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Lucien Delacroix

"Delacroix means 'of the cross'. Ironic, isn't it? A vampire with a surname related to a religious symbol they can't even get close to. How funny."

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a character in “When You Wish Upon a Star”, as played by Leon21


Name: Lucien Delacroix
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Personality: Lucien is a friendly guy, and an incredibly social one at that. Despite the fact that he knows that vampires don't have a particularly good reputation among the people of his town, and that he has to keep that aspect of him hidden, and keeping things hidden is much easier when you're not social, he still absolutely loves human contact. He is in quite a few clubs at school, and could certainly be considered 'popular'. People tend to find that rather funny. A cheerful goth who is popular. Lucien breaks so many stereotypes, most people find it rather frightening.

Despite his general outgoing personality, Lucien still manages to keep his secrets. The biggest one of those, of course, is the fact that he's a vampire. The part about awakening the Shadow Queen is also something that he'd rather keep hidden. What many people don't realise is that Lucien has his own hidden agenda. While he may seem like he is easier to read than a book, he is actually a master at keeping his true emotions hidden. Lucien does not trust anyone, no matter how long he has known them, and therefore will never actually reveal what he really wants to do until he's doing it.

What people see when they look at Lucien is purely an average teenage guy with perhaps a bit of an interesting style, but a generally nice personality. He is friendly and kind to people, even the ones he really would rather just throw into a wall, and in general appears to be a good person. Oddly enough, anyone who has anything bad to say about him ends up moving out of the town very suddenly, for some reason. Nobody quite knows why, and nobody's bothered to investigate.
Talents: He has an excellent sense of smell, having a simple time at distinguishing between different scents, which make him a rather good cook, since he can figure out a recipe just by smelling a finished product. He is also quite good at kenpo karate, being at a rank of green belt. Not exactly a high rank, but not a low one either, and he's strong enough to be able to defend himself.
Weaknesses: Apart from the normal vampire ones? He's terrified of blood. Completely terrified. Obviously, this isn't a particularly good fear to have when blood is the main thing keeping you alive. That's part of why he's so terrified of blood - he's terrified of losing control. Because of this, he is probably one of the first anorexic vampires. He knows he has to drink blood to survive, so he will if he is absolutely starving...thirsty...but he doesn't like to and tries to avoid drinking blood as much as possible. He is nowhere near as strong as an average vampire because of this, both his strength and other abilities compromised. He also has an aversion to crosses, for some reason. Despite the fact that crosses aren't technically supposed to harm vampires, Lucien still hates them. People tend to think he's read a few too many vampire books, and that the aversion is purely in his mind.
Species: Vampire
Family: His parents, Irina Delacroix and Jacques Delacroix
Weapon of Choice: Nunchaku. Not because he finds them cool or anything, but purely because that's the main weapon that is taught in his karate dojo. He also knows how to use knives, but not nearly as well, and prefers using nunchaku. He is fairly good at wielding them, although he still does hit himself on the head by accident.
Appearance: Lucien is tall, standing at just over 6'3". His boots with their tall soles add another inch to his height, making him just around 6'4" in height. He has an imposing build, being sturdy and well-muscled from years of playing assorted sports, and also from perhaps having eaten a couple too many slices of pizza over the years. While he is certainly not fat, his six pack abs are protected by a layer of fat. Despite the slight softness around his waist, Lucien still is tall and muscular enough to be frightening, and, in general, is not the type of guy you want to meet in a dark alley at night.

His hair is naturally blond, but he has bleached it to make it lighter on top, and then dyed the underside black. It gives his hair a curious, layered appearance - and sometimes the appearance that it needs to be washed - when seeing the black streaks peeking through the upper layer of hair. It has a soft, wispy texture and rarely ever gets tangled unless Lucien forgets to brush it for a couple days. His hair is straight, and reaches his chest in length. Lucien wears it parted on one side, usually the left side unless his hair is refusing to cooperate, giving his hair the appearance of having a lot more volume than it actually does.

