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Rahzenshia Roosevelt Locke

"Because in the end, living out the legacy of the one who died is nothing more than a farce."

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a character in “Where do we draw the line?”, as played by Arthurna



- Full Name: Rahzenshia Roosevelt Locke

- Nickname(s): Raizel

- Age: She just turned twenty five

- Gender: Female

- Race: Human

- Role: Third born of the King

- Hair and Eyes:
Her hair is pure white which somehow looks like silver under a strong sunlight. She used to just let her hair down but ever since the dragon incident she starts wearing twin ponytail to keep her long hair from touching the ground. She tied her hair with high twin tails and let the fringes which just barely reach her eyes freely. In her cursed form her hair is too long to the point of brushing the floor but in her normal form it only reaches her hips at most.

Her crimson eyes are always looking empty like marble. This make people think she has a glassy stare on a daily basis but the truth is if an observant person looks into her eyes long enough they'll find various emotions reflected at her eyes.

- Complexion:
Unlike normal people, she has lack of pigment and thus makes her skin paler than average people. Her eyesight isn't that good either. At first, people thought she's an albino but she gets out just fine under a strong sunlight and so that theory is dismissed. Since the dragon incident, she gets horns which located just above her ears. The horns are short and curved to the front.

Height and Weight:
Normal form: 175 cm (around 5'9) and 65 kg (143 lbs)
Cursed form: 142 cm (around 4'8) and 32 kg (70.5 lbs)

- Body Type:
Normal form: Slim, that’s pretty much describing her appearance entirely. She appears to be slender because of her small body frame. She's completely different from her little sister who has an hour-glass figure; instead she has thin long legs and isn’t that curvy in general.

Cursed form: Her cursed form is a petite body which looks like a twelve years old girl. Her arms and legs are thin and she's as flat as a board.

- Image:
NORMAL FORM (her cursed form is in the above)

- Favorites:
She likes reading and practicing her magic. Reading calms her mind and learning about new things always makes a strange satisfaction in her hearts. Sometimes she even experiments on her magic to create a whole new spell. Unfortunately, it usually ends with an explosion of failure (literally).

She also like rose and the color of red since it reminds her of her eyes. Her mother once told her that her eyes are beautiful, like a full bloomed rose. Since then she loves anything red and every roses which exist.

- Least Favorites:
She hates darkness or more specifically she despises it so much. The vast blackness which holds unknown things frightened her ever since she was a kid.

- Hobbies:
Reading and experimenting with anything new. Discovering new magic is the passion if her life. The thrill of having performs a magic which no one ever perform before.

- Weaknesses:

- Strengths:
She's a magic expert specialized in red element. She's also (very) proud of her heritage and thus makes her think before act in the battlefield because the royal family members are required give the 'best result'.

- Habits:
She has a habit to pet Styx's head if she feels anxious. Styx soft fur somehow always calms her mind.

- Personality:
Because of her heritage, she's usually just a quiet girl and only talk when needed but once she opens her mouth it's either a snide remark or an insult. Her arrogance is one of her flaw and often put her in trouble. She's cold toward people in general and only showing her soft side to her siblings or people who important to her.

- Quote:
Creativity and depth comes from inner chaos.

- Theme song:

- Weapon:
A white ancient quill which functioned as her magic conductor.
Raizel don't spell her magic like the usual human magician instead she writes the spell with her quill in the air while channelling her magic toward it . The words will materialized and form a magic circle.

- Potential Interest: [Who is your character interested in?
It can be either human or elf.]

- Other:
She was cursed by a ranging dragon which attacked the village when she was visiting the place for inspection. The curse makes her body look like a twelve year old girl even though she's already twenty five. Her strong magic is suppressed to minimal amount because of the curse. She also has a pair of dragon horn in either side of her head which curved to the front and can makes dragon wings appear on her back but she can't use it to fly. Occasionally, she turns into her normal body, temporally, and for a short amount of time, but the reason of what triggering the transformation is still a mystery to her. It happens almost randomly and at the strangest time ever.

- Full Name: Styx

- Nickname(s): Kitty. But please be careful, since he will claw anyone who calls him that (in the face).

- Age: This year he will be seven year old

- Gender: Male Tiger

- Personality: Styx is a haughty tiger, much like his owner. He walks and acts like he owns the place, with head hold high and firm steps. He only follows Raizel command and will not obey anyone beside her.

- Description: He’s a very big white tiger, one of a very rare white tiger species. He used to be just a mere pet of Raizel but since Raizel gets cursed and can't ride the horse anymore (except for pony) Raizel uses Styx as her mount since he's faster than a pony.



So begins...

Rahzenshia Roosevelt Locke's Story