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Daily Mustsie

Stop looking at me dammit!

0 · 445 views · located in Ashwick Village.

a character in “Where there is love...”, as played by Limepepper


Name: Daily Abby Mustsie
Nickname: Abby, Day,
Age: Twenty One
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference:
She's a bit asexual, but prefers girls
Occupation: Tattoo Artist

Being a nerd

Sexual Attraction

That she'll let the wrong person in

Twirling her hair
Pushing her glasses up
Biting her lip

She's deaf, but uses a hearing aid
She's never kissed anyone
Never had a girlfriend or boyfriend

Daily is described as a nerdy girl with a nervous twitch. She fidgets a lot, and is very cautious with love. She afraid of it to be honest. She loves art, it's a big part of her. She feels like she can express herself in art, and if you insult her art, you're screwed. She's not defenseless, if you insult her, she'll beat you up for sure. If someone tries to flirt with her, she'll slap them, get up and walk away. Sometimes she's nervous, other times she's stubborn. Daily's dynamic, one day she's socially awkward, and the next, more bouncy and fearless. Daily's hard to understand, as she doesn't want to be.





A dragon scales up her left arm, a heart with glasses on her upper right shoulder, yellow music notes on her right wrist going up to her upper arm, and a large flower on her back. She also has a moon around her belly button and a sliver star on her left ankle.

Daily was born with hearing, but a chronic ear infection at age two left her completely deaf. Her parents brought her a hearing aid. Daily often turned it off when she listened to music, loving the vibrations. She soaked in music, and started playing the electric bass when she was 12. She was a major band geek, and never had any friends. She soon donned a pair of nerdy glasses to go with her personality. Daily still felt content with her life until her parents divorced when she was 14. She felt depressed as her parents fought back and forth between her. One day, Daily picked up all her stuff and just left.

She rode on the bus all the way to Ashwick, where she lived with an older distant friend. She found a love for art and soon got a job as a tattoo artist when she turned 18. Daily worked for two years before getting enough money to buy her own tattoo shop, which she named Colorful Ink. She made a living that way and soon moved out of her friend's house.

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So begins...

Daily Mustsie's Story

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Daily stood completely still as she carefully tattooed a customer's arm. The room was silent as she rounded the curves of the desired tattoo. She focused hard before she pulled away, admiring her work. She watched as the customer said something, moving his mouth quickly. Daily's hand went to her ear as she cranked up the volume on her hearing aid. She was suddenly exposed to a burst of talking from the other side of the shop. "What did you say?" She asked, adjusting her favorite cap. It was a bit faded from being worn so many times, but she loved it anyway.

The man looked back at her. "I said, thanks, I'll be coming here later," He spoke quickly again, as if he had made his coffee with Red Bull instead of water. Daily shrugged, getting up from her knees. She dusted off her jeans as she peered through the shop window. It was getting dark outside. Soon she could go home, or maybe hit a bar or something. Bars weren't her thing, but she needed something to do, and fast. Otherwise, her whole life would just be wasted away. Daily spaced out for a moment as the customer got up and left. Daily shrugged as she started to close up shop, turning off the lights and sweeping the floor quickly.

Once Daily was done, the employees slowly walked out, most of them talking about their plans for that night. Daily sighed as she walked out the door, turning off the light as she left. She stood in front of her tattoo shop. Daily had worked so hard, saving up every last penny so she could run her own tattoo shop, but now, it was disappointing. She expected so much more to happen, but everything was bland. Her shoulders sagged a bit as she walked to her car. SHe got in and started to drive home.

When she reached home, she flopped on her couch and closed her eyes. She suddenly sprung up. She clenched her fists and jumped off the couch. She ran to her room, fumbling through her clothes. She was going to do something instead of sitting around. She had no idea what, but she decided she was going to do something. She pulled out a jumble of random clothes and sorted through them, deciding on one of her favorite outfits. She spun around in the mirror, sighing. She felt like she could do so much more, but she had to go with what she had. Head held high, Daily marched out of her apartment.