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Claire Valiant

"Listen, there's a reason I want to be alone, so leave me be."

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a character in “When You Wish Upon a Star”, as played by SwedishSweetness


Name: Claire Valiant

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Clarie is a lonewolf and have always been one but she's willing to help anyone who's in need. She's not the most talkactive person since she's holding to herself, to make life easier if they ahd to move again. There's not much actually to tell about Clarie since she's not talking so much about herself. She do have a kind heart and tries to me nice at others but if they talk to her, she answer and do not try to lead on with the conversation.

Talents: She's like a information bank. There is almost nothing she doesn't know about.

Weaknesses: She's incredibly afraid of the dark, that's why she always have her selfglowing bracelets.

Species: Fey Born.

Family: A father named Larry Valiant.

Weapon of choice (if any): She don't have any weapon since she uses her spells.

Appearance: Image

History: What makes Clarie hold to herself is that she lost her mother in a car accident when she was 10 and her father took it really bad. They moved many times after that to find a new place that they might belong, so that they could settle down and create a happy family just the two of them but that's harder said then done. Just because they moved as much as they did, Clarie had a hard time to find new friends so to make it easier to leave a place, she started to hold to herself. Then she wouldn't be so sad if they had to leave again to a new place.
There have never been a really question about money when they moved. Her father always found a job everytime they moved but he just couldn't stand being there for so long because her mother wasn't there. Later years it got actually worse and he stopped working. Just sitting in the sofa, watching tv and hoping that her mother might come back from the dead. Like that would ever happen.
What made things for Claire worse is that she knew she wasn't.. Human. Well she was but there was something else. Whenever she said something, it felt that her words had more meaning then they should and things came up in her mind. She had no idea where they came from but it was diffrent words combinations. Once she tried on of them and she set fire to a chair, she got first really scared of it but later she tried again and again. She got better with the spells but have never used them against someone. She could never do that, it wouldn't be nice and people would call her freak.
Now when they are living here, at this quiet and incredibly boring place. Well that was what Claire thought. She didn't want her her to look all miserable anymore so she made him work. Always before she went to school, she made sure her dad went up and walked her to his work before she continued to her school. That would make her father think of other things then their mother. they both had to move on, she had her ways and she knew her father wouldn't lift a finger to move on if Claire didn't do anything to make him think of other things.
Maybe, just maybe could they both live as a family again. Even tho it have gone 8 years to try to build up a life again.

Theme Song! (that's always fun to find, but you don't have to if you don't want to): Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park.

So begins...

Claire Valiant's Story

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Claire waited a bit more before standing up, she had been in here for some time. She could have left earlier but she knew how crowded the hallway could be and she sure didn't want to get caught in it. Trying to get through that crowd filled with students that hurries to diffrent classes, is like trying to make a deal with death. You never know what will happen next.
She took a last glance at the black board to see if she missed taking any notes. Even if they never stayed long at once place, she still wanted to have good grades. She wanted to be more then her father is, she wanted to study and become something, no someone even if she didn't really fit in this world. She wanted to try to atleast fit in a little, it was the least thing she could do now.
She carefully open the classroom door and looked outside, the crowd was gone by now and she sighed in relief. There was only a few left of the students in the corridor so there was nothing to worry about. She walked quietly pass them before she noticed that one of them was bleeding from his nose.
"Press you thumb and index finger at start of your nose, it will cut off the blood." She said looking at him before walking up towards him, put up her hand to the boys' face and pressed her thumb and index finger at the start of his nose, between his eyes.
"Like this, wait a few seconds and then no more nose bleed." She said with a easy smile. She didn't usually talk to anyone, always holding to herself but this was one of those times she wanted to help. It looked like it wouldn't stop bleeding and wanted to spare the boy's time with holding back his head. She held her hand there for a few seconds and then let go.
"Problem solved, here. A more clean tissue for you." She said as she pulled up a clean tissue for him, giving it to him before she backed off and went to continue her way out from there. She had missed all her classes, well not really all of them but.. This time she didn't feel like being in school, her senses were a bit.. Off today. She had been close to say words that shouldn't be said near anyone, not even her father. It must be the meteor shower and it actually freaked her out.

