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Fyre Atoras

"Use your smile to change this world, but don't let this world change your smile."

0 · 442 views · located in Medieval alternate universe fantasy

a character in “Where are we Going?”, as played by Class




Fyre Atoras






Fyre can interpret the emotions/moods of those around her. She mostly uses this in order to tell how badly someone is injured before she is able to see for herself. In some cases, she can also use her empathy to tell whether someone is lying or not; although it does not work with skilled liars. She also has the power of healing, enabling her to heal her fellow squad members.

Standing at 5'6 ft tall, Fyre has magenta coloured hair with violet highlights towards the bottom that falls approximately half way down her back. She has large green eyes to contrast her small facial features. She wears a circular purple ring print on her forehead that represents her family line and dresses herself in a short purple dress with a matching cape and boots that reach her mid-thigh.


Fyre was four years of age when she and her elder brother Zayn (who was eleven at the time) lost their parents. Having been so young, she didn't have any memories of them, but her brother did. He would always tell her these amazing stories that she could still, to this day, recite word by word. They were moved to the local orphanage, where her brother was constantly forced to protect and had to practically raise her himself. But it wasn't all bad, every Sunday they would get to visit the church where the priests were all very nice, teaching them all about God and how he was taking good care of their parents. That is, until the Sunday that they never returned back to the orphanage. The priests had chosen the two to be experimented on, convincing them that it was the will of God and this was what would make their parent's proud of them. Whilst Fyre given the abilities of empathy and healing, her brother didn't make it. Left confused and grieving, Fyre had no choice but to channel her hurt into her training and did whatever she could to make both her parents and her brother proud.

Fyre is the woman that few can understand. Despite her past and everything she has gone through, she remains her bubbly and optimistic self. She is a kind and gentle soul who can find happiness in the smallest of things. However, she does have her stubborn side. This comes out when questioned about how she can smile at a time like this, as it often leads to a long rant about how she refuses to let them get her down and that a frown doesn't solve anything. Fyre is an intelligent and quick-witted woman, despite how many may mistake her for the opposite. Don't get me wrong, she's not perfect by any means. She's still human and has her flaws. For instance, she can be rather opinionated which can result in a number of arguments and her lack of fear for death can cause her to be reckless.

Theme Song:
The Sun Is Rising


☑ People who believe in something
☑ Family
☑ Proving people wrong
☑ Having fun

☒ Liars
☒ Being judged
☒ People who let others walk all over them
☒ Arrogance

Fyre is afraid to fall in love as she fears that it would only be another person she would lose. She is also afraid of losing her powers as she feels that without them she wouldn't be able to make her family proud. Her final main fear is that she will one day be unable to heal one of her squad mates because that would be failing her duty.

Written by:

So begins...

Fyre Atoras's Story