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Sebastian Ulman-Beckett

"Just eat humble pie..."

0 · 549 views · located in Ashwick Village.

a character in “Where there is love...”, as played by S1mon




❝If you do not like to be judged, then what right do we have to judge others? Keep an open mind❞


❝The Basics❞

| Full name |Image
Sebastian Ezra Ullman-Beckett
(Nickname: Seb, Bastian)

| Gender |

| Age |

| Sexual Orientation |
Believes he is straight

| Relationship status |

| Occupation |


❝Deeper Description❞

| Eye Color |Image

| Hair Color |

| Height |

| Weight |

| Complexion |

| Build |
Slim and slender

| Physical Description |
It is evident by his posture that Sebastian was not one of those built-up types. He has never ever been one of those working out kind of guys that go to the gym so often. Afterall, it was guys like that who had all the attention, they had whatever girl they wanted, done whatever they wanted, all because they had a body to show off both in games and out of games. Sebastian has no wish at all to be anything like them, sure being built up did have advantages but then it comes into question if a girl likes them for who they are or for the body that they have, which was why Sebastian was sort of in the 'dark side'. Not that he didn't mind since he could be more true to himself.

Sebastian is not a loud sort of person so he wouldn't wear anything 'too loud' that will make him stick out as such would bring unnecessary attention to himself which he didn't want in the slightest. However, despite not wishing to stick out, he prefers light colors than dark colours as dark colors conveys mysteriousness and often associated with deceit which was not the image that Sebastian put across. His choice of colors are light colors. If he wears anything dark, he'd prefer such to be patterned and intertwined with a lighter color. It is not that he is fussy about his clothes, just that he is concerned with the way he looks.

Other than his attire, he has a slender shape and a thin-face. His face is shaped as a love-heart and his facial features themselves are as soft as a baby's bottom, or such could be a overstatement to emphasis how young he is, as he does have a youthful and innocent look about him, such being his aura also. Though his general appearance is attractive with his cute appeal unlike the muscular appeal of others, he does have the downside when he blushes since his cheeks are pretty sensitive in that regard.


Image| Likes |
♥ Art
♥ Warmth
♥ Companionship
♥ Honesty
♥ Considerate people
♥ Trying new things

| Dislikes |
✖ Bullying
✖ Cold
✖ Backstabbers
✖ Cheats
✖ Being shy
✖ Unable to defend himself


❝Welcome to my Life❞

Image| Personality |
Sebastian does not have a strong personality in the sense that he is not overbearing. He takes the feelings of others very seriously which makes him pretty empathetic where he puts himself in the shoes of others, putting others before himself. This however has the consequence of how he himself feels since he comes seconds, hence why he applied to be a waiter as such involves fulfilling the needs of others. It is not that Sebastian feels that he is second, only that being considerate towards others prevents fighting and drama which he dislikes very much. If it is not by being considerate, then it is keeping distance which is what causes Sebastian's shy and quiet side, though he is a friendly guy all in all, his only true weakness being his weakness and being quite indecisive. His mind is however creative, hence his love for art.


❝Who I Am❞

| Brief History |
To cut a long story short, Sebastian has lived in Ashwick all his life. He wasn't the most popular kid but he was respectful and he was hard-working . He lived with his two parents; Neil and Jane Ulman, and was their only child. It is construed that if a person is the only child in the family, then they would be spoilt rotten but such wasn't the case for Sebastian seeing as he did more of the giving rather than the recieving. It was his philosophy that if he gives and makes a person happy, then it feels alot more better than when he recieves something. Not saying that he did not like recieving something, just that he liked to do his part even if his part-time job as a waiter involved dealing with drunken folk from time to time which was a pain, especially being as vulnerable as Sebastian was.

He reached a vulnerable state last year when he lost his mother, seeing as he was close to her and told her all his problems he had since he was too honest and too considerate to speak for himself. Each day at her recommendation, he wrote a diary to let all his thoughts out and essentially let any pain or stress out in the process that he may of gathered, which is continued to write in even after her death which was the saddest moment of his life. Now there was only himself and his dad who was either working or believed to be 'working', he wasn't quite sure which in all honesty but Sebastian was not one to pry on his fathers' business though he wished he could of had his company after school.