He has light blue eyes that often appear to be more on the gray side unless he happens to be wearing blue clothes, which he almost never does. His pupils are often very large, which make it lovely to see in darker areas, but absolute torture when in brightly lit places. Most people just use Lucien's light eyes and large pupils as the reason as to why he doesn't like going outside on sunny days. Of course, the real reason is something completely different. He has very pale skin, which makes sense, since he never gets a chance to tan, hating sunlight. A bit of stubble is growing on his jaw, getting longer at the base of his chin, but he is too young to actually grow a beard, so it's just thin, wispy hairs.
History: Lucien wasn't always a vampire. In fact, up until about four years ago, he was a perfectly normal boy. He lived in a wealthy family, went to church every Sunday, and in general was a really nice guy. This all changed when, one day, he decided to go for a walk in the woods. He was walking down the path when he heard footsteps. Scared, thinking that someone was following him, he spun around, crashing directly into a tall, pale man. Much to his confusion, the man bit him on the side of the neck before hitting him on the side of his head, snapping his neck. Lucien was quite positive he died then.

Curiously enough, Lucien found himself waking up, sore and in pain, but very much alive. Unsure of what time it was, the thin male walked home and used his key to unlock the door. Strangely enough, he found himself unable to get inside, as if there was some sort of invisible barrier blocking his way. Tired and confused, he curled up on the doorstep instead of trying to find out why on earth he couldn't get inside.

The next morning, he was awoken by his mother's scream. She had found Lucien lying on the doorstep, and apparently thought he was dead because of how pale his skin had become. When Lucien stood up, she immediately ordered him to get inside, incredibly annoyed at him and rather scared for him, terrified at the concept of her only son dying. Lucien looked into a mirror, and found that he had absolutely no reflection. He quickly moved away from the mirror, and dashed upstairs. On his bookshelf in his room, he had a collection of books about supernatural creatures. It didn't take him very long to find the page about vampires. He was terrified upon finding that nearly everything on the page applied to him.

Not wanting to reveal this to his parents, Lucien decided that he would have to hide who he was, knowing that nobody in the town would like his species. First, he went and bought himself a new wardrobe of goth-style clothes. He knew that that would be the easiest way to disguise his pale skin and black-shadowed eyes, even if his parents didn't approve. After having changed into his new clothes, he went into the woods, searching for the same man who had transformed him. He quickly found him, as if the man had been expecting him to come.

At first, Lucien was incredibly upset at the man, but soon, his opinion changed when he learned about his new strength. After a few weeks, he soon grew accustomed to being a vampire, and now is actually rather fond of it, even if it makes it slightly difficult to manage to complete any autopsies or labs involving blood in his science class.
Theme Song!: I'll probably find one... Eventually... Suggestions are welcome! (I'm lazy, I know XD)

So begins...

Lucien Delacroix's Story

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#, as written by Leon21
The crowd seemed to part for Lucien as he walked through it. It wasn't that people disliked him and wanted to stay away from him; rather, it was because he was such an imposing presence that nobody wanted to get in his way. Just about everyone in the school knew Lucien. Most didn't know him personally, but everyone did know him, even if it was just as 'that creepy goth guy who somehow is popular'. In essence, that was the perfect description of Lucien. He was popular, he was goth, and he was quite positive he was male. Creepy could also work as an adjective to describe him because he was, in fact, rather creepy, or, at least, he could be.

The fact that there was currently some dark liquid that looked suspiciously like blood smeared on his lip didn't do much to lessen the creepy factor.

Lucien absentmindedly glanced at the window, trying to look at his reflection. He flinched upon seeing only the trees outside. Even after four years, he still hadn't gotten used to not having a reflection. This was one of the reasons that made him glad for the dark shadows under his eyes, the ones that everyone made a point of telling him he had. They meant that he didn't have to put on heavy make-up like most goths did; and, hey, when being insomniac meant that you didn't have to struggle trying to put on eyeshadow without being able to see your reflection, it was worth it. Or, at least, in Lucien's eyes, it was worth it.

Suddenly, his nose picked up the smell of blood, or, at least, the smell of something that smelled very similar to blood. He could recognize the sharp, metallic tang anywhere, but that didn't stop Lucien from still hoping that it was just some metal or something of the like. His stomach was either about to revolt or start growling furiously. Lucien still wasn't sure which one he preferred.

