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"Pft. I am an intellectual and will be treated as such."

0 · 1,010 views · located in London, England

a character in “Where the Wind Blows”, as played by C O S M I C




❝You look to me as if I have all the answers.... Lucky for you I do.❞

Image∞ Full name ∞
Quincy Ocean

∞ Nickname ∞
Teacher(jokingly), Your highness(jokingly), Q, Young Sir

∞ Species ∞

∞ Age ∞

∞ Gender ∞

*∞ Sexuality ∞

∞ Role ∞

∞ Dragon Type ∞

∞ Face Claim ∞
Thoth Caduceus

Image*∞ Height & Weight ∞
6'2"/ 140 lbs

∞ Hair color ∞

∞ Eye color ∞
Royal Blue and has a monocle on his right eye

*∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞
Two scars forming a "X" on his chest

∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Other ∞
He has a large tattoo of a clock cogwheel with a small heart. Both of them are surrounded by black thorns that extend towards all ends of his back. He hasn't told anyone what this tattoo means.

∞ Physical Description ∞
Quincy is a tall and slightly muscular man. His skin is lightly bronzed to compliment his royal eyes. His limbs are strong; which is surprising for a male who engages in no physical activity outside of picking up a book. It is easy to see that even his back appears welly shaped and powerful; as if showing the strength and potential in him. A few scales are located along his neck but stops before reaching his back where his tattoo is located.









∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦ Frozen Steam || When angered, he will begin to breath frozen steam mists
✦ Smash Time || He will often knock things down just to hear the sound of them breaking. He doesn't exactly have a reason. He just enjoys breaking things.
✦ Shredding Time|| If he sees something he dislikes, he will rip it. Imperfections are an eye sore.

∞ Likes ∞
♥ Snow|| The cold makes him very happy and comfortable.
♥ Books|| More knowledge equals more understanding. Reading also makes him happy.
♥ Cakes And Pastries|| Even a man of knowledge must surrender to sugar.

∞ Dislikes ∞
✖ Injustice|| He will not stand for unfairness.
✖ High Pitched Noises|| His ears are quite sensitive and he hates things that hurt them.
✖ Birds|| They mock him..... Of course they don't actually but he feels as though they do.

∞ Talents ∞
✔ Ice|| Such as the dragons of his kind, he is able to freeze things instantly with his freezing breath.
✔ Quick|| Quincy is quite the speedy man. He can run quite fast and not get tired one bit from doing it so long.
✔ Force|| Although others may see it as him being destructive, he has quite a lot of power in him to where ripping or clawing something apart is never a issue.

∞ Fears ∞
✘ Punishment|| He does not take pain very well.
✘ Large Amounts Of Water|| He was never the strong swimmer and often fears drowning.
✘ Cats|| Their evil!

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ Pride|| His pride can often get in the way of everything he does.
✘ Face|| He dislikes people touching his face without his permission.
✘ Trust|| He has a hard time trusting others completely.


Image∞ Abilities ∞
Frozen Breath|| Quincy can breath frosty breath to completely freeze whatever her wants. His temperatures can goes as low as he wants and he isn't afraid to use it on people; though he sees it a morally wrong and refuses to use it on the innocent.

Destructive Force|| The amount of physical power he holds is quite destructive but can be of good use to him. Breaking pure rock, iron and even wood with just is bare teeth is only the minimum.

Aquatic Survival|| Oddly Quincy can breath under water, but he cannot swim. The water around him however can freeze just from his presents if he begins to panic; which is often.

∞ Personality ∞
Quincy can act quite high and mighty at times due to his superiority of the others. He can often let his pride get the best of him and get a swelled head. However, he will never let his ego get the best of him. He is a man of justice and knowledge and prefers to see a more logical side of things then just giving into his instincts; although at times he can slip. He greatly dislikes being belittled to a commoner. He feels as though if he is treated as though he is a wild animals, then that is what he should act on. Of course, his sense finally come back to him and he realizes that he is too civil to be a wild animal.

He has a hard time taking kindness and trust from others. He feels as though he isn't sure what "friends" are and only sees people as allies or companions. He hates to admit that he's wrong and only sees his mistakes as "miscalculations". The scientists treated him almost like royalty so that is what he secretly believes he is. Of course, reality is a fickle mistress.

His cold personality makes him a bit of a loner but he prefers it that way. He however has a soft side to him and submits to things cute; except cats. He will never trust a cat. He can act a bit like a child a times when it comes to sweets. He can't really help it. He never truly gives into his dragon instincts unless he is angry. He becomes a bit destructive and can break things without caring.

∞ Romantic Interest ∞

∞ History ∞
Quincy was born on the first day of summer in London. After only one day after his birth, he was instantly taken away from his parents. A pure Alpha such as himself was seen as quite the picky type. He was never a fussy child and never cried. He behaved and was seen as the "good" child. He would go through the experiments quietly not wanting to put up a fight but know something was wrong about it. He never tried to escape, fight back, or attack anyone in the lab. He just sat and remained quiet as he was expected to be. For that, he was tried like a little prince. They were never rude to him and the experiments hurt a little less. As he grew older, he began to shift to a colder attitude towards everything. As the companion program began to go through, he knew it would just be another hell for him. He wouldn't fight back unless he was tempted or pushed to. He could tell those of the same experiment were suffering quite a lot. It was a true struggle but he needed to stay strong. He did not handle extreme pain well so he didn't want to get on anyone's bad side. He doesn't expected anything different from this companion system. It will be just like another lab but with more appealing walls and floors.

*∞ Hex Code ∞
Royal Blue

So begins...

Quincy's Story