In more recent times, Sebastian's life had changed again, as not only did he gain a mother, but also he gained a brother and an older brother at that which he had always wanted secretly since he could hardly defend himself. Not that Sebastian couldn't defend himself because if his brother was in trouble, regardless of how inequipped he was, he would protect him. His brother (or rather half-brother to be precise) was none other than Grayson Beckett who he knew from school. Who would of thought that the two of them would of been brothers as his father met Grayson's mother and then their relationship grew until a month ago when they got married, a month that they had all begun to adjust to the changes.

However this was not all, afterall Ashwick was renown for its winter scenary so the motel was pretty active at this time which meant more hours waitering, not that Sebastian minded as he disliked doing nothing....


So begins...

Sebastian Ulman-Beckett's Story

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#, as written by S1mon

Sebastian Ulman-Beckett

Since the marriage of his father to the mother of Grayson, everything had changed, everything was new. First and foremost, he had a new mother and out of the blue popped a big brother. Whenever Sebastian had a problem, he'd always tell his mother seeing that his father would start giving him a lecture about being a man since he was too soft, it was true that he was, but Sebastian felt that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. What he did consider was a bad thing was those who start fights, the upstarts, those that had something to prove, those that had some fantasy reputation that they wished to protect, but the reality was that nothing lasted forever. His father could testify to that with his experience at school where he got in with the crowds and then one-by-one the crowd number got smaller and smaller.

It had been hard on both Sebastian and his father when mother died, but despite the many times his father told him to grow up, the irony was that in these distressing times, Sebastian remained strong for him which was a total contrast to his apparant weak self. He may not be physically strong but he certainly felt that he was mentally strong and had an inner strength that kept him strong in these trying times. Without his mother, Sebastian took more of the domestic role while attending school as well as his part-time work as a waiter in the local bar so he certainly had plenty on his mind to do.

Things had changed now as Sebastian heard the door shut downstairs which no doubt was Grayson as he heard his mother, their mother, yell down the phone to bring Grayson back home. It seemed such a routine was going on and on from how it appeared to Sebastian in these past few weeks that they all started living with each other and being a family, he would not pry however since it was something between them two, he only wished he and his father were close, but even more he hopes that his relations with his new mother would go well, and that he gets along with his brother, such that doesn't seem too difficult since they both had a love for art.

He let a few moments pass since he heard the door stop to give Grayson time to settle, no doubt to face mother, before Sebastian came down in skinny jeans and a white plain top, covered by a thin beige jumper that he wore ontop with a nice pattern in the middle. Going down the stairs, he peeked his head round and noticed Grayson, mother no doubt finishing dinner. Such that he hoped would be soon since he'd need to get ready to go work, not that he expected to be waitering for the next ten or so years, all this was only temporary. As of now, his uniform was ironed and hanging over his bed, so it was just a case of putting them on and heading to work, wondering if today would be an easy day or if he would be rushed off his feet, it varied. Most wanted to just drink anyway than eat.

Creeping up behind Gray, he shot his hands under his armpits before withdrawing them as he announced himself, "Hey!" with a beaming smile on his face which he hoped would cheer him up some, seeing that he had gone out as per usual, only to be brought in the way he had. He wasn't used to having a sibling around which no doubt Gray was too, so he only hoped that he was doing the right thing. "How was it, outside?", he then asked, curious where Gray had gone to this time. He loved the Ashwick weather, especially in winter, even if it meant putting layers upon layers on but it was all worth it. Maybe they could build a snowman, sure it may be for younger people but Sebastian still found it fun.

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Ron Pope - A drop in the ocean.

Grayson felt two hands under his armpits and he sighed some as he turned only his head to look at Sebastian. "Hey!" he greeted and Gray couldn't help but grin at the sight of the beaming expression on his step brother's face. He'd been less keen to accept his new father into the family but his little Bastian was just too adorable to ignore. Granted, they were the same age, but Seb was just so tiny compared to him that he always called him little Bastian. "How was it, outside?" Sebastian asked and Gray shrugged some. "Amazing, as per usual," he replied, soon followed by a light chuckle.