The thin male glanced around, wondering where on earth the smell was coming from. He quickly spotted who he thought was the culprit: a male - he was quite positive he was called Bruce or Bryce or something along those lines - was leaning against the locker, holding tissues to his nose. Lucien didn't have to see the flecks of blood to know that he was victim to the infamous nosebleed. What was an annoyance to some people seemed more like a five course meal to Lucien, whether he liked that view or not.

"Hey, you ok?" Lucien asked, a concerned expression on his face as he walked over to Bryce. Just because he happened to be currently seeing Bryce as something along the lines of a steak didn't mean that he could be worried about him. Lucien really didn't like it when people got hurt, especially when he hurt them. He bit down on his tongue, trying to keep from drooling. He hated the smell of blood, while at the same time finding that it smelled completely delicious. Oh, the problems that came with being a vampire.

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Paige's eyes lit up at Virgel's offer. She wanted to sketch the meteor shower but didn't know if she would have time to set up because her parents were going to have her babysit tonight. She nodded vigorously. She could set up on the roof before her parents went out and make it in time. She shot him her biggest grin. She caught sight of her picture, it hadn't been ruined, in fact the rugged look made it seem more realistic, but at the same time her stomach dropped. It's okay. She thought, It's just a picture. And he didn't do it on purpose . . . did he?

She shook her head as a girl approached instructing Bryce on his nosebleed. She handed him new tissues and walked away. Paige followed her with her eyes. She's pretty. She thought and closed her eyes, trying to capture the girls frightening beauty in her head. She didn't feel comfortable around the girl but that didn't stop her from seeing an art opportunity. Isn't she kind of new? Her name is Cali or . . . or Chelsie . . . No that's not right.

She shook her head aqnd turned back to Bryce just in time to see a tall intimidating figure walked up to Bryce asking if he was okay. She drew back in fear. It wasn't the kind of shy fear so much as blood curdeling fear she had. The way the man's eyes flashed made her want to run, but she didn't. You can't judge someone on how they look. She reminded herself, but a voice in the back of her head whispered doubtfully, it's not his appearance that scares you . . . she forced a smile at him, though he may not have seen it and wedged herself in between Virgel and Malcolm. She grabbed their sleeves nervously to stop her shaking hands. Don't be scared . . . whispered the voice in the back of her head, What were all those self defense lessons about if you're going to be scared stiff? She swallowed quietly. "I'm not scared." she whispered nearly silently, and, surprisingly, it was almost true.


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Bryce waited, trying to simply be patient until the nosebleed stopped. As he sat there, he wondered how many times he had gotten nosebleeds in his life. Actually no- forget life- How many times he had gotten nosebleeds while at this school. One... Two... Three- He started a bit when he heard an unfamiliar female voice. He watched her as he came close, telling him how to make his nosebleed stop quicker as she reached forward and demonstrated. Bryce watched her cautiously, but seemed almost distracted. Pretty girls didn't usually talk to him! Let alone come near him unless they wanted his genius for something... What was her name? Ah, right. Claire.

"Hey, Thanks." he called after her once she had decided to walk away. However, he found himself surprised when another boy approached him, asking if he was alright. If he remembered correctly- and he always did - the guy's name was Lucien. The guy was supposed to be one of the rare popular goth kids, or at least he was to his understanding. "Uh, yeah, i'm okay. Just got a good hit, or two, or three, or whatever in a little failed crowd control. S'all good, man."

Suddenly, Bowling For Soup's 'High School Never Ends' began to play and Bryce put his free hand up. "Sorry 'bout that. My phone." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his phone and flipped it open. It was a slim black phone, not one anyone had seen before. Chances are, Bryce had taken his cell phone and built on it with his own two hands until it was half as capable as a small computer. Pressing it against his ear, he chuckled. "Hey, man. What's shakin'?" A pause before he nodded, seeming a bit deflated. "What? .... Dude, we seriously just got moved in, bro. Yeah, i'm fine - Andrew Colt popped me in the nose, but when i get back i'mma load up a bowl of some Grand Daddy P and take a dragon, ya dig?" Bryce laughed, a light, joyous sound. "Yeah, well, Cool, man. I'll fix it when i get back. See ya, Spence."