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Paige's eyes lit up at Virgel's offer. She wanted to sketch the meteor shower but didn't know if she would have time to set up because her parents were going to have her babysit tonight. She nodded vigorously. She could set up on the roof before her parents went out and make it in time. She shot him her biggest grin. She caught sight of her picture, it hadn't been ruined, in fact the rugged look made it seem more realistic, but at the same time her stomach dropped. It's okay. She thought, It's just a picture. And he didn't do it on purpose . . . did he?

She shook her head as a girl approached instructing Bryce on his nosebleed. She handed him new tissues and walked away. Paige followed her with her eyes. She's pretty. She thought and closed her eyes, trying to capture the girls frightening beauty in her head. She didn't feel comfortable around the girl but that didn't stop her from seeing an art opportunity. Isn't she kind of new? Her name is Cali or . . . or Chelsie . . . No that's not right.

She shook her head aqnd turned back to Bryce just in time to see a tall intimidating figure walked up to Bryce asking if he was okay. She drew back in fear. It wasn't the kind of shy fear so much as blood curdeling fear she had. The way the man's eyes flashed made her want to run, but she didn't. You can't judge someone on how they look. She reminded herself, but a voice in the back of her head whispered doubtfully, it's not his appearance that scares you . . . she forced a smile at him, though he may not have seen it and wedged herself in between Virgel and Malcolm. She grabbed their sleeves nervously to stop her shaking hands. Don't be scared . . . whispered the voice in the back of her head, What were all those self defense lessons about if you're going to be scared stiff? She swallowed quietly. "I'm not scared." she whispered nearly silently, and, surprisingly, it was almost true.


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Bryce waited, trying to simply be patient until the nosebleed stopped. As he sat there, he wondered how many times he had gotten nosebleeds in his life. Actually no- forget life- How many times he had gotten nosebleeds while at this school. One... Two... Three- He started a bit when he heard an unfamiliar female voice. He watched her as he came close, telling him how to make his nosebleed stop quicker as she reached forward and demonstrated. Bryce watched her cautiously, but seemed almost distracted. Pretty girls didn't usually talk to him! Let alone come near him unless they wanted his genius for something... What was her name? Ah, right. Claire.

"Hey, Thanks." he called after her once she had decided to walk away. However, he found himself surprised when another boy approached him, asking if he was alright. If he remembered correctly- and he always did - the guy's name was Lucien. The guy was supposed to be one of the rare popular goth kids, or at least he was to his understanding. "Uh, yeah, i'm okay. Just got a good hit, or two, or three, or whatever in a little failed crowd control. S'all good, man."

Suddenly, Bowling For Soup's 'High School Never Ends' began to play and Bryce put his free hand up. "Sorry 'bout that. My phone." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his phone and flipped it open. It was a slim black phone, not one anyone had seen before. Chances are, Bryce had taken his cell phone and built on it with his own two hands until it was half as capable as a small computer. Pressing it against his ear, he chuckled. "Hey, man. What's shakin'?" A pause before he nodded, seeming a bit deflated. "What? .... Dude, we seriously just got moved in, bro. Yeah, i'm fine - Andrew Colt popped me in the nose, but when i get back i'mma load up a bowl of some Grand Daddy P and take a dragon, ya dig?" Bryce laughed, a light, joyous sound. "Yeah, well, Cool, man. I'll fix it when i get back. See ya, Spence."

As he hung up, he put his hand up. "Sorry about that," Slipping his phone into his pocket, he continued. "My roommate broke the satellite dish on the apartment we just moved into. Gotta fix it when i get back. Speaking of, if no one's busy we could sit up on the roof at my place to watch that meteor thing and pass a bowl around? I got some good stuff man, make ya forget all your problems. If ya don't want though, no prob, ain't for everyone."

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#, as written by Leon21
"Sure, I'm glad to come, if you guys aren't scared of me making everything all depressing," Lucien joked, his lips curling up into a grin. Lucien always had the strangest grin. It was somewhere halfway between a smile and a grimace, and he never showed his teeth. Ever. It was as if he expected his teeth to suddenly turn into fangs or something. Of course, with Lucien being the species he was, that wasn't too unrealistic of a fear, so, he decided to always play it safe, and just not show his teeth when he smiled, no matter how curious his facial expression ended up turning out.

"Bah, I don't need any excuse," Lucien stated with a carefree wave of his hand and a harsh laugh. "The teachers have been expecting me to cut school ever since I started showing up in these clothes. How 'bout I finally confirm their suspicions?" he joked with a casual shrug of his shoulders. "Then again, yeah, an excuse would be lovely. I can't ruin my perfect attendance streak now, can I?" he decided, in a similar joking manner. Leave it to Lucien to never actually take anything seriously.

