Samantha Montgomery

You can't loose what you never had

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Samantha Montgomery



Sam is small for a sixteen year old girl, standing no taller than five foot three inches. Her hair was curly and golden blonde at some point in her childhood, but now is somewhat stringy while still looking slightly curly/crimped and is still golden in color while now she has added in red streaks. Her skin is on the paler side of the spectrum since 1. she doesn't go outside much at all and 2. she's lived in Seattle, Washington where it's pretty much a 24/7 drizzle and the sun comes out like once a month for an hour her entire life. She has a small button nose and grayish blue eyes that seem to pierce your soul if you look her straight on.


Sam's style is very understated and tomboyish. She usually wears old band tee shirts and ripped skinny jeans with one of her many pairs of Chuck Taylors and she's always carrying her canvas messenger bag. Her clothes are usually tattered or wrinkled so she doesn't always come off as a person who takes much seriously, but she's actually a very somber and quiet person.


After what feels like a lifetime of bad luck, Sam has become a very quiet and shies away from people. Once she gets to know you, though, she opens up and you see the real Samantha Montgomery. The real Samantha Montgomery will deck you if you call her Samantha no matter who you are, actually the shy Sam will do that too but whatever. She's also a sarcastic bitch, but that's just because all the idiots she hangs out with make it hard not to be sarcastic, to quote her. But the real Sam is actually a very broken girl with extreme trust issues. She's very calm when in a life or death situation and surprisingly knows her way around a gun and has kicked a grown man's ass in a fist fight.


Once upon a time there was a little girl stuck with a father who loved beer more than life, and when said father drank beer he got angry. When the little girl's father got angry he lashed out on his personal punching bag- the little girl. Fast forward thirteen years and the little girl is broken in so many ways she is deemed unfixable by basically everyone. She's bullied, she's teased, she's abused, and nobody cares. It doesn't matter that she can fight off her father, because the beer keeps him going and sooner or later her body gives out and she has to take it. It doesn't matter that she hates herself and has nobody who loves her to tell her that she's amazing. It doesn't matter because right before she blacked out, Samantha Montgomery was beaten within inches of her life and ran off to the subway station where she proceeded to throw herself in front of a train out of desperation because she woke up.

And that was the last thing she wanted.

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