By this point their mother had wandered off into the kitchen and continued to prepare their dinner, but as per usual she popped her head back into the hallway and requested that he pick up eggs from the shop as quickly as he could. "Oh, and take your brother, won't you?" she asked, practically shooing him out of the house.

Gray's eyes fell to Sebastian, who didn't look ready to go outside, and shook his head. "I don't need an escort," he muttered. Ever since the incident with Leo, his mother had never trusted him to go outside on his own, which was understandable in a sense but still... it was getting sort of irritating. "Don't mean to sound rude, Bastian." With that, Grayson exited the house for like the third time that day but this time he didn't head straight to the forest, instead he took the route to the shop which wouldn't usually have taken him long on any ordinary day.

He hadn't been paying full attention either because he felt something on his chest and when his eyes finally caught up he noticed a girl that had been knocked over. "Heh heh, my fault. I am such a klutz," the girl said as she stood up and Grayson couldn't fight the urge to chuckle some. "Not at all, I wasn't paying much attention either, so don't worry about it." It was only then that Grayson studied the girl's face and realised that she wasn't from around Ashwick because he was outside all the time and he'd never seen her before in all his eighteen years of living in the village. "I've never seen you before, are you new or something?"

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Character Portrait: Grayson Leo Beckett. Character Portrait: Sebastian Ulman-Beckett
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#, as written by S1mon

Sebastian Ulman-Beckett

Sebastian was the type of person that was an all-round caring person who didn't like to see people sad or miserable, whether the person was someone he knew well or not. He was not so great at conversation, especially partying since much of his life had been spent working hard at school and helping his mother, his workload only growing with his work and even more when his mother had passed to leave him to pick up the pieces. It was actually quite amazing that his father had found someone to accept him, but it no doubt explained all those late nights he had when he did not come home on time, much was explained from his fathers' odd behaviour and actions once he found out that he was dating someone and that they were going to be married.

It was certainly nice to have a mother again, though it was not the same and nor would it ever be, but he did accept her as his father knew he would as Sebastian was simply that sort of a person and she was a nice enough person even if she did get overprotective over Gray though is expected. It was certainly great to have a big brother also, even if they were the same age though they didn't know each other so much since only a month had gone by, but Sebastian would try not to mess this up. Upon seeing Gray's face in his confrontation with his, no their mother, Sebastian was determined to cheer him up which he did to an extent as his efforts were rewarded with a grin from him. It was however clear that maybe Grayson wasn't the ticklish or jumpy type when he shot his hands under his armpits, or he merely did not let it show, either way shown what a strong guy he was which he really liked about him. He was always worried about how weak he himself is, so having a strong brother around was certainly comforting. He wished he was stronger but he simply wasn't the fighting type.

"Amazing, as per usual", was Gray's reply as he chuckled in response to how things were outside. With it being the holidays, Sebastian certainly had more time now, and now no longer filling the role of 'mother' for his dad, he also could relax and have fun more but where to start was the question. Like him, Gray seemed to have admiration for the surroundings to spend his time in the great outdoors, but being new to the household, Sebastian simply didn't like to get in the way so much which was why he'd let Gray have his time outside and not interfere, while it would give him rest to get things ready for work as you never know what you expect when you're working in a bar which can be a rough place from time-to-time, such is where Gideon come in.

For now, he only heard his mother ask Gray to get some eggs, which in his mind would of been alot easier if he was asked to collect some eggs on his way home so he didn't have to go out in the cold again. However, Sebastian was not to comment, but then an 'awkward' moment erupted after their mother asked Gray to take him along who shook his head in response, "I don't need an escort....Don't mean to sound rude, Bastian", which Sebastian responded with a smile to hopefully make him feel better, "It's okay", before letting him go, leaving him to deal with mother. What better way to get mother's attention....join her of course, as he then went into the kitchen to help out which would help speed things along for the quicker they had dinner, the quicker he could get to work and earlier he could come back too....

(OOC @ Taz/Gray - Will have Seb briefly appear next turn so Seb can go shop for Gray to give you both some time)