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Claire finally descided that she had nothing better to do to actually get home. She couldn't sit in her car forever and wait for something to happen. Well ofcourse she knew something was going to happen but she didn't know what and it almost drove her crazy. She let out a deep sigh, turned the key and started to drive home. It didn't take long before she parked infront of the garage at her house. She turned her love of her live off and felt a bit sad at the quiet surrounding but got out from her car. She was just about to take up her keys to unlock the door when this major headache hit her. It came with such a sudden force that it made her press her hands to her head and knee down infront of her door. It felt that someone was screeching or hit her several time over and over again at her head, her nose started to bleed. She shut her eyes and tried to breath slower but it hurt to much, she thought she was going to pass out or something. Right infront of her door when suddenly she heard something above the screeching or whatever it was.
"My children, all of my lovely and miserable children. To night, exactly this night at midnight. I am going to arrive at this world. So prepare for my arrival, for your Queens arrival! Do not let me down, because it is thanks to me you all exist peacefully in this world." Claire couldn't set a finger on how the voice sounded like. It was too much. She felt all of her blood leave her head and the dizzyness came closer. She manage toforce herself to stand up, open the door and get in before everything went black and she fainted in the hallway. The sound had left as soon as the Queen stopped talking. Everything was spinning around and around. So the Shadow Queen is coming here? No wonder she had felt all wierd these days. The Shadow Queen was coming and she knew it wasn't anything good that would happen..

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Claire woke up with a flinch and blinked a few times before sitting up. She groaned and held her hand to her head, it felt like she had been run over by a train or something, it hurt like freaking hell. She took a few breathes to remember where she was. She looked around and saw that she was at home, in her bed. When did she go to her bed? She slowly got of the bed, waiting for her mind to be less dizzy before taking another step toward her door. The whole room felt like it would fall apart at the same time it was spinning around. She placed her hand on her door, taking a few breathes. Trying to focus better but it wasn't so easy. She knew that she had to hurry, to go to the woods and wait for the call of her.. No not her Queen. The Shadow Queen will never be her queen. She bit her lip hard and opened the door.

"Honey? What are you doing up, are you okey?" Claire could hear her dad say behind all the annoying roaring in her ears. The headache she had felt before slowly made it's way and it felt like her stomache twisted. She feared that she would throw up but manage to calm her stomache down with a few breaths.
"I'm okey dad, just been a tough day at school. I haven't felt so good in a few days.." She admits and looks at her dad who stood infront of her now.
"You look all pale, honey.. You should go back to your bed." He said with a worried voice and it actually made her smile. He still cared, he still did.
"I know.. I need to get some air. I'll go for a walk. My phones with me." She said as she walked to the hall, taking her jacket and took on her shoes. Her dad watched her with still worried eyes.
"Are you sure? I mean.. I found you unconscious, on the floor. When I had to walk home." He said to make a point for her not to go out. But he sighed when she gave him a look that told him that she needed to be alone for a bit and he gave up. "If you don't answer when I call, I'm going to ground you or something. You can't worry me like that." He said as she closed the door.

Claire took a deep breath of the a bit cold air and felt the headache ease. The roaring in her ears where still there but she didn't feel as sick as she did before. Her steps hurried, no she ran towards the woods where she knew the Shadow Queen would arrive. She ahd no idea what to do, she always were silent about herself. What she was, no one knew about her. Ofcourse she knew what she was, very well. She had used her.. Magics against people before and to help her in diffrent ways but not lately since she knew very well that it's wrong. She ran along a street, just thinking about being there in time. But she would come late, the meteor shower have already started. She looked up at the sky with a bit of fear. Oh she didn't want to be here, she didn't want to be what she is because of this. The roaring started to get higher as closer she got to the forest.

She stumbled on a stick or a rock, she couldn't tell but recovered her balance when she grabbed a tree and fell to her knees. She was here but the roaring became worse and worse, she held her hands over her ears hoping it would get better but it didn't. This was it, this could mean the end. Her blood screamed, she could feel her magic tear apart. It felt horrible, she was terrified by everything right now. She have no idea how the next days will be, or the weeks. Or the coming years. Everything could change, she never thought that the Shadow Queen would come back to earth. But she was clearly wrong.