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Alexis Jaeger

Let us start this battle by asking forgiveness for the sins we are about to commit.

0 · 572 views · located in Medieval alternate universe fantasy

a character in “Where are we Going?”, as played by JEDH3




Appearance: Alexis has snow white hair and dark grey eyes and standing at 5’9”, he is thin and somewhat weak looking. He wears simple, plate armor and always carries twin war hammers as well as a holy book filled with scriptures and prayers.


♝The Basics β™—

I’ve blown this many candles: [Age]25
I am a: Male
My Role is: Breacher. There is no fortress or wall that I cannot break down.
My power/ ability is: Alexis can change the direction of as well as amplify or diminish any kinetic energy that is transferred through his body. He mostly uses this to break down walls with his hands, or stop cannon balls, arrows and shrapnel from hurting his squad mates. He can also use this ability through any object he touches, thus his war hammers have been known to shatter swords, and break through armor. However, he must do this intentionally. If he is caught off guard, he is just as vulnerable as anyone else. Also, despite being able to tear down massive stone walls with a single punch, he is actually no stronger than a normal human.

♝ Getting to Know Me Better β™—

This is my life: Alexis was raised at a monastery for as long as he can remember, and suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse at the hand of some of the corrupt priests there. No understanding the damage that was being done to him, he accepted this as normal, but never spoke of it under direction of the priests he suffered under. He worked long and hard days with little to no reward, ofen told that god had no room in his kingdom for someone as useless as he. He lived an unknowing nightmare until one day he was told that god did indeed have a use for him, and so he willingly underwent the Magic Augmentation, unknowing that so many children before him had died. However he was fortunate, not only surviving the process, but resulting in a perfect specimen. Throughout his military career, he remained faithful to his god, giving credit for all of his success to the deity he worshiped.
Sometimes I act like this: Alexis tries to be a kind person, But he is socially awkward, and tends to come across as gruff or rude, when the truth is that he just doesn’t know what to say most of the time. He is very shy and quiet, and tends to just go along with what he is told to do or whatever the squad decides unless he feels as though his god would disagree. He also loathes violence, only fighting in battles because he believes that his god wants him to. At his core, Alexis knows he is missing something, and that there is a massive void in his soul. No matter what he does or accomplishes, there is an inexplicable depression that he cannot understand eating away at him due to the abuse he suffered as a child. He is slowly realizing that what happened to him was not only not normal, but also wrong.
This song fits me perfectly: Silence of God

♝ Other Information β™—

Give it to me:
Throw it out:
β˜’People who insult his faith

♝ Final Information β™—
Username: JEDH3

So begins...

Alexis Jaeger's Story