As he hung up, he put his hand up. "Sorry about that," Slipping his phone into his pocket, he continued. "My roommate broke the satellite dish on the apartment we just moved into. Gotta fix it when i get back. Speaking of, if no one's busy we could sit up on the roof at my place to watch that meteor thing and pass a bowl around? I got some good stuff man, make ya forget all your problems. If ya don't want though, no prob, ain't for everyone."

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#, as written by Leon21
"Sure, I'm glad to come, if you guys aren't scared of me making everything all depressing," Lucien joked, his lips curling up into a grin. Lucien always had the strangest grin. It was somewhere halfway between a smile and a grimace, and he never showed his teeth. Ever. It was as if he expected his teeth to suddenly turn into fangs or something. Of course, with Lucien being the species he was, that wasn't too unrealistic of a fear, so, he decided to always play it safe, and just not show his teeth when he smiled, no matter how curious his facial expression ended up turning out.

"Bah, I don't need any excuse," Lucien stated with a carefree wave of his hand and a harsh laugh. "The teachers have been expecting me to cut school ever since I started showing up in these clothes. How 'bout I finally confirm their suspicions?" he joked with a casual shrug of his shoulders. "Then again, yeah, an excuse would be lovely. I can't ruin my perfect attendance streak now, can I?" he decided, in a similar joking manner. Leave it to Lucien to never actually take anything seriously.

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Bryce felt around in his bag for a moment, trying to make sure certain things hadn't been broken when he fell against the locker. After realizing they were fine, he offered everyone one of his relaxed, chill smiles. As Paige dismissed herself and reassured them that she wasn't going to be mugged, he sighed and shook his head, having half a mind to follow her. However, never having lost that tranquil look on his face, he waved by and called after her a brief 'Catch ya laters!'

"Hey," he started, one of his hands slipping into his pockets as she shifted his weight from one foot to he other. "I'm gonna head out to. I got a laptop to build sitting around at my place, not to mention lots of... you know." he chuckled, making a smoking gesture. "Take it easy, guys." he said, walking down the hall and waving over his shoulder. He was quick to leave the school, wanting to get home and finish up his built-from-scratch laptop. He could imagine it now, every detail. The phantom feeling of wires and circuit boards against his fingertips, the scent of oil and metal mixed with the odor of the pot lying about his room. He'd connect the wires to the main board before attaching the socket to the battery. He felt a high just thinking about it.

"Hey," Blinking, Bryce turned. "You gonna stand there all day and stare or what?" There saw Spencer. Right - He was gonna meet him halfway. "You thinkin' 'bout girls or something? You had that kind of pervy look to ya." Spencer chuckled, throwing his arm around Bryce's shoulders. The genius laughed and shook his head.

"Nope," he replied, catching the scent of some Razzle Dazzle on Spencer's jacket. He and Spencer were both pretty intense and hit the the weed hard, and most people knew it. The teacher didn't do much about it, both keeping up with their studies - Bryce obviously doing more than expected of any student. Secretly, some believed it helped even, even if it made little to no sense - But it could be possible, seeing as no one remembered what sober Bryce was like after so many years. Spencer punched Bryce in the shoulder, making the genius grin.

"You don't mean your electrical genius making shit stuff, do ya?" Spencer gaped, seemingly incredulous. Bryce shrugged, nodding a bit. "Shit dude, you know this is why you never meet chicks."

"I don't really chill with lotsa girls. If you haven't noticed, i'm the stoner kid at school now. Besides, i'd scan my papers and upload them to facebook if i wanted people to copy off me, man." Spencer rolled his eyes at Bryce. Bryce knew that Spencer simply assumed he hated people copying his work and just didn't seem interested in other people, but it was almost the opposite. Bryce didn't like being used, not a bit. He perhaps would on occasion, but didn't enjoy it. As for not being interested in other people, working with machinery usually kept his mind off of how lonesome he was half the time. "Welp, there it is."

Bryce looked up, noting that the Satellite dish was misangled and clearly not functioning, part of an exposed wire popping out of the dish itself. "Dude, how'd ya manage that?" Bryce laughed, almost as if he found it more interesting and amusing than irritating.

"Dude, i was way up there after some R'n'D, i don't even know."

"That's crazy, man." Bryce chuckled softly, raising his hand to high five Spencer. "I just hope you didn't cash it all, Spence."