Zephyr Astuce

Character from The Penpal Project

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a character in “Where the Sun Doesn't Reach”, as played by Sigma





Theme Song || A Lethargic Coup d'Γ©tat


"With a bit of good acting, you can get pretty much anywhere in life. It's all a matter of skill at persuading and deceiving."

βœ– Full Name βœ–: Zephyr Astuce (Zeh-fear)(As-toose)
"Yeah, that's my name. It's interesting, to say the least."

βœ– Nicknames βœ–: Zeph, Zep, Tuce
"Eh, well. You can call me whatever as long as it sounds nice, I guess."

βœ– Age βœ–: 19
"Yeah, I'm still pretty young."

βœ– Gender βœ–: Male
"Please don't tell me that you're that daft..."

βœ– Sexuality βœ–: Demisexual
"I don't really care about all that unless I can really relate to them, y'know? That aside, I'm not beyond pretending to love a person to get them to do what I want."

βœ– Penpal βœ–: ?????
"I don't really know who they are, y'know?"

βœ– Nationality βœ–: 25% Greek 75% French
"Ah well, I was born in Greece, but I was raised in France. My dad was half Greek."

βœ– Languages βœ–: French, English, Greek
"I know French the most, English comes in second with Greek in last. What can I say? I never really learned about where I was born."

βœ– Face Claim βœ–:Akama Yuto || Mikagura School Suite

βœ– Physical Description/Clothing Preference βœ–:

Body type|| Zephyr is, quite frankly, skinny. One might say he resembled the physique of a stick in the sense that he was just much much too skinny. However, his body size is quite misleading. Skinny as he is, this boy was always running so despite his looks, the boy is very fast.

Skin Tone|| Zephyr has a very pale complexion as recently he had spent a lot of time indoors due to... certain circumstances.

Hair|| Zephyr has a very light brown, almost blond, mop of hair with bangs covering his left eye. When not wearing his animal print beanie, he has a long black clip put into his hair.

Eye Color|| His eyes are a sharp silver-like color resembling cold steel.

Clothing Attire|| Zephyr wears a jacket, brown shirt, black and white striped pants, and brown boots. Furthermore he has a animal print beanie hat with ears attached to it. This hat is occasionally swapped with a long black clip on the front of his hair.

βœ– Secret βœ–:"Mmm... How can I put this...? Well, I'll just lay it out all simple and stuff. I got arrested. Several times. I was placed under charges of theft, breaking and entering, and conning. I came across the whole penpal thing as part of my 'rehab'. Not gonna lie to you though, it was pretty fun. Not because I could become my real self on paper, but because I found another way I could lie to people. Through letters. But, in my defense, if they were just smart enough to know they were being duped then everything would be fine. It's entirely their fault for being idiots, not mine. Ah but I guess I have one more secret... As embarrassing as it is I'm honestly quite scared of the idea of falling in love... Once upon a time, I had someone who I did love... but a lot of things happened and well. Yeah. You can understand the idea."

βœ– Personality βœ–:Zephyr Astuce is a rather... deceptive person. To be frank, he has a rather unnecessary ability to act. That is to say, he is often seen playing the role of another person rather than being who he truly is. One day he's playing the responsible student representative, the next he becomes the delinquent child who doesn't participate at all. At the end of the day, he acts how he wants and enjoys deceiving people just for the hell of it. After all, it is his firm belief that if you get tricked by someone, it's your own fault for being so damn ignorant. However, when not currently acting out a false persona, he is greatly apathetic to what goes around him.

☒ Likes ☒:
  • Running
  • People who trust to much
  • Video Games
  • Acting
  • Rock Candies

☒ Dislikes ☒:
  • People who try to lie to him
  • Unnecessary interacting
  • Overly sweet foods
  • People of Authority

☒ Flaws ☒:
  • Easily loses concentration when unexpected happens
  • Not physically strong
  • Hardly tells the truth
  • Unless in actor mode, he is very introverted and apathetic

☒ Fears ☒:
  • Someone exposing his lies
  • Encountering a better liar
  • Falling in love

☒Bio ☒:"Ah... I guess I'll address things from the very beginning. Well, I was born in Greece, but to be honest I never had much time there. My parents moved to France when I was three so I never really got the chance to do anything really. My dad was an accountant and my mom was a nurse so I was in a pretty wealthy family. We weren't overly rich, but we had more than enough to get by. I mean, we were pretty well off, so at the time I always assumed that everyone else had the same circumstances as we did. I mean, I was still pretty young when I had thought that way. Like, 7 or 8 years old?

Of course, I was wrong. When I was around 16 years old, yeah quite the time skip, am I right? But I digress. When I was 16 years old I had this classmate. Her name was Laura, Laura Hatchi. I guess you could say she was my, uh.. my first love. Anyways, I learned that her family wasn't as prosperous as mine. Her dad was an unemployed drunk and her mom left ages ago. Of course, I couldn't just stand around and do nothing. What I originally did was just take some money out of my own pocket and allowances, give some to her, y'know? She thanked me and well... It was with her that I felt the first ever emotions aside from apathy.

Now, I wish I could say that it stayed simple like that, but the more I gave her, the more she asked for some. And well, like the smitten idiot I was, I did just that. Even when I had no money of my own, I started stealing some. I learned to persuade other people, random people on the street, to lend me some money. I was always a pretty good actor, it was my best subject, but never did I ever think I'd be using that trick to steal. Eventually my persuading grew to pick-pocketing which then grew to conning people in fixed games and rigged bets. There were numerous times where I had just barely made it away from the cops.

But of course, I did it for her. Gosh the power of love can be a frightening thing, don'cha agree? Erhm, continuing on I kept giving her some money. And it got to the point that pretty much landed me where I am today, 19 years old. I broke into some random person's house to steal some valuables that I could sell. What I didn't know was that the house had a silent alarm and soon enough I was surrounded. Laura, well she was at the scene with me too so we both got caught, but get this. When we were confronted by the authorities, y'know what she said? She said that I was blackmailing her! Forcing her to take part in my crimes! I helped her this entire time and she used me as her scapegoat.

It was at that moment that I realized the reality of it all. She was never my friend, she never returned the feelings of affection I had for her. She was in it for the money, nothing more, nothing less. Tragic, don'cha think? In the end, I alone was sent to a reformatory. But I never lost the idea for thievery. Old habits die hard after all. Whenever they asked me questions, I habitually spilled out a lie. In the end, they signed me up for this pen pal project thing in hopes I'd be able to open up more. Boy, were they wrong. It didn't really change anything. I am who I am, nothing can change that now.

Anyways, that's about enough for this tale, right? You know my story of how I'm scared of love and how I got arrested several times. That's enough, is it not?"

So begins...

Zephyr Astuce's Story