in mind, he leaned back in the car seat, looking out from the window.